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CPP INDIA — not received the courier so far

 anil kumar chittoju
Dear Sir

I have recieved a sms from cpp india that they have dispatched parcel on 27.04.09 and airway bill no.4601094142. today is 4th of May 2009, still i dont have any communication. please respond
cell no 990 850 7000...
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CPP INDIA — CPP INDIA is a FRAUD/ EMBEZZLE - Enrolled me & Debited my card without my approval, now refuses to refund

This is Abhishek Srivastava from Bangalore. I saw an entry for Rs 1295 in my statement for the Card number XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX for CPP protection. I would like to mention that I HAVE NEVER REGISTERED FOR THIS SERVICE and I am very shocked to see that amount could be debited from my card without my consent/approval. I have called up their Customer Service number and they said that they can only provide me 50% of the refund as per the policy. I am very shocked from this treatment, how can somebody just charge any amount from my card WITHOUT MY APPROVAL and then refuse to refund it.

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CPP INDIA — Renewal amount debit without any permission.

 Sushil Sengar on Jan 30, 2014
Dear sir you have debit my account the amount 1287Rs for card protection.but we have not permit it. So return this amount in my account and cancel my membership immediately. Give me reply, why you debit amount without permission. i do not make payment to you for this case. So, i am not satisfied with your attitude like such that. cancel my membership immediately. Regards Sushil Kumar Sengar...
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CPP INDIA — credit card charged without my concern

 ratna_sachin on Dec 26, 2011
I have been charged Rs1145/- for purchase of CPP product without taking my concern. which I want should be refunded to me immediately.I did not authorise the payment and so I want the payment cancelled....
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CPP INDIA — Renewal amount has been deducted without my permission

 toramanuj5@gmail.com on Oct 4, 2013
I have registered with CPP India on August 2012 when I was in Mumbai. My CPP policy no is - IA0466769 . I came back to kolkata on February 2013 and also my mobile no got changed. This year on August 2013, CPP India has again deducted amount from my SBI Credit card without my permission. I called their helpline no and told them that I dont want to renew the membership and also asked them how they can deduct money without my permission. But there was no suitable answer from their side....
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CPP INDIA — Non delivery of product and documents

 kulvinderrawat on Feb 14, 2013
Three times I called and got the same reply that documents will reach in 7 to 10 working days. It's been now a months crossed and I haven't get this so called policy started. I don't even have my policy number now as the only message I received on my mobile has been deleted. So legally, I have no legitimate policy with me. And I want to withdraw now as I don't see any future of this policy as far as I am concerned....
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CPP INDIA — Claim Delayed

 Sameer Attarwala

I am a member with the CCP India insurance and I feel cheated by them time & again. The company is supposed to protect any fradulant transaction on credit cards. I had lost all my cards while travelling in a local train on the 9th of January and there after I gave CPP all the document that they had asked for however so far they have not been able to close my case.
They claim to get back to the customer within 14 working days and pay the credit cards the money for the fradualant transactions. My creit card company has been calling me everyday for the payments and based...
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CPP INDIA — refund of money

 bharathi m on Jul 4, 2015
I have already informed your representative on phone that I do not want to renew my contract but still Rs 1399 has been deducted from my account i reques you to return the amount do not do this again without our concern. I will approach the consumer forum as i am just frustated about your way things are going....
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CPP INDIA — Plan renewed without my consent

 Vinu Urs on Dec 6, 2013
CPP is misleading people. They continuously called me until I agreed to take up the plan as I thought it would be useful to me. Once they my debited my account with the fee amount of Rs. 1680, they did not even bother to check anything further. However, after a year I see my account being debited with the same fee as last year though I have not agreed for any renewal. When I called to check, they said a communication was sent to you a week ago and since we did not hear anything back we renewed your account by debiting Rs. 1680. But when I asked them to provide details with regard to the communication...
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