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ESIC Customer Care

Employees' State Insurance Corporation

Comrade Inderjeet Gupta (CIG) Marg
New Delhi
New Delhi District
India - 110002

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

Phone:+91 11 2323 4092
 +91 11 2323 4093
 +91 11 2323 4098
 +91 11 2323 5496
 +91 11 2323 6051
 +91 11 2323 5187
 +91 11 2323 6998
Fax:+91 11 2323 5481
 +91 11 2323 4537

ESIC Complaints & Reviews

ESIC - patient transfer to rural area about 25 km far from faridabad

 shakiil on Oct 18, 2014
all patient are facing a problem of transefering the patient from main esic hospital to other private hospitals which are so far from faridabad ( 25-30 km) . There are no facility to care at night in esic hospitals . For night docters transfered the patient to Gold field hospital ( Chhaynsa ).There is no public transport facility available....
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ESIC - Complaint Regarding corruption in ESIC at Paldi, Ahmedabad

 jitendra4051 on Oct 7, 2014
Complaint Regarding corruption in ESIC at Paldi, Ahmedabad I had write complained for corruption going in at ESIC office Paldi at Ahmedabad. On one officer are ready to give list of document are required for pass insurance because of corruption in insurance company. I had visited many time in office for submit my document start next process but every time he give me new form for submit document. If I had give some money then it should be solve. Can you please take very serious this matter stop this corruption as soon as possible. I hope you will take proper step for stop this. We...
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ESIC - For non supply of fluid

 mallikarjunappakt on Sep 27, 2014
II am employee in mahesh motors, chitradurga and the employer code is 58000043860000704 and employee code14101228I am ckd patient(Kidney) I am suffering from last two years. I am showing the hospital in bangalore at m.s.ramaiah medical college hospital, Operated pistula has failed. Hence Doctors are advised to make apd. As per their guidelines I have undergone for CAPD. For CAPD REGULAR DIALYSIS has to be made. Daily atleast 4 four times dialysis has to be made. Since from one month I am requesting for fluids. But so far they have to replying proprerly and not issuing stock. Hence I request you...
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ESIC - ESI Reimbursement

 Srishuka on Sep 15, 2014
On 24th August 2014 I had surgery for appendicitis in Kamineni Superspeciality Hospital, Hyderabad at Emergency situation (on Sunday, I have not enough time to get the certificate from ESI & Suffering with full of pain), They made Laproscopic surgery for it and given bill 45000INR. At that time we borrowed money from others and arranged to surgery. It was completed successfully. But now we are facing financially crisis, I tried to Reimburse money from ESI, So I went to Kukatpally dispensary with all necessary documents & bills etc. to claim the money, but they are not responding well, they...
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ESIC - Getting poor service

 singh86 on Sep 10, 2014
Name:-ashish singh
Address:-shreenath society-2,
Nilgiri, udhana, dindoli, surat,

Dear sir/madam,

I am writing to you this letter, after lots of on sufferance by a esic doctor in esic hospital. Most of all, whenever my parents went to the hospital, he had been talked to my parents like my parents are begar for him. So please its my humble request to you sir, to suspend such kinds of doctor's from esic hospital, or i will close my esic facility after talking to my company.
Your's faithfully,
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ESIC - regarding payment of my esi bills

 aditya667 on Aug 28, 2014
i am an esi card holder..the payment of my treatment which was done in december 2011 is not made till has been several times that i had visited the esic hospital situated in sarvodaya nagar, kanpur but the doctors are not giving any ip no is 2105250480..please tell me that what should i do to receive the payment as fast as it is possible.....
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ESIC - Doctors and Nurses not coming Proper time

 gane5 on Aug 20, 2014
Dear sir this is to mention that i have availed medical facility in esi dispensari at mettupalayam(641301) in coimbatore district(tamilnadu) in this dispensery doctors not coming for proper time.the time schedule of esi dispensery morning is 7am to 10.30am but doctors and nurses coming only after 8am and 8.30am due to this happen we had suffered lot and we had a loss of pay in our higher authorities should take necessery steps to solve this problems...
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ESIC - Equipment of spades reimbursement

 Mannaruswamy on Aug 17, 2014
Respected Sir/Madam,
We wish to You inform that, I Mannaru Swamy Kothwala and this is my ESI IP Number-5203669505. By held on 2009th year, I claim for my medical equipment (like that, speds) bills (with 2, NOTE: In our Tirupathi ESI Hospital of claim/reimbursement register note down the Sl. No. 205-38th page-550-00/- (Five hundred and fifty rupees are only) and another one bill of Sl. No. 281, 114th page- 416-00/- (Four hundred and sixteen rupees are only).

I submit the above equipment bills are attached and claim/reimbursement required to all documents. It's will...
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ESIC - Harassment

 anil22 on Aug 15, 2014
It is very difficult to avail services of Gurgaon ESIC hospital. The security staff is very rude by nature. They use profane language with consumers. In OPD they make 10 to 15 people stand in one go. The relatives of security or ESIC staff does not need to stand in QUEUE. They do not care about the severity regarding the illness the patient is suffering from. Simple blood reports which takes 2 to 3 hours to publish come after 3 days. The sample that ESIC sends to another lab outside of ESIC comes after 7 days. The big thing consumer has to go to dispensary for medicines. Most of medicines are not...
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ESIC - They said the form 37 is not in force

 yoghalakshmi on Aug 10, 2014
Today we went for treatment today but they said the form 37 is not in force. i received the form 37 from my office on 09.08.2014.i was asked to go to kk nagar tomorrow to have treatment.i would be very much greatful if know where the problem is....
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ESIC - Not received ESIC Biometric Card of our Employees for long time

 tapanrana1985 on Aug 9, 2014
Respected Sir,

We are Empirical Engineering Enterprises, 9-Lake Road, Ramakrishna Pally, Benachity, Durgapur-13 . Our many of Employees are not received any Bio-Metric Card for long time. We send several time letter of our nearest brunch but they do not take any action. If any accident accrued in inside of plant in favour of our company, we should facing a big problem and we submitting their contribution properly deposited in every month. But our needy workers not get any facility for ESIC department.
Our ESIC Code No. 74000259240001002

With Regards,
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ESIC - Non availability

 SAMAR1972 on Aug 5, 2014
Dear Sir / Madam, This is bring to your kind notice that I have visited in your ESIC office, Mori Gate, Delhi dtd 04/08/2014 ( Morning & Evening), 05/08/2014 in the morning for colleceting the medicine for my mother who is suffering from Heart problem but due to your office computer was not working with server.Server is connected with office and office time is 9.00A.M. and patient time is 7.30 A.M.This is very negligence of Incharge. I am unable to collect the medicine in proper time.My IP no. is 2012540184. So, you are requested to kindly look into this matter & same problem not to...
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ESIC - Smart card not received

 GOUTAM_SARKAR on Aug 5, 2014
I am informing that I have not yet received my Smart Card against my Insurance no.3512258397 (Goutam Sarkar) At first our picture captured on February, 2013.But due to not receive the smart card I had applied for duplicate Smart card on 09.09.2013(Book No.CC 1500, receipt no.139956) against Rs.50.00 at ESI Dum Dum branch. but still today I have not received any smart card. Please enlighten me in this matter....
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ESIC - To claim Maternity Benefit

 sindhuanandavalli on Jul 24, 2014
SirMadam I am an insured Woman under ESIC and applied for maternity benefit near our Branch Office situated in karunagappally, kollam (dist), kerala. My date of Appointment and joined in service was on 09/10/2013. My Confinement date was 14/06/2014 and date of discharge from hospital was 20/06/2014. I gave certificate of confinement to Branch Office on 24/07/2014.When I gave application they said that I am not eligible to claim Maternity benefit because to claim maternity benefit one should complete minimum Nine months service .So I kindly request to solve this grievance regarding the...
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ESIC - Authentication failed error

 rajalambert on Jul 15, 2014
Ref no: ESIC/2014-15/02 Dated : 10th July 2014

The Dy.Director
Employees’ state Insurance Corporation
A-11, Sector – J, Aligunj, Lucknow

Sub : Authentification failed on the following ID
ID : 2100298220001302
PASSWORD : apples123
Email ID :

Ref : Our speedpost letter dated 13th June-2014
Our Emails to dated 11, 12 June and 7, 8 July-2014
We are facing the above problem since last...
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ESIC - Non enrollment

 nrkspv on Jun 24, 2014
Dear Sir,

We are working in sai motoro plaza about 175 in 12 branchs but our company pay P.F only 15 nos. we asking to the M.D., They told we cannot pay the can do anything they can take letters also, we can complaint kakinada office by phone they cannot taken any action against them.They told we manage at Kindly help to us.we are Working about 5 to 6 years. Kindly help to us Kindly help to us Kindly help to us Kindly help to us....
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ESIC - Refund Amount

 Amrish Dada on Jun 24, 2014
Hi Sir/Madam Beneficiary name: Sekar.V ESI No:2406268 Ambur. This is Aravind from chennai my father was worked at leather factory (ECTC Periyankuppam), Two years ago he was hospitalized due to Hypertension we have admitted him at Vellore CMC Hospital. we have spend around a Lakh rupee, after that we approached nearby ESI office to claim the amount. And they said that they are eligible to claim a amount below 50, 000 only so that they forwarded the request to Salem office dated on 05/08/2013 still now we didn't get any single response from any office about the ESI amount. My father...
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ESIC - service complaint

 sajid patel786 on Jun 20, 2014
Hi my name is Sajid Patel and I working with first source Munbai. every month big amount is been deducted from my salary and we are not getting any kind of service from the ESIC hospitals... I jus want to say that if you take money from our salary every month then provide us better services.. otherwise stop deducting money every month... pls look into my complain asap and I expect a reply... I want you guys t contact me asap Name Sajid Patel email id
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ESIC - Paying indirect money to the ESI people for getting treatment

 nijanthanc on Jun 12, 2014
Hi, This is Nijanthan from Chennai and One of my employee was approached to ESI to take treatment and since he is having TIC and not original ID. But the person in ESIC office said your company already registered but why you not having permanent ID and you are not eligible to get treatment and all. So finally the big argument comes to an end after giving 250Rs for the Treatment. The officer simply get the money from our employee and allowed for Treatment. ESI is provided for getting Health facility and it is based for less salried people but how the ESIC employees are treating the people...
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ESIC - ESI Claim Not Received

 Vishnu_852008 on Jun 10, 2014
My Insurance No: 5604891947, Mahalakshmi .M, In the date of 14/11/2013 to 16/11/2013 I am admitted in Hospitalized, My Bill Amount Rs.6582/-, 10 times more I am going ESI Hospital and Local Office, I Cannot able to Rectified my application and my claim. Kindly arrange my claim amount at the earliest. Thanking You. With Regards, Mahalakshmi .M...
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