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Petrol Complaints & Reviews

Petrol - Indian Petrol Pump Fraud

 IT Professional
Hi Friends,

I would like to bring to your kind attention the "Great Indian Petrol Pump Fraud" happening all over Hyderabad (and I believe all over India)

Today morning, I saw the fuel gauge of my car touching the "Empty" sign, so I thought that while on my way to office, I will fill petrol worth 1000 Rs in my car. When I reached the petrol pump (Shell petrol pump near Ameerpet) I showed the crisp 1000 Rs note to the attendant at the petrol pump and told him to fill 1000 Rs. I repeated 1000 to him 2-3 times so that he registers 1000 Rs in his head...
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Petrol - Complaint against operator at HP Petroleum, Mezza9, Hinjewadi,Pune.

 Sunaina Kango
Respected Manager

Sunaina Kango

Sub:-Complaint against operator at HP Petroleum near Mezza 9, Hinjewadi,Pune.

This complaint is regarding filling less quantity of petrol by attendent at HP Petroleum near Mezza 9, Hinjewadi,Pune.Today 12th Oct 2010, morning around 9:15 am, I had asked the operator to fill Rs. 1000/- of petrol in my car and I asked to see the initial zero reading. In the mean time there was a bike going from left side of vehicle as there was less space I said...
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Petrol - Cheating in Sita Circle Petrol Pump, Bangalore.

 Avishek Dutta
This is to make you all aware of Sita Circle Petrol Pump, Srinivasnagar, Bangalore-50.
This Petrol Pump is master in all types of frauds. I personally measured after filling petrol from this filling station that 100 ml is being cheated of every liter of petrol that is taken. Also the quality of petro is worst, its a mixture of petrol and kerosine, which damages the engine of our vechele. I personally found out this, as my mechanic showed me the condition of my bike's engine after filling from this same station for few months. Also you will find starting problems and no riding pleasure...
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Petrol - Cheating on quantity

The Indian Oil Petrol bunk at Trinity Circle Bangalore has a very good cheating tactic. When you are filling your vehicle tank with your eyes fixed on the meter reading, in the midst of it, the cashier would walk up to you and divert your attention "check the air in your tyres, you can fill air here" . During this time when your attention is diverted to him, in a matter of few seconds the guy filling the fuel does some quick trick and the meter jumps to the closing amount thereby cheating you 100 or 200 Rs each time. You could check it out yourself. Please take some action...
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Petrol - illegal selling of kerosene mixed petrol

dear sir,
as i am a resident of Aurad (bidar. karnataka) and i am very much fed up of the illegal supply of kerosene mixed petrol in the town. more than 50 to 60 small shop owners are involved in selling this type of petrol. they prepare this petrol at their own shops. they mix some sort of chemical (a teaspoon full) to a barrel of kerosene and convert it to petrol and are selling it. there is no petrol pump at this town. only one is there but it is also selling the mixture of kerosene only. by using this type of petrol in the two wheelers, it is damaging the engine of the vehicle and not...
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Petrol - cheated

 rest2 on Feb 27, 2013
I Have Been Cheated by these pupils for about two times of filling the petrol for my Two Wheeler
While Filling they are tring to divert our attention from the Meter as they are keeping the same Meter Reading of the Previous Filled reading they start from that Reading this is how they are Cheating.The petrol pump is situated at greater kailash kunjwani bye pass Jammu.

Rajive kumar
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Petrol - Open stealing at IOC petrol bunk

 mahobia on Dec 19, 2011
The best place to find thieves is the petrol bunks. I have had several times bad experience at Ganesh Service Station, Nh9, Main Road, Hydernagar,Kukatpally. But I am writing for the first time because they are cheating so badly and worst these days compare to past. They are cheating by about 25% of your money. So if you fill 100 rs petrol you hardly get 70 rs worth of petrol. This 25 rs is clearly being stolen and distributed among the petrol bunk manager and the thieves standing on dress holding the dipenser pipe. I got cheated by about 300 Rs yesterday. I gave 1000 Rupees to fill petrol in my...
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Petrol - less patrol given to everyone .. the employee says prob in the meter


i stay in malad, and couple months back i went to the indian oil petrol pump next to atharva college

the employee at the gas station gave 1 liter less to wat i payed to him .. and very rude saying that the meter was not rt.

he did give me a bill but the company must know that people at that gas station are stealing petrol.

please take a strict action against them...
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Petrol - Petrol Theft / Day light Robbery

This is a serious complaint of every day / Day light Robbery happening in the petrol bunks across India.

Millions and millions of people's hard earned money is being stolen by way of cheating at petrol bunk stations.

Will anyone take notice and stop the menace in already tough economy and Poor Country like India ?

Meters in fuel pumps are tampererd in the following stations in Bangalore and other states fuel pump stations also ( according to a survey found on web ) :

1) HP Petrol station opposite to Modi hospital Rajajinagar.
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Petrol - Tampering in fueling


Whenever I ask the petrol station to fill my tank for 5 lts, the attending staff stop the fueling at 50 rs. I then tell them that I asked you to fuel for 5 lts, then why are you stopping at 50 Rs. I ask them to continue from where they have stopped. This happens 80% of the time I fill the petrol. This happens in almost every petrol bunk.

I severely doubt that this they do purpousfully. They are cheating the consumers on the quantity of petrol that they are filling....
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