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Corporation of Chennai — Dog catcher Needed on priority

 talk2ruben on Mar 6, 2011

I stay in Avvai Nagar, 1st Ganapathy Street, Thriuvanmayur. In that lane there are around 10-12 stray dogs which create a lot of problem for the passer byes and people living there. I am afraid of going out/into my house bcoz of them. At night thse dogs will bark/make a lot of noise thus disturbing sleep or study.

I request you to kindly remove these dogs from the locality making it peaceful .....IF ONLY THIS COMPLAINT REACHES YOU( as when I tried to lodge a complaint in Chennai Corporation Website it always gives a error while accessing that page only...hope you...
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Corporation of Chennai — stray dog menace in our locality

 jgmasilamani on Jan 21, 2011
My residence is in No.7, 2nd cross street, Kilpauk garden Colony, Chennai 600 010. There is a bitch in no. 6 next door which has litered 3 pups, and is uncared and stray. This bitch and pups enter my residence and fight with my dog. Further more the colony is full of street dogs which are stray and is risk to the well being of the residents and their children.The authorities are requested to effectively remove the dogs and make the area safe from dog fights and risk of dog bites.
Masilamani J.G. Tel. 26461467 Mob. 98842 85694 21st Jan. 2011...
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Corporation of Chennai — TO Catch Stray dogs

 metaraja on Dec 23, 2011
I am a resident of Orchid Serene , Moovendar Nagar ,Bharathi Nagar ,Tambaram West(Moodichur Road),chennai and people in our locality are severly facing a problem with the street dogs here. there are about 15-20 dogs chases all the persons walking in the street and recently an old man walking on the road was also bitten by a dog.Many Dogs are living inside the appartment and even coming till second floor, we are unable to push it out permamently. Please send me the details ,where to complain about this issue so as to make our locality a peaceful,dog less....
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Corporation of Chennai — bad roads & traffic jam


I am a pharmaceutical manager, i have to travel atleast 75 to 100 kms per day. i am having a two wheeler, whenever, i am travelling through the stretch of velachery main road from rajendra prasad road, adyar. the whole stretch is full of poth holes and also there is a regular traffic jam from raj bavan to guindy rail over bridge, there is no police official to control the traffic. moreover, in this place there is a over bridge in front of cancer hospital. which is not at all solving the addition mr. m.k.stalin who is our asst.cheif minister house is there.
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Corporation of Chennai — Dog Menace

 Ramesh16 on Feb 28, 2012
Dear Sir,
I am a resident of 7, Thiagappa Mudali first lane, Kilpauk, Chennai 10. There are a lot of street dogs in our locality and they are very ferocious and charge at people and come to bite them and sometimes also bite them. There is a dog in my neighboring house which has bit several people but still is protected by the owners. Today in the street one of the stray dog tried to charge at my 8yr old son and bite him in his legs and hand but luckily for him I was close by and I chased the dog away and the teeth of the dog did not pierce him.

I request the authorities to...
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Corporation of Chennai — Street DOGs problem

 baskaran_2378 on Nov 16, 2011
The Corporation Officer,
Ullagaram Puzhuthivakkam,

Subject: Street DOG's problem

We would like to bring your kind attention on the problem being faced by residents of Sivasubramanian Street at Sadasivam Nagar as a whole. The dogs bark throught the night and causes lots of grievences, one dog starts barking followed by 20 or more joining togehter and started bite, bark, defacate anywhere even in the building and the floor.

I have seen and faced this situation where these dogs barks on us and come closer to bite, several person...
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Corporation of Chennai — Drainage water in street

 janaki ramesh
We are residing in Singarachari street. Our house is adjacent to Parathasarathy swamy street. Drainage water and Rain water stagnate in the street. We have complained about this to the Metro Water Board office at Ice House zone. But as Parthasarathy swamy street comes under Chepauk division, the problem is not resolved by both the Division 88 and Division 89 of Area IV Chennai. As a result we the residents of this place undergo a lot of health related problems like Malaria, Fever etc. Complaints to both the divisions have not yielded any results. We kindly request that instead...
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Corporation of Chennai — Street dogs

 king mate on Dec 1, 2013
In 9th Street poombugar nagar kolathur :on 29th Nov I have registered complaint for corporation through phone regarding street dog disturbance and disease.No one has not taken the action according to our complaint. Street dogs are fighting together and scratched among them, bloods are clotting on those dogs.Those dogs roaming and causing disease for children. Please take action to clear those street dogs...
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Corporation of Chennai — Street Dogs menace

 booma_govind on Apr 26, 2012
I am a resident of West Mambalam in Vivekanandapuram I Street, West Mambalam, Chennai. My kids is scared to go out on street because of dangerous street dogs, during the early morning hours to go for tuition in cycle via Balakrishnanan Street, . I would request the Corproation authorities to please take appropriate action by catching them immediately ASAP. I found one of the dog very aggressive. Please take the complaint seriously and send the dog catching squad to our colony as soon as possible....
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Corporation of Chennai — Garbage Clearance

These are some of the photos taken near Adam market in Triplicane high road which is just 200 meter away from New Govt Secretarial Complex. Triplicane is one of the areas totally ignored by Corporation of Chennai. There is no garbage cleaning system available in this area at least from past 1 year. Whatever garbage system has been provided is not adequate and it is totally unacceptable service. . In Bangalore the garbage cleaning start before sun rise so when you woke up at 5 AM and go to street you will not find any dump of garbage. But here in Chennai in can see no garbage has been removed atleast...
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