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HSBC Bank Customer Care


52, 60, HSBC India Ltd Building, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Fort
Mumbai City District
India - 400001

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Fax:+91 22 226 58309
+91 22 2262 3890
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Ahmedabad : +91 98 9827 2424
Bangalore : +91 98 2558 9595
Chandigarh : +91 98 7692 2424
Chennai : +91 98 2526 9595 /+91 98 9437 2424
Coimbatore : +91 98 9437 2424
Gurgaon : +91 99 1079 2424
Guwahati : +91 711 2020
Hyderabad : +91 2335 8686 / +91 98 4901 2424
Indore : +91 98 9327 2424
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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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HSBC Credit Card — payment not updated in the credit card account

 totavenkatesh on Jan 18, 2015
I have made the payment of credit card no.4862 6989 0513 5786 on 13.1.2014 at 12.28 pm through hsbc bill desk. the amount has been debited to my savings account for Rs.22, 949/- with Info.BIL.000706865329. Till 18.1.2014, the credit card account has been updated. When I pay idea mobile bill through idea bill desk. the same has been credited to the account within 1 minute. why hsbc bill desk takes 3 working days to credit to the account. the idea bill desk send the acknowledgement in the email given at the time of payment. Here in HSBC credit card bill desk has not sent any email from the last 3...
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HSBC Credit Card — No Confirmation

 Ananda Rao Rajana on Dec 30, 2014
I paid though Bill desk, till now I did not confirmation from HSBC Credit Card division. The payment detail is below: Transaction Reference Number BSBI3605620089 Transaction Date and Time 25-12-2014 12:44:32 HSBC Credit Card No. XXXX XXXXXX 8318 E-mail ID Mobile No. 8897825363 Payment Amount (Rs.) 4160.00 Pay from State Bank of India Kindly look into. Thanks & regards Anandarao Rajana...
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HSBC — Insecure HSBC and incompetent customer support

 Naveen Babu PR on Sep 26, 2014
I am using Hsbc for 3 year. And Hsbc introduced more secure chip based card. For security reasons Hsbc disabled my old card. And someone from Chicago hacked my debit card and did transactions using my disabled debit card (ie the old insecure old card). Swiped for 37k in different transactions. This is the time when RBI gave an notice for bank to take liability for more than 10k. Our Hsbc support accepts all fact and require 60 working days to resolve the issue. I waited for 60 days and still the issue persists. And now the Hsbc asks for 9 more days. Hsbc is the worst private sector bank in...
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HSBC — Fraud Transaction done from HSBC Bank credit card

 Yengkhom Ranjan Singh on Jun 18, 2014
Dear Sir, There is a fraud online transactions made using my ICICI bank credit card xxxx xxxx xxxx 9937 of Rs 8750 to Grit Edu_paytm on 17/06/14 at 16:53 hrs. The transaction was not approved by me. In the mean while when I received the payment advice from bank, I called up to the bank customer care executive three times regarding this issue to stop the payment to the merchant immediately but they didn't help me out. As you know that settlement of online pay take two to three days’ time to get credit in merchant's a/c. I requested HSBC again and again to stop the settlement. They asked me to raise...
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HSBC — Free loan from HSBC UK

 Ashvin Sungkur on Apr 16, 2014
Dear Sir, I have received a mail that I have been granted a free loan of USD 250, 000.00 being the beneficiary in this year 2014 party celebration which the HSBC BANK UK has Organized in respect of HSBC 85 years anniversary going on in UNITED KINGDOM UK. Signatures of HSBC, real phone numbers for HSBC Uk and India and names of people currently working for HSBC were provided in the email I received. I mailed MRS NAINA LAL KIDWAI on and contacted Mr Adams Saint who is supposed to be in India right now, as it was mentioned in the mail I received. Can you please confirm if this is...
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HSBC Data Processing Pvt Ltd — Waiver of notice period and salary

 svalli10 on Mar 2, 2014
Dear Sir / Madam,

I worked with HSBC Data Processing Pvt Ltd, Madhapur, Hyderabad for 7 years. But from October 2012, I experienced erratic monthly periods which lead to Anaemic condition and in July 2013 I was diagnosed with Dysfunctional Uterine Bleading, Endometrium Tuberculosis and Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. As I understood that I cannot continue working with these 2 conditions I decided to leave my job and submitted my resignation around the first week of August. My Manager Mr Charan Subramaniyan arranged for a meeting with one of the Line Managers Mr Benny Anil who offered...
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HSBC Bank — HSBC make my Trip Credit Card, False promise wrong information share

 Abhineet Sarkar on Jan 2, 2014
I got a credit card of HSBC who assured me benefits and was not clear about their offers. I got a card as they said that I will be getting base fare waiver on two flights in a year of which I received none of it. even after making calls thrice it was said to me that they will call me back and the issue will be resolved soon. After waiting for a month they still are making me awaiting for the vouchers. Then also they were not clear about the information they have shared, none of them mentioned that I can claim for the free waiver only before 21 days of booking which was not communicated to me...
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HSBC Bank Uk — Verification Email

 Gautam priyadarshi on Dec 16, 2013
Dear sir, I have received an email from Dept RBI Customer Center, Delhi, India informing that you have a won £1, 000, 000.00 British Pound. Paid by Famous HSBC Bank, UK. and i will attach one file also so please tell me hurry . Is it true or false. Please help me is it true/Fake e-mail. I will receive a further details from RBI. As follows... RE: PROCESSING/LOGISTIC FEE FOR THE TRANSFER OF YOUR FUND IS REQUIRED URGENTLY. Attention: Gautam Priyadarshi However, to enable us process transfer of your fund to your bank account, you are required to proceed with the payment of the processing...
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HSBC India Net — Need Compensation for providing wrong details in CIBIL report and Agreed later

 Prabhu Sundaramurthi on Dec 9, 2013
Team, I received bad credit score in CIBIL report due to wrong credit card details . Later CIBIL and HSBC agreed this and removed from my report. But both of them are not taking ownership for this mistake. Due to which I am not able to apply a home loan from BOM and lost a huge property from buying. can you please help me in getting huge compensation for this mistake and my loss. Thanks Prabhu...
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HSBC Ludhiana — HSBC Ludhiana did not open my Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account

 iamjassz on Nov 25, 2013
I went to HSBC Ludhiana last week and asked them to that I want to open Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account but they refused. I travelled from kapurthala to ludhiana for this purpose, but refused, very bad. As per RBI policy every bank in India must provide this service....
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HSBC India — No proper Response

 poonachabk on Nov 25, 2013
Hi, My Name - Poonacha B K Loan A/c no in HSBC - 073066334872 To make it clear, i am being harassed with calls and SMS from HSBC asking me to pay the EMI.When there is funds in my account and HSBC was supposed to clear the EMI through ECS.ECS mandate was signed at the time of collecting the documents while processing the loan.Now, i receive calls and SMS saying your credit rating would be effected if the EMI is not paid on time.I have made all attempts to reach out to all HSBC officials, there is no positive closure on this.I am worried that though i am keen to repay the EMI on time i see...
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HSBC Bank — Rejecting my Credit Card Application without reason or Reason not disclosed

 surinder_singh on Nov 25, 2013
Dear HSBC Please note that i applied for HSBC Credit Card and got Reference No : Ref : 0345563 in name of Surinder Pal Singh, DOB : 11 May 1978, Phone 9811727223. I got all verification done at on my phone, my office and residence too. I got multiple calls at mobile for verification. Today I got checked in HSBC Customer Care and found that my application has been rejected by HSBC. I am trying to call customer care but they were not interested to tell me reason for the rejection. We told to SERCO who called us for Credit Card and we never gone to HSBC for the same. Girl called from...
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HSBC — HSBC Bank credit card

 Chirag Palande on Nov 11, 2013
Myself Chirag, I am facing problem with HSBC Bank credit card. My credit card no. 4476921208147912. The settlement was done on 26.08.2005 and I got settlement letter from HSBC Bank. As per this letter I have made payment of Rs. 11, 500 cash payment
Still account is not clear and same is reflecting in my CIBIL records with negative rating.

Pl. help me out to get clear this matter.
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HSBC Bank — HSBC Credit Card never received and bank asking for payment

 dosteedotcom on Oct 17, 2013
Myself Abhishek Nidhi harassed by HSBC bank to make payment of credit card that I never received.

HSBC issued credit card on my name in 2007 and deliver to some other person. After one year they called me for payment of approx 70, 000 for credit card use. I asked them, I have never received HSBC credit card. They told me you have used it and made payment 2 times. I asked them, you can catch that person if he made the payment. But no response from their end.

In every 6 month I am getting call from HSBC to make payment of credit card. And now my rating in CIBIL is very...
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HSBC Home Loan — Home Loan Charges

 Pratik Sangani on Aug 12, 2013

Beaware when you are applying a loan on HSBC OR Transferring your existing HomeLoan.

I have applied for home loan transfer of my existing loan from ICICI bank to HSBC, his representative (Ashish Nayak) from Bandra Branch visited to my place and collected the documents and started will all the basic formalities. Initially i was asked to pay around Rs 5500/- as service charge for loan transfer & franking charges will be waived off and the agent committed that their will be no other charges apart from above in written through mail from banks email ID. After...
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HSBC Bank — Regarding Missed Call

 souvanik on Aug 5, 2013
I have received several time Miss call from HSBC Bank Phn No.9804714974,8049089514,8067369514,8039944637.
Every Month at the time of due data the givebn me miss call form above mentioned phn no. When the ring me , I pck up the phn then they cut the line. after 10 days they call me and threaden me to pay the money. This situation repeteadlly happen lasy 5 months. Pleas help me...
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HSBC — Card Settlement

 varunpatric on Jul 20, 2013
I have a credit card from HSBC Bank which I got year ago and I have been informed that I would get 10,000Rs make my trip vouchers With the card However I have never received that card and now after speaking to them so many times and after several complaints I have had enough and want to settle the card though I am not denying to pay outstanding amount however I want them to adjust that 10,000rs voucher amount from the total outstanding but they are not helping me in anyway and also they don't even entertain any complaints made to them. Customer service representatives always ask to send an...
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HSBC — Credit Card Fraud on Jul 4, 2013
Subject: HSBC Credit Card - 4476929991892974, 4384599994527181
Dear Sir/Madam On applying for a personnel loan I was told by MNC bank that my name figure in CIBIL and there is a default of an amount in my name. In this reference request your kind help. I used HSBC credit cards in year 2006 to 2007 and was paying all amounts on time. I lost my wallet in khanpur New Delhi market accordingly logged a FIR with khanpur police station for both the cards, after that I submit the fir copy at hsbc bank near sahara mall mg road gurgaon. after then I request them to reissue cards to me but I was told...
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HSBC India — MAB charges deducted by HSBC India Without informing

 pinakinjoshi on May 8, 2013
Dear Sir,

This is Pinakin Joshi (

226/227 Harivijay Soc, Parvati, Pune - 411009

I have been a customer of HSBC India since 2006 ( Opened a no minimum balance Salary account with HSBC).

The account number is 071-575468-006.

It is to be noted that the account was a no minimum balance required account.

In recent times it was sparingly used as after some online login change issues , I was no longer able to log in.

Last year I received a KYC mail and I also did submit...
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HSBC Bank — Loan fraud

 Aashu Khattar on May 3, 2013
I applied for a Secure loan from HSBC. To apply for it, i signed the Reliance Life Insurance form provided by the HSBC salesman & provided a cheque of 30,000 INR in favour of Reliance Life Insurance as requested by HSBC.

I was not satisfied with this as i was not sure if these people were working for HSBC or reliance & when i received calls from HSBC verification department, i asked them to send me an email from HSBC's official email ID stating that i have applied for an HSBC secure loan with this application number & in lieu of that, we are processing a Reliance...
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