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Sri Raman-Director
I have send an application of myson named Pranjal Kumar-127/111Rani Mandi-Allahabad for admission in MBA and provided Rs.1500/for application formin the first week of June 2009 but by mistake a draftRs.50000/was enclosed with the application form. In the meanwhile my son came in the grip of kidney trouble.On my request your institution retured Rs25000/in the first week of January-2010 and Rs25000/ is still pending for transfer in thebank account of my son.It is requested to transfer the rest amountRs25000/-also as it has become very late as one and a half year has passed.(RajeshKumarF/OPranjalKumar

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N Apr 25, 2014 by
Best Review
PIBM is destroying the career of students.
Ramanpreet just keeps calculating his business profits.
I was a student of pibm n i know i deserved a better institute n good placement but pibm destroyed my career.
PIBM is failure in terms of everything except marketing n branding.
Fooling students esp. from north.

Return my wrong side cut money - Student

I am nishant. My mobile no is- 9711742501.

I recharge my mobile with 350 sms pack...and at initial 11 Rs recharge (111 sms ) are up graded in already.
when i want to stop my 11Rs sms pack through sms DCT BC 11.
for stop 11 pack only then why both pack are closed...

whenever i send my message near about note more then 200 sms in (350+111)sms...
and cut my money from main balance near about 10-12 Rs.

So plz return my money and and add remaining sms, than i can do sms.

plz take action soon

College ask for money - Sigma Institute Of Technology

Dear Sir,

As my brother was in Sigma institute of tecnology (Baroda) he has completed 1 year due to my father's transfer we need to withdrawal his name from the college in between, when we asked college to give leaving certificate they asked for 52K then afer the negotiation occure and the final figure was 25K when we asked for receipt they denied on that part, we told them we will go to consumer forum they told us that you dont have anything as a proff. so pls let us know that can we do something in this matter or we are wrong.

Delay in Providing Resolution - Wipro Technologies , Pune


My name is Ashwani Jain and I am using Tata Indicom Mobile Phone .Its number is +91-9214429799.I am using this number in roaming.Its jaipur based number but I am using this number in Pune from 2.5 yrs.From the last 2 days I have been facing problem with it.I am not able to receive incoming calls , on the other end I can make outgoing calls.
I logged a call with the service provider on Tuesday 9th March 2010, 8:30 PM.Its reference number is 212488813,As per the SLA it was supposed to close with in 24 hrs , but however it didn't happen.After 24 hrs when I called up help desk , the team informed that they are working on it.on 11th when chased up again , they logged a another call 212665375 , and promised me call back with in 4 hrs as it was matter of urgency.At the same time I went through the misbehave of one of the customer service excutive.I was talking to him and he transferred the call to some one else without notifying me.I made a complaint on it.Ref no, 212666429.
Today also I was promised to get an update in 4 hrs but again no luck.

whenever I call up their customer support , a new agent picks up the call and i have to start from skretch.I wasted almost 2 hrs of time.

Today after 4 'o clock when chase call was made by me, they commited the same.I am working with Wipro Tech and its very critical job and I can't efford to keep the phone in this status even for 3 minutes .Now almost 2 days has passed and I have no resolution.

I got very poor response from Service Provider.Please help

Ashwani Jain
navin Student  - Pune, Pune, Maharashtra, India

no refund of amount - Student

i have recharged my tata docomo mobile no. 9028481120 on 27th march 2010 and made online payment through my SBI debit card. but due to some technical failure it could not be recharged but my account of SBI was debited by sum of Rs. 222 . i have made several complaints and tried to contact onlinerecgargeitnow.com several times but no furthe processing have been done.

the onine recharge was made from www.onlinerechargeitnow.com on 27th march 2010.
D Jan 12, 2011 by
Generally, it happens that students dont have any talent and fails to get placement during the campus placement, and blames the college for the no placement. So, this is ths fault in the student not in the College. I am also student of PIBM and Mr. Raman Preet is working hard for the student however the staff is responsible for this type of complaints. So, your this comments shows that what type of your personality is and what type of person you are. Change your attitude otherwise you will be nothing in future.
D Feb 23, 2011 by
Hii my dear friends i am also a student of pibm and i would like to tell you that all the complaints related with campus placements are fake. Record companies have been visited to our campus. And till feb 80%students are placed. So bindass raho and if u really want to go ahead and want to shape ur career then come to pibm and learn the real meaning of hard work. Byee byee
D Mar 7, 2011 by
To the director raman pibm - rs50000 / - was deposited of pranjal kumar s / o rajesh kumar r / o 127 / 111 rani mandi allahabad up on 26 - 6 - 2009 but due to ill ness my son could not join the college which was intimated to the institution well in time andrequested to refund the fee but on my request pibm refund only rs. 25000 / - on 04 - 01 - 2010 rest 25000 / - is still pending. It is therefore requested to refund the balance amount rs 25000 / - immediately as about 2yrs have passed
A Apr 16, 2011 by
what ever is given there. it is very true. not even a single big name is there in the campus. any one who is saying come to the collage and talk to the placement cell. let him also know what bull sit he is know what is placement cell is did for this year. where ever the walk in's are they send the student's over there. even they are not bother to know for what profile they are sending the person. the people over there full of attitude. some time even the director of the college is not ready to listen you. no matter he is wrong.

this is not a story it is my exp. in the college.

all the best to all my junior's. Hoping you will learn soon. it is good if you do it soon.

b'coz your future is in your hand
N Sep 14, 2011 by
In the light of above complaint lodge earlier of Pranjal Kumar it is again reitterated that Rs.25000/- is still outstanding out of 50000/- It is again requested that pl transfer the outstanding balance amount rs25000/-j which is pending for the past several years.
Rajesh Kumar f/o Pranjal Kumar
127/111RaniMandi Allahabad.UP
A Oct 15, 2011 by
yes i agree to all these facts as they brings the students by making false statements, giving them informations which are not at all releavent.
this college is really a big cheater college.
A Oct 15, 2011 by
the college has no environment or management... this is reeally really a fake college... its better to study in any other college... mrityunjay, raman preet, pranav nagpurkar, sumit dey all are big cheaters and liars...
A Nov 4, 2011 by
yaa.i agree to all this complains.i know it because i'm a present student of pibm and i'm really telling you that it is a fake college.they bring students by making false statement.wat they only want is money.no good companies come here.they just show off that they are bringing good companies.bt actual fact is that they just bring companies to show us bt recruitment dont take place.its a show off business.trust me this environment is very negative and not made for study.they always demotivate students and their main intention is to take money in any possible way.it is a cheat fund.you will not find good education system over here.raman preet, mritunjay, pranav nagpurkar, asutosh mathur and newly added colonel sir all are fake people.
N Dec 6, 2011 by
N Dec 6, 2011 by
shutup mritunjay .. u go only to buhar and jharkhand and east to get students, , u dalal... how much u get for one student.. ????? m is only from 15000/20000. and and crowd in pibm is only from east, . i iwll tell u why u get, , , there u can boil ur dal.. but not in south belt. why u have all the students who belong from north... ha..if u have shame try to make this as a vidya mandir.. not a DHANDA.. this paap will bless all the PIBM employees, who are working with Raman preet, what is in ur campus, a asshole placement dalal. and ur rohit. guys do go to pibm but on ur risk, because now it is a AICTE college. but the management team is worst, they are neither qualified, ask raman preet to show his qualification, who he is a executive director, totla... haaa haaa... but mrutunjay this job will suck u, rather u open a college under ur managemnt, it iwlll flow.
N Dec 6, 2011 by
You shit, don't you even dare to blame PIBM or any of the staff member, as me the student of 2009 - 11 batch and initially i m working with Sony as Asst. Manager (Sales) and leading a very good life style and THIS IS ONLY PIBM WHO MADE ME LEARN HOW TO PUT ON THE EFFORTS AND GRAB SUCESS. In my group their were 12 friends of mine among which we 8 got placed though campus placement dat means rest 4 should inspite of seeing their own mistakes and drawback start blaming management No PIBM is an leading Business School not a placement agency, if you are telling dat you are the student of PIBM than you must be remembering the name of Top faculty teaching in PIBM,

PIBM never did any false commitment what they told they fulfilled like:
1. Students will be taught by top notch leading faculties in India
2. Huge numbers of work shops and projects college have provided to their students.
3. All technological certification programs like ERP, Six Sigma, MS Project, Advanced Excel, CFP by FPSB India, are taught by top notch leading corporate trainers of Maharashtra
4. 6 National Level Seminars where PIBM made us interact with more than 120 top notch Business giants working at profile of National head, President, Vice president of many leading Brands.
5. Full time a team for Communication Training has been hired just for the sake of students benefit.
6. Students get readymade companies for theirs SIP, There are many B-School where at the time of SIP only students get recommendation letter from the institute but PIBM provides it to all their students without a single efforts.
7. 90 % ATTENDANCE & 12 HOURS DAYS EFFORTS ARE COMPULSORY whether Management have told you at the time of admission or Not, , , Yes they do...

Just think and let me know whether when you will open your eyes and accept the realities as you better know, nothing in this world comes for Free, WHICH IF I M NOT WRONG YOU WERE EXPECTING.
Yes the name which you have disclosed i.e. Raman sir, who is my ideal, whom i admire and in future i want to be like him as he works only for the students career and organization at any point of time who doesn’t bother the pay what top faculty demands. Mrityunjay sir, Rohit sir, Pranav sir who all are the active members and really willing to help student at any point of time for overall grooming and guidance towards the students who always use to motivate the students for their career as they knew that students are aware about all the details at the time of admission itself because PIBM purpose is to make students upto date according to the demands of corporate and resulting the rigorous training only makes PIBM to bring MORE AND MORE COMPANIES FOR THE PLACEMENT DUDE, as placement occurs only after learning the overall parameters of academics for overall grooming by leading trainers which need time and PIBM GETS ONLY 2 YEARS OF TIME.

I REQUEST ALL OF YOU KINDLY DARE TO VISIT THE CAMPUS AND INTERACT WITH DIFFERENT DEPARTMENT AND KNOW THE FACTS. AND if possible just open your eyes and see the world and enquire too you will find the PIBM Best Business school for those who wish to be the part of rigorous training and transformation process WHO ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE TO TRANSFORM A SIMPLE GRADUATE INTO PART OF LEADING CORPORATE IN JUST 2 YRS.
N Dec 13, 2011 by
To, The Director Pune Institute of Business Management-Pune : Detained fees Rs.25000/- of my son Pranjal Kumar is not refunded so far about 2 years have passed but institution is paying no attention about the refund of the fees .It is again requested to refund the fees .Rajesh Kumar father of Pranjal Kumar 127/111, Rani Mandi-Allahabad UP Pin-211003
D Jan 2, 2012 by
Mr.Saurav12345, I don't agree with you. I think that you have never seen a management institute. The entire management team of a management institute should be active as well as oriented towards the welfare of the students. But do you think any such thing is going on? An HOD of a management institute should be an expirienced person of at least 10 years in terms of teaching line, they should have the hold over spoken english. Do you think any such thing is there?
For any further information regarding management institutes please never hesitate in mailing me. I will explain everything to you. Till then take care, bye.
N Apr 30, 2012 by
Director-PIBM, Sir I deposited rs.50000/-for the admission of my son but due to unavoidable circumstances my son could not get admission .On my request your institution refunded rs 25000/- but rs 25000/- is still outstanding from your institution to me.About four years have passed(06-09)balance amount has not been paid to me. It is .therefore .requested to kindly to give a sympathetic consideration to my request and refund the balance amount. Rajesh Kumar.F/o.Pranjal Kumar .127/111.RaniMandi Allahabad.UP . MobileNo.9415703927
N Jun 19, 2012 by
To Vickey Malhotra If that is your real name. I don't understand one thing if you have such a big problem with PIBM & you are so sure of your allegations then why don't you follow the legal process ? Instead of barking online you could have gone to court and seek justice. I don't know who is sponsoring you or what is your problem but one thing is sure that you just want to tarnish the image of PIBM and no wonder if you are getting paid by rivals.

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