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  hari pavan on Mar 17, 2011
i had given my unicorn bike for general service in JSP HONDA KUKATPALLY showroom on 16 march 2011 and took d delivery on 17th noon. soon wen i was on d road and riding i noticed the dome cowl part was vibrating and it became more worse in d next 2 kms and one joint has been totally broken and dome was hanging. The very next moment i reached the showroom and informed about their mishandling of that dome and cause for the breakage. To my surprise they said that the joint might have been deforming from past (by seeing the scratches on the dome which actually happened an year ago) and it might have been broken now. i argued with them and contacted the manager but was no use. It costed me extra 800rs for their for the mishandling. i experienced worst response from a service company and request Honda to take as a complaint.
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same situation i faced
yea i agree with u...even i gave my unicorn bike.before giving service there my bike gave an avg of 60 kms per litre mileage.after the service it gave 25kms per litre...worst servicing...JSP Honda kukapally worst Honda servicing centre in Hyderabad
Same thing happened to my Unicorn also
yes i also faced the same problem before giving it to service my battery was working well, while receiving the vehicle after service it stopped working and when asked "electrical appliance no guarantee". was their response every time i give them one screw will be missing and they charge for it. worst service ever...service center "jsp service center Chintal"
Yes, I too had a very bad experience with JSP Honda Kukatpally. They do not clean the parts perfectly when we gave vehicle for service. I noticed this all times when I give vehicle for servicing.
Last time when I gave my bike for servicing, they returned the bike without seat cover. When I enquired about it, they reluctantly and rudely said it was not there when we received the vehicle for servicing from you. If any spare/accessory is missing when we give for servicing, they will make a note of it on the job card. I have shown the job and asked them where did you tick. They do not agree with that.

I am not at all worried about the value of seat cover. I got anger on their rude, reluctant & arroganct response. I decided not to leave them. After making so much argument, I escalated the matter to service manager. Finally, they took my bike inside the workshop and installed a new seat cover. I went off. Later after 2 days I noticed that new battery of bike is replaced with bad battery deliberately when they took my bike inside the workshop for installing new seat cover to creat some trouble. I took the bike to them again after 2 days and asked them about the battery. They charged the battery and sent me back. Within 2 days battery completely discharged. Again I went there and escalated the matter with Service manager. On his instructions, they finally changed the battery with good one.

All this is nuisance, waste of valuable time and no peace. I decided myself and also suggest all of you that never visit JSP Honda, Kukatpally for vehicle service.
im planning to give my activa for 1st servicing, now im worried after reading all this abt bad servicing.
i have been various bikes for past 17 years . The Dazzler purchase from JSP has been the worst experience .The Bike had manufacturing defects even after 6 visits within 7 months of purchase there are issues with self start, battery, Quality of accessories . Pls learn from my example never ever buy from JSP
Worst service at JSP honda kukatpally. I gave my activa for service there. They broke the name plate and also broke the front right body. They claim its already there before I gave it for service.
Same thing happened in my case also. They told me that they will give me honda shine bike with in 10days and i paid 1000 rupees as an advance. but it has been already 20days and still no response from jsp honda kukatpally. when i called them they told that they got stock and they already sold that. i think they are giving those bikes to those people who offer more money. what is the need of advance booking then? THE WORST HONDA SHOWROOM I HAVE EVER SEEN IS "JSP HONDA, KUKATPALLY"
My experience with JSP Honda service center…

Last service given date: May @ ErragaddaHonda Shore room

Service given date: Aug-09-2013.

On that day only I find that couple of issues and on the next day went to service center.
After that I find a big problem, ie pick up. After my servicing my bike max speed is 40 KM :).
Next Saturday Aug 17 again I visited the service center. They simply said that you need to change chloche plates wroth of 3000, but I never faced this problem before.

Here conversations between me and Mr.Mechanic who serviced my bike..

Me: pick up is very low..
Mechanic : went for trial and need to change chloche plates.
Me: but before I never faced this problem.
Mechanic : I don’t know….
Me: can please replace it now.
Mechanic : No, it will take 2-3 hr time and it cost Rs 3000
Me: then repair it.
Mechanic : not possible,
Me: why?
Mechanic : In service center we “only replace, no repairs”
Me: I simple came to the worst service center and I give Rs 10 to rode side mechanic to repair .
“ I am not going to give my bike for servicing at JSP Honda kukatpally, better you to……….”
I have gave my dream yug bike on service kukatpally hondha showroom 19/10/2013
not delivery my bike 9 days complete
my job no.29397
mobile no.9059784948
jsp honda no words to say but worst showroom i have ever seen compare to this hero honda bikes, i have purchase honda shine bike in 2012 and all my servicing done jsp honda kukatpally only but they just water wash&engine oil change and throw bikes a side as if we have not paid for those bikes or it came free of cost
*********************** " DONT BUY ANY VEHICLE IN JSP HONDA KUKATPALLY BRANCH "********************************


1) For Servicing the vehicles on Daily Basis they book more than 130 vehicles per day
2) They do not clean the parts perfectly when we gave vehicle for service
3) Some times they Will do water wash, they will change the engine oil and will inform that servicing is done
4) Especially NEW ACTIVA Vehicles delivered in this Branch having mileage problem after the Servicing (35 KMPL)
5)Very Worst Pickup after the Servicing the Vehicle
6) They will Replace the Parts and inform to us that it was defective Need to change the spare
7) For Minor Repairs also they will inform we need to change the spare, it cant be repaired

More problem occurring very frequently when we give for servicing in this Branch
This is the worst showroom I come across. I gave my honda shine bike for the first servicing and the delivary is fast but they dint done any thing except plishing with some liquid. Wen I came home i recognised that a cap of a chain is not fitted and many more. I said many problems for them that I faced till I bought, They are not bothered abt any problem I said, they dint resolved even single problem. Please Dont give here for servicing. They may steal ur parts also. WORST WORST WORST WORST WORST WORST WORST service.
WORST WORST WORST WORST WORST WORST WORST WORST service show room!! they dont bother about our compliants. Compliants taken from the customer is only a formality. small parts are also missing... If we ask them they'll charge for that. waste of money. waste of time. never ever give ur bike here for servicing.
yeah... I agree, it is a worst service center in hyderabad, I had problem with my Honda Shine bike, but they haven't respond when I ask the management.
JSP Honda Service Centre is of the waste service centre in Hyderabad, I had given my Activa for paid service, they charged 950 labour charges for 950 without including Engine Oil. But other service centres charging 730 for paid service in that they including engine oil also.
Kukatpally JSP Honda is the worst service center i have ever seen so far. given my Unicorn for general service. Saying some thing is problem in engine, they kept my bike for 12 days with them and not delivered yet. when questioned the same, no one is answering properly. Service is very very bad...

JSP Honda, Kukatpally worst service ever and ever they wont do any repair they will wash the bike and will give the Money Receipt charging 1000+Vat(Worst service center)Dont give ur bike for servicing...

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