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West Bengal
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1860 425 5678


+91 33 3048 9230

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IFB Industries — IFB senorita Aqua 6.5 Kg 1000RPM- door gasket torn in 1 year

 T R Sitaraman on Dec 6, 2016
I had purchased IFB front load Senorita Aqua SX 6.5 with sr no 012945150828060072. The Washing machine was purchased just 1 year before.Our personal ID no is 11276020.
We had been given 100% Warranty for 4 years and spare parts support.
The machine was purchased based on the 100% warranty.
I have been asked to pruchase the liquid detergents also from them at the time of installation so that the machine as well as the clothes do not spoil.
We are only two persons in our family and we were purchasing only IFB, and we know how to handle IFB front load machines since we were...
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IFB Industries — IFB washing machine with AMC is not being serviced from past 5 months

 Ramana Srinivasareddy on Dec 6, 2016
Hi, We have been raising complaints about IFB washing machine not working, which is on AMC from past 4 months and after at least 4 complaints and numerous calls to customer care, at least 5 service persons visited but the issue with washing machine is not fixed .We are calling almost twice a week and there is no response about it. The worst part is the all the complaints have ben closed .

I have been personally following up with AMC head for Hyderabad (Mrs.PRAVALIKA) from past 45 days but the issue is not resolved yet. The switch board of washing machine taken by service person 3...
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IFB Industries — Delay in installation and vital accessories missing

 Shalendra Jain on Dec 6, 2016
I purchased ifb washing machine from electronic paradise pitampura on 13.11.16, I was promised that it will be installed tomorrow but it was installed after one week after rigorous follow up. After that one water pipe and mat was missing in the machine, sales person promised that it will be delivered within a day or two. But it has been two weeks I am calling to various helpline nos. of ifb but of no avail. When I was about to purchase ifb machine I was warned by some of the dealers that customer service is worst and I am the sufferer. Is anyone listening even after 25 days of purchase we are unable...
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IFB Industries — Washing Machine damaged

 anuchiru on Dec 5, 2016
On 12 Nov 16 I complaint on IFB, ticket no.-1104007442. The technician came to our house on 24 Nov 16 . Again on 25 Nov 16 we filed a complaint
with ticket no._1104110447, technician said that the parts aren't available in IFB .Still now the technician didn't come to repair the washing machine. When ever we call the call centre every time they say your compliant is in high alert by tomorrow the technician will go for repairment .
Mention the date when technician will come.
To whome shall i further send mail so that IFB co. Will send the technician and parts?

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IFB Industries — Ifb service center worst

 Ruchi Bedi on Dec 5, 2016
Never purchase ifb products..service is worst ...nobody is going to attend you till u will file complaint to a senior and which is also very difficult.if u will complaint to your dealer they will say firstly register your complaint online and then nobody will come..
I have ifb front load washing machine every time I request them to attend as early as possible bt they will never listen anything...

At last service boy who will attend u, will say plz call me directly bt next time even he will also not come on time.

Worst Service center.....
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IFB Industries — Serena deluxe 7kg

 PGLakshman Raj on Dec 4, 2016
I bought ifb serena washing machine the quality of the product is not good, with in 4 years drum noice and not drying the technician come and open the cabinet the screw head is rust and in the soaptray box this is u r product, previous iam using superemo delux is very good machine somany year and durable nearly 12 to 14 years under Amc after i exchange a serena delux is not good .can u exchange ? our customer PG LakshmanRaj, mobile 94444844713, land line Res 044 28525700, Wallajah Road, near Mount Road, Chennai-6000002...
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IFB Industries — Worst Servicing Experience ever

 KDF on Dec 3, 2016
Ticket no. 1104130151

i had complained regarding my washing machine. The tub had completely broken off the front part of the panel. The mechanic came to my house on 28th november 2016 to check the machine and said that certain items parts need to be replaced. He took rs. 575 as service charges and said that he will come the next day.

It has been almost a week now but no mechanic has come to fix my machine. I have been calling the customer care helpline, the local service center and the technicians themselves, but nobody is willing to tell me when they would send a...
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IFB Industries — Frequent product failure - ifb-microwave oven-model 30sc3

 Rupendradaduriya on Dec 1, 2016
I had purchased the ifb-micro wave oven-model 30sc3 in oct 2012. since i had purchased frequently i had faced four to five times, failure of product i. e. heating issue. i had logged a resent complaint ticket no 1103957925 dated 7/11/2016, issue is same heating problem (same magnetron failure). one & half months prior to this issue (complaint no 1103576531) i had faced the same problem of heating for which the area manager & other quality representative had changed the magnetron & given the assurance that it will last for atleast 6 months. but there assurance had no technical backup, not there quality...
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IFB — False promise, lie, no part replacement on new washing machine

 dipakcg on Dec 1, 2016
Don't purchase any IFB products if you want to save your hard-earned money. The people (customer support) work there are liers and I guess, that's what IFB teach them in the training.

Here is a real story:
I've purchased IFB Serena SX Washing Machine in September'2016. On the next day of purchase, I've found many scratches at the bottom cover (right side) of emergency dranage line. I'd immediately called their customer support and registered a complaint for part replacement (yes part replacement because it was just a cover).

I rembember...
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IFB Industries — Very bad service from RP Services Sanjay Nagar Bangalore

 Vani Hemmige on Nov 30, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam,
My IFB washing machine drier is not working for the last four weeks now. I booked a complaint with IFB customer care immediately (a month ago) and they sent a service technician from RP Services, Sanjaynagar, Bangalore. The technician charged me Rs. 575 for cleaning the fluff filter and went away. He also sold some Desalinating powder packets and I also gave him a cheque for Rs. 2908 for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). However the drier failed to work the next day. I followed up with the 'Not satisfied SMS' to the IFB customer care. But that complaint was closed. I booked...
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IFB Industries — Company service technician are services very bed

 Gauswami143 on Dec 1, 2016
I have more time complaint register for company IVR System

My 1st complaint resolve - 12Days

My 2nd complaint resolve - 18Days

I Have registered complain Date 23Nov2016
But problem not so taught

I'm calling for technician but they are no proper answer

Please request to you solve my problem of washing machine

My complaint No. is 1104096731...
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IFB Industries — Faulty spare part not returned complaint no: 1104112719

 Karthikeyan ramasamy on Nov 28, 2016

Recently called the IFB customer care to register a complaint to service my air conditioner. That appliance of 2 TON IFB A/C, i bought 2 and half years ago and understood compressor is under warranty. I received an SMS and It was assigned to M/s Star air conditioner, OMR Road, Chennai WITH complaint no: 1104112719. Service technician came and found RELAY is faulty. He almost tried his level best to enroll me for AMC. Alas, he could able to. I found the AMC price is too much heavy for me.So i told him to replace the RELAY (SPARE PART). He replaced NEW RELAY (Spare Part) with a...
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IFB Industries — Ifb washing machine executive plus 600/800 volt=220

 pakkirijayaram on Nov 28, 2016
I have given complaint yesterday 27.11.2016 over phone to your customer care centre regarding my washing machine is not working. My machine is under amc upto january 2018. The customer care person told software problem and told me to contact after that. Then i have contacted the have recorded my complaint. No person/service engineer contacted me from my local area pondicherry. Hence today 28.11.2016 i have contacted the customer care personnel they have noted but they asked model no. I told them it is executive but the connection cut-off. Please think a customer contacting number of...
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IFB — Washing machine trolley

 pradeep.singh88 on Nov 26, 2016
This is pradeep singh and nob no 9800036319. I had purchased a trolly from your website which when dilivered was defective.
it was dilivered to me on 9th of nov and complaint regarding it being defective was rasied the same day. After that several subsequent calls and complaints via mails were raised till date. however, it being more than 15 days since i ve raised my problem and still i haven't got any satisfactory response from your side.
As iam tired of going through this process all over again of complaining. kindly, do me a favour and refund my money and send...
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IFB Industries — Very poor & irresponsible service teams.

 Garimel Krishnamurthy on Nov 25, 2016
We are using ifb machines for the past 20 years. The service used to be satisfactory earlier. But, for the past one year we are highly disappointed with your service - teams. Our ifb dish washer is under amc. The amc period is getting complicated shortly. We have paid around rs. 4000/- as amc charges. But, this machine could not be used more than 4-6 times for the past one year. We never get proper response from the service persons here. It appears, they close the complaint without attending to it. Present ticket no. Is given as 1104029496. Registered mobile no. Is 9480316464 under the name of c...
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IFB Industries — Washing machine issue not rectified for 6 months

 Anandakumar Muthusamy on Nov 25, 2016
This complaint is about the IFB washing machine repair at my father in laws residence. It was not functioning for more than six months no body come and rectified it. After made lot of calls and have complained in IFB call center also nobody turned up and try to rectify it. On top of that There is a person came to the house and collect some amount around 5 thousand rupees even the machine is covered under warranty. Both of my in laws are aged people they don't have much knowledge about the complaint process. The actual problem is the door lock is not functioning properly. The service guy cam and...
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IFB Industries — Repair of washing machine - serena sx (Complaint no - 18766554) dtd dec 19th 2016

 Sonikaranwal on Nov 24, 2016
I have booked one complaint as my machine was not working on December 19th 2016, one technician has visited on same day and machine start working and stopped again after 15min, I have called him again but he didn't tunred up, and he took 1200 rs from me and didn't submit bill copy, on 20th dec 2016, another technician has come and he just opened my machine, change door lock and took 1000 rs again, but again machine was stopped after 15 min, i have asked bill copy but bcoz of reopen the machine, i forget to remind, he just kept my machine opened condition with filled water inside, he told me he will...
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IFB Industries — Washing machine is not working since 04th November

 MadhavaReddyM on Nov 22, 2016
I have taken IFB washing machine on December 2015. quality of product is good. Recently it got some issue with door lock and i raised complaint on 4th Nov 2016. After 2 days technician visited and has found the issue that 2 body parts of washing machine. He took those parts with him and said that within 3 days he will fix the new body parts since my washing machine is under warranty. Today is 22nd Nov 2016. No progress. Even if i call, he scolded and said as "Why you called me, i am not the responsible for your washing machine repair. If you have any problem, talk to customer care". Such a worst...
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IFB Industries — Worst service and wasting customer time [Resolved]

 lvvivek44 on Nov 22, 2016
Hello IFB,

Front load 8kg washing machine, only two years old. This is my first and last product from IFB ... Already raised complaint on 18 the Nov because my machine tub filled water even in switch off mode so raised complaint and received ticket No. 1104054521. On 22 Nov I got call from IFB service person ( 9840634460) I said to come within one hours and I got permission from office and went to home but no one is came and not attending my calls? Are you playing with my time and so again u can call tmro so again I need to take off.. Waiting for your service? So totally waste machine...
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IFB Industries — Washing Machine. AMC not honoured

 Ajoy David on Nov 22, 2016
I have an AMC with IFB and I lodged a complaint ( No. 18771449 ) on 20.11.16 at 10.30 a m and was assured of somebody calling me within 24 hours to attend to the same. Since then I have made 5/6 calls enquiring why nobody has called me. At 10.30 a m this morning I called again and was told the complaint had been closed!! But was yet again assured that somebody would attend to it ' shortly '. When I asked to speak to a Supervisor I was made to wait 12 minutes on my phone and then told somebody would call me back. But nothing thus far, despite my making another call at 1.10 p m. Why do you mislead...
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