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DishTV Customer Care

Dish TV India Ltd.

FC-19, Sector-16A, Filmcity
Gautam Buddh Nagar District
Uttar Pradesh
India - 201301

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

1860 180 3474
(Only MTNL/BSNL Lines)
1866 001 3474
(Only Non MTNL/BSNL Lines)

+91 11 6001 3474
(Northern India)
+91 44 6001 3474
(Southern India)
+91 22 6001 3474
(Western India)
+91 33 6001 3474
(Eastern India)

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Nodal Officers

Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir (STD)
+91 17 2600 1347, +91 17 7600 1347

West Bengal, Assam (STD), Bihar
+91 33 6001 3474, +91 61 2600 1347

Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Chhattisgarh
+91 75 5600 1347, +91 77 1600 1347, +91 67 4600 1347

Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa
+91 79 6001 3474, +91 22 6001 3474, +91 83 2600 1347

Tamilnadu, Kerala
+91 44 6001 3474, +91 47 1600 1347

Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka
+91 40 6001 3474, +91 80 6001 3474

Uttar Pradesh, Uttranchal
+91 52 2600 1347, +91 13 5600 1347

Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana (STD)
+91 11 6001 3474, +91 14 1600 1347

All States (Toll-Free)

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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DishTV — Payment sought after irregular service

 Navendu Sharma on Jun 25, 2016
Pathetic service. Non operational since 2 weeks. Messaging on 57575 for call back never worked. Finally reached them through their zonal head to get a technician who agreed to fault at the company's end for non operational set up box. Still being asked to make payment after waiting for 15 days to address a problem for which the company is responsible. Pathetic services. Lags far behind Tata Sky. I'm switching....
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DishTV — To avoid registering process for login

 Rinki Mishra on Jun 24, 2016
I am a perfect consumer of DISH TV and my userid is 5702509 and my VC NO. is 01507865788. I want to register in it to open an account for my favourites but there is no responce during the period of registering.There are many OTPs [19] submitted that provided by such company. My time is lost during 11:16:23 to 01:27:14. Please help me and do accordingly....
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DishTV — Pack conversion

 indrakesh yadav on Jun 22, 2016
This is to inform you that my super family pack is converted into maxisport pack with additional ala carte pack which rental increased from 240 to 865 p.m.without my permission through my dealer
I have complained many times regarding this problem but your Dishtv team didn't solve my problem.
So you are requested to solve my problem and kindly take strong action against my dealer
For your information I have faced same problem with my old connection which VC no.01515816108 and I am facing same problem with my new connection VC no.01524400429....
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DishTV — Switch off date related issue

 itspbm on Jun 22, 2016
Vc no. 01519231126
Rmn +919453304522
Mail id
This is to inform you that i had recharged for 100rs on 20/06/2016 and then switch off date was showing 24/06/2016.
But unfortunately now my subscription expires and showing viewing card deactivated.
Please let me know why my subscription expires for the very same.
This is 2nd time when i face this kind of problem.
Resolve this issue as soon as possible...
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DishTV — Rude customer service

 Sharmilaching on Jun 22, 2016
First of all your customer service representatives are very rude. They dont really listen to the customer's query. 2nd is your bill cycle. I used to pay whatever amount i was notified to pay and then i always get less than 30 days validity. So today i called to confirm why do i always get 25 days when i paid for 30 days and the person was not able to explain and he was rude. When asked for supervisor he said the supervisor is busy on another call. After being with u more than 2 and half years i think i am gonna cancel this now. I am sick and tired of your customer service. Really pathetic service...
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DishTV — Down grading my hd royal pack to free channel

 Clifford Carvalho on Jun 21, 2016
I have been facing a problem with my hd royal pack i have been using this pack for so many years now the dishtv people have been harrassing me say that i have given miss call to down grade which never happened from my end. They have come with a new story someone call them by a mobile number which is not registered and does not to anyone in my family the number is 8955979080. I am really surprised by their new stories like they have separated my parent and child connection with my consent. They text me a msg saying that they have restored my hd royal pack and my switch off date is 13/07/2016. Now...
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Dish TV — Dish vc no. 01513435459

 Jeanette Soans on Jun 18, 2016
I have paid for the renewal on 15/06/2016 and it is still showing recharge is low and that it will be disconnected on 19/06/2016. The happened the last time i renewed it too, even though i paid for 3 months they disconnected till i had complained. Why is this happening even after we make the payment before time? Now i am worried that they will disconnect it tomorrow....
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DishTV — Activation of service

 labot on Jun 18, 2016
My subscription number is 01525069566 and have HD package my subcribtion expired on 15/6/2016 and on same day i have charged rupees five hundred but do not know the actual package details but until now my account has not been activated. so pls activate my account and if mount not not sufficient inform me what package i have morover i dont get all the HD CHANNELS during the first month itself so pls clarify....
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DishTV — Not registered my new mobile number

 Alok_Samant on Jun 18, 2016
Dear sir,
My self alok srivastav and my vc number is 01506176613. I have got faced too much problems to register my new mobile number and upgading packs. So please register my new mobile number 9415431348.

I have also used this technique but always send a meesege from dish tv that again send it.
Dishtv 9415431348 01506176613 sended to 57575

But always return a messege that send it again with proper sequence...
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DishTV — About setup box

 Yashwanth Sai Mekala on Jun 18, 2016
Hello sir/madam :
i m.s. kumar, my VC number is "01513282136". i am using the DISH TV service from past 5 years, we are frustrated with only one complaint that DISH TV didn't solve.

COMPLAINT: channels are hanging even after pressing remote buttons, after 2 minutes channels are moving, we complained almost 10 times but the problem didn't solved, and we also changed the remotes more than 5 times, but the complaint is repeating,
so please solve the complaint as early as possible, otherwise we will go for the alternate DTH services .

thanks and regards...
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DishTV — Royal pack disconnected by dish tv

 Clifford Carvalho on Jun 17, 2016
Dear Sir,
My VC number is 01513346797 and i am the oldest customer of dishtv. It happened so that we were having a problem with set top box and we wanted to complaint to Dishtv people it was by mistake that we dialed one number thinking that the number was for fault complaint. But unfortunate my Royal pack was disconnected and it was down graded i had paid for the full year my switch off date was 17th July 2016. I made several requested the senior in the Noida call center to please restore my Royal pack but instead he upgraded to HD full on and Family pack in which i don't get English news...
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DishTV — Bad behaviour during installation through dish tv operator

 sam00701000 on Jun 16, 2016
I booked a Dish TV but mohammad Raza came to install Dish TV at my home . his behavior is so bad & vilent . He is not install properly my dish tv or their wire . my dish tv accessory is stolen in my dish tv accessory bag, he is misbehaved with me & he say i can't work according u, i will work with my style . so u want to install me or not but i will will work in my style ....
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Unauthorized charges

DishTV — After updated account the recharge date and switch off date is changing manipulating after few days after fet

 sudesh mohan solanki on Jun 15, 2016
I have recharge my subscription before switch of date i.e. on 23/05/2016. that point of time after your updated account it was changed (manipulated) to 17/06/2016 recharged date and switch of date to 20/06/16. previously it was recharged date 19/05/16 and switch of date 24/05/16. after my complaint last month it was updated, this manipulation is happening from last three months. I am regret to state that after your intervention the concern operator is doing the same mistakes (manipulation), to the updated account after few days. I think this gives the very bad impression to dish tv customer. I am...
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DishTV — New connection pathetic service dish tv

 sant_p on Jun 15, 2016
Hey arun (Ceo),
I am facing serious pathetic service from your team
Following are request ids :
1) 275029907
2) 274869020

But no one have still come for doing installation nor anyone have called me.

This is serious poor service experience. Wanted to write more about my experience (For example todays (6/15/2016) 30 min call waiting without any solution) but it will be a waste of my time.

Your sincere unsatisfied going to be new customer
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DishTV — Compare dth shoes not received after payment

 Parag Prajapati on Jun 13, 2016
I have purchased one dish tv on through compare dth on 20.05.16. The offer of sports shoes was offered with the purchase of the dish, i availed it and paid the shipment cost (Rs. 199/-) through my debit card on 10.06.2016. Have made several calls but there has been no response from your end till date regarding time of delivery, could i expect a reply now or think about what you advertise through online is a "fraud"? This is my last attempt to get this issue resolved post which i will have no other option but to file an official complaint with consumer court....
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Electronics & Appliances

Dish TV — Recharge date shi nhi karna

 Suryapoojasingh on Jun 12, 2016
Sir maine 16 may ko 300 rs se recharge karaya tha jisme se mera box active karne ka charge 25 rs aur pay later service add thi uska 3 din ka 30 rs kata gya bcha 245 rs se billing bani jisme meri switch off date 9 june thi... But ab mera diah tv chal rha tha 9 ke bad bhi lekin achanak 12 june ko mere me msg aaya ki aapne pay later service activate ki hai jiski next swich off date 14 june hai... But kisi ne koi service activate nhi ki thi kyu ki mere pas record hai phone no 8172885207 se koi call nhi kiya gya... Agar ye kah rhe hai ki 12 ko request ki gyi to 10 aur 11 ko kyu chalaya... Aur ab date...
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DishTV — Dish tv disconnected

 Verkam on Jun 11, 2016
Dear sir, my dish tv has disconected in the last moment after recharge. When i checked my account detail it was not show up the recharge date or switch off date. Nor i got notification of switch off date. But it came suddendly last nite at 11.30 pm india time. Then i recharge right away. The account still not show up my rechage money. Then it was disconnected. My subscription id : 01524490970.
Please help. I need to change the registered mobile number as well. As the regeistered mobile number is not working. The registered mobile number is +919478616384. Please change it with +919417957670....
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DishTV — No action taken after 10 days

 Yogesh sol on Jun 10, 2016
My Dish Tv VC No. Is 01525300327. I am not getting any channel after 5 days of installation of new connection. I registered a complaint on 1st June 2016. But there is no technician visit to solve the problem. This kind of response from dishtv Tv to there new customer is not expected.

From last 10 days uncle ka Tv dabba is true. And they should show a advertisement on TV while taking shahruk Khan in that advertisemnt. That we will make your Tv dabba while providing cheap service and cheat....
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DishTV — Sales cheated in converting to dish hd

 Terryl Fernandes on Jun 7, 2016
Hi i have been cheated by dish tv as their executive sold me a royale hd for 5 years taking a 5 years advance saying that leaving the ala-kate package i would get all channels added by dish tv for free for 5 years. Nor i see that that pack sold by dish tv to me doesn't exist and the commitment given to get all channels is false as informed by the support team of dish tv. Im payed for a package for 6 years which dosent exist.
Today after following up fopr change over of pack request for 2 weeks they top escalation guy dosent know if he can shift me to a different pack.

I really...
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DishTV — Change my hd pack (fraud message)

 ansh0909 on Jun 6, 2016
Dish tv cheat me,... Mara name manoj kumar sharma h,.. Mara hd connection vc no. 01519059523 h,.. Date 03-06-2016 mey, 1.31 pm per dish tv say ek message aaya... Us message mey 174 rupees mey 135 channels ka offer tha,... Our us offer liye ek no. Per miss call kerna tha,.. Maney yeh sohker ki dish tv kam price per hd channels dey rahi h,... Maney vo miss call ker diya,.. But dish tv ney mara hd pack (New hd world) chang kerkey super family pack (Non hd) mey convert ker diya.. Us message mey kahi bi hd pack (New hd world) sey non hd pack (Super family pack) mey convert ki baat nahi thi,.. Dish tv...
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