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APSRTC Customer Care

Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation

Majestic Bus Terminus, Gubbi Thotadappa Rd, Gandhi Nagar
Bangalore District

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

Phone:+91 80 2287 3915
Mobile:+91 80 2287 3915
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APSRTC Complaints & Reviews

APSRTC - BUS ticket fare is 9 rupees but conductor taken 11 rupees

 Kirankongara on Nov 25, 2014
Hi, Daily I am going my office by APSRTC, on 25/11/2014 @ 5:27 PM, Actual ticket fare is 9 rupees but conductor taken 11 rupees. Actual bus fare from shyam lal (Begumpet) to Mytri vanam is Rs. 9, but the bus conductor has taken Rs. 11 instead of Rs. 9 . I already informed him about the fare But he did not recognized my words. Please look into this issue and take necessary action on this. BUS Details: AP11Z7209 Date : 25/11/2014 Time : 5:27 PM Location : Hyderabad (Telangana State) My Details: Gowtham K Contact no : 9912843937 Regards, Gowtham K...
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APSRTC - complaint on driver

 kosarajusushma.kosaraju on Nov 25, 2014
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APSRTC - Driver taking bribes from passengers to allow extra luggage and avoiding highway to save toll gate money

 Pavan Atluri on Nov 17, 2014
I was traveling from Hyd to Visakhapatnam. Ticket no. 35532499. in service bus no. 3450. on 12th nov. This bus which was supposed to reach Visakhapatnam at 10.30 am next day morning reached at 1.00 pm. The bus driver delayed the bus intentionally so that some passengers who bribed them could load extra luggage "into" the bus. yes not on top or in luggage cabin but inside the bus. Also, I am confused whether APSRTC authorizes buses to take the route from within villages etc to avoid toll gates. If yes, then why is APSRTC charging toll fee from passengers??? If no, then why are the buses not taking...
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APSRTC - Running of 16P bus after 4.00 PM to facilitate schools

 faaiza_amin on Nov 14, 2014
Dear Sir, I humbly submit that there is a bus bearing No. 16P which runs from Ratifile Busstand to Prashant Nagar near Malakajgiri. There is one stop prior in between Malakjgiri and Prashant Nagar by name Sardar Patel Nagar, which is one KM far from both the sides. It is observed that there is a last bus in the evening at around 3.50 to 4.00 PM. and there after no bus service is there till 5.00 PM. In this regard, it is submitted that the school timings have been changed and all the schools located in the Secunderbaad Area are being run till 3.50 PM and with which it has been very difficult...
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APSRTC - reg conductor misbehavior (conductor no- 408992)

 Sailesh Babu on Oct 28, 2014
Respected sir, I P.Sailesh Babu i was travelling in kurnool depo bus on 28/10/2014 at 7.30 am from Bangalore to Anantapur. Conductor charged my 4 yrs daughter half ticket. I told him that above 5 yrs children u should charge half ticket and i showed him my daughters age proof. He didnt listened my words and he behaved rudely and he tried to throw my luggage from the bus.I am having his voice records. Here i am sending copy of my ticket. Plz tell me whom should i contact. This matter consider to you or i should go to consumer court. Plz help me regarding this matter. Conductor no - 408992 Driver...
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APSRTC - Bus Service

 Krithikab on Oct 27, 2014
There is few service (one or two) buses to O.U Colony, Shaikepet from Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad. Please increase the frequency to ease our lives. There is huge frequency for 216 or 217 from Mehdipatnam but not to Manikonda or Lancohills via OU Colony. Pls do the needful....
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APSRTC - Window doors not closing during night in rain

 gopijntu on Oct 26, 2014
Deaar Sir, I have travelled from Narasaropet to Kurnool on 25th Oct 2014 with reservation in Super Luxury service number.4137(Guntur to Raichur).During night it rained heavily and the seats i booked the windows got blocked and not closing completely because of that continuos water entered into our seats. We unable to sit in our seats because of water pouring in. All the other seats got filled. we have no other place to sit rather than standing whole night.Conductor knows that window got blocked still they took the same bus out of depot causing inconveninece to passengers.Just imagine total night...
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APSRTC - Cancelled ticket Refund amount not credited

 sri091 on Oct 25, 2014
I booked a ticket on 6/9/2014 with ticket no.33566936 for travelling date 5/10/2014 . I have cancelled the same on 3/10/2014. And i have not received the refund amount till now. Contacted customer through mail and phone multiple times and also sent my bank statements with the mail. Every time i called customer care, they pass the time by saying they are checking the records and in the mean time, the call disconnects automatically after 5 mins 3 secs. This has happened multiple times and i am fed up with this. Please do the needful so that i can get my refund amount....
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 Deekshit Sanjai on Oct 24, 2014
respected sir/ma'am, I have been a regular passenger.every time i travel i will request the driver to stop at my destination and he will do so. but in my recent travels the driver did a great inconvience to me and didn't stop at my requested destination and also he abused me . here are the details of the driver and my travel and i enclose my ticket as a screen shot as pdf files are not acceptable driver code:601419 bus depot:rajahmundry service no:2747 (16.45 bus) bus no plate:AP05z 0143 i request you to take a serious action on this and see to that this will not happen again...
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APSRTC - sold more than mrp

 Mudunuru Sita Rama Raju on Oct 23, 2014
In apsrtc tirupati bus station items are sold more than mrp I have bought chips mrp 18 rs sold at 25 another shop: water bottle mrp 20-> sold at 25 I have seen so many complaints on this issue. I think the depot managers are hand in hand with shop owners So much cheating openly, very sorry state of the country.I dont have words to say. Then why to keep mrp...
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APSRTC - Need Bus services

User on Oct 22, 2014
Dear Sir/Madam, I am a resident of Sri Venkateswara colony, Sahebnagar, Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad. There is only one bus facility available for our colony, that too one time in the morning and once in the evening. As our colony grown larger in the past few years, people here are struggling with transportation facility. And the road condition from Vanasthalipuram to our colony became like hell that we could not go even by bike. I request you to kindly look into this matter. Thanks & Regards Brahmachary, Resident of Sri Venkateswaracolony, Sahebnagar, Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad....
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APSRTC - Lost My SSC & Intermediate original certicates with bag..

 Sumith536 on Oct 8, 2014
Hi, My brother left one bag in Hyderabad RTC bus which is having my SSC and Intermediate original marks list certificates in it. My brother lost this bag when he is travelling APSRTC bus (going to Koti) more than 1 year back which contains those 2 certificates in it. So can you please let me know if you've got (any of the conductor/deriver/staff) any bag with certificates in it with below details, please contact me at 9966127744 or email at Name : Sumeeth Kumar Jain SSC Roll No : 1018655, Year : 2002 Intermediate Marks memo Registered Number : 4582916, March 2004 Please...
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APSRTC - Run more Bus services from Bank colony(Suchitra) to Charminar/Sec'bad/CBS

 janamanchi on Oct 7, 2014
Respected sir, I am residing at Bank Colony (Padmanagar Ring Road), Suchitra, Hyderabad .I would like to inform that as the trip (229B) runs by Medchal Depot from Bank col to Sec'bad is very convinent to office going people and students is not enough. Adjust / change the Bus timings and run more Buses in Morning, Afternoon and Evening as the people will use the Service, if the authorities run Buses frequently . Due to Non frequency of Bus service, few Buses, most of the people were traveling by Autos from Bank Col to Suchitra X Roads . The Bus Service (8C) runs by Medchal Depot from Bank Colony/...
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 shivudu on Oct 5, 2014
Dear Sir, I tried to book ticket for service to travel from MGBS-BNG on 04.10.14, the service name is Nalgonda to Bangalore, the transaction was failed for 3 times (ICICI-1 and SBI-2 transactions) after that I tired to book ticket at 22.30hrs and got reservation, an amount of Rs.3019/- on each transaction and I am surprised that the call center number is not working to lodge a complaint. I tired several times but the call is disconnected without completing discussion.I am giving transaction numbers 1).IG00AM0MM2. 2).IG00AMPFK7. The ICICI transaction reference number is not informed to me. I request...
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APSRTC - refund for cancelled service 1105

 b venkata ramaiah on Oct 4, 2014
I have booked a ticket through internet, from mgbs to vijayawada, for the service 1105, for 27.09.2014 saturday, for 16.00 hours bus. merchant reference no is 3007553176 ebs payment id 28543297 payment mode state bank of india net banking amount rs 460 i have been waiting in the volvo corner from 15.00 hours. Nothing was displayed on the notice board and it is blank till 16.30 hours. At 16.30 hours, i have contacted sri krishna, station manager and he replied that the service number 1105 is cancelled and advised me to go by any other bus. i have faced lot of problems to reach vijayawada,...
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APSRTC - Regarding bus conductor

 Rosynadikuda on Sep 28, 2014
I traveled on 27-08-2014 morning in a metro bus and bus number is AP11z6329..the lady bus conductor instead of giving change she took extra money (30rs extra) from me with vulgar language.. This is not about loosing my money but she might behave in the same way with everyone and take extra money from everyone..This is not the way to treat the citizens.i request you to take action on her .. Thank you ....
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APSRTC - Senior citizen seat creating a problem in buses

 Tulasi Sai on Sep 8, 2014
Hello Sir!
We the girls(students, children, employees) are facing a huge problem while travelling in Buses.the uncles boarding from front door are misbehaving with girls.As the senior citizen seat has been allotted on 2nd seat of left side in the buses.all the men are boarding the buses from front door and creating a problems for ladies.

And we are not in a stage to complaint about the guy (boys, uncles) who misbehaves with girls .Because the males who commit this type of things, soon they disappear from the buses after they do these kind of misbehave things.

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APSRTC - refund of fare and action against the supervisor

 MMM kuamr on Sep 8, 2014
i have booked my ticket on 24th aug 2014 on line vide ticket no 33182306 service no 3479/VSP-TPT service category INDRA from VIJAYAWADA TO TIRUPATHI OB REF.NO 3007071769 Depart On 28th aug 2014 t 00.50hrs. I have reached the vijaywada bus stand well in advance, but i was told that the bus was broke down at middle of vizag and it will be delayed by 5 hrs.It is highly not possible for me to wait so long as i have booked my balaji darshan tickets in advance.More over the RTC never bothered about my journey nor they have arranged alternative bus . At last i have catch hold of nellore bus and reached...
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APSRTC - need recovery of amount

 psailija1 on Sep 4, 2014
sir, am a user a apsrtc online ticket booking.when i tried to book a ticket from my account at that time amount purchased from account and ticket will not be getting.nearly i tried 3 times.i losed 1000 rs from my account without ticket conformation.can u please refund my amount please. thanks...
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APSRTC - APSRTC Bus cancelled but did not informed upto departure time

 indrapharma on Aug 12, 2014
I have booked at a ticket from Nizampet(Hyderabad) to samalkot Journey date:Aug12, 2014, Ticket no: 32536795, service code: 2672/BHEL -KKD, Booked date : Aug 7, 2014, Departure time: 20:30hrs. APSRTC has messaged us about cancellation at 20:34 hrs on journey date. We can observe, how much irresponsible they are. They didn't inform us even 3-4 hours before so that we could search for alternative possibility. Because of APSRTC negligence my grandmother not able attend an important occasion. Please advice me what to do further, so that any other person shouldn't suffer like us....
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