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  pavan_1990 on Mar 8, 2012
Hi guys...

I dont have any bald head but i have heavy hair fall because of that i have gone to VCare, they have tested and said that they will give treatment according to that BUT after their treatment i got "Bald Head", then i have asked their doctor on face to face all this is FAKE then i got no response..
So dont go to this.. it is completely fake...
i have spend nearly 30,000 rupees but no result..
i have taken course for 6 months with all their treatments, diet and medicine. that too they didn't care about their customers my registered number is VJY2343 after treatment(Got no result) they didnt even care,..
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N Jun 1, 2013 by
Best Review
Hi Friends i am working in software company at Chennai. I have dandruff and hair fall problem.So i visited V care T Nagar office.At first they asked to sit in the reception.Then the receptionist call me and said they want to have hair test such that, the test report can explain detail about my problems for dandruff and hair fall.Fee for hair test and doctor consult is 800.I paid the money.Then they take me to the room.In the room i saw he girl her appearance was like a slum girl but with makeup.She cut my hair for test, taken photos of my head and said that i have dandruff problem(which i already knew).I can promise that she not even passed his school studies.And i am surprised how they recruited the girl like that for do doing such activities.
Then they asked me to wait for some time for getting my hair test reports.After my reports came they called me inside to have discussion with doctor.I went to doctor room, their i saw young lady who is sitting in front me saying that she is a doctor(I can confirm u that she not even passed his degree), she take my test reports and said u have, many weak hair so u r having this hair fall problems and u r Harmon are not balanced so u have dandruff problem and said blah blah...At last she said i will have baldness soon if i do not take treatment.As my hair fall is more, i agreed to take treatment cost of 30thousand(even though i have doubt in the doctor and they way of behavior).I paid all the money they asked .
Then they said i want to come for 6 sitting..
In the first sitting -they started to scrub my head like any thing, it started to pain more and my whole head became red .i asked the person y it is like this.he said it will b ok i allowed him to do that even though it cause me hair fall and pain...after that they washed my head and dried it, using some red color light .And asked to sit under a light for 10 min.then they give water vapor treatment and applied some jell and asked to sit for 45min with that jell and finally washed my head and asked to consult with doctor.i went to doctor she said i have do this for six month then my hair fall will b fine.

after six sitting passed their was no improvement (my hair fall is more and my head was red)due to their i asked the doctor y it is so..she had no answer but she said it will b alright in 2weeks .i shouted at her that i am here for 6 months non of my problem has been cleared .due to this treatment my hair fall is more and dandruff too.she have no answer..i came out of their clinic shouting that it is fraud and asked other patient not to go for treatment.

i have wasted my valuable money of my hard work of 30thousand rupees for nothing..
So my friends i beg u not to go for v care treatment, it is a total fraud.
in TV channels they will tell that, they can cure all the problem related to head they can also grow more hair ..But it is a total lie, don't believe them.
In TV channels, some people will call Praba MD of vcare and tell that their problem has been cured after taking their treatment ..Please don't believe that, they r not real call.They are fake call which was setup by their own organisation.

I can promise u vcare is a total fraud ..Government should ban them..

i have taken 30min to right this friends please don't b a fool like me do the same mistake what i did...
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My request
hello sir my name is bharti parmar, mandsaur and someone has created a fake account by my name + my photo and is misusing it .
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N Dec 5, 2011 by
Sanjay Yadav Vcare Trichology  - Thane, Thane, Maharashtra, India

money lose - Vcare company

I have invest the money in vcare company rs.50.000/- but company has been shut down

please suggest.
A Mar 27, 2012 by
I took treatment in Coimbatore. But of no use. They charged me Rs. 22000 for testing, treatment and product. When I used their product I got small wound on head. When I showed it to them they said it is because I scratch my head ( which I don't do that). Their treated lasted for 5 sittings. My wound got worst. I went to a parlour for doing a facial. That lady told me it was due to the shampoo and asked me to stop using it. I stopped using V Care products and my wounds are gone away. I did not have any improvement in the treatment they gave. Coimbatore V Care centre is worst. They don't sterilize comb or wash towels. It is a very dirty place.
A Jun 9, 2012 by
Yes you are correct..!
at first their treatment is not correct. They are saying that "scrubbing" will remove delicate hair and dandruff, BUT without knowing the patients condition they are applying to all the people blindly like illiterates..!!! As i said i don't have bald head before going to them, only because of them i didn't get regrowth of my hair after scrubbing and i got baldness.!!
At first they said, they will do monthly checking and scanning but nothing... Their High-Tech procedure for FAKE treatment is Scrubbing, head bath, applying red laser beam light to head, applying water vapor and finally applying their own products like pasty cream and oils to hair which gives some coolness.. that's it they will also give some diet instructions which we can find those on internet also..
All the Vcare Products are FAKE FAKE FAKE...!!!
this is that fake site:
A Jun 17, 2012 by
I visited V Care Bangalore branch today, the front office lady given me a form to fill and ask me to pay 800 rupees, even though they have a card reader in their hand she refused to take card. The lady had given me a bill which didn't have their office address or any signature in it. It is a piece of paper with my name and the particulars column filled like " Consultation 300 and hair test 500"...

Later one guy had come and took a photo of my scalp... after 10min doctor called me and it was so annoying... I explained my problem to her ... I got grey hair ...and no other issues... But she started explaining about hair loss and dandruff... no idea ... then she suggested some treatments for that...all treatments were highly priced... 25K to 40K only...:)

Finally I escaped the place without opting their treatments... but I lost my 800 rupees... so please avoid this clinic
A Sep 24, 2012 by
First indian government should take strict actions against these fraud companies ... let me explain my problem ... I'm 25 yrs old and had no hair loss except grey hairs ... but after going there they never hear our problem and directly take fotos and other things and later take me to doctor where that idiotic doctor is younger than me and neither she knew my problem nor the treatment ... she starting telling me a story what is a healthy hair and Blahh Blahh ... finally she offered me a slip and asked to take a treatment which is for six months costing 30k ... finally i was so frustrated and scolded them how come they can treat me without knowing my problem ... also they were demanding Rs.1800 and consultation and for those stupid Photos ... finally i paid only Rs. 1200 and bailed out of that money laundering unit ... So people please be aware of these cheaters ... thanks for the previous posts for letting people know these cheating companies
D Oct 8, 2012 by
guys pls i need ur help ... its really urgent !!! i visited Vcare in coimbatore and they charged me 800 at the info desk ... then a scalp test was taken n he said tat i would lose half of ma hair in the next year or so ... he told me a list of treatments which would cost around 25K... After i read ur reviews i'm totally bout this clinic ... is it betta to consult a dermatologist rather than tis clinic ????? pls reply asap
D Oct 16, 2012 by
what all was posted above was exactly TRUE!! My healthy got spoilt very badly after going there.They used to scratch the head and apply the eucalyptus oil for the treatments, which had penetrated and spoilt my nerves in the head so was very hard to find out the real reason for my illness.Finally only a naturopathy doctor was able to diagnose it after so many hard ships.i am still in the stage of recovering from this side effect.They charged me 12K and also my hair line receded a lot after going there.PLEASE DO NOT GO TO V-CARE.
D Nov 18, 2012 by
Hi All,

Thanks for providing the feed back on V care, i was thought of going to V care for my hair treatment but after seeing the above comments i have decided not to go... thanks a, lot .

can any one pls let me know, where canu get a good treatment for hair loss with affordable cost
D Nov 21, 2012 by
hi friends, i am in my teens, i am having a lot of white hair, my frnd told me that u will get an prevention of it & there will be production of new black hair, is it true, please reply
D Dec 1, 2012 by
After viewing their programs in TV I decided to visit their clinic/use their product for my grey hair problem, luckily i gone through the reviews before visiting. Now i dropped that idea. I am saved from loosing money & cultivating new problems. Thank you so much guys.
D Dec 5, 2012 by
Dear All,
Really all the above complaints are true.. i have paid 25k to v care adyar and really worst results. .;( am very much upset. all i got is my hair has become very thin even before.. it makes me so upset because of this bad treatment.
D Dec 24, 2012 by
hai frnz! i visited vcare adyar yesterday and i suggest everyone to NOT go there! they charged me 300 rs for consultation and said only if i take that scan with another 500 rs will she know what problem is there for my hair, either way, they provide the same kit for every person who walks into their clinic. which costs a minimum of 15k. basically she charged me 800 rs to ask me basic questions like what i eat when i got sleep and then later to pull a bunch of my hair.
D Dec 25, 2012 by
Hi frnezz.. Just nw i visited v care at t nagar.. It is nt a clinic, it was like money pooling businesss...
Instead of listening to my problem, the doctor was offering a package of 25kk and most intresting part is that doctor has no hairs at front and she has a hair problem... I dint check these postings beore i go there... Else i wouldnt go... Any way the loss is less now...
The only solution for hair problm is good food and get rid of dandrufff... Eat black dates which produces blood and makes the circulation high... And leafy vegetables...
D Dec 26, 2012 by
is it not worthy to visit V care? Is it highly waste of money and hazardous? friends please let me know soon
D Dec 26, 2012 by
DRK Chowdary  
Ya... all our friends experience was true. I faced the same thing with V care. They have charged Rs. 300/- for consultation at HYD Branch, with a beautician not a science qualified lady. After that they charged Rs. 500/- scalp scan, for which they taken photo of scalp with a normal digital camera. With the photo they have given random %s for dead cells, deactivated cells, hair growth, hair fall... like that.
As as treatment of the above, they suggested 4 months course containing small 4 shampoos, 4 conditioners etc.. with the charge of Rs. 15, 000/- which is very high.

Like this, the V care looting the clients, managing with partial trained beauticians.

Hence, friends don't go to V care for any hair loss problems other wise you will be looted by them.
D Dec 27, 2012 by
vcare is fraud ..plz tellme anyone...where we can go for best hair treatment...
D Dec 28, 2012 by
king lakshman  

Nothing to say much about coimbatore Vcare...
Fraud..Fraud.. Fraud... Frauds...
No 1 Fraud- Admin Desk
No 2 Fraud -Hair testing guy (But he is very good photographer)
No 3 that two doctors

Hope this is the best and better way to extract money from the public...
They are not running the clinic they doing money making business

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