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List of known local Cobra Group subsidiaries

1. Dreamworks Acquisition
2. JAG Group
3. Keneve Group of Companies
4. Regal Group of Companies
5. Appco S/B (Father company)
6. ESP S/B
7. Pro Enterprise (SS15 Subang Jaya)
8. Rich Marketing Group (at least this one is honest enough to put the word "marketing" lol)

Their tactics & The Truth

** Salary of RM1800-RM3000 during training and more after 6-8 months project. You won't get paid any basic salary

** Usually under the title of "Management Trainee" or "Executive Development Program". Your title is SALES PERSONNEL

** These are the same lines all Cobra Group companies use:

-- "Fresh graduates who are willing to be coached from A to Z of a company operation and hardworking- please try your luck!" Coached - Reading from same piece of paper, memorize it and tell strangers about it

-- "Promotion to Managerial positions with Regional and Overseas Career Expansion". Something like Amway's incentive tours to overseas IF you con enough people

-- "The person who think that they possess all the skills required to be a successful future manager". When they expand, they chuck you there to further con people and you will have no time for your personal life AT ALL

-- "No min working experience is required (Special on-the-job training will be provided)". They train you to talk to strangers and be beggars

** On your first day of your you will be briefed on company structure. Any AMWAY members will know this is the exact promotion structure Amway uses the moment they see it. Sales projection, get 3 leaders you become Team Leader blablabla.

** On your second day, just quit the job.

** You'll get a piece of paper on dialogues and you are expected to preach to strangers. I don't think we graduated to be beggars.

The "new" advertisement:

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** First interview will be in group interview (suspicious?)

** Second interview you will follow your "evaluator" to the field, usually in front of banks and see what they do. They will tell you "This is to test how much do you want the job" and then ask you to do the same thing: Begging & Bugging

** Third interview will be on the same day of the 2nd. You will be asked to go back by yourself to the company. WTF right?

What they slipped

** One guy used the word "downline" and "upline"

** The boss comes into the office EARLIER than everyone and leave LATER than everyone, even his secretary. Somemore he dare to use the word "TIME FREEDOM" and then say he sleep at 10.30PM.

** The structure chart. Some people who never join Amway will not see it coming because the only direct sales company to use it is Amway, and Cobra Group is applying the same thing.

** No basic pay. Tell me, which PROFESSIONAL job (as they claim) doesn't pay their employees? Like that I also wanna be the boss lar.

If you have more info of this company or companies under Cobra Group / DS-Max, add it here as they seem to be running rampant all over Jobstreet, conning degree holders from Law to Engineering fresh grads. Sadly, these people think they are doing a great job, where in fact they are earning SHIT money and being brainwashed day in day out.

From Wikipedia (Credits: Polaris)

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «QUOTE
Cobra slash DS MAX is in wikipedia, their infamous ways are well known all over the world.

One of the most common complaints about DS-Max affiliated companies is in their recruiting and advertising practices. Often the position is advertised as an "entry level management position", and claims to operate in any number of glamorous, competitive, high profile, industries ranging from pro sports and entertainment to 4 star restaurants and world travel, when in reality the position is that of a door-to-door salesperson who peddles pizza coupons, discount baseball tickets, 5 dollar umbrellas, designer knock-off hand bags, and travel alarm clocks, none of which the applicant will actually discover until they are out "in the field" with a distributor on their "second interview".

A common interviewing formula used by the independent sales offices consists of:

1. A very short first round interview conducted in the office of the manager. Typically in this interview the manager will briefly outline the structure of the business to the potential new distributor. A typical DS-Max manager will interview anywhere from 10 to 30 people a day so this first interview is usually short on detail and any prolonged question and answer sessions are avoided if possible.

2. A full day "second interview" in the sales field where the potential distributor shadows a current distributor while they attempt to sell their products or services door-to-door. This full day interview is an attempt to show the potential distributor how a typical day in the field works. This full day interview, like the first interview is purposefully vague on details and most questions are not answered fully or more difficult questions get passed on to the manager/owner to handle during the final interview. This is known within DS-MAX circles as the "Day of Observation" or the "Day of O".

3. A "final interview" takes place in the manager's office when the potential distributor returns after a full day in the field. If the applicant has any problems or objections, the manager may attempt to overturn them. If the potential distributor needs some clarification in order to understand the "big picture" of this business opportunity the manager will attempt to explain the business beyond just selling products door-to-door. The goal of every manager is to encourage the interviewee to start full time the very next day.

The name DS-Max is often used to refer to the whole distribution system that includes DS-Max USA Inc., its affiliated suppliers and independent offices. Each affiliated sales office is an independent and incorporated business.

This legal separation between the DS-Max supplying organizations and each individual office insulates DS-Max from any legal or financial liability should something happen within an individual office.

Because all sales offices are independently owned and operated each individual distributor and manager/owner reaps the rewards of and is both financially and legally responsible for his own business. The majority of all distributors work as independent contractors and thus are not paid a salary, receive no health benefits and are responsible for paying their own taxes.

The DS-Max system runs similarly to network marketing businesses but with several key differences:

1) Sales representatives (distributors) generally work full-time (often six days, 60 hours or more a week), relying on their sales for their primary source of income, rather than a slow transition from part-time to full-time.

2) The individual owner assumes the cost and advertises for new distributors and finds a mentor for them, rather than the distributor absorbing the cost of recruiting.

3) Distributors receive the products on consignment rather than paying for them up front and there is no fee for becoming a distributor.

The business only grows when new distributors are added. While DS-Max as a whole has grown quite large through the years, the vast majority of distributors and managers in affiliated distribution operations in the DS-Max system have not enjoyed success. In the 20 plus years of operation the Ds-max business model has generated some tremendous success for a small group of Vice-Presidents, or as they are referred to now, National Consultants, but the question of how many have found success in Ds-max compared to the number who have attempted to achieve success can only be answered by analyzing accurate, detailed records of these organizations and their affiliates. However the nature of their operations make it unlikely that such documentation exists.

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I being con before. DS-Max. Their lousy plan is you start as trainee -> Leader -> team leader -> assistant manager -> manager. From trainee to become leader, you need to hit weekly target. Then, as leader you can start con others to be your downlines. Once you have 5 downlines promote to team leader. As team leader, you will be entitle to suck some commision from your downlines (5%) of the daily total sales.

Assistant manager is 10%. What really make money is when you become manager. DS-max is selling many thing but whatever they are selling, you earn RM 2-3 each item they sell. Mostly the manager earn RM 1000 ++ daily

FYI, manager really earn that much. Believe it. That why they are growing. The main issue is how you can become the manager. You need at least 13 - 15 downlines. Now that the hardest part. My ex uplines have been working for more than 5 years. He has been promoted as Manager before but de promoted when your men leave the team. So from there, he keep on struggling until today. Still same not making money.

The system seem great but no guarantee. People don't like walking around selling thing. So is hard to get people. My advise is you can treat it as temporary job while hunting others. My experiencee in the company was great. We penetrate a high security building e.g military kem, Maybank and many more. Chase up by the security. Sometimes the inside people may help you also. Is a fun job but making shit money.

That my experience for DS-max.

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hehhe... what an experience in life... if you would like to take is as once in a lifetime experience also can...

Chase up by the security <---- this will sharpen your skill in sales and to be alert on outcome of your action. It is hard to penetrate military camp... if you could... you might have talent in sales..

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QUOTE(Ido @ May 2 2006, 02:42 PM)
I being con before. DS-Max. Their lousy plan is you start as trainee -> Leader -> team leader -> assistant manager -> manager. From trainee to become leader, you need to hit weekly target. Then, as leader you can start con others to be your downlines. Once you have 5 downlines promote to team leader. As team leader, you will be entitle to suck some commision from your downlines (5%) of the daily total sales.

Assistant manager is 10%. What really make money is when you become manager. DS-max is selling many thing but whatever they are selling, you earn RM 2-3 each item they sell. Mostly the manager earn RM 1000 ++ daily

FYI, manager really earn that much. Believe it. That why they are growing. The main issue is how you can become the manager. You need at least 13 - 15 downlines. Now that the hardest part. My ex uplines have been working for more than 5 years. He has been promoted as Manager before but de promoted when your men leave the team. So from there, he keep on struggling until today. Still same not making money.

The system seem great but no guarantee. People don't like walking around selling thing. So is hard to get people. My advise is you can treat it as temporary job while hunting others. My experiencee in the company was great. We penetrate a high security building e.g military kem, Maybank and many more. Chase up by the security. Sometimes the inside people may help you also. Is a fun job but making shit money.

That my experience for DS-max.

Please do not upsell DS-Max here, this is exactly how they psycho people into these jobs. For example, FYI this and that manager really made 1k daily etc and etc, but that is just him, you have to be really good to be like that... blah blah blah,

Please contribute to the society and economy by giving value not preaching get rich schemes.

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N May 18, 2012 by
San2k Cobra Group Of International  - HYderabad, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

School Objection In Residential Area - Indo English High School

In my lane neighbour sold his house to school & the person owned it is going to start a school next month so we all want to object to start the school in residentail we need to stop it to start school next
wat shall we do to object that .....plz let me know mail me @
A May 23, 2012 by
I agree with all the peoples who have posted their opinions against this company...i myself went for the interview and got selected...after analysing the environment i realised that this company is actually a blood sucking will end up the day getting nothing from this company...SO BEWARE...!!!
N Jun 5, 2012 by
can anyone recommend whether i should go for the interview tomorrow or not...??i got this mail :-
Congratulations from Ace Management!!!

This is reference to your resume which we have received in response to our advertisement in

We are pleased to inform you that you have been shortlisted for an interview with our Business Head for immediate openings on an express basis.

We are pleased to confirm your Appointment for an interview as per the following schedule with our Manager:

5th June 2012 (Tuesday)

TIME: 12pm To 2PM
(Candidate perusing degree/last semester apply only after Exams)

CONTACT HR – Miss. Priyanka
CONTACT NO – 09711015234 / 09958177444
VENUE – Ace Management
30/27, 3rd floor, East Patel Nagar
Opp. Mugal Mahal resturtant
Near Rajinder Place metro station
New Delhi- 110008


Key Skills:
Hard working, good communication skills, discipline, comfortable with Marketing and Sales

Ace Management is one of the fastest growing, innovation customer acquisition firms in India. We are associates with a UK based firm headquarters in London with its global presence in 26 countries. We conduct Business Promotion activities for clients in various verticals e.g. Sports, Telecommunications, Charities, Entertainment & Insurance.

We train according to our “Global Training Module(GTM)”: Trainee Manager=> Leader=>Team Leader=>Assistant Business Head=>Business Head Position / Title: Trainee Manager (TM) Time Horizon: 1 Month Activity/Task-set: Client Representation And Servicing Functional Area: Advertising/Promotion/Direct Sales/Marketing/Business Development
Position/Title: Leader, Team Leader (TL) Time Horizon: 4-6 Months
Activity/Task-set: Team Building and Management Functional Areas: Recruiting/ Training/ Development/ Evaluation/ Motivation/ Impact Running Position/ Title: Assistant Business Head (ABH) Time Horizon: 1-2 months Activity/ Task-set: Overall Business Management Functional Areas: Administration, operations, Finance, Applied IT
Position/ Title: Business Head (BH)

Time Horizon: Ongoing
Activity/ Task-set: Management of a Strategic Business Unit (SBU)

DRESS CODE: You need to come for the interview in Formal Attire. If mot, we will not proceed with your application.
Please note: We are looking only for fresher or for candidates having less than 2 years of work experience. So if your profile doesn’t match with our requirements, please ignore the mail.

Regards Miss.Priyanka
Ace Management
N Jun 5, 2012 by
N Jun 7, 2012 by
Sidhhu Vodafone  - Maharashtra, India

Flirting with my sister - Vodafone

Complaint No. 8551065286
I want detail and address of the above no. please email me fast.
N Jun 26, 2012 by
amit baid is the most shitiest person...he flirts wit every girl... want to sleep wit all ... his org is completely fake ... he devorsed his wife n nw is having an affair with a girl who joind 2 mts back... to spend time wit her he made her hr head... wt nonsence... he is a bastard...
N Aug 5, 2012 by
thanksss a lot guys jst got a mail for this co's so tght 2 google n find out abt it n finally got d results

thankss a ton big relief before going in for intrvw
A Aug 6, 2012 by
This forum has been an eye opener, I received a similar sounding email from 'UNIQUE' a subsidiary of the appco group; the contents of which were filled with ambiguity, and having the slightest bit of skepticism, I decided to google the HR conducting my interview, and so here I am; I've learnt (through this forum) that my prospective interviewer is perhaps the most arduous advocate of the group of companies brought into question. Personally, i'm disappointed with the 'acceptance for interview' letter. Though quite persuasive, the lack of imagination expressed in my interview selection letter is in coherence with those mentioned above. The contents of which I've enclosed below.

The email I received is a complete farce, and i admonish people to approach cautiously, also, I hope proper labor reforms are brought to effect regarding the matter.

yours sincerely,
average graduate
Electronics and communication (NIT Allahabad.)

Dear Candidate
We Have Shortlisted your resume for the post of Corporate Management Trainee in our Company. For this you need to appear in our office for an Interview.

Below is the Company Profile:
Appco Group is one of the world s premier Sales & Marketing Companies. Appco Group has over 50 major clients in 26 countries and is represented in more than 800 locations.
UNIQUE is an associate (SBU) of APPCO GROUPS. We have just opened up our new office in Chennai and we are looking forward best talent from different backgrounds and people who can head the office as Branch Manager/ Business Development Managers.
For that we are recruiting initially people as a Corporate Management Trainee.
To understand, learn and implement new ideas to increase production of the organization.
To understand, learn and implement new ideas to increase the growth and expansion of the organization.
To build rapport and maintain relationship with clients, workforce and behavioral development.
To understand, learn and implement new ideas on administration and organization development.
To understand, learn and implement new ideas on financial structure of the organization.
We offer on-the-job training to the candidates from grass root level to a position for managing operations for divisions of TELECOMMUNICATION, BANKING AND FINANCE, CHARITY, ENTERTAINMENT, INSURANCE ETC.,

As a management trainee, one gets exposed to a generic 5 level training module which has been successfully implemented globally.


This Training is only for the candidates clearing our all level of Interviews as it is 100% sponsored from our end as well as even during the training itself you would be earning as per best Indian standards which is associated with enormous growth, expansion & financial independence.
Please do not hesitate to ask any relevant questions that help you in your development.
All the new recruits will be offered a fast track Management Program On-the-job training using our Cycle of Development (COD).
Most important we provide a very healthy environment and vibrant atmosphere. We Belive a lot in investing in our people because our fundamental belief is that people make up an organization.
So if you are career driven, ambitious and motivated individual, book yourself for an immediate interview.
Walk-in Directly to the below mention address:

Contact as soon as you got the mail to attend the interview.


Remuneration: (14k-30k)
AGE LIMIT - 19-25yrs.
Experience: (0-1yrs)
Appointment with: Miss
A Aug 31, 2012 by
Here is Angela from Hong Kong.

I once interviewed in APPCO, another name of Cobra. Today I must post my own comment here because I want more fresh graduates know that APPCO is a CHEATER!!!

Dont go for interview there, people there are crazy and will wash your head first then tell you how they want you to break your potential and to be a SALES person!!! We are enrolled named " Management Trainee" but the real job content is to go to the street and find people to give money them for charity... But the company even wont give you any contract or any proof to show they are really legal. They go to office by office and house to house to find STUPID person to sign a credit card contract with them and when the client sign with you HK$250/ month for the charity, this sales person will get HK$120 back total. Therefore, dear girls and boys, I know it is not that easy for a fresh graduate to find a job in HongKong with our working experience. But never to make yourself and your dream cheated by this company.

The address of this company is in Hopewell center, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong
Aug 31th, 2012
A Sep 20, 2012 by
Hey guys..
Apart from company policies...even they don't fulfill their own commitment...they only know to make others fools..bastered Arun sud, N his 'Chamchi' Priyanka Nirankari..they r the biggest thief, liar, fraud i hav ever seen..i am a Civil services aspirant..preparing for IAS, IPS, IRS etc..n once i will get selected..i will lodge case on them...n send them into jail..they r playing with new generation's carrier..directly and indirectly they r seeding a plant of fraudness, corruption, etc..etc in young generation's mind..jst for their own means or benefit..
A Sep 25, 2012 by
Vyomaditya Singh  
m a consistent high roller here ...guys tell me one thing do they pay ur commission or not????
D Oct 30, 2012 by
I saw the advertisement in the Newspaper. Management Trainee - any degree. I went to attend the interview. They made me sit down along with other applicants in front of a table where there were books and magazines on Cobragroup. All claiming great about the group and the employees vising overseas and pictures of their employees spending time in great places. It was my time for the interview.

The receptionist called me and said, "Are you going for the interview?". I said Yes. With a very enthusiastic voice she said, "All the Best!".

I went in. There was a very short thin person with thinned out hair grown long to cover his baldness. He greeted me when I went in and he said, "You must be surprised looking at me. I am a manager. Normally managers have a bald head and pot belly, but look at me, how young I am. It is possible only in cobragroup." Then he started giving some very long and quick lecture about the company. He then asked me a question.

"What is the most potent and important aspect in management?"

I tried to answer, planning. He said no. I tried saying decision making. No again. I tried a few other ideas which were refused by him. He said, "the first and foremost in management is...

Then he gave some lecture on sales, told that if I perform well I will be sent to Australia for studying management at the Company's cost. He asked me to come the next day. The next day I went in where he introduced to a person who will be my trainer and evaluator for the day. I was going out with the trainer when I heard a huge crowd of sales personnel inside a hall shouting and yelling slogans something like the lead speaker telling, "WE WILL DO IT!", the crowd saying, "YEAH, YEAH!!!" like spartans going for battle. The sales personnel were coming out with their files and material in their hands going for their hunt for the day.

I followed the trainer, he was talking continuously very high about the group and their activities. He gave an organizational chart and told he is almost in the top stage and he will shortly reach the post of a manager and he has been working with this group for quite sometime since he finished his studies. He had very low academic record and only thing he can do is talk best. He said there is a procedure for doing human advertising, that's what they call it decently for begging and bugging. He was selling credit and debit cards for HDFC bank. He met the people one by one and told them if they take the card, they will get a 10 percent discount on any item they buy like Fridge, AC etc from the bank's side. I asked them if its true. He said they are called "COVER STORIES" and they are not true. After a whole day of meeting unknown people and bugging them, getting insulted by many, oh I forgot, whoever insulted us, he called them WOS, which according to cobragroup means, "Waste of Space". While doing the begging, he was intimidating me cunningly to suppress my ego with statements like, "why are you so thin?", "why did you loose hair, you apply this medicine, you can get more hair".

After all this he took me back to another senior manager before which there was a form I had to fill and it had questions like, "DID YOU ENJOY THE DAY?". I decided I will play dumb and give the answers they want and pretend to show that I liked it all. I had to say yes to go into the next round of the interview. The senior manager asked me questions and the only thing he was interested in knowing was whether I would do the begging and bugging of people. I had to answer positively to get selected. He said if I am selected anytime he can throw me out if I am not performing well and anytime I can leave the company. (That is the best part of them at least, they don't force, if we are concious enough to know they are cheating we are free to leave.) But he said I am not yet selected for the job and he will let me know the result later.

After I reached home, the trainer called me and said I have been selected. He was the dumbest person I think. He was talking great about the company, he even got his girlfriend for the interview telling her its a good job to go on street doors and begging people. Also he said he will never quit this job because he is on the verge of getting promoted and he is so much dedicated to cobragroup. He will never leave the company.

(Next day I called him and told him that I was not interested in that and I am sorry. He must be upset since his manager will discredit him for not "brainwashing me properly".)

A month later I was in a call center interview and I heard his name being called. I turned aside and a person was taking a newspaper and covering himself completely. It was my trainer who was ashamed to look at me.
N Oct 30, 2012 by
The bank was HSBC and not HDFC, it was my mistake. I suppose HDFC is doing quite good. I could not edit the post again.

Cheers mates.
N Feb 14, 2013 by
Hi Friends,

I was offered by them 5 yrs ago and joined them without knowing anything as i was a fresher... Later on second day i was sent with a senior in the group to some apartments / shopping areas and few companies in somajiguda.. was wondering y my senior was pitching to people whom we were meeting regarding girl children and thr problems.. mean while during the lunch hour she took me to a restaurant and paid my 100 rs bill saying it was company's bill.. later on after roaming on the streets for almost 4-5 hours we returned to office with few cheques got from the ppl whom we met.. finally this continued for a week and then got realized that we were just begging everyone in the favor of girl children and making commission on that.. I was shocked after realizing..but this company generally hires good looking people and also ppl who look dull as they can gain sympathy at ppl... SO SICK.. BLOODY ASSHOLE Company.. Absolutely FAKE
N Apr 14, 2013 by
Guys, this whole group is a scamster. They call innocent job seekers and prey on them. I got a call in 2008 from Cobra Group Delhi.
I reached there directly and it was a shit looking building in Patel Nagar. After filling a fancy job interview form, and a interview I was selected and called next day for second round. I found the whole outfit very suspicious as they were hiding all information. The whole concept of "Human Commercial" as they call is a gimmick.I din't go for the second round because of this strange feeling I got about this company and the hierarchy they were showing.At that time much info about this group was not available online but thank God I din't go for the second round. All was fine and I forgot this. After one year I got a similar call for Ace Group. I suspected it is some company like Cobra Group.
My friend insisted we should go as they were open for references so my friend could also go with me for the interview. This time is was at Rohini.

This time the office was better. A decent looking lady came in. She started flashing her I Phone and some other gadgets and stated while addressing a group of around 20 people, that this all fancy thing she has got apart from salary with this company. She has just landed from a flight and this is a very common thing for all employees who perform. I saw some innocent participants gossiping how beautiful this lady was and oh she has an I Phone, which was some thing prestigious to have back in 2009. She lectured us about high standard living, work life balance, being ambitious and bla... bla... for around 10 minutes and then she finally revealed they are part of the global giant Cobra Group.

My worst feeling came true. I was thinking initially this was some company like Cobra group but eventually it turned out to be the Cobra Group itself.

While she was further addressing the group, I stood up, asked by friend to stand up, and we started leaving in front of the remaining audience.

I din't ask for an excuse from the lady speaker and she was surprised and asked where are we going. I simply smiled and said I don't want to sit for the Cobra group and left along with my friend. This was a moment of redemption for me because soon, more participants followed us.

They are completely frauds, first they Con employees and then make them Con other people and corporates. Folks this Cobra is venomous and will definitely bite.Don't appear for any such fake job calls and mail alerts.PS. they call by different names and commonly the post is management trainee, team leader, etc... They use services of all popular job portals and MBA freshers and with less experience, fresh graduates B.Tech, etc. are their prime target.
N May 2, 2013 by
A vry bad experience in Panache advertising ahmedabad samudra conplex CG road, ssociated with Appco...Business head Mr.aaron paapi, vaidehi modi (Gf of aaron) and 5to6 r trainers are included in this fraaud...beware
N Jul 24, 2013 by
Shailee Bharatia  
i got a call from appco and they wanted some1 as a receptionist ! omg im not going for the interview anymore
N Sep 6, 2013 by
Hi frnzz, Cobra is changed to Appco group na.. Got a cal from EMPIRE MANAGEMENT, CHENNAI. Me n ma Frn done wit 1st round.. v r called for d 2nd round 2mor.. but after cin dese comments am n dilemma, pls help me out whether 2 go r not..
N Oct 30, 2013 by
Dear Guys.
Thanxx every one .Recently i Join this Company SKY - Horizon Group. Advertising @ Ahmedabad samudra conplex CG road, Associated with Appco group..., but now i know the fact of this company by reading comments .
But want to much more abt this company is this Really fraauud ???
plz reply...Urgent
N Mar 4, 2014 by
Thank u guys... U all saved me.
I had recvd call frm Millennium Organisation 2day.

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