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ClearTrip Complaints & Reviews

ClearTrip - Overcharging of cancellation fee

 dayapatra on Mar 2, 2015
Hello I had booked a return flight ticket for 4 passengers thru cleartip on Indigo. I had to cancel one passenger few days before the date of travel. I checked fare rules as well as FAQs on cleartrip site and it stated Rs 250 cancellation fee for cancelling online and Rs 500 fee for cancelling thru customer service. Therefore I cancelled my booking directly with Indigo to save on cleartrip cancellation fee. However, when I did not get my refund, I wrote to cleartrip and they paid the refund after cancelling Rs 1000 over and above what airline had refunded. I find this completely unacceptable...
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ClearTrip - Cleartrip cheated

 15010528534 on Feb 25, 2015
While I booked the ticket from Bangalore to Dubai on Cleartrip [ 15010528534] Trip ID: on 05/01/2015 it was refundable ticket and I have the copy of the same. I called up cleartrip on 19/02/2015, I was taken for a surprise to know that the ticket was non-refundable by the call centre executive; however, then the executive agreed saying it was Cleartrip's error and the amount will be refunded [I have the call recording the for the same]. I cancelled and requested the amount to be transferred to my wallet which takes only 7 hours as per them and sent an email to the customer support and regarding...
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ClearTrip - Non refund of airfare of flight

 A H Shah on Feb 25, 2015
Dear sir
I had booked a ticket for indigo airlines flight from jammu to srinagar for 01 Feb 2015( flight no 6E-559, trip ID 15012921472, airline pnr ICLENK) through your agency and paid Rs 3368 through my credit card.
The said flight was cancelled due to bad weather and airlines office at jammu airport processed the case for full refund.
I have yet to receive the refund to my credit card account.
Could you please look into the matter and make defined of Rs 3368 to my credit card account without further delay
Yours sincerely
Abdul Hamid Shah...
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 seshusa on Feb 17, 2015
I made a reservation in HOTEL SRIPATHI INDRAPRATHA via for 31.12.2014 (one night) and paid the amount in full.

Due to change in plans, I have cancelled the reservation on the same day and request for refund. Since then I am following it with the customer care of regularly but to no avail.

Always, I get the same response that the due to technical problem refund could not be processed and needs 7 to 14 days to process the request.

I request your help in getting the refund processed at the earliest.

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ClearTrip - over charged

 simon anthony on Feb 16, 2015
I booked Mumbai to dubai from cleartrip for inr 9761 and on spice jet site the price was inr 8000 and spice flex inr 9700. I called the clear trip customer service i spoke to Harshal I asked him whether my ticket is flex for paying 9761. He was clueless and I asked him to connect me to the supervisor he said toto hold for 2 min. After few minutes the call was didisconnected and no one called me back. First anand last time clear trip. I'll recommend all not to use cleartrip. Please dont fool people....
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ClearTrip - Booking failed payment successful

 sketchpad25 on Feb 15, 2015
I was trying to book for flights from Manila to Dubai for my family. During the payment process there was some kind of error in the website. Then I received a text message from my bank that it was already debited from my account. The booking hasn't even been completed and I haven't received any email or travel ID from cleartrip for that matter. I was trying to call the customer service but it seems to be busy all the time! Please advise as I need the charged amount to book flights as soon as possible!...
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ClearTrip - Booking a non-refundable ticket with no amendment possible without informing

 parent1961 on Feb 7, 2015
I booked a ticket from Delhi to San Francisco and back on January 25, 2014 through the phones sales service of Clear trip. Prior to that I had seen the online cost of the same ticket (which was refundable). Cleartrip booking ID: 15012519252 The sale was made by Mr. Ramkishor Bharti at 21.30 hrs on Jan 25. I referred to the online cost and he offered me a cashback of Rs. 1000. He DID NOT inform me that he was booking a non-refundable ticket where even a date change was not possible, I have never ever booked such a non-refundable ticket. Since i was booking 1.5 months in advance, I obviously...
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Clear Trip - blocking cusomer money for internal payment issues

 CO_LAB5 on Feb 3, 2015
I never expected CLeartrip would be so Bad. THis is the last time I will ever use Cleartrip. I have made the payment for the Round Trip Bangalore to Delhi. There was a payment error. Your customer service person called me up and sent me the payment link. On paying the amount I received Transaction successful message(attached). Here is my trip id 1502039810 trip id 1502039890 tripid2. The amount is already debited. On enquiry i was told the booking is not confirmed. I have NO MONEY to Book again. I have to travel on an emergency. You cannot block customer money for 4 days.!! Your...
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ClearTrip - Airline refunded but cleartrip is clueless- my money STUCK!

 kavitha jayaram on Jan 29, 2015
Cant help posting, ‪#‎cleartrip‬, one of the worst ever!!! dont ever book here.. 1. I made an erroneous booking(name was wrongly typed) through their app on 23rd(Friday) and instantly realised it(in a min) and called their Customer Support. they refused to help and asked me to cancel and rebook. 2. I the called the airline (indigo) directly and they were extremely helpful. understanding the genuinity of my issue, they refunded the entire amount back to cleartrip on friday itself. 3. i called cleartrip to convey this. I asked for a tracking id/sms. they said they dont have provision for...
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ClearTrip - Problem in the online ticket booking system.

 Gaurav12321 on Jan 24, 2015
My name is Gaurav Dixit. I'm from Delhi and working in Leela Palace Bangalore. I booked my tickets from Bangalore to Delhi round trip. (10th April Bangalore-Delhi, & 23 April Bangalore Delhi - Bangalore). I cross checked everything and made the payment. But when i got the final email about the booking it was different. It was 10th April Delhi - Bangalore & 23rd April Bangalore-Delhi., When i called up in clear trip i was told that its my fault or IT, they will check and get back to me. they also told me that they cannot help me if its not an IT fault. kindly help me. I'm a middle...
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Clear Trip - Extra Charge

 supreets on Jan 19, 2015
Hi, I had booked Air Asia ticket from Goa to Bangalore and wanted to cancel it. Trip ID - 1409014226 The website did not allow me to cancel it and so I was forced to call the call center and therefore was charged Rs. 500 per passenger extra. Would appreciate if the same can be refunded ASAP....
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ClearTrip - No refund for Unsucessfull Payment

 kinju5136 on Jan 12, 2015
I got the message at the time of booking "Oops payment not processed ", so I have tried again. After three unsuccessful try, at 4th time I got the confirmed booking message. Then saw that all 4 tkts booked. I have to book only one tkt and booked all 4 . Because of technical issue for site, this was happened. Now Cleatrip denied to give the refund of whole amount. History is as per below. 1.Trip ID : 1501086562. Booking Amount :- 17, 821 Date :- 8th Jan 2015 Refund Amount : Rs. 14, 131/-. (Refund Recd) Pending Amount to be refund:- 3, 690 2.Trip ID : 1501086704. Booking Amount...
Complaint comments Read comments [1] Complaint category Airlines - CLEARTRIP - CHEAT FRAUD EMPTY PROMISES

 Siddhattha on Jan 10, 2015
Don't ever book with cleartrip. it is a fraud company. If any cancellation done by ( even if it is not by you ), To get the refund you need to call them for months and they will keep pushing you. They are only after your money. Once they gets it, they don't give a damn.. is a cheat and fraud company.. Ask them what happened to my booking 14120212266 They swindle my Rs. 23, 443 And keep avoiding and making all the promises and never fulfill. They keep asking me to call back tomorrow, after 12, after 2, after 4 and promise me they will call me and TOO MANY PROMISES.. Not...
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ClearTrip - refund of amount for tripod transaction 30/12/2014

 plakshmanarao on Jan 6, 2015
i booked ticket from visakhapatnam to mumbai anr return from mumbai to visakhapatnam in space jet and the transaction was not through and ticket is not generated, but amount of Rs 17192/- was dwbited in my account on 30/12/2014. the tripid no is 14122925328. The ARN number is 752608525001 005278467498 as informed by your custer care . on enquiry the state bank of hyderabad the amount is not received and credit is not given to my account although it is nearly aweek from 30th Dec 2014. The amount may please credited to my account immediately p.krishnamohan...
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ClearTrip - money not refunded

 pushkarsingh1 on Jan 5, 2015
hi i was booking from cleartrip and i received that oops sorry your booking did not go successfully.soon i received a call from cleartrip and they informed same thing and they informed money will be refunded to me in 3 to 5 business days . this happened on 16th was deducted but no booking done.i was calling cleartrip to follow up and they were telling same thing that refund is in process and i will receive it.when it became 15 days and i got pissed off. i sent a email to the customer care.they came back with an shocking news that my booking was successful at that time and so you will...
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ClearTrip - Wrong information about refund policy from customer service

 user1201 on Dec 23, 2014
When I asked a cleartrip customer service staff about their train cancellation policy, he told me that cleartrip will charge me "25% of the base fare + total taxes and fees" if I cancel my booked train ticket LESS THAN 24 hours and UPTO 4 hours before departure. I cancelled my train ticket 27 hours before, but I found out that cleartrip charged me "25% of the base fare + total taxes and fees" as a cancellation charge. I asked the staff why cleartrip charged me "25% of the base fare + total taxes and fees" even though I cancelled my ticket 27 hours before the train departure time. He gave me...
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Clear Trip - Fake reservations by Clear Trip

 chidurdr on Dec 22, 2014
Clearly clear trip is the worst experience I ever had. I had booked a hotel 2 weeks in advance with payment. I called cleartrip twice to double check if the hotel is confirmed. Cleartrip confirmed by booking with full confidence. When I reached the hotel at 9PM, I learnt that there was no booking made by cleartrip. I along with my family were stranded in a remote place at night. It was he heavily raining. No transports available. :( For 2 hours I tried calling the cleartrip customer care with no luck. I was put on hold many times with no response. I spoke with almost 10 customer...
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ClearTrip - So many charges for no fault of mine.

User on Dec 22, 2014
I booked a Indian Airline Ticket for Delhi - Udaipur flight, the airline preponed the flight and I have to Cancel it . I Contacted airlines and they told me that they would have refunded full money to the Cleartrip as it is there policy that in case the Schedule is changed by more than one hour they will refund the full amount. Cleartrip refunded me only 2000 rs or no fault of mine . Don't book anything with Cleartrip they are just robbing people of their money Trip ID 14071711035...
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ClearTrip - Money not refunding

User on Dec 22, 2014
Hi I booked a flight from Delhi to udaipur, which they rescheduled. That was not suitable to me, hence I asked for cancellation. I booked new flight and went with the same, as they promised me to send the refund. Now after 2 monts, they transferred 10% of that money in my account. Now, they are not willing to give my rest of the amount. Pathetic service, real bad, literally theives. Can anyone suggest how can I take my money back from theese guys? Subhash...
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ClearTrip - Pathetic Services -Refund not received after 25 days

 Dhirendra Varma on Dec 18, 2014
Trip ID: 1411158256 Flight got delayed for more than 1 hours hence cancelled the booking from Lucknow to Delhi.on 24th Nov-2014. After so many reminders and mails and phone calls refund has not passed and no concrete reply from cleartrip .After contact to Jet Airways they are saying that cleartrip has not raised the RAA for the refund ?? I have written to cleartrip from my registered mail ID 5 times . Clear trip has no escalation matrix, if one executive is not listening so no customer can go to higher up. NO OTHER MAIL ID IS GIVEN NOR ANY OTHER HIGHER UP NO and If you speak to phone no95953333333...
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