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6-1-50, Corporate Office, Mint Compound
Hyderabad District
Andhra Pradesh
India - 500063

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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Apcpdcl — Linemen irresponsinbility at pragathinagar

 pragathinagar_welwisher on Nov 13, 2015
Sir, i request you to impost desceplinary action against linemen of pragathinagar MR. Prasad for his irresponsibility. He is known for bribing and you cannot get the work done without bribing here. request you to take an action to discourage bribing....
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Apcpdcl — Frequent Power Failures

 anil101174 on Jun 15, 2015
I K Anil Kumar resident at 1st Line, Chalasani Nagar, Kanuru, Vijayawada. We are facing frequent power failures in our area at different times especially in the middle of the night, yesterday i.e. on Sunday 15th July 2015 power failures happened for more than 5 times, whenever power cuts happened your people came & resolving the issues temporarily, And also it is taking 2 to 3 hrs. to resolve the issue whenever the power failures happened, because of this we didn't have proper sleep in the nights and can't able to concentrate on my regular works. Please have a close look on the issue & resolve...
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Apcpdcl — Electri Pole

 Barlapati Suresh on Mar 10, 2015
​hi Sir, ​This is to inform you that i Mr. B Suresh staying in residence of 5-6-39, Khindi basti yapral J J Nagar pin code 500087, ​​Meter no :586, i have been complain regarding the issue with main power wires which has been touching to my house and they are very close to my terrace in which we are unable to go to terrace and do any work at my home recently when their was huge wing blow all my home was getting earthing. when i have been informed to the office he has been telling that it will be taken care but till now we dint get any solution. Request you to take the action and make a solution...
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Apcpdcl — Low voltage at Gayathri Hills, Nadergul village, Bandagpet, opp to CKR KTR function hall Hyd

 govind9999 on Mar 4, 2015
Low voltage at my residence in Gayathri hills, All AE's and Line men not bothered to repair or rectify the same. I had requested to alter my line so as to meet the basic need for water from borewell. For last one week put me into hardship. No one is bothered to attend the complaint of common man....
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Apcpdcl — excess bill from April 2014 to Aug 2014

 Lee Kadapa on Jan 24, 2015
We M/S. Nakshatra agencies having a service number:2114301008345 in the name of s.mohiddin bee. We are facing a lot of problems in billing since 1st April 2014. We made a oral complaint repeatedly since May 2014 and also a written complaint on 6th July 2014 regarding excess billing. The APSPDCL people came to our showroom and inspected the showroom and meter. They told us that they will send the meter to complaint department for checking. Generally we are receiving an average bill amount of Rs.7000 to Rs.9000 since june 2011 but from 1st April 2014 we received the excess bill Rs.14210/- May...
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Apcpdcl — Meter Reading is not taken for long time,

 Karne Narasimha Reddy on Jan 9, 2015
We are living in Mahalakshmi Enclave Sangeeth Nagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad. Our Meter Number# 22018 14820 for the flat, iam calling the person who supposed to take the meter readings on 5th of every month, but he is not responded since today. If he is delaying the reading, then number of units gets increased and we need to pay extra amount in this Month. We have 31 connection in the same apartment and the same issue for us and for the other apartments also. Kindly take it as seriously take action against the person who supposed to take reading on time. Thanks Reddy 9701444453...
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Apcpdcl — BILLING

 NARAYANA SARMA on Jan 8, 2015
Respected sir, Billing are taking without reading the units. Approximately taking the units when I was close the shop. Billing people coming - afternoon when the when the shop is closed-and he is taking the reading approximatelt. USC:100016298 Service nNo:A2034600 regards...
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Apcpdcl — Error in the Bill for the Month Nov'2014

 Sk.Shareef Basha on Dec 2, 2014
I am residing at 60 Feet Road, Srinivasaraothota for rent. My Service No. is113200071623.The meter is running perfectly, But the person who came to collect the reeding without visiting the house he given 0 units for an amount of Rs. 169/-, but the meter is displaying 80 units consumption. Hence please rectify my complaint . My mobile No.7729991911...
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Apcpdcl — error in the bill

 dprao1 on Nov 15, 2014
Please note the charges shown against the meter service no. 1110401860 are worng. The bill shows Rs. 6061.00 for the month of Oct. 2014. There are no dues for any previous month and I was out of station during the entire month of Oc. 2014. The unique service no. is 102289791AC., (address : 106-B, 46 Janapriya residency, Huda complex, Hyderabad 500035)...
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Apcpdcl — regarding disconnection my service

 vempalli on Oct 31, 2014
I Dr vamsidhar reddy, stays in nallakunta street number 13. my service number is VZ000994. Actually my bill will come by 10 th of every month and will pay by 20 or 21 by online payment. This month you generated bill on 16 th and due date is 29. As i was out of station and not availability of internet i paid on 30 th. but line men simply removed fuse and took it away today, not event asking the people in home. As i paid it yesterday only, how he can do such irresponsible things. That too 29 th is only due date, not disconnection date. Please look into this matter and do the needful. Thanking you...
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Apcpdcl — Ongoing Electricity Cutouts in Madhapur, Hyderabad

 manash1409 on Oct 25, 2014
I am a resident of Madhapur, we have been continiously facing cut outs for 2 to 3 hours everyday be it evening or morning. Even today as on dated 25th Oct 2014, electricity went off at 4pm and till now I.e. 7.45pm we do not have electricity. Madhapur is an area majorly inhabited by students from different states and working professionals. This pattern of electricity cut outs are impacting everybody in this area. Is there anyone who can look into this matter on a priority....
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Apcpdcl — Domestic items failed / damaged

 sivaka on Oct 9, 2014
We at residence of plot no 1164, pragathi nagar, Kukatpally. tree branches was connected to electrical wires during the rainy time, same informed to Respect AE/ DE. but no one visit the place, i was contact the land line number which was reflected in the Bill it is not working, once again we requesting you to rectify the problem as early as possible Location coms under :ERO :315, JEEDIMETLA, Area Code : 042001. Thanking you sir, Prasad 9640909061...
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Apcpdcl — Power disconnected even if the bill paid.

 Raajeesh Pediredla on Sep 29, 2014
Hi Team, This is Raajeesh Pediredla, stays in Vivekananda Nagar, New Allapur, Borabanda. There is a problem always with the lineman in my area. He disconnects the power from the meter even if I show him the paid bill receipt, and will not come back until I approch some other in the office / community. He demands me money when he comes for reconnection and this is happening continuously. I just want the officials to take some action on him. Thanks, Raajeesh Pediredla 9581521212...
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Apcpdcl — You are making hyderabad the worst city in the country

 Jesudash on Aug 20, 2014
The power cmpanies in hyd are making life miserable for common man.Already there are scheduled power cuts happening from 8:30 am to 10:30 am, 2:30pm to 4pm.over top of this why the hell there are unscheduled power cuts happening in evening 8pm to 9 pm and midnight 12 to any time of their wish???.pathetic city and pathetic management....
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Apcpdcl — Unauthorized charges

 spancy on Aug 20, 2014
My sno: 272303398 ero:14
Area code :2723

It is requested to resolve meter probome there is previous reading:3797 and present reading same but bill was genarated 233 units@1107/- how is it possbile several times complaint to the officials and linemen but no response....
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Apcpdcl — very frequent voltage fluctuation

 nc Das on Aug 12, 2014
Usc no: 109275821
Service connection no:2247 12101
Name:das narayan chandra
Subj: very frequent voltage fluctuation

In this regard i would like to mention that over a week now we are facing this problem i have given so many complaints --recent one is 50564.No body interested to look after this --simply they are sending sms message this ht jumper problem has been rectified and corrected.But actually nothing happened so far.Simply they are asking me to call line man --and by calling them no body came to rectify this .If this continue to happen we will lose our fridge...
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Apcpdcl — Power cut in the morning hours

 Nagesh Boyina on Jul 14, 2014
Everyday morning from 6.30AM to 8.30AM power cut is very pathetic. During the time every family have lot of work and also family members get ready for offices and schools. During the time power cut is very fair. You can take the power after this time and in case you want you can take more 30mins, but cutting the power during the time is not a humanity. Dont know what government or department to get out of this power cut during the morning early hours. May be you are trying to trouble people living in Hyderabad. I could see most of the places had same time across city. Is it possible to make this...
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Apcpdcl — construction of compound walls around the transformers

 kumarraj.r on Jul 3, 2014
Respected Sir, This is kumar from kumarwadi, mustaidpura bearing H.No. 13-1-1226.We are facing a lot of problems nearby transformers at our locality. There are compound walls constructed around the transformers long back. But now these walls are damaged and recently 2-3 goats died due to the shock circuit. Once again requesting you to reconstruct the compound walls around the transformers so that we people are living happily and peaceful environment in our location. Thanks & Regards, KUMAR 9966088901...
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Apcpdcl — Regular power off on one particular phase

 gyankumar on Jun 14, 2014
Hi, This is with regards to regular power of one phase on transformer in KPHB 7Th phase, Location : (Near geethanjali High school) WE logged many times compliants regarding the issue to ADEOPK, AE (Shiva prasad), Fuse call staff office and also to customer care, But there is no proper resolution to the problem. Request you to kindly look in to the above issue ASAP. Appreciate your quick action on the issue. Regards, P.Gyan Kumar LIG -474 KPHB colony, Phase 7 Kukatpally Back side of ankura children's hospital Ph # 7207161846...
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Apcpdcl — Pragathi nagar - daily night-mares

 resident@pragathinagar on Jun 10, 2014

Am a Resident of Pragathi Nagar.

We, as the residents of the locality think, that the APCPDCL authorities are addicted of giving us daily NIGHT-MARES by disconnecting the power after 10 PM daily.
Just to bring in your notice, yesterday (09.06.2014), there were 7 power cuts between 10.30 PM & 1.30 AM. Not to mention specially the day power cuts.

For the last month this has been the practice of power-cuts in the night for more than 2 hrs. We really do not know the reason as to why this is happening.
If this is the case...
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