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Whirlpool - Poor customer service

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I had raised a complaint on 4-Oct-2010 as my refrigerator is not working (SR Number - BG1010000704). I got a message that the issue has been assigned to HSR Layout branch 123. I called the customer care (080-60008558) several times after that and setup reminders, but nobody has attended to my complaint yet.
When asked to talk to customer care manager on 6-Oct-2010, I was told that he is busy, and sometimes when the executive forwarded the call to the manager, he did not attend the call.

I would like to raise the complaint against this kind of poor service being done by the Service center ( HSR Layout branch 123), and the customer care manager who was busy to attend the call today, as his primary duty should be to attend to the customer complaints and get the issue resolved.

Today 7-Oct-2010....still waiting for the service personnel........such shame on whirlpool's customer service....I am sure I would not buy any whirlpool product in future......

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[Apr 01, 2014] Whirlpool India customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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gajanan ghadi Whirlpool  - India

poor customer service - whirlpool refrigerator 215lx

Poor Cusomer services.

I had already made complaint for repair of my refrigerator as its not cooling properly on 30/4/08. on 4/5/08 one person was coming and changed the gas. he took rs. 1200/-for gas + ser chg. After completion of one day, the same problem has faced. Then i have called almost 15 times to send the person to solve the problem, but till date no body has came. Only gave promise that the person will be coming. how Poor service they have given to us ?? Pl let us know what to do ?


Gajanan Ghadi
Aditya Whirlpool  - India
i have purchased a 310 liter refrigerator from a dealer in south delhi a month back . Since the beginning is giving lot of problems(noise problem, light not working, sometimes the whole fridge do not work even if there is electricity) . I immediately complaint this in your customer care dept, the engineer visited twice but he was not able to solve the problem.In the last visit the engineer said he will visit the next day again( a week back) . Since he never visited i again called up ur customer services 4 days back the complaint no. isDL0708018782 but no one visited.Then I called back yesterday also the complaint no. is DL0708019676 . Till now my problem has not been solved and still your product is giving lot of problems. Look into this matter at the earliest and replace my product as its only a month old and giving lot of problems.
Sethu Whirlpool  - India
Registered a complaint with Whirlpool Customer care Chennai and no one called back. Whenever we call the answer would be no availability of spare parts. Even for Courtesy sake, customer service don't call the customer and update status. When escalated to Manager, he said would give a call in 1 hr. no call even for next 5 days. When I gave a call back, his question was "did I spoke to you". When I escalated this to the Customer care office in Chennai - they replied that they would escalate and I would get a call in 6 hrs... Its been 72 hrs and no call. When I call the Gurgaon office, their reply is this is office closing time, so we would speak to you tomorrow. No one in whirlpool customer care is ready to speak to the customer and no one takes interest to resolve the queries. Its only my money & time wasted in the phone calls and left with frustration.
Devaraj Whirlpool  - India
I bought Refrigerator and Washing machine from jainsons. Well i like to share the bad experience i had with whirlpool service technicians, my product arrived one week before the technician and we have been waiting and waiting, because the delivery people told us don't open the washing machine and refrigerator until the service technician come and he is the only person can open the packing. And if you open we are not accept if the product have any dent or damage any place so we waited. Well service technicians came after may be 8 calls we made with showroom people and also couple of visits also made to showroom asking to send service technicians, finally technician came yesterday and they gave big list to buy accessories from them. Trolley - Rs 1500.00., Cover - 500.00., clastride - 1800 Rs (they told clastride will take out iron contents out from water) and they not requesting to buy these items they are ordering us to buy these items. They also said if we not buy, the machine will broke. Well asked them please open the package and do the demo, they open the package and acted like they got call from their company and ran away gave some numbers to call them back, leave more mess in our house, we called and still they never show up. Basically i am resident of US and i know pretty much about these machines, and if the machine not work properly without accessories then they don't sell without them, we all know that but why they forcing us to buy from them only. How come the machine will broke without the stand. Also they telling us to buy voltage protector for refrigerator, But on machine they printed we never need to provide such a thing. And i called some of my friends and share my problems with them because they knew very well about service technicians, Interesting things they told me is, every service technician making about Rs 30, 000.00 extra money every month when selling accessories with extra money for their own pocket, that's why they forcing us to buy them. Innocent customers like us don't have a chance to know all this so think about it. I don't know how many people sharing this profit, because how come the department mangers getting blind. Why they don't want to know customer satisfaction. They get all the information in single phone call with customers like us. Well friends be careful with these people they tell you to buy all junks which is not required.
Sharique Ahmed Whirlpool  - India
We bought Whirl pool Washing Machine on 1st Jan at viveks-mylapore(Chennai, tamil Nadu). But, the model (Lilac) which we selected was stopped and told they will replace with new model & upgraded features. But motor which we selected was 760 and they hey gave 380 (downgraded one) after 3 weeks .So we paid additional amount and bought 700S model. But they came 1 week after demo and when we trying washing found rinsing is not working.Executive told they will replace it . But still they have not replaced yet.

Today is 10th feb, still we cannot wash with washing machine after 40 days of purchase.
We are totally disappoint with the service.

Please refund us or replace with new washing machine..!

Call center executive are not responded properly, disconnecting the phone calls, banging the phone calls.

Expecting to do the needful at the earliest.

Sharique Ahmed
Plot no 3 (part - 2), Sri Balaji Nagar
Balaji Castle, Iyyapathangal, Ch-77
Samuel S Whirlpool  - India
My father bought a whirlpoooool Washing machine and also he has extended the warranty on a guise that the customer service would be good. But I don’t know what the customer service is doing by receiving complaint. 30 days and more had gone since I lodge my complaint but till now I am spending Rs. 50 for my mobile to call them but they respond that they are behind me and ask me to see my back to see the service man, but I see only the walls of my home. The administration of customer care telling that the engineer would come but those persons must have many criminal case of worst. They react like wise. They don’t know how to speak with the customer. They are not keeping their words.

For instance one customer service person who had been allotted to rectify my complaint told his name as Kishore, krishna, balaji, sukumar, but till now I don’t know his real name his number is 9600065773.
Suppose I think to go legally to consumer court, they would simply order for the rectification of mistake and the award would be very meager amount for my suffering. Because unfortunately I am a criminal advocate and I know very well. If I sort for any press help I don’t know weather they would help me or not.
What is the solution?

Please terminate the person who holds the number 9600065773 who represents himself as a service person

Please do something



High Court Chennai
prahalad chand gupta Whirlpool  - India
i purchased a whirlpool washing machine and its under repaired from 21st of february inspite of my many complaints to the complany there is no response from them i complained many number of times tey say that the part which has been spoilt is not been coming from the past many months so i request the concern authority to please check it out and solve my problem at the earliest possible
Sanjeev Kumar Whirlpool  - India

Machine motor not rotating - white magic FP60 DLX

I have purchsed the machine o10/04/2008 from Siliguri dealer M/s Philips arena, Siliguri.Now there is problem in noted in the machine.Machine power on working but when we press start button then neither the water is getting into the machine nor the motor is rotating.Kindly rectify the machine as early as possible.

Sanjeev Kumar, Asstt. Mgr(IT)
Electrical Complex, Teesta(Stage-V) Power Station,
NHPC Ltd, Balutar, PO-Singtam,
East Sikkim
Mohan Kumar Whirlpool  - India
I purchased this less than 3 years ago and with 2 months it broke down. They promptly came, said 1 in a million failure and had to take it away to their workshop to fix it. Gave no standby despite assuring us of giving one. A week or so later they came back with refridgerator apparently fixing the problem. Few months passed, it failed. It wouldnt cool at all. Again after complaint, they attended to it by filling in the coolant gas.

Again after few months it began to erratically function, sometimes cool and sometimes wont. This time they made us buy their stabilizer (for Rs. 1200). And ofcourse that didnt solve the problem. Thats like filling a tooth to fix the arm fracture.This cycle continues every 2-3 months.

I recently registered a complaint again. First guy comes and takes a look at the fridge says he needs to refill the gas. Goes away never to return. When I call up the CC, they say it has already been closed. He registers complaint again, with a second reminder he says he will escalate it to the manager.

Now I get visits from 2 different engineers. Each of them just come take a look, tell me that they need to fill gas. and that they will inform the gas filling engineer. At every phone call I hear, 'He will come tomorrow', 'he will come at 11am', '1 pm', ' 3pm', 'he is in adyar, next is your place'. Nothing has happened. Now the engineer doesnt pick up his phone.

I have paid around Rs.20, 000 for this good for nothing refridgerator, which more like a shelf these days. Paid another 4000-5000 to for an extended warranty to extend it to 7 years total. Another Rs.1200 a stabilizer. Its just been 3 years and so much of expense and problems.

But I am determined to have them fixed the problems for all the money I have paid.

Incidently I still have my 30yr old Kelvinator refridegrator. Not one complaint, yet continues to work fine.
Michelle Moore Whirlpool  - India
I bought a Whirlpool Duet Front Loader Washer in September 2007. I did not get the extended warranty because I figured what could go wrong with a new washer. Since I had the washer, the washer was worked on 7 times. The washer would not work last week, someone came out from A & E Factory charged me $129.00 to inform me that it would cost me $435.00 to fix my washer. I bought the washer from Lowes Home Improvement and they would not honor the washer I bought from them. Whirlpool sold me a defective washer and I told them that from the start because I had to have it serviced 2 months after I bought it. Now the door is defective and the washer will not wash. I will never buy a whirlpool product again. I am reduced to going to the laundromat each week for a family of 5, how fun.
Kishor M Raut Whirlpool  - India
I own whirlpool washing machine model STA - PL5, which is not working . I need name of authorised service center at Nagpur (Maharashtra) for repaires of the same.
Arunkumar Selvaraj Whirlpool  - Royapettah, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Dear All

I had bought Whirlpool Whitemagic in 2007. After the warranty, we had taken 3 years comprehensive AMC expiring in Jun 2011. The Service Engineer is supposed to had visited for the preventive maintenance in April 2009. No Service Engineer has not visited till date; Dec 2009. We had to call the call center couple of times to make the Engineer to visit. Whirlpools' customer service should have taken care of this if they are realy customer foused. The Whirlpool in India's executive are monye minded and not bothered about the customer care. This not the first experience. I had to call more than 20 times to fix the issue with the new refridgerator too.

Out my Expreience and frustration I would say "Do Not Buy" Whirlpool products in India. The Customer care Sucks in India.

R.Selvam Whirlpool  - India
Dear Sir,
We have purchased WHIRLPOOL FRIDGE 180 LIT GEN NEW PRE 5S vide our Bill no. VLCB-19142/09/10 DTD 01.01.2010 through your Madurai dealer "Shri Meenakshi Fan House Pvt Ltd., West Masi Street, Madurai -625001".

We are awaiting of Installation for the above purchased new Whirlpoo Fridge for the past one week. No fruitfil action done.

We have contacted your above dealer's HO Phone No.0452-4380008 / 4380009 and they informed us to contact their service centre phone: 0452-2537853.

I received call from Chennai Toll free no. 18601804558 and they informed the deputed installation/service engineer. For your information, the installation request call register vide SR no.CN0110010231 Satisfaction Code: 059.

Still we are contacting and the service centre people simply replying without any action.

For the past one week, we are waiting for proper installation of our newly purchased Whirlpool Fridge.

Due to lack of followup by Shri Meenakshi Fan House Pvt Ltd., Madurai, we are unable to use the newly purchased Whirlpool Fridge.

Hence I bring the matter to lodge as a complaint to sortout.

OR otherwise, let me know towhom I have to complaint for installating the new Whirlipool Fridge purchased on 01st Jan 2010.

Expecting your fast and favourable action immediately.

Warm Regards
S.Parathasaratahy Whirlpool  - India
I haave ;;booked one new aiaraacaonditioner one ton chrom3 star with ;whirlpool appliances product experience centre chennai at Nandanam . I have handed over a chewue for Rs.20290/= with a guarantee that it will be instaalled in a ;couple of days. The order was taaken aafter asceertaaining the stock position from the ;;company and the assurance wass given. Now time has passed and tahere is no responce from ur dealaer in chennai and also the calla cnetre unable to answer to my request as it is dealer point. What i need is ur intervention and see that the product is instalaled forthwith taking the customer request as a prime one.
S.Parathasaratahy Whirlpool  - India
Dheeraj Saxena Whirlpool Home Appliances  - Uttar Pradesh, India

cust care - Whirlpool Home Appliances

I am a 9 yrs old customer of Whirlpool and using two AC ( Split and Window ) . I did my complaint in cust care Ghaziabad thrice that my Split AC not working properly .Alreaddy 10 days have passed but they have not taken any action to resolve the problem ,Even I have AMC against both the ACs .
I have alredy talked with some officials but result is same .
Pl. do the needful .
Thanks and regards

)9310222777, 09219596777,
Sonia Dhillon Whirlpool  - Gurgaon, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Poor customer service - Whirlpool

I had an Amc with Wirlpool for my washing machine and it expired on 11th Apr2010. a not reminded for the renuwal and nor was I aware of it. I have AMCs for my various gadgets and always I am reminded before the expiry. I had a problem with the machine and I was told that the AMC is over and that I should pay Rs.6000. With the Amc the amount would have been much less. The service centre tells me to do whatever I want and the customer care too has washed off the hands.
Sridhar444 Whirlpool  - Kota, Kota, Rajasthan, India
I have purchased Whirlpool fully Automatic Washing Machine 6.5kgs 1-2-3 whitemagic from TMC Begumpet...after it was delivered and installed... there was a huge noise in the machine... After so many calls to customer, technician came and told that it was a manufacturing defect that there was no suspension rods in the machine... it is big magic that happened here... till now ... Whirlpool is busy in manufacturing suspension rods and not yet's been 3weeks long. we purchased it and kept like showroom piece for display... I request you guys.. pl recheck when you purchase in TMC and be careful when you purchase Whirlpool
varuna singh Whirlpool  - Kota, Kota, Rajasthan, India
i also totally agree with the above complaints of whirlpool india. we are also facing the same problem of gas leakage and pcb replacement. but don't u guys think , the engineers who have attended these complaints they are again n again saying the same problem. that means either they are just making money out of these things or they really do not know how to solve the problem . since last one week my fridge is not working. they refilled the gas and charged 1550/ Rs from us. after one hour fridge stopped working again when we relaunched the complaint , they said pcb is not working and it will cost around 2400/- Rs. we said fine, u change it , now again they are making one excuse or other that it is out of stock, engineer is on leave, today is saturday. we are calling them again , they are either not picking up the phone or disconnecting the call.I can even tell u the name of those pathetic people. SATVIR SINGH MALIK, AYAUSH , ANURAG, DEEPAK. My personal advice , please donot buy any product of this useless company WHIRLPOOL even if u are getting 90% discount. please black list this company . I am talking about NOIDA BRANCH.THE ONLY REASON IS MY FRIDGE IS UNDER WARRANTY PERIOD AND THEY DONOT WANT TO CHANGE THE THINGS WHICH ARE FREE OF COST IN THIS PERIOD AND THAT IS WHY THEY ARE MAKING SUch excuses
rakeshagarwal Whirlpool  - Kota, Kota, Rajasthan, India
i have complaint in customer refrigerator care service vied complaint no. JP0610002673 at customer care. Then i delivered my refrigerator( icemagic FF350) dated 9/6/2010 & we received after replacement of 'compressor' service center M/s. Global Services vied receipt no.782 on 11/6/2010 but the refrigerator is not cooling .
then we again complaint at the service center & also at customer care but i didn't get any response.

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