Electrolux Customer Care

Electrolux Customer Care

PE Electronics Ltd

Corporate Centre, 5th Floor, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri(East)
Mumbai City District
India - 400059

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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Electrolux — Complaint about over charging

 kushalkhare on Oct 6, 2015
महोदय, प्रार्थी के पास एल्क्ट्रोलक्स सेमी ऑटोमेटिक वाशिंग मशीन है, जो अब वारंटी अवधि में नहीं है. वाशिंग मशीन खराब होने पर प्रार्थी ने 03 अक्टूबर 2015 को कंपनी के कस्टमर केयर पर ई-मेल कर रिपयेरिंग का निवेदन किया था. 06 अक्टूबर 2015 की शाम...
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Electrolux — Air conditioner

 rosd85 on Oct 4, 2015
Dear Team, I purchased Electrolux A/C from Vijay Sales for approximately INR 22000 in Jan 2014. The warranty was for 1 year. After the warranty period, in Apr-May 2015, the compresser fan broke. They charged me approximately 1500 including service charges Then, in July-Aug 2015, the PCB had an issue. They again claimed the charge to be around 2200 plus 550 service charge. After several requests, they refused to waive off the charges, since it was out of warranty. My request was that the product was defective with the fan issue and now the PCB issue. Since they did not heed to my...
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Electrolux — Refrigerator dont work

 Kamal Kumar Goyal on Sep 28, 2015
Product: Electrolux Item: Fridge double door Model no: REFECP2545-FFK Serial no: 210113261536500859 Name: Renu Bansal Adress: giraj dham colony badota marg near c.s.r.v school. cont no: 8909281319 Modern Electronics dampier road mathura : 281001 mob: 9634260241 Dear sir/madam I am Renu bansal from chumuhan mathura up. I have purchase these electrolux double door fridge from modern electronics mathura. My fridge doesnt working from 1 months. It is purchased on 30.03.15. I have complaint in electrolux service centre. complaint no: EGZB1509150093 which is done on 15/09/15 there...
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Electrolux — Refrigerator not repaired

 Prashant Pal 108 on Aug 31, 2015
The chairman
India consumer forum - complaints
New dlehi


This complaint has already been registered with electrolux india's costomer service and it is no less than three weeks now new refrigerator sold by electrolux is not working at all.

I am shocked with the kind of services provided by the company of this refrigerator and dispite of filing complaints to their costomer service department, no actions are taken. All we faced was plain ignorance and fake commitments made by the employees of this company. Services are not...
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Electrolux — Faulty product in warranty

 Richa.m18 on Aug 27, 2015
I bought this electrolux frigde(47 L) 3 months ago i.e 9th may'15.And in no time it came out as a faulty product.Company provides us 1 year warranty but i haven't received any support either from the dealer or from the company.Very poor performance.any telling about the complaint no one came to check what is the fault.after one week company person came to my house.He told me that the thermostat is is burned.How is that possible when i am using stabilizer as well. Definitely it a one faulty product.Then he told me that some they will again come and change the thermostat as soon as it is available.Now...
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Electrolux — Washing Machine malfunctioning on multiple occasions

 Madhavi Velingkar on Aug 23, 2015
We purchased a Washing machine, Electrolux model Serena from Vijay Sales on 30-05-2013. There have been multiple occasions in which the machine has malfunctioned and received a very horrible service from the company. During the warranty period the product has malfunctioned at least 10 times and in spite of asking for a replacement from Vijay Sales they have denied our respect. Further more the service personnel from Electrolux named Tanveer has not repaired the appliance and treated us very harshly. In the first week of May 2015, the machine just stopped functioning and a verbal complaint was registered....
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Electrolux — Washing machine not working

 rsenthilkumars on Aug 20, 2015
Dear Sir, I bought a Electrolux washing machine 3 years back and now the machine is not working. I approached customer care 2 times and they have sent a Hi-Fi sms with lot of number all are useless. People from local service centre came and told pcb gone and they took 3800 Rupees. still the machine is not working I called them several times and no proper response for the last several days. Is it the way you give service. Horrible experience to me with your service team. I made more that 25 calls. Mostly they wont pick the call, if at all pick they will tell "I will check and come back"...
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Electrolux — Missing item

 Sanjeev Kumar Vidyarthi on Aug 15, 2015
Order no : 20150811087259 invoice no : 201508120726 Gati Docket No : 504145563 Sir, I have online order to shop cj for Electolux 20 Ltr microwave, but we have not receive microwave. we receive only free gift items (Two nos of box). We contact shop cj customer care but not we can not found responsible answer he say i am right, then we contact to Gati customer care, he say please contact shop cj. I am very sad. Please say what can do now. Sanjeev Kumar Vidyarthi, Mobile No : 08386028088 Email : vidyarthisanjeev06@gmail.com...
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Electrolux — Microwave light not glowing

 alishamehta on Aug 14, 2015
I got the microwave 1 month back from flipkart, paid 10k for that and i see that the bulb inside the microwave is not glowing, i am very unhappy with the product as it is defective within a month purchase, the technician had visited our place today and told us that bulb has gone and he wants to pay for that. why do u sell defective products, please revert back to me and get my issue fixed free of cost. i purchased on 27th june 2015 and you tel me that i have 3 years warranty and already within an month this issue started but i called you guys today. either fix it or replaced my microwave...
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Electrolux — Fridge not working

 PoornimaKamal on Aug 12, 2015
Hi, Really regret to say that your Customer Care Service is BAD to the core. I had raised a complaint via customer care, on the issue I am facing with my Electrolux – Refrigerator. First complaint was raised on Wed 5th Aug 2015 @ 10 AM with EBLR050815L0018. Reached to customer care so many times to get the update on my complaint, but no proper response. Later on Friday I got the Bangalore Service Centre no, tried so many times from multiple sources to reach out to ABDUL REHMAN with mobile(9902343496). But no one responded in that number also. Waited till Mon 10th Aug 2015,...
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Electrolux India — Cooling coil problem

 Anil1126 on Jul 28, 2015
Cooling coil my split AC had been giving trouble since July 2014 & since the replacement was not immediate possible as they told that the vendor takes time for supply of such parts for old models. A stop gap arrangement was provided & then there was no further action. The inner unit provided as stop gap arrangement has stopped working & their so called engineers have not been able to resolve the issue. Many no. Of complaint have been lodged but there is no resolution till date. As such I need help from your forum . Thanks A.Khanna 9910069797...
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Electrolux India — Cooling coil problem in split AC for more than one year

 Anil1126 on Jul 26, 2015
Stop gap arrangement provided for cooling coil of inner unit with the promise to resolve the issue by getting new from their vendor but till date not resolved & the AC is not working. No solution done inspite of repeated complaints. A.Khanna 9910069797 Delhi....
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Electrolux — Fridge not working

 Poonam Khurana on Jul 22, 2015
I complaint regarding my fridge not working properly about 20-25 days back. Engineer visited 3-4 times. Changes parts 2 times. but till date Fridge is not working properly.You are requested to kindly rectify the problem as early as possible. Thanking you, Sincerely Sanjay Khurana Flat No. 122, Meghdoot Appartments, Sec. 10-A, Gurgaon (Haryana) Mob. 9818280747, 9971343821...
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Electrolux — Defective split AC

 puneetmakhija on Jul 19, 2015
Hello This is regarding my Electrolux AC purchased in the month of May 2015 from Ezone. From the month of June we started getting issues with the AC . Many Water drops coming out from AC front side instead coming out from drainage pipe. We called customer care and registered a complaint 3-4 times. Engineer comes and do his work but the result remains the same after running the AC for 2-3 hours. Also the remote display suddenly disappeared . Sometimes it comes automatically and sometimes it goes away for few days . We have also registered a complaint for defective remote also and the replacement...
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Electrolux — Electrolux Service Very bad: Not Taking any Action Towards My Complaint

 Akhlaq28 on Jun 26, 2015
Since from before One Month, Electrolux has not Solve the Problem. Technician, Way of Taking is very Bad. Using Bad Language They Tell me that they are Sending Last time Technician either they resolve or Not only last time. But I say that until I will not satisfied I will make complain and Take the Problem to Consumer Forum, then they say " wherever you want to go, but koi Kisi ka kuch Ukhaad nhi Payega, bahoot aaye aur bahoot gaye " I have Audio Proof of this Bad Way Talking I have made many times complaint but they are unable to resolve the Problem. I have Electrolux Split AC in which...
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Electrolux — A/C not working first complaint on 19th June rude Manager Sanjeev Singh

 arunsom1 on Jun 24, 2015
I have read about Sanjeev Singh before in this forum and had a very bad experience for my A/C service .I just got through to Mr. Sanjeev Singh. He is one of the most arrogant and rude person who I have ever spoken to in my life who lacks even basic manners. I can't even imagine how can someone like him be in a position that he is in. The first time I got his number from the call center I called him, he didn't answer the phone. I called the call center back and told them he didn't answer my call, they tried calling him to patch me through to him, he didn't answer. I called him again after 3hours...
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Electrolux — A/C not working first complaint on 19th June

 arunsom1 on Jun 24, 2015
Hi, As I can see there are a lot of complaints and iam not surprised as you have such a pathetic customer call center and even more horrible service center. I sure your company will be history soon in India. I have an A/C. I first called up the call center on Friday 19th June 2015(Ref: eblr1806150059). Today is 24th June Wednesday and no one has attended so far. From today (24th June)morning I have made calls 5 times to call center spoke to someone called Priyanka and many others and I got Bangalore area manager Saddique Pasha's Number 7676704488, this person does not answer his phone or call...
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Electrolux — Improper Response and alleging Customer service

 Vivekanand Kubendiran on Jun 12, 2015
We have bought the Electrolux Refrigerator at the year of 2006, Model No:ERP245FF PNC No:925024670, SR No:63713576:Capacity :235 Litres.We have registered a complaint in Electrolux Service Centre for the Repair in fridge Complaint No: ECHN0806150051.We have called so many time no responsible from that service centre and techician.It may be out of warranty, But Service centre is to provide to proper service from same company itself. The technician name Selvakumar contact number +917867012325 had not pick the call again we have re complaint against this improper action, After a day came another technician...
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Electrolux — Problem with eletrolux doubledoor freeze

 Kakali Chakrabarty on Jun 10, 2015
I bought a doubledoor freeze from your dealer Great Eastern in Uttarpara, Hooghly, West Bengal on july 12, 2013. It worked well for about 1& 1/2 years. From Feb, 2015 it began to give trouble. First the deep freeze was cooling toomuch, the vapour was freezing ang becoming ice. Ice could be seen in the inside body, whenever the freezer was opened. But the lower part i.e. The normal freeze part was not cooling at all. We called the customer care unit of yours and lodged the complain. Your authorised service centre Microlink, Uttarpara sent their technician who first changed two sensors. The freeze...
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Electrolux — Refrigertor not working ( after visit)

 jai bhagwan kala on Jun 8, 2015
Sir/ mam, I mailed a complaint about my fridge on your mail id. ( electrolux.care@pemail.in). on date 04-06-15. but there is no response. till now. my complaint no. EGUR016150021 (date : 01-06-15) after calling call your customer no. Engg. came and tell your fridge motor is not working & some change .say ok. & take visit charge go back. but fridge was same condition . next day come after call say your compress is not working. what we do? there is no response from your side. we are going to any other engg. for fridge repaire. we will aware to next time to purchase any electrolus item. I am not...
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