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Qspiders — Cheaters

 satish2015 on Aug 6, 2015
I joined qspiders vadapalani 3 months back. My frend suggested me to join this institute because of quality and placements. We are gang of 7 people from differnt college. Still i am studying manual testing and sql in parallel Qspiders teaching is VERY VERY WORST. My counsellor Ms.BEEVI brain washed me and made me to join by providing fake promises. She said you can complete the course in 3 to 4 months but still i am studying only manual and sql. Still i have java and selenium to complete i don't know why they are cheating and killing students life. Already i am very much frustrated because of jobless...
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Qspiders — Qspiders- NO PLACEMENTS

 Rakeshd156 on May 19, 2014
Hi, I am posting complaint here to aware others regarding Qspiders located in bangalore. When the time of joining the Qspiders fellows will say 100% job vagera vagera. They will collect the full fees within 10 days of joining . No corporate trainers are there th train as they say. Fees is also heavier compared to other institutes .At the time of enquiry they will say percentage is not a matter and all after getting trained they will maintain silence . I request others not to join here . Education qualitty is very low . Getting trained here is worthless. They are doing this only to make money and...
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Qspiders — they eat money by multiple ways

 sneha.ullal123 on Oct 24, 2013
they have conducted fake job fair even after getting selected never got a call for further rounds and FAKE INSTITUTE they take admission of 1000 students bt wont even place 100 from a batch u can investigate .. there are many students who has suffered from this institute ...please stop them from making money or playing with students career..when there no much req for software testing in the market then why will they take so many students in......
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Qspiders — Cheating money minded

 Binush Jose on Jul 17, 2013
Hello everyone..my name is binush-a 2012 passout.
Qspiders is just a money-minded organisation with fake promises.
I got a call from qspiders in sept 2012 offering a training cum placement program in chennai
To manage my expenses I was already working in night shifts with an organisation.
I informed the HR anu the same but she said its not a problem and they would help me complete the course any how..i joined by paying half the amount of the course fee as the demanded ie Rs 3000
I attended classes twice a week initially but could not carry on the same after a month.i...
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Qspiders — really a great tasting institute

 sg_shreyas on Oct 16, 2012
I got 2 jobs from qspiders before i even complete the course!! also, i got one more job through naukri as i did s/w testing from qspiders!
People just talk bad about girish! but you know what!? We were sent to pune for interview., girish sir had arranged bus from bangalore to pune! and there, we were booked hotel rooms to relax before attending interview, to get some rest! and we were charged not even a rupee for that!!
When they're helping us to such an extent, if you can't clear the interviews, its your fate! and you'll be like that throughout your life!
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Qspiders — qspiders

 Aravind Royal on Nov 6, 2011
See do not blame any institute,,,if you have talent..you people get job other wise you will not.. people blaming Qspiders..GIRISH SIR AND SANTOSH..Even...people who have talent they will learn course..and they will surch for job..do not depend on any one..if Qspiders do not provide job assistance any way..you people got knowledge rite..on testing..?...go and surch for job get the job and go and tell them..i got job by using my own talent..if you put effort you will get interview calls..from companies..rite..i have done my B.B.M....i gone to Qspiders i learnt a course..but i dint ask them for job..i...
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Qspiders — Cheating.

 Giri_gowda on Sep 23, 2011
hello guys my name is Giri. pls dont join qspiders. its complete waste of time.first u'll join for manual testing tat will take 2 months to complete. starting they will say manual will take only 30-35 days.
after finishin manual class they will say qtp is must for freshers n finish qtp n den ask for placements. like this 4-5 months of our life will be wasted. after finishin qtp they will say give mock interviews n in that 1 more month of life will be wasted.
fresher's who are 2011 passout pls dont join qspiders ,its complete waste of time n money.
In mock interview's...
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Qspiders — against Qspiders

 ravikirani on Sep 21, 2011
In Qspiders Rajajingr branch this is how they hav scheduled 1 batch.
RCE-7 batch started in march 2011.
mar,apr & may--- manual
june----QTP & VBS
Sep----again 1 month holiday
Oct---They are planning to start Load runner itseems from 1 month they are telling the same story hope they'll complete by 2012.
But fee they'll collect starting itself n they'll do fake promises saying v'll giv placement v'll complete within 4 months n all never trust them.so guys b4 joining ask them whether...
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Qspiders — fake institute

 harish 888 on Aug 31, 2011
hi all thsi is haiish my self joined qspiders on jan2011 with the hpoe of getting the job but it turned out to the worst experience i have ever had with the institute the lecturer so called aravinth turned out to be a freak with all false commitments given to students saying that you will be placed within the completion of manual testing course than qtp but its all fake they wont place u in a single company and the people who all are placed have got ther job on ther own , they take mock even if you get very good ratings you wont be provided any interviews but they send you to interviews which...
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Qspiders — QSpiders Cheating students with Placements

 Rajesh_Testing on Aug 20, 2011
I have studied in QSpiders in March 2011 and all I understood was they are cheating and looting students with the weak point of job and placement. Their subject is OK. Not very great. Not even 10% students get placement but they counsel students with 500% placements and also telling so many clients. Reality is totally different. I am sure many of you got cheated in the same way. Please share your views so that atleast few will escape from cheating....
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