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IFB Industries Customer Care

IFB Industries Ltd.

Plot No IND 5, Sector 1, East Kolkata Township
Kolkata District
West Bengal
India - 700107

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1860 425 5678

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So far so good - The company responded to our notifications and is working on resolving complaints.

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IFB Industries — Air-contioner not working

 Goldy1988 on May 24, 2016
It is very painful to lodge complaint against this organization since i am using products from the same company.

I feel that there is nobody to listen to customer because this the sixth time that my Air-conditioner got fault and no proper response from your side,
this behaviour forcing me to knock the door of court which I don't want to do.

Kindly have prompt action of it or else i would receive your negligence as the response....
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IFB Industries — Washing machine issue (poor customer service - priya & bhuvana from chennai) -

 RLNpn on May 24, 2016
Hi sir/mam,

We have very bad experience with ifb franchise / customer service for last 1 week.. It is been 7 days we registered complain and no response. We have paid amc.

Some lady named bhuvana is so abusing over the call which triggered my temper and made me use abusive words.

To escalate her, we got in touch with so called franchise manger "priya", such a wonderful lady who doesn't even listen to customer and don't even understand what customer is complaining about.
The lady bhuvana is not fit to be in customer service and her so called manager...
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IFB Industries — Reinstallation of washing machine

 pravsachin on May 23, 2016
I have shifted my house last month so i request to reinstallation of my washing machine at my new address. after i call several times then technician come and told that inlet tap will not connect to my machine, you have to change it first. i purchase new tap and install it . now i called several times that come and install it but noone is coming. i also purchase new tap adapter for pipe and connect it myself but water is overflowing from adapter. now my machine is not usable witout water inlet and no technician is coming to see after my many complains. my pn no. 9555363644...
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IFB Industries — My washing machine is not working

 sreekanth s.s on May 23, 2016
My washing machine is not working since long. I registered a complaint to the customer care. A person came at home to attend the complaint. But he did not finish his job and told that he will com with the motor. But still it is not resolved .Can you please check this ? ..It is very urgent for me.

My complaint number is 1102232036.

Technician Name is Sudheesh(Mobile No. 8089182095)...
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IFB Industries — Complaint for microwave ifb : waste product of ifb

 vinodmathur on May 23, 2016
I bought microwave of ifb 20 bc3 last year but its door got burn 2 times with no reason left. Every time their service person come with new door and collect money. Now it smells a lot of burning and cant be used further. From last 2 months i am waiting for service engineer to come. They told to use it in low temperature like buying a superbike and ride @ 20km/hr. Please if there is someone to help do the needfull and replace this waste product and never buy any ifb product....
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IFB Industries — Ifb washing machine tl-sdg 7.0 kg aqua

 Beekay65 on May 22, 2016
I bought ifb washing machine & ifb microwave oven sc 23 on 1 may fromj kings electronics, kalyan. They promised me to deliver both appliances on 3 rd may but after repeated phone calls they delivered it on 6/7. After that i called them several times for demo they send their men on 21 may 16. After opening the box i was shocked to find that the machine is demo item as rat mesh & top steel plate having dust & finger prints. After receiving call from kings personal about demo i told them about this mater, he told me that he will talk to his superiors & will inform me but he never call me back till...
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IFB Industries — My washing machine is not properly working.

 rajeshchem69@ymail.com on May 21, 2016
My washing machine is not working since long. It is under insurance coverage. I made so many calls regarding this to the customer care. Once a person attending this call and came at home to attend the complaint. But he did not complete his job and left by making a loose commitment that he will come tomorrow but that tomorrow never came so. Please look into this.

My complaint number is 17757338.

The phone attained by Tushar (Mobile No. 8595303673)

Technician Name is Yamuna Bhardwaj

Now a days they are not attanding not my phone and they...
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IFB Industries — Service is pathetic

 sitaram123 on May 21, 2016
I have made several complaints but they did not take care, and moreover they cancelled service complaints without calling customer, I have made a complaint several days ago (around 1 month) they did not take care of complaint. they kept cancelled 3 times I did not knew why, every time I called to customer care they said your complaint was cancelled, again I have asked them to create new ticket. but last ticket was created 15 days before, this time ticket is still in-process, every time I asked status of ticket to customer care guys they said, It will be resolved by 24 hours, this was keep on going...
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IFB Industries — Oven - microwave

 Amukul on May 20, 2016
Following up with IFB for technical issue being faced at the time of switch on but none of the service person has still attended the place. very ridiculous. they keep on asking on phones whether the problem has been resolved, whether the service person has attended your Microwave.

Guys, this is not really done, we went for IFB, only because of its name & brand building, for which it is known.

This things is getting us distracted from looking at IFB in future and the feedback will be spread in the same direction.

It is not possible to stand without Customer...
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IFB Industries — Air conditioner

 lakshmi kantha on May 20, 2016
Complaint no. 1102343339 dated 7th may 2016 is not yet resolved. Complaint was attended by the technicians but not resolved.

Technicians from service center attended and repaired by charging rs.1500/-. But the problem remained.

We were contacted by customer care and an incidence 'e123433' has been generated in your escalation channel system on 15th may 2016.

Mr. Satish/tech/serv. Engg visited on 17th may 2016 and checked the machine. He informed that most probably the problem could be relating to gas or compressor. We requested him to send us an email...
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IFB Industries — Pathetic service from ifb global mumbai

 Drscm on May 19, 2016
I shall not recommend to purchase ifb washing machine in a city like mumbai where humidity is high leading to frequent breakdowns. The service is very pathetic and there is no level in the appellate hierarchy which has enough hold on the service centres. I am using 7 kg digital washing machine and by now realized that even you complain at a higher centre, they will provide only lip service. They use the language "we shall escalate the matter". However it will end up only escalating your temper. There is no system to take the service centre to task. There is no system of satisfaction code and even...
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IFB Industries — Ifb split ac 1acs24ka3tgc

 jobin_87 on May 19, 2016
I have purchased the ifb ac 1acs24ka3tgc from the local dealer sankalp electronics, bhilai on 27/04/2016.Installed on 28/04/2016 from the first day itself from the one of the best company we are facing a lot of problem.
1) split ac is not working the as there is fault in the motor.
2) the water was flowing inside the room due to no proper installation.
There is a lot of problem we are facing from the first day with the service we are getting from the service agent and there is no solution as such. If you are not able to render the solution kingly get back the ac and refund my...
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IFB — Microwave oven complaint not attended

 Sandhyaramz on May 18, 2016
Worst service ever from ifb, no response for complaint given (No.1102389230) for non functioning of microwave oven on 12th may 2016 till 18th may. Call centre (18604255678) simply says complaint is already cancelled.
Have been following up continuously with call centre everyday they say, technician will come now. Suddenly complaint is closed without attending after long follow up of 7 days. Their local service centre at chennai (Ph-04443510121) is totally absurd, they don't even bother to pickup the call. Sluggish behavior, no proper supervision. Severe action to be taken against such companies....
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IFB Industries — Washing machine senorita 6th front load

 Nissar Ahmed Mirdhe on May 16, 2016
My request No 1102255552
It's been month now I lodged complaint their is person by the name Aashish from Sanpada service centre who visited had a check he started telling you have to replace drum, USP kit I mean display later on he said have to change the inner rubber
And he offered some schemes of warranty to sign, issue is still pending pathetic experience with the engineers here
No response when ever you call they will either be on leave on training
Don't understand when company is operating globally so well why in the blue hell they hire such resources who can't...
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IFB Industries — Improper and incomplete installation of ifb washing machine.

 tushar bahl on May 15, 2016
It is such a difficult task to get ifb engineer for installation of washing machine on the specified date and if he does a pathetic job for namesake, it is a disgrace to call again. Post installation water nozzle is leaking, the machine is inclined and most importantly despite telling the engineer to install the machine at the consumer desired location, he has to install at the location most easy and confortable for him and justifying it with idiotic reasons. It simply indicate that we have to leave our office everyday and wait for your engineer if we want to get it installed as per our convenience....
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IFB Industries — Poor service & response for washing machine.

 bharatp279 on May 14, 2016
Dear sir,

I have Elena sx IFB washing machine which is in warranty now but it is not working since more then 10 days.So i have called customer care on 2nd may 2016 and my complain no.was 1102303413.Then next day technician(7567801103) came to my house and told me to change timer and door lock and he was also told me that he will come tomorrow to change spare parts because they are not working properly .i called customer care(180030005078), area managers(miss monika-07932214876, mr.prashant-7778041958)for more then 100 times but they chited me by giving fake resons. on 9 th may...
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IFB Industries — Washing machine top load

 ajithasha on May 13, 2016
I booked the complaint on 9th may 2016 through the 180030005678... They told that the compliant will be rectified with in 24 hrs. Upto now we could now (13.05.2016) receive any call from the mechanic or service person. Hence i humbly request you to rectify the matter urgently and see that proper service should be provided to the customer in time. As we are regular customer of ifb and we are facing this type of problem for the first time. At home we have 2 ifb ac and 2 washing machines.. So pls understand the problem and see the matter seriously. Just now i made a call to 9526252400 and the response...
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IFB Industries — Ifb washing machine senorita

 jyotisatpathy on May 13, 2016
I have submitted numerous complaints for repair of my IFB Senorita washing machine. The door handle and locking hook has become loose due to shifting from Dehradun to Gaya, Bihar.

Always I get an assurance that the Mechanic is on his way but all that is false.

I observe a clear cut case of careless, lazy, lax, unenthusiastic, half-hearted, uninterested, lukewarm, indifferent, uncaring, unconcerned, casual, offhand, blasé, insouciant, leisurely, relaxed attitude and no concern for customers. It seems that they are lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy.
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IFB Industries — Ifb washing machine installation

 Rajeshc26 on May 12, 2016

I got a IFB Washing machine in Unilet in BTm on May 7th 2016. Ticket No: 1102354864..Technician called me on Moday around 12pm coming, I said come on Wednesday evening at 5pm..I have applied half day leave came from Hebbal to BTm(My Home), Atleast 20-30 times I have called to Technician name DEEPAK(Mob:7795997554) make sure to come.

Till 6:30pm I was waiting for him, wen I tried calling him, he stopped picking my call.I tried from different num he picked and told he was on Leave cant come..He talks like he the CEO of IFB Company..Talk very rude.

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IFB Industries — Poor service care and delayed response

 jeninjacob on May 11, 2016
As my washing machine was making sound with vibration, I had raised a compliant with IFB customer care no: 1800 3000 5678 on 02/05/2016 and received a compliant no: 1102304020. I waited for 1 day and no technician responded. Again the customer care was called up and they ensured that the technician will respond. Then I asked for the local service no to contact them directly and you had provided with local service center and his contact no: After so many follow up calls a technician came 04/05/2016 at around 16:00 hrs without opening the back cover even just switching on, the technician told the...
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