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SEBI - Non-listing of Companies.

 Ashok B. Bhansali
Dear Sir,

There were so many companies which were enrolled or registered to float their stock on BSE OR NSE by way of listing. People had invested crores of rupees in such companies and they have been de-listed and small investors were left with no choice than to retain their investment as they were not allowed to sell/transfer their stocks in the market and as such they are kept in losses as per the sweet choices and whims of the Company Directors. This large scale duping game is being played without any regulatory control and most of the companies are still gaining wrongfully....
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SEBI - not entertaining Complains of investor against brokers

 Darshan Bhavanji Dedhia
Plenty of time I have given Complains to SEBI against RELIGARE SEC. LTD. but they say your complain number will be coming soon. which never comes.

They are good friend of Brokers because they help them to earn. There is no action taken agaisn't Broker yet i have given them each n every detail of my dispute with Religare but till date it has not been entertained .

"SEBI AUR BRokers sab mile hooa hai ! "...
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SEBI - Delisting of Share form stock exchange

Dear all,

Please forward this mail to your known, and tell them to send it to finance minister of our country (India).


Trilok Mehta


Respected sir,

Subject: Delisting of Share form stock exchange

I am a small investor but writing you to on behalf of all investors like me.This is the most important thing as it is effecting the small investors very much and nothing is being done for it. The...
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SEBI - Account Opening Forms

ICICI direct lost my account opening documents twice. What does it mean when a bank tells you they have 'lost' documents containing key information about you? The account opening docs I gave them had a passport copy as well.

icici direct are not a financial company, they are worse than your local grocery store. If this is not enough, where to resubmit the documents? You call up their numbers, they keep giving you another number to call, as if no-one in icici direct wants to do this 'dirty' work.

Or is it that icici direct is running some kind of...
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SEBI - I am doiing trading activity through Ventura Securities Ltd

 Mahesh Bala on Nov 4, 2014
I am doing trading almost daily equity cash and buying scrip of different company's. Normally I will buy maximum 5 scrip of different company's. But the broker company Ventura Securites Ltd using my I D and passwords without intimating add the scrip largely without my consultation. But I am changing my password and pin every 15 days as per the rules and regulations. I am doing the trading activities from the month of February 2014 to till date. I have made my investment of Rs/30000/- and availed 100% exposition from them. As these company is doing trading activity so many times without my permission...
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SEBI - Fraud Case

 Ameer Shaikh on Jul 15, 2014
I Sameer Bashir Mangrul From Pune, I Invest 3, 00, 000rs in Blue chip Company Pvt. Ltd. on 16-Sept-2011 For Investment Purpose. They Suppose To give me 3, 00, 000rs 18-Sept-2013. But Till The date I follow That Company For My Refund Or payment. But There Is no Office In that Place And There Is No Contact Person Whom I Talk And Concern. I Give u The Details Of The Company As Follow up Company Name : Blue chip Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Address : Unit No, 302. Pentagon Tower, P-3, Magarpatta City Hadapsar, Pune-411013. Email Id: These Are The Details...
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SEBI - Short Selling in Share Trading

 Prasanta2012 on Dec 17, 2011
It is not possible that SEBI and others do not know the exact reason and the person for short selling, Its time that SEBI re-looked at suspension of short selling for some time especially in favour of the retail investors

Investment is not for children and the those old times are gone where you invest in stocks and forget until you retire. It is a serious business and people should pay professional fees to get better return. retailers are not even 2% of total share market valuation. Why SEBI should bother for 2% janta?...
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SEBI - No Response from SEBI

 Renu Jain on Apr 7, 2011
Dear Sir/ Madam,
I have been writing to SEBI regularly about me complaint for the cheating done by India Infoline ltd through E-mails and posted a letter to the Mumbai branch also but there is no reply from there side till yet. My first E-mail to them was on 1-3-2011, than on 30-3-2011, and 4-3-2011.
Please guide me what next step should i take.

Renu Jain...
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SEBI - Recent Ban

The recent ban from SEBI on 14 Insurance companies relating to their ULIP policies is a welcome sign. If there is any relaxation, there should be some check and balance and people friendly approach. The innocent people should not be cheated in the hands of IRDA approved ULIP products. IRDA has failed to look into this earlier. Atleast the IRDA should open its eyes and issue necessary direction to the said 14 insurance companies to follow the SEBI rules and regulations. I am told that IRDA is not taking stringent action against the erring Insurance Companies such as Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company...
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