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  Mamon Dutta on Jul 18, 2011
I liked 'Maa' very much but now it makes boring for me. Please see the matter & please send pari to her own house, don't show again her life in misery & send "Hira amma" to jail , & "Maa go Maa" another house & "Phulki" to hostel. Give the serial a Happy Ending as soon as possible.

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A Jul 18, 2011 by
Mamon Dutta  
I liked 'Maa' very much but now it makes boring for me.
A Jul 20, 2011 by
I dont know what the director wants ultimately.the serial is losing its elasticity.whats the use of pulling an elastic string beyond its tensile strength?
if the director now end the serial it will be nice for him as well as the regular viewers of the serial.
Now the actual identity of Jhilik should be disclosed.
Dear Director, please dont tussel between Jhilik and Pari anymore.
please, please and please for God sake!
N Jul 26, 2011 by
Ady Sen  
Plz For Heaven 's sake Stop Maa Serial with a happy ending & i am specially requesting as my mother, & like her many other viewers have fallen sick & stop seeing it though the same was once very favourite to them . At First my mother used to run & come, see this Serial & now she used to run back ward .
D Jul 28, 2011 by
bhramar gupta  
Every attitude in Maa is negative which is not at all a fair affair in an entertainment channel! There should be minimum ethics and social responsibility of showing any kind of serial!!TRP should not be the ultimate interest!
The serial is getting endless with never ending nagging and repeated problems..Its funny to see that a mother cannot recognise her child even in the present days with scientific facilities!! A house full of people with the aptitude of law is too callous to be slightest firm in coming to a decision about Jhilik.
The boring melodrama is not expected from a director like Debangshu Sengupta.
What is the use of making serials without any moral? The mischievers always get the ideal opportunity to do all the harms and their lucks r always in favour of them, and the misunderstandings are never ending...
The over acting of Soma Chakraborty and Rita ?Chakraborty are just becoming intollerable...
My suggestion is that to end up the serial by solving each and every turns and querries raised in the serial..Its not wise to under estimate and underconsider the viewers..
We r waiting for good entertaining short serials with morals..and wish Star Jalsha a bright future.. Thanks..
Bhramar Gupta, Kolkata.
A Aug 13, 2011 by
K K Basu  
Since 18th July, I stopped viewing this STUPID, UNREALISTIC, BORING, serial that is MAA..Not only me, about 20-25 relatives & friends of mine stopped viewing this serial.

When I last lodged my complaint on 16th July, I requested viewers to ban this serial, as it is nothing but a story, prepared by some foolish, brainless, who have no respect of public opinion. Contrary, these stupid think that as long as there are mails, it is being viewed by public & their TRP rating is high.

Please stop viewing this serial, so no comments will required to be published. Jhilik is nothing but a character made by wild imagination of the producer or director. The story does not match real life, so why to see?

I was a bit amazed, when I saw this MAA serial was awarded the best serial in Star Jalsa Festival, telecasted a few weeks before. I realized, what is meant by "Lobbying"

In fact I changed my channel to ZEE bangla, where I enjoy two realistic serial like Keya Patar Nouko & Subornolata as well Lill' Champs & Meerakkel (though not of a good standard).

My advice to Star Jalsa authority to interfere the matter, just to keep their reputation. (Of course, I doubt, whether this letter will be read by the channel authority).

But it is requested to Star Jalsa authority to stop defaming Kolkata Police, Judiciary & to stop promote criminal activities.

Enough is enough

-K.K.Basu, Tollygunge (Retired Senior Manager of a Engineering Company)
A Jan 17, 2012 by
Devasish Acharya  
The serial is taking too much time. I want to see the final episode as soon as possible for a full day, But please conclude the serial as the viewers want,
A Mar 25, 2012 by
Whatever is written above is absolutely correct. There should be a limit to everything. If "Maa" herself doesnt want her daughter back then no way Jhilik can ever come back home. Earlier the motion was very good. But it has become the worst serial now as there is no end of conspiracy and negative things against the girl. Regarding Jhilik i find her very irritating in all the sense for her all well designed unwanted goodness. The most senior member of the family being a Justice of a High Court has shown the least amount of judicious mind to find the truthfulness. Kolkata Police has been proved to be the most handicapped authority through out the world. The lawyers are just humiliated in the serial and all of them are worthless and disgrace the lawyer fraternity. The entrance of new famous characters are just fake attempts to attract viewers. They come and go but do nothing. Fulki is a highly stupid character as there was no need of her in the serial at all. I don know why star jalsha is focusing so much on all the unrealistic cartoon characters. the serial is simply floating on the air. all the impossible things which can hardly happen are shown in the serial. Now its too much. it cant be digested anymore. Ppl may ask me to stop showing the serial if i am having so much problem with it. But there is a social impact also which we should keep in mind. It 90% of the time shows devil's victory and rest only mere hope. People would start thinking like this in the society and would do no good. I believe society also should be kept in mind with the business. Viewers come in front of TV to get positive response and the serial just does the opposite. Don waste your time guys and save others also from wasting precious time. Better do some productive things which will benefit you. This kind of serial is now a disguise in the name of relaxation and entertainment. Bye.
N Mar 26, 2012 by
I have a request to Star Jalsha, please repeat the telecast of "Romonir Guney" at night 12 o'clock as it was.
The earlier time schedule was perfect for us who are employed. The best time schedule was at 11.00 p.m. "Bodhu kon alo laglo chokhe", at 11.30p.m. "Ishti Kutum", next 12.00 a.m. "Romonir Guney", next 12.30 a.m. "Bhasa" . I am sending my request from our family members and my colleagues also.
N Mar 30, 2012 by
online star jalsa streaming korle video star jalsar but audio star plus er hochhe...please recover the problem as fast as possible...
N Apr 1, 2012 by
in case of online streaming star jalsa, there has no sound in background...please pay your attention on this problem to solve it..
A Jun 28, 2012 by
please wind up Ma as soon as possible. Now it is the worst serial in star jalsa. My request to the directors of star jalsa to look after it and keep the reputation of your channel. june 28 2012. n Sengupta. Kolkata.
N Jun 28, 2012 by
I do not know whether such comments will be effective . I know the directors will turn their deaf ears. Still Ma was the best serial once so its deterioration pains me.
N Jul 21, 2012 by
Nilanjana Sen  
why doesn't the director be a bit realistic and bring in a DNA test kind of thing to end our misery regarding MAA. at least he will have done something intelligent as is the need of the day with so much advances being made in the medical world. the nonsense is also growing on us - big idiot box watchers who are becoming dumber and dumber by the day. why cannot someone at least point out that it was jhilik who saved her mother's life by donating blood. at least this can bring Maa to daughter if the idiot box cannot. dipu kaka is the most boring, irritating and dumbest character ever. he is doing it for money no doubt but why does he not get uttertly bored by the utter nonsense of 'mathar dibbi'. jhilik's character borders on sheer boka boka saintliness. the whole serial is now becoming utterly exasperating, unbelievable, time-wasting and family-irritating thanks to its producers and sponsorers.
posted by an avid watcher T. Das
N Jul 24, 2012 by
ripa sen  
the serial maa is going toooooooooooooo much irritating, "asojhokor", disgusting, .its a request to the channel that to stop the serial immidiately as soon as possible. the most idiotic part of this serial is, now a days every person knows about DNA TESTING but the director don't know about this.""ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffff"".please, stop the serial immidiately...
A Aug 5, 2012 by
Maa serial shown in prime time in star jalsa. is an example of absurd stupidity of its creaters i.e Producer/Director/Actor/Actress involved here. Grand father of Pari, a retired judge and his idiotic sons who seem to have passed their Law degree with no basic knowledge of Law or in other words ghash (grass) kheye parashuna shikhechhe. Even if they bypass the circumstantial evidence of Jhdilki being the real Pari they should take the help of most reliable scientific test, i mean DNA test to confirm the blood relation/parenthood existing between Pratima Mukherjee, the mother, Manish, the father and Jhilik (real Pari). I firmly believe that the Director of the said serial has intentionally avoided that route in order to lengthen the story and befool the audience. Remember that you can befool one person once but not all the people for all the time.For heaven sake stop the serial at once and come out with a realistic story normally happen in our society.
N Aug 6, 2012 by
please stop the maa with happy ending. ekhane maa shabdo tar apoman kora hocche, prithibite emon kono ma hoi ki j tar nijer santan k chinte parena. please maa k r choto korben na.
A Aug 7, 2012 by
K K Basu  
I stopped seeing this serial long back, like many of my friends & relatives as well as our uneducated maid servant, who finds it a real trash.

Yesterday (5/8/12), to pass my idle time, I saw the Star Jalsa-Pratidin celebration. I am amazed to see that MA is nominated as best serial.

I don't know actually who are the judges, but with due respect to all of them, I would request them to read all the comments of the viewers.

But I know, who cares. They have their own style of judgement & we the poor viewers know nothing of this present society, medical advancement, legal procedures etc etc etc.

I don't want to comment on the storyline & logic as I don't see it. But from the comments, I understand the illogical, brainless, stupid, serial is still irritates the viewers.

A caution to Star Jalsa, you are fast losing your viewers in this competitive world.
N Aug 9, 2012 by
I m the regular viewer of maa serial. my family also like this serial very much. but I have a complain why every time jhilik r failure to fulki nd why every time fulki win now also fulki success her plan she married aditya why? u change something we want to saw jhilik have win to fulki nd pisi thama. nd pratima will know that jhilik is har real daughter pari.
A Aug 14, 2012 by
Anindya Mukherjee  
Maa is the worst serial ever ...
I just wanna meet dat ass face who writes the story of this fck shitt ... maa

Best serial was Bahula till date ...

Too Maa crew and director ... go suck bahulas asss u son of a baich...
N Aug 18, 2012 by
subhas 2012  
Actually the directer of Maa serial not a brilliant director . he show that Real Maa is very bad . Actually Director dnt know the meaning of Maa. The directer knows how to earn money . So I request to director please if u want to earn money then u join share market but dnt show difrrent meaning of mother . try to show Maa in real face quick.

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