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ClearTrip Complaints & Reviews


 mukesh.mukundan on Apr 16, 2015
Hello, Trip ID 15031324502 – Change in DXB-PRG segment I had booked a flight from Dubai to Prague on 23 April and weeks before the travel i was informed that the airlines canceled the flight.I tried to repeatedly contact clear trip and but i am not getting any proper response nor refund of the amount. The flight was cancelled by the airlines and i need a full refund ASAP....
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ClearTrip - Fake transaction

 Bubai29 on Apr 10, 2015
Sir/ Madam, This is to inform you that my Trip ID is 15022118344 Kolkata to Visakhapatnam round trip. I was booked this ticket on 21.2.15 at 17.19 hrs and total Amount is Rs. 7106/-. On 25.03.2015 I was change my trip date which is 6th May 2015 to 1st May 2015 through Cleartrip. Unfortunately this changed not successfully but I also paid through my SBI Credit Card Rs. 4296/-. My Card No is **** **** **** 4541 and transaction Id is 2703201580867094. Then I changed my trip date through Indigo and paid Rs. 2771/-. Very shortly they also approved my transaction and confirmed my ticket. In...
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 s_seshadri on Apr 9, 2015
My flights from Mumbai to Chennai and Chennai to Mumbai were cancelled by airline (SpiceJet). I am entitled to full refund on both bookings done via Cleartrip. I have got partial refund for one booking 15032012628 and no refund as yet for the other booking 15032012446. Airline says they have already refunded the full amount of the bookings to Cleartrip (the agent). Kindly ensure that I get full refund, I have got Rs.4000 less refund in the booking no 15032012628 and zero refund in booking no 15032012446...
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ClearTrip - Cleartrip Hotels

 Avimitta on Apr 7, 2015
hi my name is avinash .i have made a booking on cleartrip for a hotel in chennai on 7th April .I took a cab and reached the hotel where my booking was unavailable due to no rooms in the hotel .The hotel said that they have informed cleartrip that they were sold out already.When I called the customer care they just say a sorry and refunded the amount which wasn't the need of the hour.It was 10.30 in the night and I had to take another cab and made another booking almost 10km far away.i spent almost 1000 on the cabs rather I would have got a better hotel if I would have made a booking on a better...
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ClearTrip - Spicejet Booking

 ddunlin on Apr 3, 2015
I use website called Cleartrip and member of this company for few years. I had no problem with Cleartrip booking and everything was great and smoothly. ID is 15021616816. for Mrs Parveen Dunlin Spicejet SG2511 BUT my wife texted me that Spicejet has cancelled flights at 07.50 to Amritsar and relocated to 14.50. I have invesrtgated the situation and found that there are two schedule times with different SG2511 time 07.50am - 09.10am from 25th April till 24th Oct and SG2515 time 02.15pm - 04.15pm from 29th March till 24th October. Cleartrip displayed the Spicejet for the trip from New...
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ClearTrip - Clearetrip - Fraud

 kddhruv on Apr 2, 2015
Trip id = 1503318152. Most pathetic experience I have ever had. Complete cheating by cleartrip, a fraud organization. The entire vacation was scrapped since clear trip booked a hotel which was already full. After 3 calls and follow up they gave option of a cheap hotel and when requested to give equal facility hotel, they denied after 3 another calls which lasted in total of more than 2 hrs discussions. Each time, they mentioned that they will call back with option but never called again. They kept me waiting till the start of journey date and then did not provide required option. Completely...
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ClearTrip - Wrong Information

 Prabhdeep on Mar 30, 2015
I booked a flight ticket with Clear trip for my father Trip ID - Trip ID 1503299846. Post booking I called to speak to a representative just to check if everything is in place. I spoke to Onkaeshvari who informed me that I have put in name incorrectly so we have void the tickets. I paid Rs 81333 for that ticket, due to cancellation of the ticket I had to rebook. When I called the Airlines(Austrian Airlines) they informed me that the way I put in name was correct. Due to this I had to rebook the ticket at expensive price plus I had paid below charges for which I would like to get refund for - 1....
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ClearTrip - Misleading content on website

 A Vikram on Mar 26, 2015
Under the rate the website says "Free cancellation". However the rate is not refundable. It appears that cleartip wants to fool people into booking a room. I see a clear intent on the part of cleartrip to beguile holiday goers. Swear to never use this website for any trip. If others have faced the same problem lets team up and sue these guys. We will win for sure. Height of questionable ethics !!...
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ClearTrip - Cleartrip Fraud

 kaushikvaibhav on Mar 24, 2015
Cheating Case for Cleartrip Unit No 001, Ground Floor, DTC Bldg, Sitaram Mills Compound, N.M. Joshi Marg, Delisle Road, Lower Parel (E) Mumbai - 400011 This is cheating and fraud . I have proof before booking it was mentioned clearly free cancellation. I wiil go to customer court and also use social media to uncover this fraudulent activity of clear trip . They charged me twice for same booking and not giving refund for one. You can not change the policy after booking. I request ministry of communication (Honorable Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad) to make the law to stop this...
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ClearTrip - Charging money despite no ticket confirmation

 rajkundra1234 on Mar 23, 2015
I had booked a return flight ticket from BOM to LHR today (trip ID- 1503233224) and when i paid the money with my debit card, the confirmation was declined without reason. On calling up the number- +919595333333, I was told that this was due to a technical error without any further explanation and that the money will be refunded to me in 5-7 working days. I am extremely unhappy with this callous approach of taking the money without providing the service and no clear explanation given as to what the problem was. This sort of behaviour from a responsible service provider will certainly lose my...
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ClearTrip - Charged extra for Hotel booking

User on Mar 19, 2015
Unfortunately i booked a hotel(Mookambika palace) for one day stay via clear trip under trip ID "15031624104". They charged me Rs 2600. When I checked out, the hotel folks told me that Clear trip had transferred Rs 1890 to their account as advance payment and Rs 160 would be credited back to clear trip. So the actual rent of the room is only Rs 1730 and clear trip had charged me extra of Rs 870. I called clear trip and they told me that this the contract between them and hotel and cant do anything. I told that if you had charged me an extra of Rs 200 I wouldn't have cared but Rs 870 extra for the...
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ClearTrip - Over Charging

 Deep Ranjan on Mar 13, 2015
I have booked a multi city journey in which there was a direct journey from Pune to Patna via New Delhi. Clear trip very smartly played and cheated with me. They broke my direct journey of Pune to Patna in two parts Pune to New delhi and New Delhi to patna and just generated two separate PNRs. So the point is how they cheated me, so they just generated two PNR's for that direct single journey and they charged me Rs 3500 extra as if I'm booking two separate flights. Also I paid Rs (750 + 750) for my extra luggage at both the airports(Pune and New Delhi). This is too bad Cleartrip and...
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ClearTrip - refund ticket Delhi-Mumbai

 rvanwegen on Mar 4, 2015
Ticket no 098-5854543807 ID 14110510128 Namaste, For 4 months I am trying to get a refund from Cleartrip. Air India has confirmed that I am entitled to receive a refund of Rs 4771, -. Cleartrip constantly told me that I am not entitled to receive a refund but after further investigation from my side it turned out that Cleartrip had not cancelled the flight. Now Cleartrip, Shruti Sukumaran.Customer Service Executive Cleartrip Customer Care, is not replying to my mails anymore and I have no idea when and IF I will receive my refund. Beside the Rs 4771, - I request Rs 2000, - for covering...
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ClearTrip - Overcharging of cancellation fee

 dayapatra on Mar 2, 2015
Hello I had booked a return flight ticket for 4 passengers thru cleartip on Indigo. I had to cancel one passenger few days before the date of travel. I checked fare rules as well as FAQs on cleartrip site and it stated Rs 250 cancellation fee for cancelling online and Rs 500 fee for cancelling thru customer service. Therefore I cancelled my booking directly with Indigo to save on cleartrip cancellation fee. However, when I did not get my refund, I wrote to cleartrip and they paid the refund after cancelling Rs 1000 over and above what airline had refunded. I find this completely unacceptable...
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ClearTrip - Cleartrip cheated

 15010528534 on Feb 25, 2015
While I booked the ticket from Bangalore to Dubai on Cleartrip [ 15010528534] Trip ID: on 05/01/2015 it was refundable ticket and I have the copy of the same. I called up cleartrip on 19/02/2015, I was taken for a surprise to know that the ticket was non-refundable by the call centre executive; however, then the executive agreed saying it was Cleartrip's error and the amount will be refunded [I have the call recording the for the same]. I cancelled and requested the amount to be transferred to my wallet which takes only 7 hours as per them and sent an email to the customer support and regarding...
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ClearTrip - Non refund of airfare of flight

 A H Shah on Feb 25, 2015
Dear sir
I had booked a ticket for indigo airlines flight from jammu to srinagar for 01 Feb 2015( flight no 6E-559, trip ID 15012921472, airline pnr ICLENK) through your agency and paid Rs 3368 through my credit card.
The said flight was cancelled due to bad weather and airlines office at jammu airport processed the case for full refund.
I have yet to receive the refund to my credit card account.
Could you please look into the matter and make defined of Rs 3368 to my credit card account without further delay
Yours sincerely
Abdul Hamid Shah...
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 seshusa on Feb 17, 2015
I made a reservation in HOTEL SRIPATHI INDRAPRATHA via for 31.12.2014 (one night) and paid the amount in full.

Due to change in plans, I have cancelled the reservation on the same day and request for refund. Since then I am following it with the customer care of regularly but to no avail.

Always, I get the same response that the due to technical problem refund could not be processed and needs 7 to 14 days to process the request.

I request your help in getting the refund processed at the earliest.

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ClearTrip - over charged

 simon anthony on Feb 16, 2015
I booked Mumbai to dubai from cleartrip for inr 9761 and on spice jet site the price was inr 8000 and spice flex inr 9700. I called the clear trip customer service i spoke to Harshal I asked him whether my ticket is flex for paying 9761. He was clueless and I asked him to connect me to the supervisor he said toto hold for 2 min. After few minutes the call was didisconnected and no one called me back. First anand last time clear trip. I'll recommend all not to use cleartrip. Please dont fool people....
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ClearTrip - Booking failed payment successful

 sketchpad25 on Feb 15, 2015
I was trying to book for flights from Manila to Dubai for my family. During the payment process there was some kind of error in the website. Then I received a text message from my bank that it was already debited from my account. The booking hasn't even been completed and I haven't received any email or travel ID from cleartrip for that matter. I was trying to call the customer service but it seems to be busy all the time! Please advise as I need the charged amount to book flights as soon as possible!...
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ClearTrip - Booking a non-refundable ticket with no amendment possible without informing

 parent1961 on Feb 7, 2015
I booked a ticket from Delhi to San Francisco and back on January 25, 2014 through the phones sales service of Clear trip. Prior to that I had seen the online cost of the same ticket (which was refundable). Cleartrip booking ID: 15012519252 The sale was made by Mr. Ramkishor Bharti at 21.30 hrs on Jan 25. I referred to the online cost and he offered me a cashback of Rs. 1000. He DID NOT inform me that he was booking a non-refundable ticket where even a date change was not possible, I have never ever booked such a non-refundable ticket. Since i was booking 1.5 months in advance, I obviously...
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