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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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ClearTrip — Booked on wrong name

 Bhagyesh Kapadia on May 1, 2016
I am Bhagyesh Kapadia.
I booked a ticket from Mumbai to Ahmadabad and rs 1855 was deducted from my bank a/c, then it was automatically cancelled, then again
I booked a ticket through cleartrip from Mumbai to Ahmadabad in go air flight in the name of Sweta Shah, which was accidentally booked on another name, total i lost rs 3710 today so I want a solution to this problem or full refund, my booking ID is:16050110182...
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ClearTrip — To lodge complaint against cleartrip pvt. ltd. (india) for not-refunding partial refund amount. on May 1, 2016
My name is jigar narendrakumar joshi. I had purchased an air ticket from cleartrip (Online travel booking company) for round-trip from mumbai to dammam, saudi arabia on 13th march, 2016. My flight for dammam was dated on 17th march 2016. I had a return flight to mumbai which is scheduled on 15th april 2016 (After 28 days). Due to unavoidable circumstances, i have to extend my stay at saudi arabia. At the time of booking, i already purchased an air ticket with refundable option.Now today when i have submit for cancellation of my ticket from dammam to mumbai.I got a mail mentioning "nil" refundable...
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ClearTrip — Flight tickets charge - not get refund amount fully

 Edwin Jose Pavaratty on Apr 20, 2016
I booked 4 Flight tickets through Cleartrip from Kochi to Bangalore on 2nd April, 2016 at 7.45 Am -Jet airways and paid Rs.6650 . But the flight was cancelled by airlines and informed me on 30th March. They could not accomadate us to any other flight in this date. Jet airways person told me that you will get full refund and issue full refund reciept to me. But Cleartrip only gave me an amount of Rs.3802/- bugs only - A clear case of CHEATING...
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ClearTrip — Flight ticket booked with wrong details [Resolved]

 Joseph Nittala on Apr 18, 2016
I have booked 2 tickets Bangalore to London separately for my parents (Trip ID : 16040271482, 16040280976). On my cleartrip dashboard it shows both the tickets as confirmed for both the passengers, but when I checked with the airliner (Emirates), they told that both the tickets were booked under same name and hence one ticket is automatically cancelled.
When I raised this issue with cleartrip, they said they will check with the concerned dept and update me. Now Its been more than 5 days from the time I have raised this issue and still they have not responded. Travel date is just 2 weeks from...
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ClearTrip — IRCTC passward

 Rajkumar Seth on Apr 17, 2016
IRCTC not providing OTP in booking a railway ticket in case of not remember the IRCTC passward...
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ClearTrip — Cashback not received

 ayushrg11 on Apr 16, 2016
I have booked a flight with trip id 1604142772 via . i have paid an amount of 3576 via paytm wallet and 603 by cleartrip wallet. It was mentioned on the website that if i pay by paytm wallet more than 3000 then i should get a cashback of 500. It was not mentioned that the payment should by one mode. I talked to the customer care 3 times they are just repeating the same thing. The offer is not mentioned clearly on the website....
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ClearTrip — Cleartrip hotel booking

 Anupurba Ghosh on Apr 13, 2016
I have booked a hotel thru cleartrip, made payment online; i have received a confirmation voucher with all the details on 4th april, 2016, now on 12th april 2 days before my date of journey i called up cleartrip just formally to know my hotel booking confirmation status, although confirmation invoice was already with me.But then cleartrip people were saying booking is not confirmed, there has been some issues. I told them to take it on priority as it was only 2 days left for my trip, i called them 5 times since then, and emailed them almost 6 times, but still they didn't send any confirmation. I...
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ClearTrip — Negligence in hotel booking even after full online payment

 Ishan katoch on Apr 11, 2016
Got hotel booking (Trip id: 16032024510) done through cleartrip on

20th march 2015 and also got a call that booking is confirmed.

On the travel date 25th march (Just an hour before check-in time),

When i was on my way to my destination, i get a call from cleartrip

That booking is not confirmed.

In spite of making full online payment 5 days before my travel date,

They tell me on the day i had to travel that my booking is not

Confirmed. They kept on sitting on this for 5 days and didn't bother...
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ClearTrip — Trip id 15103011910 Online hotel booking

 Anas Aslam on Apr 9, 2016
I made a booking for maldives hotel chaaya reef dated 31/12/15 to 4/01/16 through cleartrip on 30/10/15, this was a non refundable booking.I accidentally clicked on the cancel button, the booking got cancelled, I immediately contacted the cleartrip representatives that it was by mistake and i want re instatement of the booking, they assured me booking will be re instated then i contacted the hotel directly they said they havent received any booking voucher also cleartrip people said this is an expedia booking so we will have to talk to them, whole 1 and a half months they made a fool out of me and...
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ClearTrip — Cancelled ticket without my permission

 prasun1974 on Apr 6, 2016
Trip id is 16032610510.I booked a ticket and paid the initial amount . I got a message from clear trip that connecting flight has been cancelled by the airlinesame. I called the airlines, they told me that we will refund the full amount.I called clear trip and ask them to give some time so that i can discuss with my family as the flight has been cancelled but they refused.Someone called me from clear trip and threatened me that i will cancelled your ticket and you will not get any refund and he did the same thing. If i didn't get my full amount immediately i will lodge a frogery case against online...
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ClearTrip — Flight cancelled / no response

 Neeraj Bhainsora on Apr 1, 2016
Dear team,

My trip id 16020343452. I have tickets from brussels to delhi via istanbul on 6th april 2016.
Ticket number 235-9796628920, 235-9796628921, 235-9796628919

My flight from brussels to istanbul is cancelled due to attack in brussels. I called airline to find me alternative. Airline team told me to connect to cleartrip as i booked my ticket via clear trip, i called cleartrip more then 10 times and send many mails for the changes of my flight. But every time new customer care representative attend the call and no one is responding to my concern.
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ClearTrip — Hotel booking not confirmed

 Johnaugustine on Mar 28, 2016
Trip I'd 16032712606
This is regarding hotel booking confirmed through cleartrip.on enquiry at hotel they say rooms are not confirmed and asked me to contact cleartrip customer care..contacted them twice was put on hold for 15 minutes each time.was asked to call again after some time.called up again was put on priority queue and the call gets disconnected..cleartrip is clearly cheating's a fraud company....
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ClearTrip — Batman vs superman tickets sold on their portal

 Aakash Goel on Mar 27, 2016
I booked 3 tickets or trip ids for Batman vs Superman - 1603226590, 1603226424, 1603226356.

The meal coupons provided by you were very clear in terms - medium pepsi and large popcorn. The provider at PVR were giving medium pepsi with only Regular popcorn and upon insistence told that their deal with you is to provide Regular popcorn, even though the coupon say Large Popcorn.

Needless to say, it left a very bad taste.

Further, my ticket reads cost as Rs 425. The reduced meal combo given by PVR was listed at Rs 300. The total comes to Rs 725 including all...
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ClearTrip — Air trip

 Cashiwani on Mar 23, 2016
Hi there

I accidentally cancelled this trip with in few minutes of booking my air ticket, as was new to using this app, I somehow managed to book a new ticket spent more money, now got a message that zero refund has been processed.

What is this?

I want my money back please. I've so many financial issues, can't afford to loose my money like this.

Please help.

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ClearTrip — Non refund of amount after cancellation of ticket

 Navdeep Goel on Mar 10, 2016
I booked a ticket from bombay to zurich (Airindia) for 12-01-2016 (Departure from bombay) through cleartrip (Trip id: 15121538108) bearing amount rs. 46508. But unfortunately, i got my visa refused and i cancelled my ticket on 09-01-2016. As per the policy of air india, if a person is unable to travel due to visa refusal, his 100% amount will be refunded (Got information from cleartrip as well as airindia office, chandigarh). Sir, my complaint is till date i did not get any refund in my account. Initially, cleartrip customer care told me to wait for 40-45 days for refund approval from airindia,...
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ClearTrip — Complaint regarding flight cancellation refund

 Kalpeshrevankar on Mar 6, 2016
I had cancelled my 2 flight tickets from Dubai to goa, , , which I had booked from, , , before cancellation refund amount was show on cleartrip account was 15800 rupees and after cancellation I got only 12000 rupees, , , , differences of 4000 rupees, , , , I had called several times on cleartrip, , , , they just cut my call, , , , ,...
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ClearTrip — Not refund imidate

 Satishover on Mar 5, 2016
Tripb Id.16030443012
When ticket not booked why deducted money from a/c.
When will be deducted then refund imidate. Then I can booked my ticket. I have received msg for reflect money 16-20 day . how can possible.
So please refund money fast as possible. Thanks...
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ClearTrip — Money Deducted from Wallet but Ticket not Booked - No Refund

 skumar2005 on Mar 2, 2016
I was booking a ticket for a Delhi - Mumbai rountrip, and paying via PayTM wallet on 29 February 2016. At 8:09:12 pm, money (amount INR 6, 117) was deducted from my wallet but transaction failed. I booked the ticket later that night (through a separate transaction), but for this transaction no refund or intimation has come from Cleartrip.

Cleartrip Travel Service Order #42359312
Paytm Cash Txn ID 16100967942016-02-29
08:09:12 PM

What is making it worse is that none of their helpline numbers is getting picked up. I am an elite...
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ClearTrip — Refund not done

 Mahesh Mayappa on Feb 29, 2016
I had cancelled the below

Trip ID: 16012032802
Trip ID: 16012033694
Trip ID: 16021654010

Got a message on 25 Jan 2016 that refund will be done in another 15 days.

But till now not got refunded. Raised a cleartrip customer...
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ClearTrip — Refund of amount

 satishvermatcs on Feb 25, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to raise complaint against cleartrip.They are highly unprofessional and very immature in handling customer queries.They don't give a damm care about any customer.Please go through below mail chain to understand complete context -

Hi Parvez/Team,

This is my old Trip ID: 1504137698, 1504138284 in which I used my 4000 INR voucher to book the tickets and then cancelled it.

This is my new Trip Id - 1602227142 (which I booked ticket on 22/02/2016), it is from Bangalore to Nagpur and the price of ticket is 4082INR.
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