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Accord Info Matrix Pvt Limited - Fraud Institute

66 Reviews
Dear friends

Don believe this institute.. First they will say that they ll send 5 companies for placements after training. But they will send one company for name sake, tat too if we stress tat head person.. then thy won care us.. So its a big cheater insitute........
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N Sep 7, 2011 by
srimathi mohanasundaram

hi, guys I am looking forward to join a good institute for ccna wireless certification kindly plz let me know how is accord .. Is it worth paying in this firm
N Oct 7, 2011 by
Joe Arputhan  
Is Accord the right institute to learn Java..i mean the complete java..i want to have a complete knowledge of java, , so is that the Best institute..?
N Oct 10, 2011 by
oh 10K is so much superb salary?? fine...for fresher n all MNC Basic sal itself 15K...yu ppl pay money waste yur time and get only 10k...that too proudly yu r sayin..
A Oct 19, 2011 by
100% fraud company that Pandian, Pradeep, and that lady are all big frauds. they ll tell to give job but after getting fes they wont care. should closre that company. cheating centre
A Nov 5, 2011 by
pls dont join in this institute, its fraud. that fraud pradeep, shahida. they ll act as if they care regarding our placements until u pay the amount, after tat they ll leave u down trodden. no placements at all. they r all cheaters.
A Nov 8, 2011 by
First to start with.. if you are looking for a genuine comment to understand about Accord Infmatrix, Dont worry guys i am here to help you out . I am working as a faculty in Accord. Trust me.. if you wanna loose your money for unpaid education, pls choose this institute. Accord started it's origin at Little mount (An very old infrstructure) with bad quality of Training. Pandian so call CEO doesnt know human ethics and he treats people in their own way... comming to pradeep the biggest looser @ Accord who never cares for sentiment but only MONEY. Intially they will talk to you in a nice way and after joining up the course you are left in a no man's court without any help.. Placement officer so called ...Doesnt understannd the process. Guess She has to understand the process first and reset next... Placement's.. yes they give placements for candidates... not for all...Compared to 2010 ..Lot of improvement shown in the Placement of the candidates.. Overall 4/10 is my rating... Guys, i am leaving the rest to decide., .
N Feb 18, 2012 by
M.s. Shiva  
thanks kks20! ur comments were genuine!..accord info= very poor institute! these idiots advertise cloud computing and android development
and promise the world! they are not capable of placing anyone..if they ever the company is a good for nothing one!
N Mar 3, 2012 by
kosaksi passapugal  
The above comment is all fake...Accord infomatix people has given all good comments about themselves...
N Mar 30, 2012 by
G12345   - Chennai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Details of the course - Accord info matrix chennai saidapet

Hi all this is one of the most important information .......Those who r intrested to join in accord info matrix all r know this information........I was also joined there oly.....but the coaching is not that much of usefull ......while befor u r joining time the management will tell lot of stories u dnt trust that one ......they told lies ........really if u want to know clearly about java means dont chosse there .......They gave the training the same thing is avaliable on net also......they told that much of basics .......they r using NETBEANS ide that is not useful .......corporate all r using eclipse............
N May 1, 2012 by

Not Arranging Interrviews - Accord Info Matrix Pvt Ltd

Very Very poor Lab facility, as well as worst teaching staffs. they will collect 11500RS as fee for S/W testing course but they will not teach well and as well as they wont arrange interviews after completing the course for more details, you mail me

Note: those who want to join in that institute for Time Pass can join & those who are ready to waste their money of rs 12000 to rs 20000 can join.

A May 20, 2012 by
dont join this institute... very very poor teaching...dont waste your money
N May 20, 2012 by
Ppl at least pls tell me abt how the training will be at Accord info???
N Jul 16, 2012 by
the poster is rite this institute is a cheating institute they will get the full amount in the starting itself.
After paying the full money they wont care about us.
I paid the full money but till now they didnt provide me the books and course completion certificate.
Pls dont join this institute go for someother institute which is worth the money.
A Jul 19, 2012 by
Yes This company was a cheating Company don't join students
D Jul 25, 2012 by
Accord Info matrix is a good institute. They don't give false promise for their placements. I am a student of this institute for the year of 2011. I did my PHP, MYSQL course. I got placed in a good webdesign company. After one year, again I approached them to seek for a good company with high salary compared to my previous placement. They helped me. And again I got placed.

Where ever you go and study, u will be lifted for certain height only. The rest of job is our own hard work. Providing opportunity to attend an interview only can be done in all the educational centers. It is our effort to get through in the interview tests.
N Aug 9, 2012 by
Hai this is Sudha... I want to do Software Testing Course in this institute pls anyone suggest me im i choosing right institute...?
or which institute will be better for course and Placement...
A Aug 9, 2012 by
manojtherock   - Chennai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
I Agree to the above stmts.
N Aug 9, 2012 by
manojtherock   - Little Mount Saidapet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Not a knowledgeable Staff - Accord Info Matrix

Hi All,

This is to bring to your notice that the above mentioned institute(Accord info Matrix Institute) is not fit for Training rather than they can do other useless business. Not arranging interviews, very very poor Lab facililities, Not a Knowledeable staffs. So, the only one thing that i want to share with you all is "NOT TO JOIN IN THIS KIND OF WORST INSTITUTE IN CHENNAI" rather than you can simply sit in your home itself. For further details about the institute mail me

A Sep 18, 2012 by
I did my PHP, MYSQL, Drupal and Joomla In Accord. My Faculty Teaching is very worst. I have Paid 18000 but no use.Only one faculty is for Php and all. He is taking more than 8 batches a day. so he didn't concentrate on teaching. He wont explain the things, they wont follow the Syllabus too. They gave me a Broucher when i paid, now i compare that with what they have teached but nothing. No Placement. They are cheaters. They provide only 3 hours class for Joomla and Drupal. Only 5 hrs for php and mysql. In 2010 and 2011 they have good faculties, but 2012 they dont have. now they are money minded.
N Sep 29, 2012 by
Definetly this accord infomatrix is not so good for knowledge. Teachers only go with syllabus and even dont finish the syllabus on time. And about the placement that placement incharge is so rud in behavior. They said course is only of 1 month and will get placed within 2 month but all is false. Companies are too small in which they are sending for interviews.

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