Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited [BSNL] Customer Care

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited [BSNL] Customer Care

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

Bharat Sanchar Bhavan, Harish Chandra Mathur Lane Janpath
New Delhi
New Delhi District
India - 110001

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

1800 345 1500 (Landline)
1800 180 1503 (Mobile)
1800 180 1502 (WLL)
1800 345 1504 (BSNL Broadband)
1800 425 1957 (BSNL MPLS VPN)
+91 11 2332 7117
+91 80 2213 3200

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+91 94 9224 7376
+91 95 5052 8548
+91 17 6326 5737
+91 62 5424 2042
+91 99 6090 3822
+91 94 5360 3749
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited [BSNL] Customer Care related pictures (436)

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited [BSNL] Complaints & Reviews

BSNL — Delay in obtaining Land line connection 08025355704

 Kumudhab on Dec 1, 2015
I have submitted application for a landline on Nov 14th in BSNL Ulsoor office, bANGALORE and they are yet to provide me a connection, The allotted land line no is 08025355704. It is now more than two weeks. Airtel promised a phone within few days but I still opted for BSNL to support the Govt Kindly do something as BSNL mobile network inside my house is also very poor...
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BSNL — Extra charges on my landline bill.

 ankur_verma1990 on Dec 1, 2015
Dear sir,
My name is Ankur Verma and my BSNL Landline Number is 01232-229039 (UP West).
Sir, I bought a new connection in the month of August 2015 with internet broadband service. After installation i got the first bill for my landline bill.
And i paid for the bill for August and September. But sir, in the month of October they charged me with huge amount of local calls. And i am asking for the dialled local call details to the telephone exchange, they are not listening me and refused to give details.
I am the owner of the telephone connection so i have right to know...
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BSNL — Disconnection of landline phone No.01262-229353

 Ramesh Budhwar on Dec 1, 2015
I Santosh Kumari Daughter of late Sh.Arjun Singh Dalal have requested to bsnl many times to disconnect the above said connection after the death of my father on 23.12.2014, but the bsnl deptt is regularly sending bills after inclusion of surcharge on surcharge instead of sending me security deposited by my father. I humbly request to please solve my problem and release the security in my name. My mobile phone No. is 8901473519, 9992638582...
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BSNL — Harassing with unnecessary charges - bsnl hungama services

 cherantsm on Dec 1, 2015
I am having BSNL Broadband Line Connection 0253-2458042. During last month billing I found they charged me with an amount of Rs.92.59 as Charges for Hungama Services which we have not made any request for activation.

I made the payment and request them to refund the same which we have not requested. However, BSNL Hungama Customer Care has abruptly refused and confirmed that they will not refund the amount.

BSNL-Hungama is very clever in charging the amount as adjustment to many customers. They knew very well that they need to refund the Money hence they didn't...
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BSNL Bhojpur Telecom — Landline not working due to cable fault for 4 months

 ashok19711 on Dec 1, 2015
This the irony of BSNL, Landline no-06182-282245 (Bhojpur) in the name of my mother. This Telephone is not working for last four months, every time my mother called to customer care/ BSNL officials, they simply give assurance. All consumers has disconnected their LL except us on that village on hope of every thing could be OK.
Request the BSNL official to do the needful, my parents are 65+ years old living in village.They fall ill of going & requesting to Telecom officials. Next move is to claim compensation only.
KIndly do the neeful- Ashok Kumar...
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BSNL — Landphone out of order

 Maneesha John on Nov 30, 2015
My landphone is not working. my mother aged about 90 will be alone in home during day time. when any need arises, she is left without any choice. i have given the complaint several times. i think consumer can be treated in a better way than this. please consider my request as soon as possible. my landphone number is 04262265742....
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BSNL — Wi-fi range less than even 6 meters from the router point

 K.K.KUMAR on Nov 29, 2015
My wi-fi (08832475979) facility at my house is so week and what bsnl promised while providing connection turned out to be false. Net work functions in only one room wherein the router is placed. I complained many times to the local bsnl but in vain. Kindly arrange to help improve the service. Thanking you, K K Kumar...
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BSNL — Amount debited on account but not updated on system

 sumanth govinde on Nov 29, 2015
Sir i have made a online transaction of rs.2388. The transaction was made on 18th august 2015, the payment was through bsnl mobile app. I tried to pay several times and due to slow internet connection many times failed. But in one attempt the amount was debited from my bank account. but still it has not been yet updated in their system. I tried to contact the bsnl exchange and also customer care but they are helpless regarding this transaction. So now i have booked a complaint hoping you would clear this issue. so please look into it and make the issue clear fast. bsnl landline no: 8262-220442 bank...
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BSNL Penta — Touch display creck

 gajendra panchal on Nov 29, 2015
Sir, i had purchase bsal penta 802 Q before 15 days, after 2 days of purchase gprs continues used for 5 hours that time automatically crack observe on surface without any shots or touch to any where, my self going to service center but till the date they are not enable to giving a price, or repair because they have not listed for this module, in systems. I want to change the module how can i changed ?...
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited [BSNL] — No Connection provided

 Krithika1276 on Nov 29, 2015
Mobile - 9600047040 Bsnl India such a cheap country and operations, its been more than 20 days but still this bsnl bloody staffs dint visit my home for connection instead they still bieng lazy. Feel pity that Indians are lazy and no wonder India is not developing!...
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BSNL — Postpaid mobile service

 ksuryadevara on Nov 27, 2015
I am from Hyderabad and i use BSNL GSM post paid service.My bill was due for payment by Nov20, 2015. However, i paid my bill on Nov27, 2015 and the status got instantly updated to "No Due" on my account dashboard. Currently my outgoing calls and SMS messages are not active yet. I called up customer care dialing 1503.The support guy says that their system still shows that my payment is due and that fellows tells me to visit a local BSNL office.That sounded ridiculous to me. I doubt if we are living in digital India.A government organization like BSNL cannot offer minimum service to customers....
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BSNL — Landline telephone & Internet connection

 iamthemaulik on Nov 27, 2015
Telephone & Internet lines were working perfectly, BSNL people come & start repairing the telephone pole in front of my home, lines stopped working, i told them about it, they assure me all will be ok in 30 mins, then they go without even bothering to check if the lines were working or not & my home is not even 5 ft far from the pole, lines were still not working! Now I have to register complaint & they will come at their convenience! What about the troubles which are unnecessary & unwanted, we have to face!...
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BSNL — Landline bills and services

 Anudeep ND on Nov 27, 2015
I have a bsnl landline connection but no subscription for internet. Last month I was charged 1700+ INR ( average was 600 INR). I was shocked by seeing the bill. So my question is: 1. Do I need to change my landline plan. Is it possible? If yes please mention the good one. Any other information are appreciated. Please help...
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited [BSNL] — Tower installation request

 Ashok Bhat 1971 on Nov 26, 2015
Dear Sir Please note i am come from village called Banagi, it come under Hasargod Gram Panchayath Siddapur Taluk Uttara Kannada Dist Karnatak, we have facing the communication problem because we have no telephone connection (cable cut at the time of upgrading the road 4 years back), there is no mobile tower. Surrounding 10 to 15 villages facing the same problem i request you please install the tower in Hasargod Gram Panchayath area it helps us Regards Ashok Bhat at Banagi Po Kodsar Tq. Siddapur Uttarakannda 581340...
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BSNL — Outgoing sms failed

 ashuicy on Nov 26, 2015
Sir my bsnl mobile number is 8987765435 issued from jharkhand circle and currentelly i am in roaming in assam. Sir my all outgoing sms failed/sending.. This no is registerd everywhere and i urgentelly need to send sms to achieve the benifit. Sir i facing this problem since 27/09/15. When i contacted with customer care they said that not any issue on number. I have set my messg center number +919434599997 as provided by customer care executive. Even i contacted to my office from where this number issued & assam circle bsnl officer they said me to that my number is forwarded to culcutta head...
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BSNL Ahmedabad — Landline dead for 12-13 days every month

 dayanand1 on Nov 24, 2015
Our Landline Number 079-26930107 remains dead every month & gets activated after Repetetive followup & without Line man coming for Repair & checking. We are Paying the Telephone Bills regularly & we are getting poor reponse. It seems they deliberately keep the Phone dead on Festival Days. They should be taken to Task & see that Rent is deducted....
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BSNL — Purchase of wifi router

 vatsrajash on Nov 24, 2015
I am a army personal posted at Hissar. I wanted to avail the facility of bsnl broadband at my residence. The bsnl employee at satrod says that it is compulsory to buy wifi router/modem from bsnl and without it connection will not be given. Although the customer care say that purchasing wifi router/modem from bsnl is not compulsory. This incidence happened today at Hissar cantt where a representative of bsnl was here to take broadband form collectively. He completely denied that the connection will not be provided unless we purchase wifi router/modem from the bsnl office, and also said that it is...
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BSNL — Payment not received

 gurvinder1958 on Nov 24, 2015
I send money by my atm card Vijay bank through your potal but I have not received the receipt.
Mes from bank
Rs. 923 Withdrawn from your A/c *********001600 Details: POS/Bharat_Sanchar/Bharat_Sanc.Tot Bal:120233.71CR Avl Amt:- 120233.71(24-11-2015 13:55:53
Please revert my money to my bank account or BSNL account.

G. P. Singh
59-KHALSA college avenue
Amritsar 143002...
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BSNL Hungama — Hungama service deactivation/cancellation

 pritika123 on Nov 24, 2015
Dear Sir,

We did not activate Hungama related activities or requested from our side. However, an amount of Rs. 149/- was charged from us through the monthly bill, since November 2013. And may be charged for the same for the month of November, 2015. We, therefore, want to you to deactivate/cancel all the Hungama related activities related to my Phone No. (0191) 2592268 at once. Again, we want a refund the amount which already billed till november 2015, against our next bill. we already tried to deactivate it numerous time but no action has been taken till now. if you dont solve this...
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BSNL — Landline not working for long period

 Sadiq_Mehrab on Nov 24, 2015
The landline number 0474-2452501 (Kottarakara) NOT WORKING for along time. Complained many times ad complained recently through 1500 mobile complaint booking service too. NO RESPONSE.

Due to the IRRESPONSIBLE APPROACH by BSNL people at Kottarakara, ALL THE LANDPHONES EXCEPT mine are already discarded by people nearby my home. I am unable to discard it because my parents are too old o use mobile phone. This is thee only option for communication.


My contact No. 9497361282 (Dr. Sadiq A.)...
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