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Club Mahindra Holidays & Resorts - Fraud Gift Vouchers

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Club Mahindra Holiday Resort looks good name but I had a worst experience . I had been called by one of the sales executive about lucarative offers which Mahindra Holiday resorts india is offering and had been to their center and awarded with a free Gift Voucher .

The story starts from here, when I wanted to avail that I came to know that you can avail this voucher only at the specified period, not on weekends and you have to apply three months in advance and they will confirm based on the availability which they will never do.

My only suggestion to the viewer here is that they are not transparent and consistent in their delivey so please be aware.
I would like to attach the mail exchange wich I had with them.


Thanks I appreciate your responce that gives me a feeling that your company is one of the fraud company with no transperency in the system.

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----- Original Message -----
From: Reservations <>
To: Shrivastava, Devendra
Sent: Sat Mar 22 03:20:15 2008
Subject: RE:'MHRIL=663-906'

Dear Mr. Shrivastava,

Greetings from Club Mahindra!

Thank you for writing to us.

We would like to clarify that there are no rooms available in any of the resort for the reservation of gift voucher.

Hence we are unable to give you the alternative dates.

Do mail us for further assistance.

Warm Regards,

Ramya Devi

Member Relations

Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd.

For feedback write in to

For reservations write in to

Or call us at 39880000*

* Dial like a local call from the following cities, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Lucknow, Mumbai and Pune. If you are calling from any other city, please call the same number but add the STD code of the city that is closest to your's from the list given above. Our Member Relations Center (MRC) business timings: 8.00 AM to 10.00 PM, Monday through Saturday and 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM on Sunday.
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Dear friends,

I agree with all of you, but many of this complaints happened due to non- professional sales executives who cant sell the product on merit. I am member of Mahindra Club from last 8 years and we enjoy our holidays. They have very very beautiful resorts all over. I have been to Munnar, Coorg, Binsar, Goa, Corbett, Poovar, Manali and also Bangkok & Patayya. The resort experience is world class.The service in the resort, activities for family in the resort, food in the resort are fabulous. One will not have any complaints with Mahindra club, if you choose to buy the product on merit and if we plan our holiday in advance( we can even cancel our booked holiday 15 days prior without loosing anything). And coming to the gift voucher my cousin got the same once and she got a room in Munnar for 2N/3D. This voucher is only for couple not for 4 adults and they have only few rooms quota meant for this gift vouchers. Problem with our family and friends is they now dont prefer to stay in NON-Mahindra resorts for a holiday.Good going Maindra. Please increase new destinations and keep a watch on the wrong commitments done during sales process
I completely agree with many of the comments, grievances aired by the customers. In my case, I am already a member and I have already been through this process so I certainly empathise with each one of them. This sounds rather too familiar

- The free vouchers that they had give for 03 nights stay at any of the resorts is a complete hogwash. If you read the terms & conditions on the reverse, one gets to know that the period when one can utilise the vouchers are the time when it is most impossible for any one to go. e.g. considering a period from April to March. You cannot use it in April to Mid June (that's when people with families can go vacationing), similarly October to November (again the same point), Christmas period (peak season). The valid period for usage is systematically set for those periods when it is most impossible for families to go on holidays as schools are on. ACTUALLY THEY CHEEKILY SELL THESE OFFERS WHICH ARE VALID FOR COUPLES (NO KIDS TYPE) TO FAMILIES . THE SOLE AIM IS IF THE GUY SELLS HE EARNS HIS COMMISSION SO - SCREW THE CUSTOMERS ANYWAYS.

- As a member too it is a different story. As a white member, one is restricted to very limited periods in the year when we can get confirmed holidays. If for an instance, we select a destination which has rooms available in the red period but are not sold even 3 weeks prior, they will still not confirm it to the white member because the date falls within the red membership zone.

Add to this, should they manage to provide a confirmation, the sales executive behaves as if he/she has actually done some big favour on you. JUST IMAGINE ONE PAYS A BOMB FOR THE MEMBERSHIP AND THESE UNCULTURED SALES PERSONS SHOW ATTITUDE AS IF THEY PAID THE MEMBERSHIP AMOUNT FOR US.

- Recently we got a call from their marketing executive, offering to upgrade my membership from white to red. But the clause was that I had to either pay the amount upfront or pay in 12 monthly instalments. On enquiring why not extend it to 24 monthly instalments instead, they seemed to have no answer and cut the call stating that they would enquire with their superiors and revert. THEREAFTER THERE HAS BEEN NOT A SINGLE CALL.

I completely believe to all the negative comments. Thanks a lot to all of you who had done this marvelous job of posting these comments. About two years ago I was about to sign the membership of this Club but the sales executive's unprofessional attitude stopped me to jump in.
Actually, I was so impressed with the sales executive team of two arrived at my home on Sunday that I almost signed the agreement and handed over to them all the required number of cheque leaflets. But one good thing I did and it is that I moderately warned the executive that he should tell me any hidden cost if any.
After few days I got a thanks letter from the corporate office, mentioning the benefits and term and conditions and charges under various heads under my scheme, in this letter i found that there are some extra charges when I book my reservation in those locations where they have pact with RCI.
I immediately went to Club Mahindra local office and questioned them about this particular cost and why did they not told me while signing the agreement. They were answerless. I immediately cancelled the agreement and gave my bank a request to stop all the cheques issued.
Now, I am satisfied that my step was right and never again I am going to repeat this mistake.
Thanks to all for reading this.

Club mahindra holidays - club mahindra/resorts

club mahindra not faclities and no lights and road damagaed

wrongly commited - free holiday accomodation voucher

After viewing teh email about teh free holiday stay in 3-5 star resorts or hotels at very cheap prices, i ahd talked to the executive on helpline numbers about teh offer.
He had wrongly committed that i would get my holidays within 15 working days since i get the booklet which was suppose to be recieved after making teh payment.when asked about the authencity and the power with which he can make commitments, HE SAID THAT EVERYTHING IS RECOREDED HERE AND COULD EASILY BE VERIFIED LATER..
under his wrong commitments that i wuold get teh desired venue at teh desired date i bought that voucher number 001018.
but 35 days have passed since i paid for the voucher i still have not recieved the so called"SPECIAL UNIQUE CODE" yet.
please clearify.
Club Mahindra is a Cheat.
No doubt, they woo customers and take money, of course they have few good palces but you have to be in que to get the facility.

I have cancelled my membership, eventhough they agreed to repay, waiting to get the refund for the past three months.

Visit to Club Mahindra resorts - Club Mahindra Resorts and Holidays

We have been visiting Club Mahindra resorts all over India since last 3 years. We are very pleased with all the resorts we have visited. Go to any Club Mahindra resort and you will experience what heaven is like.

Mr. Jayant Jhaveri

Gift Voucher - Club Mahindra

I got enrolled to club Mahindra Membership on August 2008. During enrollment Mahindra Club had promised Tag Huer wrist watch as special offer of the day. So far I havent received it from Club Mahindra. I have raised this issue with Club Mahindra n number of times. All the time I get response that either it will be resolved soon or there is not such offer.

Mr. Sandeep at Club Mahindra from R-Mall, Mulund branch had promised two weeks back that he will resolve it. but no response so far.

Its frustrating for me. I have stopped my remaining EMIs. I have already paid more than 50%. I would like to get back my money.

thanks in advance,

Dear All, This whole thing is a fraud. It all started in a Petrol Pump. I went to fill petrol there and got as form with Gifts by lottery. Naturally I filled up the form. There after I received a call that I have been selected for the Gift Voucher. I was told to go and meet Ms. Satarupa at Club Mahindra Office-Highland park, Kolkata. Me and my wife went there to know that there is a presentation. After full 1and half hour they told the prices of minimum to be Rs.2, 55, 000/-

When we refused they literally misbehaved and gave us a free pass for non members. We were told 11 places in the freee pass. When we went to the website it is only about 4-5 boptions that you can choose from. That too the best places are not there. We gave 3 options among those and the date of availing is more than clear 3 months from now. I filled up the form on 12th June, 2009 and asked for the dates of 26th September, 2009. They have given me the reply as attached below.

Such big companies are making money by just doing fraud. Our government is keeping quite regarding all these. These frauds should stop.

Amitava Sen Gupta

On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 4:56 PM, Feedback <> wrote:

Dear Mr.Gupta,

Greetings from Club Mahindra!

Thank you for writing to us.

While we would have loved to confirm your reservation, at the moment the dates you have requested are not available at Munnar, Coorg and Binsar resorts.
In the meantime, may I request you to consider the following alternatives (availability is as on date and is subject to change)?
Option 1: Name of the resort:Coorg Check in:10/09/2009 Check out:12/09/2009 Apt:Studio
Option 2: Name of the resort:Munnar Check in:08/09/2009 Check out:10/09/2009 Apt:Hotel unit(It can accommodate maximum 2 adults)

Kindly let us know whether booking can be confirmed for the above mentioned dates.

Since availability is constantly changing even as we write this e mail to you, we urge you to revert back at the earliest.
It is our endeavour to ensure you and your family holiday with us and experience the club Mahindra promise - the happiest family holidays.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of service to you.
Warm regards,

Member relations | Club Mahindra Holidays

Feedback: | Reservations:
Call : 39880000*. Dial like a local call from: Ahmedabad | Bangalore | Chandigarh | Chennai | Cochin | Delhi | Hyderabad | Nagpur | Kolkata | Lucknow | Mumbai | Pune | Jaipur.
Other Cities: Add the STD code of the city that is closest to you from the list given above. For example [022] 39880000 from Nagpur.
Business timings: 8.00 AM to 10.00 PM Monday through Saturday and 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM on Sunday

Visit us at to check real time resort availability and to pay your annual subscription fee instantly and safely.
club mahindra is bull shit.they r fake and gave us mental torture
The same thing happened with me today. One of their executive called me today saying that i have won the tour package and i have to come with my spouse to collect the same. And the executive himself confirmed me that their are no charges that i have to pay for availing the offer. Then the executive said if you are still in doubt then do not carry wallet. The guy name was Himanshu( 9718570311). He asked me to visit 3rd floor of the West Side Mall, Rajouri Garden.

If everyone of us know they are fraud then why we are not doing anything to curb these practices.
Friends, lets understand how club mahindra earns their money:

1) They keep your money and earn interest
2) For RCI hotels, you have to pay extra
3) Annual maintenance charges which they ask you to pay each year is an OPEX (i.e. recurring cost year on year). This is not a fixed amount so that takes care of the annual inflation and price rise.
4) In a typical package (which 90% members take) you get 2 nights per year and normally when you plan your holidays then 2 nights are not sufficient.
5) The advance booking of hotel should be done ideally 4 weeks in advance but 90% of members have a very tentative office schedule and cannot plan till 7-10 days before vacations. So they never avail their membership.
6) The total membership is so much over-subscribed that 90% of members dont get their choice of dates or destination. So these members actually landup taking holidays on dates as per their own convenience in some NON-club mahindra hotel or destinations.

Please dont get fooled by these club mahindra fraud group. It is a well organised way to fool people.

Interestingly you all must have seen in your one-hour presentations how at the end of all such presentations a senior guy will walk-in to your table and RUDELY tell you 'this offer (freebies) is just available across the table, take it now or its gone'. The guy will deliberately act rude
so that you start feeling guilty that club mahindra is offering free holidays and in turn you are not obliging them.

Be Careful guys. Jaago Gharaak Jaago!!!

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I totally agree with the comments posted as I have undergone a similar experience.
But folks I have just bumped into a lovely vacation package which is real value for money. All those freaky travellers may get in touch with me. BELIEVE ME THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH. Genuine people may get in touch with me. I am based in Delhi and my tele no is 09971405099.

Fraud by Company - Holiday Resort

Dear Sirs,

I was offered very attractive package by the sales person of Club Mahindra. Like LCD TV, No Yearly charges etc on payment of 15 % down payment immediately.

On receivng the documents after my registration I saw different terms & conditions altogether.

I have been complaining the company numerous time but in vain.

Please help me to get back my hard earned money back.


Santosh Kumar Agarwal
I would like to thank each and every one of you to save my hard earned money.
i was also promised that i will receive the vocuture through post to my residence in ghatkopar for the free gift given last month but still not received but this time i want to visit mahableshwwar and i want to use my gift vouchur for which send me soon on my address 203 swastik apartment gamadavi road garden lane ghatkopar west mumbai 86
what is the way to dispose off the Time share of Mohindras. I have now for 8 years, but never found time to take vacation.
But I am asked to pay the annual maintainance charges even if I did not utilize.
Club mahindra is a fraude company, one day when i was shopping in Big Bazaar, Noida one executive comes to me and request to fill a form, andsaid that I can win a trip from club mahindra free,
I filled the form and just very next day I got a call from sales executive that I have selected for 3 days 2 night free holiday package, just i have to come to their office and to received the gift coupen.

But when i reached there I really wonder that it was a damn sales presentation of about 1 hour, Offering some amazing offers, but not giving a single day to think about it,

At last after a long debate, he handed me a free holiday gift coupon, But when i tried to book my holiday, there is no space available for gift coupon holders.finally my coupon expired.

I came to know that i was duped by this fraud scheme, and I finally i wasted my Precious time.
Be Aware if you get any call from club mahindra, ...

I got a call from Sales executive

not allowing to cancel the membership - Club Mahindra

On account of economical problem, i am unable to make the installment payment to club membership. So far I paid around 22526/- till date. Hence approached club mahindra to cancel my membership and asked to refund my amount. But it was surprised to hear that 'money that I paid although not utilisaed' is Non-refundable.

Moreover now they are threatening me that if i insist to cancel membership, they will deduct around 1 Lac from my cerdi card account.

They are really terror. I am trying to approach legal way to safe guard from such indescent way of company.

Fraud done by Club Mahindra - Club Mahindra Holiday & Resorts

Below is the content which i sent to "Club Mahindra" for cancellation of my membership, please follow,

I would like to cancel my membership immediately. My Member id : 1416479 / Membership No : 147593 .My 1st payment was made on 28th of Nov 2008, for the amout of Rs. 38851 / -, which i want to be refunded as soon as possible.Also i suppose my mode of payment was auto debit from my Credit Card, which needs to be stopped immediately.
Hope i dont have to follow up about this issue again. Please do the needfull immediately.

In reply of this "Club Mahindra" asked for the reasons, why i want to cancel my membership, inreply to that i replied another mail, as follows,

I was actually not satisfied with the kind if service provided to me. First and foremost thing my consultant from club mahindra Mr.Miraz Hussain, misguided us in many ways. Reasons as follows:

1) We were informed that we will get Rs.4000/- food voucher, later we came to know it was Rs.3000/-
2) We informed our consultant at the time of taking membership that we are going a family of 8 adults, for which he confirmed that he will arrange 1 studio and 1 BR for us, later we discovered only 1 studio will be given to us for our holiday.
3) While taking the membership, he informed us that our 1st installment will only start after we return from our holidays, which we planned for february 2009 so that we get to experience club mahindra services and then take our decision as to continue with the membership or not, however when we
contacted cutomer service, it was informed to me that our 1st installment date is 7th of Jan, 2009.
4) He has taken my credit card impression telling me that as i made my payment through credit card so this is for verification purpose, however later we got the information from customer care that it was for the purpose of Auto Debit from my Credit Card.
5) Last but not the least, when we tried to call up my consultant Mr.Miraz Hussain for clarification, he starts avoiding us, which i believe is a kind of cheating and misleading.

I hope this will give a clear picture why i dont want any association with Club Mahindra, and i believe there is no scope for any furher discussion as the trust is already gone. So please do the needfull in cancelling my membership and refund of payment as soon as possible, as i believe as per your concellation policy, member is suppose to cancel the membership within 10 days from the date of joining, which i did on December 02, 2008.

After this lot of several mails were exchanged regarding the delay of refund of my money, however i am yet to receive my money from the company. I also sent a legal notice asking for the immediate refund of my money by registered post, which got declined from the company of kolkata branch.
I am seeking help of consumer forum now as i believe that Club Mahindra have no intesion to refund my money.

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