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  Chanaka de silva
Equity Invetment Ltd - England
132 Balck Burn Road
Boton BL 9RP
Tel 00447924556231
Executive Director : Mark Johnson

I got the mail from the above mentioned e-mail addres regading that I have won lottory from draw conducted by International Promotion Prize award department.Now they have send me a application to fill and resend it within five working day.

i just want to clarify is this a true or not...??????????
pls help me as soon as possibel.

Thank you.
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N Apr 25, 2011 by
I am commending on above.

I want to know was this a scam, because i allso received a e-mail confirming of the winning.

Thank you

N Dec 11, 2011 by
Mr ST Nthite. South africa

Equity Investment Limited
132 Balck Burn Road
Bolton BL7 9RP
Tel 00447924556231
Egent : Mark Johnson

I got the mail from the above mentioned e-mail addres regading that I have won lottery from draw conducted by International Lottery Promotion, is this the truth?Please somebody say something.


ST Nthite
N Mar 14, 2012 by
Regarding winning LOTTERY

Guys the only way you can win is when you play. I also got this email regarding winning millions of pounds, but I never played the lottery in the UK. I already phoned the British Consulate regarding this matter and they confirmed to me that this is a scam. If you give you details these people are extremely clever, so all I can say be CAREFULL when you reply to this email. Best for you is to DELETE the email and dont give out your personal info.

Stay safe
CH van der Westhuizen
N Jul 31, 2013 by
T Man  
Hi there, I also expirience the problem whereby I receive an e-mail that says I won a sum of 1.2 million british pound. I e-mailed Mr Mark Johnson from Equity Investment Limited and he e-mailed me the certificate of award and I was told to contact Mrs Marry Gordon from CITI Bank London. I did contact Mrs M Gordon who confermed that indeed the money and my file is with CiTI bank. The only problem that the money cannot be release is the fact that she is waiting for T21 Affidavit from the London high court. When I e-mail Mr Mark Johnson to help me out, he e-mail me to say the law wants 980 british pounds to get that affidavit. That 980 british pound amounts to R16 000.00 which I donot have. My take on this expiriance is that, the winning is genuin but the said back is how many people the can afford the cost of that affidavit? Please I am welcom to your suggestion at thabethe@mymtnmail.co.za. Thank you!!!
N Sep 17, 2013 by
HI there, i also received an e mail that i won 1200.000.00 british pounds, from mr Mark JOHNSON, he also emailed me a certificate of winnings, and to contact mrs Mary Gordon at Citi bank london. she confirmed winnings and i need to obtain an affidavid T21 for the money to be released to me at the amount of 980 pounds and paid into Elijah Smith 5 Bamburgh court. Team valley, NE11 Otx UK, which is R16000 and dont have it, and it must be paid by Western union transfer, i did ask if i can send it by forex transfer as i do not work with Absa bank am waiting for there reply.
My questin is why can they keep on with this scam and nobody does anything about it??? surely the UK must have a devision on their fraud unit that can close this scam as it is very bad publisity for your country. please reply to me at kathleensc49@gmail.com thank u
N Oct 1, 2013 by
T Man  
Good day, it T Man the guy who received an e-mail from Equity Investment Limited stating that I have won £ 1, 2 Million British Pounds. To be honest with you I think this legit because when I phone CITI Bank, it was confirmed by a lady called Mrs Gordin that indeed the money and my file is with CITI Bank. As a police officer I use other methodes to investigate this further and the outcome was satisfetry. The problem now is it is difficult to raise R16 000.00 for the affidavit and my plea is to ask who ever who can help me with the affidavit fee to contact me on thabethe@mymtnmail.co.za and I am willing to negociate the cut on the said British Pounds, the last date to transfer the affidavit fee is on the 11 October 2013. Thank you!!!
N Nov 4, 2013 by
Mpilenhle Life Dlamini  
Lol...TMan, yes you! the one with the above comment... Please don't be stupid, this whole thing is a scam. first of, have you ever seen any advert on TV, magazine or read about it on a news paper regarding this fake lottery. because I haven't, instead I've received text msgs and e-mails saying I've won the lottery... So here's what I think, they want you to pay for the affidavit, an affidavit which costs around R 15 873.53 that's 980 British Pounds. When we all know an affidavit it's for free, so you'll pay your R 15 873.53 then they'll tell you to come to London to claim your prize, and find nothing. or even worse, make you their own slave. Human trafficking buddy, have you heard of it? So hear's my advise, get off the internet and get a job. Just to be safe, cause nothing is for free around hear. OK!?
N Jan 17, 2014 by
Elaine Walker  
I am from S.A. and also got a Email that i have won a lot of money! I tried to send a message To the Manager, Mark Johnson with all my details, but the message failed several times. I even tried the Tel. nr. but also got no ansswer. I had often messed around with the lotto messages i got and played some numbers, so i really dont know if this is true. Why do people do such things or do they like to play the fool with poor people. We are pensioners and are looking after 3 other members of our family, which is very difficult! It is not nice to get peoples hope up for nothing!
N Feb 24, 2014 by
this is a scam. these people want to get your details and use it for identity theft and fraud. I also got this email and did a lot of research. the mark johnson claiming to be the executive director is the claims manager in the email i got. they are using fake as well as ligitimate details in their emails, in case anyone google the information or report them.
N Jun 6, 2014 by
From Canada
If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. You should never ever have to pay money to win millions. This is most definitely a scam in the biggest way. Dateline NBC Television did an article on this, and it originated out of Africa. So people please do not send them any money. These are people that are to lazy to work. They are what you call the scum of the earth.
N Jan 7, 2015 by
i also got an email, but what i know, i never played UK lottery so don't think i am the winner. This is a scam. I only play SA lottery. Please, if you know that you never played UK lottery, don't send anything to them.

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