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  sarah lauren on Mar 6, 2012
my customer id is 3004930849

i would like to file a complaint of the removal of animax from your service..
its a really good channel in which my niece and nephew adore..
its absurd to delete this channel as i see many useless channels on all the time and its a pain!
as customers we should be given an option whether to keep or remove a channel.
maybe i think its time for airtel dth to give us that chance and reconsider the removal of animax or any other channel as such.

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A Mar 6, 2012 by
Totally agree. The removal of animax was unwarranted and the addition of those regional channels. I am a die hard viewer of animax and i threw my tata sky box just because airtel had animax and look what happened
A Mar 6, 2012 by
I agree with you. There are so many useless channels like Enter10 and MyTV which should be removed. I don't see how they think that Animax is loosing popularity. This channel is NOT meant for kids but for teenagers and adults. I'm 18 and I love the shows. If the people are illiterate and can't read the subtitles or understand english then it's too bad. Bring back Animax asap.
A Mar 6, 2012 by
Adarsh Nair  
com on plz add animax back its a osm channel
N Mar 7, 2012 by
Vikram Omprakash  
lets hope airtel brings back animax. videocon d2h is broadcasting animax channel. i may hav to shift to d2h to see animax
A Mar 9, 2012 by
Akash raj  
Come on airtel please bring back animax. Its the only channel i watch on tv.
A Mar 10, 2012 by
Why was Animax removed in the first place. I haven't found the reason for it.

Well whatever maybe the reason please bring it back because that's the only channel i like to watch the most.
A Mar 11, 2012 by
In the newspaper, it was written that animax has been removed because of its continuous loss of popularity, If you ask me, I know that many kids in my locality watch animax, Even on facebook, i have many friends that keep talking about animax, And at the end, Animax is the only channel i watch when i get bored studying. So please, put it back on airtel digital tv. I would be very thankful if you do so.
A Mar 12, 2012 by
the hell with THE DTH providers...i hav stopped watching tv since animax was removed...iswitched to airtel aftr twas removed 4m airtel has done it as well...all i do is watch episodes it doesn't give the same feeling as TV...plz bring animax bck
A Mar 13, 2012 by
Animax fan  
The airtel services should immediately give animax back as my frnds with digital tv are starting to buy videocon d2h and i am thinking of that to the whole neigbourhood here was of airtel but after its removal half is videocon d2h i am NOT lying.
A Mar 14, 2012 by
i totally agree with others. Why the hell was it removed and why was it not informed ???
Why it is still being worked on. How much more time is it required ?? Till others are fed up with complainng ??
Will Airtel tolerate one week delay in processing the payments ?? if It can then we can wait longer if not its your responsibility to put it back on.
N Mar 15, 2012 by
seriously!!!what the heck is going on?????i agree with all other airtel subscribers who are disappointed with the removal of animax.Seriously its no fun watching the episodes online and i too have stopped watching tv.i watched animax not only for entertainment but also because it inspired me to draw and now its affecting my only hobby very badly.please bring back the channel asap.and for the popularity, i think you should check out the animax fan page on facebook.
N Mar 22, 2012 by
Same Here.Why the f*** they removed Animax. I'm done with Airtel DTH.No need to Recharge it anymore.F*** * Airtel Corporates
A Mar 24, 2012 by
I totally agree.. Animax is the best channel ever .I've been enjoying animax from a very young age... now i am married and my husband has airtel dth... i am missing animax a lot. Bring ANIMAX BACK... I watch only animax...
A Mar 24, 2012 by
Francis Nath  
Animax was the only channel that inspired us to dream big in an unspired country like India ...removing Animax is like removing our dreams ...plz reconsider ur decision as u should know it is because of us (customers) ur business is still running!!!
A Mar 26, 2012 by
agree with Francis Nath!
A Mar 27, 2012 by
Eiiji Kiri  
PLEASE BRING ANIMAX BACK FOR US...i'll even pay the double amount just to have this channel..please do for all Anime Lovers in India..
A Apr 1, 2012 by
Guys the bozos at airtel marketing have taken the decision and believe me you will find lot of complaints. They come from the culture who thinks anime is equivalent to cartoons. They rather have many hindi movie channels that show dubbed versions of all other language movies than to put something meaningful in their list of channels.
Anyway do send mails to airtel and unless they know there is a huge customer base who wants animax they are not going to do anything about it.
I specifically asked for the channel before switching from tatasky but now I am stuck with airtel for a few months. I am switching to videocon after this.
A Apr 6, 2012 by
Lucy Kuruganti  
Agree with all of you, and ksreekumar, thanks for the email link. It sucks that they've removed the channel without even informing us.
N Apr 16, 2012 by
Sahil saske Airtel  - India

Removal of animax - Airtel DTH

I want animax back on airtel digital TV. Airtel digital tv suddenly remove animax . Please bring animax as quickly as possible ...
N Jun 2, 2012 by
Ishaq Yousuf  
Guy's, The only reason they removing Animax is because they doesn't show any ''Indian Cartoon'' like CN, Pogo and Disney channel does !
The popularity thing is just a Excuse !
I mean, Pogo is more popular then Animax !
Ya, Like Pig can Fly !
Look at CN, It no longer show's a single Anime !
It only show Indian cartoon & Some old Show (like Tom & Jerry ) !
Pakistan CN is much better !
They want the same thing for Animax but they can't do it !

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