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Sony Ericsson - Service and repairs

937 Reviews
  Apurv Singh
I had got the Joy stick of my Sony-Ericsson K750i repaired from a Sony-Ericsson service center in Gurgaon, but after 2 days of that the phone display went white, and when I took the phone back to the service center the manager refused to handle the phone he said that the phone may have got damaged due to the software getting corrupted or some problem in the main board of the phone, how ever he confirmed that the Cap of the Joystick was not fixed properly. The cold response from the the Store manager made me write to the Sony-Ericsson customer service mail id, how ever I did not get any response from them.

The Service station name and Add is
Mobile phones India
114, central Arcade, DLF City - II
Gurgaon - 122002

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I have purchase problem from Soni Ericsson name W300i Mobile in Nov-2007. It has occurred a minor complaint of connectivity with computer. That’s ok it will be cleared by the Solara International Limited , SCO-206,207, Sec-34-A, Chandigarh. 2nd time after 10 days from the rectification of first complaint the display system is totally off of the set. On 29.12.2007 I submit the set in Solara International Limited , SCO-206,207, Sec-34-A, Chandigarh.under complaint ID (SES07CHD33233) in the name of Mr. Deepak Rana.In the complaint sheet under the head Problem Description the engineer has remarked DEAD SET. From 29th dec.07 to 14th jan.08, there is no progress in this complaint. Several time I contact to Customer Care Chandigarh 0172-2622850 ( and also in Delhi no.011-39011111 but there is no positive response I have get till now from Soni Ericsson. From 29th Dec. 2007 to 15th Jan. 2008, my communication is totally disturbed due to soni ericsson. I have face problem in the set more than two time from the date of purchase of the set . If the set is declared DED SET (More than 80% cost occurred to repair the set) by the engineer than what is the problem with Soni Ericsson to change the set and give the new set to customer. Now I just want to know from Soni Ericsson that what I will do.


Deepak Rana
sir i had bought w200i phonein october now day before today my phone is not working when i was downloding games now what should do ?
plz reply

my phone no is 9921911664
dear sir,
I am Lukesh sharma from Jalandhar.

i have bought sonyericson W810i from Diamont enterprises, jalandhar on 22-08-2007.

it has problem ; can't power on.
it has been submitted with Diamont enterprises dated 02-02-08 AT 4:37pm for replacement purpose.

but till date no response is gained.
I am in business so suffering a lot for delay in processing.
my contact no is 9888250605
complaint id;SES08JAL10415

awaiting for your quick response.

Lukesh Sharma.
I had purchase Sony Ericsson K790i from Hot spot Rajouri Garden on Dated: 07.Nov.2007 from December I'm starts facing problem with my handset.Sometimes it's keypads stop working or sometime joystick & sometime Both were not Working.I had visited Service Centre Rajouri Garden several times.On last visit they took One Month to repair the set & they said that they had replace the Motherboard of the set.Now again I'm facing the same of problem.I'm very harras from this situation.
So,Please arrange to replace my handset otherwise I'll go for other Option(Consumer Court),If my problem is not resolved as earlier.

Sushant Raj

Lost my Mobile - Sony Ericsson W900i

I have lost my mobile, while travelling from Pune station to Baner. It was a SE w900i phone (IMEI no: 35785800-029504-8). I have blocked that SIM and am using another new SIM with the same Mobile no.

My concern is that i want to recover my phone back. It cost me a lot of money and there were all my contact information in that mobile.

I have lodged a complaint with the police, but i doubt that would be of any use.

Please let me know what could be done. My mobile no. is 9975253005.

Jess Mathew.
I have purchase problem from Soni Ericsson K750i from big bazar chennai on 7.6.07, after 6 month I'm starts facing problem with my handset the phone display went white. so i got the phone to sony ericsson service center in chennai, but they didnt able to clear the problem, i dont know y. i asked for replacement. but, The cold response from the the Store manager made me write to the Sony-Ericsson customer service, how ever I did not get any response. So,Please arrange to replace my handset otherwise I'll go for other Option(Consumer Court),If my problem is not resolved as earlier.
I had purchased the sony ericsson 1i last three days back but now i am facing lots of problem please let me know who is the c.e.o of sony ericsson and what is his mail address.

sachin narang

Not accepting java files - k800i

I have k800i. When I click games and application icon, it shoes operation failed. Why is this happening?. How can I rectify this defect? please reply.
I have purchase Sony ericsson k750i. It is in warranty. My first problem is on 2nd-Jan-2008. Camera door problem. I am given it to a Sony-Ericsson service center in Secunderabad(Solara International Limited) A.P, he checked and it is physical damage you have to pay 750/-Rs. I paid it and it is replaced on 12th-jan-08. It is not problem, But from that day onwards am getting problem with Bluetooth connectivity. Mobile is unable to connect to other Bluetooth device.
So again am given my mobile to Sony-Ericsson service center in Ameerpet (Solara International Limited) on 14th-Jan-08.This problem is rectified on 28th-jan-08(After so many times I request to rectify the problem early) and he told me problem with board so Board is replaced.Finally it is Bluetooth is working is fine. But I found another problem with my mobile is Joystick is not working properly. I asked so many time to replace the joystick , the sony ericsson Authorized person told me right now stock is not available so please come after a week. Day by day joystick is not working properly finally keypad is struck. And 1,2,3 and phone switch off key’s are not working. So again am given phone to Sony-Ericsson service center in Ameerpet (Solara International Limited) 14th-feb-08.after so long time sony service center return back my phone on 8th-march-08, in this mean time so many times I called to sony service center regarding my phone status no response he is telling always some reasons and escaping. I checked my phone immediately in service center keypad “zero”(0) key is not working I asked and it is rectified. This time also he told me again board problem, and board is replaced. On same day I found another problem with my sonyk750i. it is not connecting to computer using USB cable. Next day means on 10th-march-08 again am given in sony service center Ameerpet. He checked and and told me problem with board. I asked how many time you will change board. And how many time it is getting problem. He taken and mobile for service and given to me same day evening. Again he told me bord problem and board replaced. Ok fine.. Again am getting problem with Keypad am given for service in same service center on 11th march 08. till knw no response.. please help me. I would like to complaint in consumer forum AP.
I had purchased a Sony Ericsson mobile W700i
on 16/02/2008 from on of your dealer on Trivandrum ( Kerala ) i got a fresh packet, but at the time of buying i d'nt look the head phone. I tried afterwards but it's not working, I have given it to your authorized service center ( Synergy Service ) on 18/02/2008, till now i did not receive back they are telling their is no stock. I can't believe why it happened, pls give me a reply as soon as possible
Hello Sir/Madam,
I bought SE P1i on 24th Feb 2008 from a well known dealer UNIVERCELL (Avadi, Chennai branch) .The handsfree given along with the handset is a faulty one.The left ear piece have distortions while listening to music.Why a product from a world class company such as Sony Ericsson do get such problems within just 20 days from purchase?Who should be held responsible for such issues?

With my faulty handsfree I went to a SE authorized service center ( SHYAM ELECTRONICS, Ambattur, Chennai).The so called service professionals over there do not even have the basic courtesy of dealing with a customer politely.
When I enquired when will I get my new handfree, the response was a pre-determined statement " We currently dont have stocks, You need to wait for another 15 days ".I mentioned it as a pre-determined statement because I heard the reception representative telling the same statement to all of the customers who came there and also to them who enquired over phone.
Unless they go and inform concerned authorities, how will they get the stock? If the Service Center doesn't have the stock, who is responsible for getting the stock ?Is this a customer's job to inform the concerned department and get the things under the roof?

Till date, I didn't receive the replaced handsfree and will wait for another 5 days, as mentioned by the signing authority (Mr.Venkatesh) at Shyam Electronics.

Note : Iam preparing to file a legal suit against Mr.Venkatesh(Signing Authority), Shyam Electronics, Ambattur Chennai and also against Sony Ericsson in consumer court.I will be taking it further legally from here on.Its just the final call.

My details are :

Call Details :

Call ID : SY1-SE-459128-CP
Call Register Date : 15/03/2008 02.26 PM
Service Type : Warranty

Customer Details :

Customer Name : Abhijith.K
Telephone Number : 9840672053
Place/Region : Chennai

POP Details :

POP Date : 24/02/2008
Invoice : 11031

Product Details :

Model number : HPM-61/61 Handsfree
Serial Number : 2094605

Now my general concerns are :

1) Do Sony Ericsson take the responsibilty of all accessories given along with the SE handset at the time of purchase ?
2) Do all accessories and handsets go through QUALITY CHECKS ?
3) If yes, then why more than 90 % of SE customers have problem with their SE products, that too in their warranty period itself ?

" Nothing can be perfect " I do agree with that but then we have got something like " WARRANTY PERIOD " .

Why do we have that and who is responsible for making sure that customers do get the best service atleast during the warranty period, if they face any issue with the product they had bought with their hard earned money ?

Only opening many service centers in and around city is the responsibilty of Sony Ericsson management? Who is then responsible for making sure that customers do get best service out of them ? Who has to take initiative to resolve this problem ?

Being a Sony Ericsson customer, I need you to address the above concerns as soon as possible.

awful condition of cell made by service centre - sony ericsson mobile s500i

I purchased a sony ericsson mobile model no. s500i from Sony Ericsson Experience Store (U.K. Enterprises)- Panchkula, Haryana on 10th nov. 2007 bearing IMEI no. 35908501-002856-9
This was the day when I did the biggest mistake of my life…. (Sorry but that’s the truth)
I have already sent my cell to more than 6 times to your service centre Salora International Limited, sec – 34, Chandigarh. But after getting such services, I guess you yourself will ask them to shut their office. I am enclosing all the receipts of the complaints (being filed). Kindly consider them and take some serious action so that I get justice. All the complaints are as mentioned with the condition of the cell when received back.
Reported on: 13th nov. 2007 (3 days after purchasing this cell)
Filed on: 16th nov. 2007
Problem reported in mp3 player as the songs were intermixing automatically when a song was played.
Service provided: software upgraded.
Received back on: 17th nov. 2007

Reported on: within next 15 days
Problem reported: keypad started getting cracked, lines in video and still camera.
Filed on: 18th dec. 2007 (as the reqd. thing is never in stock with these people)
Service provided: keypad replaced, software upgraded (again)
Received back on: 21st dec. 2007

Reported on: 25th dec., 2007 (4 days after getting the keypad replaced)
Problem reported: keypad cracked (even after the assurance that it won’t crack), lines in camera.
Filed on: 3rd Jan. 2008 (these people celebrate their holidays 366 days a year)
Service provided: keypad replaced, software upgraded, bonzer swap (which ruined my cell)
Received back on: 28th Jan. 2008 (but the date in the receipt is 16th Jan. Till 25th it was not even repaired)
Condition of the cell:
Outer body got loose and it was not less than a toy which makes irritating sounds, body was found cracked near the volume button.
Left side of the central dial got pressed inside and it did not work properly.
Clearly visible scratches found all over the cell (which were never there before submitting the cell at the service centre)
Lines in the camera still reported.

Reported on: within a month of getting the cell swapped but was denied to be filed (as service centre was closed on 3rd Saturday instead of 2nd)
Filed on: 21st march, 08
Problem reported: central button not working properly, songs intermixing, lines in camera, crack near the volume button.
Service provided: cell was swapped with an assurance that it won’t trouble me anymore and if it does, they’ll surely replace it this time.
Condition of the cell:
Countless scratches (quite big ones this time)
Cracks on the body.
Central button not working at all.
Gap between the slider is almost 2.5 – 3 mm now.
Received on: 25th march
Reported on: 25th march just after seeing this pathetic situation of my cell
Filed on: not filed as yet as the engineers deny to accept the fact that they have created a mess out of my cell.
I was unhappy with the services provided but now that unhappiness has turned into shear anger because of this management. They clearly hope that by keeping silent, I’ll go away.
Every time I went to the service centre, I was naïve because I thought that they intended to resolve the issue once they examined my cell.
Your customer care is exceptional in its awfulness. Customers are passed from voice to voice via automated machines and are left dangling on the line at their own expense, never get to talk to the same person again and as a result, never get the same story twice.
I’m afraid that customer care problems are beyond solving even by the M.D. but my cell phone is an issue that you can fix at a stroke. I’m relying on you to clean up the mess that your service center people have created. Please consider my plea and take a considerable action as soon as possible.
Yours sincerely,
Divya Dewan
Purchased Sony w580i on 19.1.08 now the set is creating problem with hang. when i restart the phone he give the demo
& said no sim card.
Kindly provide me your sevice centre address & phone no for chandigarh.
I got SE S500i on 24th Feb 2008 and it started giving problem from 10th April.2008.
It has all kind of problem like
1. Phone is getting hanged at least once in 2 days for 10-15 min. then starts automatically.
2. Calls are getting dropped off in-between,
3. Memory card problems,
4. Keypad problems
5. Very poor battery backup
6. Now cell has switched off for forever...:)
Went to service station and now they said they will replace some body parts of handset but they won't give me complete replacement.

It's of very poor quality...we R spending 10K on it and it's not working only...I don't kw what kind of cell Sony Ericson is producing...plz don't buy at least this handset...n I suggest not to go for any SOny Ericson Hand set if we face this kind of problems in a 15 days of use. When they are pricing the things too high i.e. 10K and above they should be caseful about all these things.

Let's see what the replacement quality will be and if that's not up to the point I personally ask all SE customer's to move on some better options available in teh market that's the only option we have now.

Sony Ericssion Service Centre delay in providing better service. - Sony Ericsson / W700i

I have submitted my Sony Ericssion/W-700i in Sony Ericssion Service Centre on 24.Feb.08.But, I haven't received my Handsfree yet.So, I just want to through light on the commitments made by company for better service, which are not fulfilled even in such a long duration for which I am calling Customer Care and service centre regularly, but no proper action has been taken yet.

Usatisfactory Services.. - Sony Ericsson W580i

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that i had purchased a Sony Erricssion W580i Handset on 15/11/2007, But it started giving me problem from the 1st. day itself, I had given my handset in the service station ( Aditi Electronics Shop, 147, 1st floor, Om Shubham tower, Neelam Bata road, Faridabad, Haryana -121001 ) on 17/03/2008 but till date i have not received it back from them, Initally they gave me the time frame for 15 days but its been more than a month now, I even called up the customer care of Sony where i got the reply that they will get back to me within 2 days but i dint' received any call from them, i had visited the Service Centre atleast 10 times but everytime they give me some or the other reason of not replacing the handset with the new one stating that its not in the stock everytime, Is it that the company has stopped the production for these handsets??
or they don't want to return my handset back to me.
Kindly do the needful in geeting my handset back.

Thanks & Regards,
Ashwani Bhatia
Dear sir

Sub :- Bad Service

I am Sachin Sonawane, Working in Tata Consultancy Services . I am using Sony Ericsson mobile products.

I have submitted my Sony Ericsson k550i handset for repairing on 16th April ‘08 as the Handset is not working / got dead. When I visited the service center on 22nd April 08, they have detected “ motherboard ” problem. Then i asked when the handset will get repaired, they are told me that please come after one month. They are giving me really bad services. I tried to give my complaint in Sony Ericsson customer care no-39011111, they refused to register my complaint saying they are not concerned with these complaints. On requesting again they told that will look in to the matter and will call back in next 48 hrs but still I have not received any call from customer care.
When I again visited the service center after 5days they told that it will take 18 days more for the resolution.

Requesting you to plz look into this matter as nobody is properly responding to my problem.

Mobile IMEI NO 35851601076236050
Complaint id :-
Service center add :- Mobi serve
Shop no 6 157 Nilkanth palace Gaodia Nagar Ghatkopar
Mumbai 400077
Ph no 32021462
I need to repair my SE K790i with proper care.As I unfortunately dropped my cell in water, but after 1min I when i got the cell I opened it and remove some outer coverings n my cell is performing every functions, even the display is viewable, but the light which should emit, to show the contrasts n brightness of the display doesnt seems to right..
Plz help me out from this big trouble by refering a good service point in Chennai,

MMS - sony ericsson w220i

I requested for a MMS facility and i recieved sms asking for settings. But the settings was not happening and it says setting failed. Iam using sony ericsson w200i..
pls clear it
I purchased Sony ericsson w580i phone from chennai with one year warranty. But within 3 months i got display problem in my mobile(black lines on the screen). It day by day increased. I approached the Sony service station. They reason what they told is very shocking for me. They said due to water get inside the display got affected and this problem is out of warranty. In this hot summer the temperature is more than 100F. I argued with them. They told due sweat in hands the phone was affected. (I think we souls use the phone in Himalayas only). They are not at all willing to replace the display. They asked 2000 RS for repairing my mobile. I can give 100% assurance i never expose my mobile in wet area. They cheating the customers. When i was in the Sony service station three more w580 mobiles were come with the same problem. They repeatedly telling the same story to every one. If we got problem in key pad, charger etc kind of low price items only they changed. Otherwise they bluff like this only. I planned to book a legal act against the Sony errisson and my retail seller. I have proper bill, warranty without any use. These kind of response and problems only encouraging the grey market. Then what is the different between the authorized shops and gray market.
I never expect such a worst, cheating response from Sony

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