Gulf Gate Hair Fixing - Bill not provided

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  pkarthikeyan19 on Jan 21, 2011
Sadly, I have a big complaint as I have been terribly cheated by GulfGate, Brigade Road Branch. Here is the description of the issue.


Approximately on the 10th of December 2010, I had visited the GulfGate branch at Bridage Road and met Mr. Fawas for a consultation. After the measurements taken by one of the assistant, he said I would be requiring 10/7 NR patch and the cost is Rs.13000 (Thirteen Thousand Only). At that time I asked for a discount and Mr. Fawas mentioned that this is the price fixed by the company and if I go to any branch of Gulfgate this is the same amount. The first mistake that I made here was I did not cross very with any other branch and believed a fellow Malayali and trusted that he would not cheat another Malayali.

Then on the 15th of December 2010 I called Mr. Fawas on +91-924355330 and confirmed that I would come on the 17th December to fix this patch at around 1:30pm. On 17th December when I reached the location (GulfGate branch at Brigade road branch) I was in for a surprise when Mr.Fawas first asked for the money (Rs.13,000) before the hair fixing was done itself. When I gave him my credit card, he mentioned that Credit cards are not accepted and only payment has to be done by cash. At this instant I told Mr. Fawas that he should have informed me about this earlier. Anyways, I asked him where is the nearest ATM and he directed me to the ATM down the Brigade Road near the Rex theater where I withdrew Rs.14000/-. Once I reached back the GulfGate branch, I payed Mr.Fawas Rs.13,000 in cash and proceeded to get the hair fixing done thinking that he would be preparing the bill for me. Also he asked me to write my name and address in a notebook which I did so.

After the fixing was done, when I asked Mr. Fawas for the receipt, he mentioned that the bill book is not available and he would give me during my next visit and I trusted his words and left the location. He mentioned that bill is not really required and just the warranty card is sufficient. The warranty card has the number GGC-10-60666.

The Reality:

After a couple of days, I called up the helpline number of Gulf Gate to get some clarification. I spoke to Ms. Smitha on the helpline. At that time I mentioned to her that I have not been given the receipt/bill for the amount that I paid for the hair fixing which is Rs.13000/-. She said she would be inquiring and getting back to me at the earliest. As committed by her, she got back to me stating that the Branch manager Mr. Fawas is not available as he is on vacation.

Yesterday (18th Jan) I got a call from Ms. Smitha that Mr.Fawas was trying to reach me and asked me to pick the phone when the call comes ( I could not pick the call at the first time as I was in a meeting).
After a while Mr.Fawas called me and said that "why did you call and complain that you have paid Rs.13000 and you have paid only Rs.10500/-."
I was shocked listening to this, this is when I realized that although I lodged a complaint for the fact that I have not received the bill for Rs.13,000/-, I have also been overpriced & cheated by Mr. Fawas as he himself said that the cost is only Rs.10500/-. He also mentioned that he has given me a receipt/bill for the same amount of Rs.10500/- and started accusing me that I am lying and the company does not have a product which is costing Rs.13000/-. This truly indicates how horrible your employee is in terms of talking to a customer. I also told him if I was lying then he should check the bill book for which he said all the bill books are in Kerala Head office. I really don't know how true is this.

I immediately called up Ms. Smita after I spoke with Mr.Fawas and mentioned to her about the new development. She said she would escalate it to the concerned manager and update me by 19th Jan evening.

Here you need to please understand that why should I tell a lie? At the first place I asked for receipt of Rs.13000 that's all. I never even knew until Mr.Fawas told me yesterday over phone that the actual price is Rs.10500/-. Also If I could afford to pay Rs.13000/- why would I want to do all these things?

This clearly indicates that Mr. Fawas has cheated me of Rs2500/- and also not given me the receipt/bill.

Today (19th Jan), I called up Ms. Smita again to find the status of my complaint and she mentioned that the concerned manager is in Managalore.

My Request:

Sir, I request your goodself to kindly look into this matter seriously as such kind of behavior and low standards will really degrade the image of Gulf Gate and the loss of faith on Gulf Gate by the customer.

At this juncture I know I do not have any evidence to prove what I say in terms of the amount paid. If at all you have a camera at your reception area you could playback the recording that happened on 17th December 2010 to convince yourself the above facts that I have mentioned are truly genuine.

I hope that you would understand my plight and help me here and return Rs.2500 back to me along with the tax invoice.

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N Feb 17, 2011 by
I really thank GulfGate for resolving this issue. Mr.Fawas has been instrumental in resolving this issue. Thanks a lot.
A Jan 31, 2012 by
Gulf gate : please make sure that the agents you heve deployed in various branches should not cheat people again, "it may effect your reputationy ver badly !!!.."
N Mar 7, 2012 by
Gulf Gate is Chore. Don't go there.
A Apr 15, 2012 by
Gulf gate sells useless mono filament systems.
N Jul 19, 2015 by
I had my hair fixed at Gulf Gate Hyderabad (Telangana )9 months ago. They charged me 17500 for the hair system. For the past seven years i brought nearly six systems from them. All the previous hair systems very much cheaper than the present .This time they charged me much high, and the quality is very bad.I lost most of the hair in the hair system, it started looking bald and it is looking weird and unnatural and untidy. Gulf gate hair replacement center is not maintaining a quality hair but they are maintaining a high price. I felt like i was cheated. What is the use of investing 17500 rupees for the hair system which doesn't even long for a year? This is ridiculous.

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    Gulf Gate Hair Fixing - Bill not provided

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