Bisleri Customer Care

Bisleri Customer Care

Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.

Western Express Highway, Andheri (East)
Mumbai City District
India - 400099

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Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd., Plot No.2410/11, Phase – II Gidc, Chhatral, Tal. Kalol, Dist. Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 382729
+91 95 8600 2222

Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.29/33, Udaygiri Village, Devanhalli Taluk, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 562 110
+91 99 0097 9899, +91 99 7252 8888

Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.7/3, Parivakkam Main Road, Leelavathi Nagar, Senneerkuppam, Poonamallee, Chennai, Tamilnadu - 600 056
+91 44 2680 2065, +91 95 6627 7277, +91 44 2680 2066

Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.60, Shivaji Marg, New Delhi 110 015
+91 11 2593 0240, +91 11 25930241

Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. L-72, Verna Electronic City, Verna, Salcette, Goa - 403 722
+91 99 2123 7676

Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. Western Express Highway, Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400 099
+91 22 2020 2020

Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. 6-3-609/195, Second Floor, Anandnagar Colony, Khairathabad, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500004
+91 81 0662 2221

Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. E-12/a, Road No. 1, Vishwakarma Industrial Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302 013
+91 14 1515 0000

Bisleri International Pvt Ltd, 18/470, Near Yakkara Railway Gate, West Yakkara Palakkad Kerala - 678001
+91 98 9555 5070

Bisleri International Pvt Ltd, Flat 2A, Second Floor, 100 Jodhpur Park, Kolkata - 700068
+91 33 6562 8156

Bisleri International Pvt Ltd, Dhanraj Complex, Survey No: 55/8, Shop no 1, 2 ,3, 6, 7 & 8. Wadgaon Bk, Mumbai Bangalore Highway, Pune - 411041
+91 80 0711 6161

Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 55 & 65, Sector 4, Iie, Pantnagar, Rudrapur District, Uttarakhand - 263 153
+92 99 9719 6480

Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.19/1 A, Site 4,Industrial Area, Sahibabad, Gaziabad, Uttar Pradesh - 201 010
+91 12 0277 7286, +91 12 0277 7287

Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. Maarikavalasa Village, Paradesipalem Post, Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh - 531 163
+91 99 6333 4456, +91 81 0662 2221

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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Bisleri — Cold drink lonata

 Doo be doo on Mar 20, 2016
I am a owner of the restaurant. I use to provide bisleri cold drinks to my customer. There is a mosquito inside the bottle. However the bottle seal was unbroken. I was ashamed in front of all the customers. i hv lost most of the customers and finacially and mentaly i was tortured. Going to fire a legal complaint against bisleri.
Doo be doo...
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Bisleri — Large black particles and fungus in bisleri 20 litres water bottle

 Sidhu15 on Mar 19, 2016
I bought Bisleri 20 litres water bottle. The water is contaminated with large black particles and fungus. Shame on Bisleri!...
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Bisleri International — Dust particles inside the 11 water pet bottles of bisleri (Sealed)

 taveeshgoyal on Jan 26, 2016
It is very disheartened to say that the Bisleri which is one of the Trusted name and we use to blindly purchase the same ensuring purety is making fool of the public. I have 11 water pet bottles of bisleri (sealed) inside which dust particles are easily visible. Bisleri is playing with the life of the innocent people. The shopkeeper is not ready to give the cash bill- shopkeeper is replying that the bisleri officers have strictly instructed him not to produce the bill.
kindly help me by raising the issue and let this issue be come in front of the whole public so that noone in future will...
Complaint comments  Read comments [2]Complaint category Food

Bisleri — Smelled water in 20 ltr jar

 ankitvijay123 on Jan 17, 2016
On 16.01.16 we purchased 20 liter bisleri jar when we opened the jar there is pungent smell after that we drink that water three people suffering from stomach problem ....
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Products & Services

Bisleri — Bad quality plastic inside water

 Chetan Mukund Joshi on Nov 4, 2015
I had been using #Bisleri since long. I found plastic waste material inside 20litre jar purchased at GB Road, Thane, Mumbai-400607. Reported barcode n batch to web site complaint page. Tried reaching 022 20202020, no response. Very Bad experience. I used to avoid any local vendor for Bisleri. How can we trust such brand with such findings??..Chetan Joshi- 7506 941204....
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Food

Bisleri — Fake product

 aadi92y on Oct 28, 2015

I had been using Bisleri 20L Jar for last 4-5 years in Delhi with full satisfaction. However once I moved to Gurgaon, I found there is a drastic change in the taste and quality. Further I observed that, there is no scratch card to test it's genuinity.

All the shopkeepers around Sector 21 or even through out the city are selling fake Bisleri products. When asked, they say "If you want to buy original, you have to pay Rs. 95 instead of 75 (that is fixed for the fake one)." I contacted Bisleri Gurgaon Office and complained about the same. But no body...
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Bisleri — Not satisfied with the quality

 No Name123 on Oct 22, 2015
Hi, I regularly use Bisleri water 20 L. But I suspect if i get genuine Bisleri wate. The jars are not properly cleaned and sometimes mud at the bottom. How would I know genuine Bisleri ? Is there any measures taken by the company to help people get the correct and genuine product?...
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Bisleri — Availability on Oct 6, 2015
My near by store keeper says as bisleri dealers do not give regular supply of 20 ltr bisleri bottle. I stay at Chickoowadi, near malwani church, malad west, Mumbai 400094. I regularly need at least 3 20ltr bottles a week and it's very difficult to find one close by and this is not good customer service and shopkeeper is smiling ur company rape....
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Bisleri — Fake mineral water in sealed pack bottles

 damroo on Sep 16, 2015
We run a fitness centre with spa and salon where we have a cafe as well we keep buying 1 litre water bottles directly from bisleri van which comes and deliver bottle cartons at our place now we just got the new lot of water bottles in which not one or two bottles are filled with tap water but all of them are filled with tap water and they are properly sealed bottles. we are switching to kindly now after experiencing this kind of incident....
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Products & Services

Bisleri — Kerosene Smell in 20 LTRS jar of Water

 Amank1988 on Jul 27, 2015
I bought a 20 LTR jar of Bisleri water from the distributor in Haridwar around 1 month back. Water is oduring like kerosene oil. I complained about the same with the customer care number provided on the Jar. Every time i call it was said that the jar will be replaced. 15 days has already been elapsed but no response has been recieved till now. It was quite surprising to note that how can they take it in such a casual manner....
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Food

Bisleri — Contaminated water supply

 SM Sanjay More on Jul 20, 2015
We have been purchasing Bisleri Can 20 lt. from Purity Enterprises, Parel, Mumbai 12 Tel 24102851. This is second time we have received contaminated water. There are unknown objects are floating in the Can. Please take it seriously & act against the supplier. Also Replace the Can Immediately....
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Food

Bisleri — Contaminated water in 20 ltr. Jar

 Ravirakesh12456# on Jul 19, 2015
I have received several times contaminated water from bisleri even with live worms in 20 ltr. Jar. When complained to customer services they answered roughly saying they can't do anything . Dust particle is common in bisleri 20 ltr. Packing....
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Food

Bisleri — Not refunding deposit amount

 rb_udupa on Jul 16, 2015
The water boy does not deliver water in Hyderabad. Every time he has excuses. Now I am requesting my money back for the Cans that I paid initially as deposit, even that they do not want to refund. All from head to the boys are involved in cheating....
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Department Stores

Bisleri — black object (insect?) inside the 20 liter water can

 zakkir hussain Kharim on Jun 30, 2015
Last week i had bought a 25 litre water can from a local dealer in kundalahalli, bangalore named basavaraj. When i just started cutting the cap (the centre portion), i saw a black thing floating in the water. I left the can like that hoping i can saw it to the dealer. But this dealer rarely answers or picks up the phone, so could not inform him. The condition of the bottle/cans are also recently very bad. you call me at 8884100934 if you want more details...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Food

Bisleri — Stinking adulterated water

 Nitin j naik on Jun 27, 2015
Travel safe drink water bisleri that was my health mantra Lately it has changed drastically was visiting our press in Lower Parel and being suffered from stomach infection just a week back requested the owner for bisleri water had a few sips and realised stinking smell emitting out of it. Checked in stinking smell from around two bottles out of three from one cartoon This was purchased from vendor at sath rasta in Mumbai We checked the batch it was May 15 I would request bisleri to immediately check the quality of water being sold under there name or is there own or duplicate...
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Food

Bisleri — Dust particles inside Bisleri 500 ml with added minerals bottle

 RamakrishnaVV on Jun 2, 2015
I saw dust particles inside Bisleri 500 ml water bottle. The company which i am working will provide water bottles. I observed the same in the bottle yesterday - 1st June 2015 and also today 2nd June 2015 also. I have attached the screenshot of the same....
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Other

Bisleri — Substandard water delivered to households [Resolved]

 Vinosh Babu James on May 29, 2015
Of late, we are receiving substandard water bottles from the vendor. He has also started to collect the bottle caps after delivery. He insists on the same, since he is fined INR 5/- otherwise. That raised our suspicion. When confronted, he also mentioned that Bisleri is supplying big companies with new bottles, and apartment complexes are only provided bottles like these !! I fear that the vendor is playing on us. It is highly possible that he is refilling the bottles. I had written to the Bisleri consumer forum. I have not heard from them over the last several days. I am raising this here as...
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Food

Bisleri — leaf like object floating inside 20 L Jar [Resolved]

 krishanmanral on May 25, 2015
We are using the Bisleri from past 3 months. We got the damaged 20ltr tins recent times. The quality of water is not good. I have the snaps of sealed 20 ltr can which has leaf like object floating inside, which was purchased from suvidha general store at Indirapuram. The jar itself seem too much used and we can't see clearly inside the bottle. I had requested for the testing of the sample....
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Computers & Accessories

Bisleri — White layers floating in 20 ltrs water bottle

 SubhasmitaP on May 21, 2015
White layers found floating in water of 20 ltrs BISLERI bottle. The local supplier is not helpful at all to solve this issue, hence I have been trying to contact BISLERI customer care number and whenever I have called there is no response(022-20202020) I have kept the dirty water bottle aside and request BISLERI to help with this problem and change the water bottle asap. My contact: Subha- +91-7506242340 Looking forward to your help, so that you can continue serving your customers....
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Food

Bisleri — Dust Particles in 250 ml Pet Bottle.

 Sandeep Kawatra on May 17, 2015
Dust Particles were found in Pet Sealed 250ml Bisleri water bottle. I, mailed complaint to bisleri co.. Executive visited, seen bottle, answer was this is not much big issue, you can do whatever u want or go to consumer court. This is third time i m facing same problem. For first two times i have not complained. Now this time i m filling complaint. Now pls look to this matter and penalise the concerned person. Thanks Sandeep Kawatra 9811278848...
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