IFB Industries Customer Care

IFB Industries Customer Care

IFB Industries Ltd.

Plot No IND 5, Sector 1, East Kolkata Township
Kolkata District
West Bengal
India - 700107

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

1860 425 5678 (BSNL & MTNL)
1800 3000 5678 (Others)
+91 33 3048 9219
+91 33 3048 9299
+91 88 5376 9434
+91 33 3048 9235
1 860 425 5678
+91 81 2747 1352
Fax:+91 33 3048 9230

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+91 90 9557 5959
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IFB Industries Complaints & Reviews

IFB Industries — Faulty product and insensitive customer care with cheating as service centre

 vikram on Nov 27, 2015
My IFB Washing machine stop working in Oct 2015, on raising the complaint (No 16758998), technician replaces some of the parts and claims that the issue is resolved. After his visit, when i tried to wash my cloths it do not work.
In the meantime service centre close the complaint. When i again call to customer care they raise another complaint (No 16902856) . This time another technician visits and ask for replacement of some other parts.
it seems that IFB is indulged in unfair practices my replacing non faulty parts also, only to make good money. For the last 1 month i am just chasing...
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IFB Industries — Dryer

 Ca sunil on Nov 27, 2015
We bought IFB Dryer, on line, in Chennai There was absolutely no body to respond our request for installation Ultimately we were asked to contact Royal Enterprise for installation Last four days we are promised that the machine will be installed tomorrow But till now NO Action Mistake of our life by buying IFB machine Disastorous...
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IFB Industries — Ifb fraud servicing support on washing machine

 ksrao.rjy on Nov 26, 2015
I have taken the AMC for washing machine, I have some problem with washing machine launched the complaint with IFB on 31st Oct (16765869). Still I didn't any response from them and I called customer care on 12th, 21st, 24th and 25th Nov for inquiry and escalation. As of now no response from their end....
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IFB Industries — Poor service support. The service team are not caring to customer after visiting the site.

  N Srinivasarao on Nov 25, 2015
I have bought IFB washing machine in year 04.09.15(Customer ID:10146250). Recently the machine giving heavy noise while using it. The same has been lodged complint on 22.11.15. Today i.e on 25.11.15 attended . As per the technician data the machine is perfect only the machine was on stand the legs rubber last its elasticity hence machine giving noise due to vibration. Further i requested to check thoroughly all aspect of the functions like Hot water etc. But service technician is very reluctent to lesson the customer quary. He said only the registered fault will be taken care . Other thing he will...
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IFB Appliances — No service and rude Behavior

 AshishBhaskar on Nov 25, 2015
We had launched a complaint on the 17th of November Complaint no: 16889428, regarding the machine not functioning properly. We did receive a call on the 18th, however your technician Mr. Dinesh Singh was rude and unwilling to understand our address, rather was adamant that this is not a residential address. However after a heated argument the conversation ended and no one till date has turned up to service the machine. We have made repeated calls to IFB call centers but to no avail. We are now being told that no one will attend our complaint. Now we are left with no other option but to file a consumer...
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IFB Industries — Damage to IFB microwave machine by service technician

 monturani on Nov 24, 2015
Date of incident: 27.10.2015 IFB customer ID:10090391 IFB microwave oven model no.30SC3 was purchased on 18.11.2012 at Haldia, WB. On 27.11.2015 oven was not getting heated and turntable was not rotating.Complaint lodged with call centre no.180030005678. Complaint Code:16758039 & date of complaint:30.10.2015. Service technician Sh Pramod came to attend broke the the door safety latches while trying to dismantle the turntable in upside down position of the machine. Also he broke some insulating part of the machine. He left without any communication as if he has done something wrong. I am...
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IFB Industries — Very poor service and rude response from the service center

 Ssri2k on Nov 24, 2015
I have been having water leak and machine not stopping problem in any functions other than quick wash for nearly 6 months, and i have given complaints regarding this 4-5 times, and each time i face difficulty with the service center SWAYUM SOLUTIONS. They do not give proper response and respond very rudely, and even made jokes using my name when i had called them, this time. Their Service technicians are also not experienced and they are not able to give proper solution. This time i had given the complaint on 6-Nov-15, today it is 24-Nov-15, and the problem is still not attended. two days before...
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IFB Industries — IFB complaint number is 1101081397

 Arul Mech on Nov 23, 2015
I had bought IFB washing machine some two years back. The model name is Senorita Sx 6kg 1000rpm. During the initial days itself, we had few problem. They were resolved after constant follow up. Recently the door knob came off. I had made a complaint to IFB customer service. The complaint number is 1101081397. It has been more than twenty days, no one has turned up. The cc (t.nagr and adyar service center) executive gives various reasons and they are just not interested in solving the problem. Kindly take necessary actions to resolve my problem....
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IFB — Complaint no.1100850103

 varsaanand on Nov 23, 2015
I had given complaint to IFB on 4.10.2015. complaint No.1100850103. IFB Service Engineers are not rectified the machine till now. After 7.11.15, nobody didn't come. I had spent more than Rs.10, 000/-. AMC Invoice No.221516 dt.31.5.2015 expired on 30.05.2017 only. Ravi Baskar, Nandagopal (coimbatore) are not interested to rectify the machine....
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IFB Industries — Machine functioning

 Antony M on Nov 23, 2015
I have purchased the washing machine Dec-2014 .IFB has not done evan a single service after doing a lots of call . When ever we call the branch manager from Nagercoil he says he would send the person immediatelly but no one comes. I have given a online compliant to customer service vide Complient No 1101067699 and ID No 4009713. As soon as i gave complient its told with in 24 hours will send theire service enginer. But no one has come so for . I have called the customer care service on the flowing date 18/11/15, 19/11/2015. 20/11/2015, 21/11/2015, 22/11/2015 and 23/11/2015. But no action taken...
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IFB — Complaint not attended so far

 Seema Manivannan on Nov 21, 2015
We made a complaint for our dishwasher a few days back, but no technician has called or visited our place so far. The complaint no is 1101080752. Always, there is a long delay in addressing complaints. If this is not resolved within one day, we will have to escalate this to higher officials of IFB. Please respond at the earliest....
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IFB Industries — No revert of our complaints

 Kanika Pahuja on Nov 21, 2015
We have complained n number of times for the non working of our washing machine to customer care but in vein. Nobody has called back or came to mend our machine Kindly, reply asap or I will escalate the mail to your Head Office Regards Kanika Pahuja 7523012331...
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IFB Industries — Front loading machine under warranty is not working and not getting after sales support

 Aggarwal M on Nov 21, 2015
I am using IFB Front Loading Machine Elite SX 7 Kg. My last complaint number of same complaint is 16910940. Despite of repeated follow ups, talking to Supervisor (Mahesh) at call centers, talking to Service Coordinators (Preeti and Anjali) at East Delhi Service center, trying the contact number of Service Head at East Delhi, Niti Shrivastav which is coming switched off, it has not helped.
IFB claims 24 hours of response time but its all on papers. Practically after sales support is worst for IFB. IFB is just not concerned about customer service and satisfaction. In teh past also I had registered...
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IFB Industries — Problem in brand new washing machine, customer id # 11261267

 Sampann Chaudhary on Nov 20, 2015
I have bought a new IFB fully automatic top load 7.5 of capacity washing machine. It's been more then 3 weeks, washing machine is delivered and installed at my place but I couldn't use it so far. It is very disheartening to face the kind of service a brand like IFB is offering. I have paid a premium to buy IFB product expecting that I will get the services accordingly, but now I believe it was absolutely wrong expectation. So here goes my story,

A service engineer came to my place to install and demonstrate machine's function. Here are some interesting pointers: For...
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IFB — Washing not working even after replacement.

 n12.gayal on Nov 20, 2015
I bought an IFB washing machine in the last week of October. It’s been a month but I couldn’t wash a single piece of cloth. the first time when machine didn’t work IFB replaced it after multiples follow ups with the customer care centers and technicians. Most of the time their application was not working to lodge my complaint to replace the machine. We realized the new replaced machine they provided was also faulty when we tried washing cloths first time. Water was not getting through the water pipe. Not sure how many times I have tried customer care center at 180030005678, it...
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IFB Industries — Complaints getting closed without resolution

 DineshN on Nov 20, 2015
The complaints raised by customer care is being cancelled by franchise without solving the issue. Then again I have to raise new complaint. I don't know how IFB is closing the complaint without checking with customer. This is a serious flaw in the system itself. Recently I raised a complaint on 10th Nov 2015 (1101028651). So far it is not resolved, but ticket is cancelled by franchise. I have never seen such bad customer service with any other brands. First IFB has to fix the ticket management system. Without checking with customer, the ticket should not be closed or cancelled. Regards Dinesh...
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IFB Industries Limited — Spair parts bill under warantee period

 viswapradeep on Nov 20, 2015
My customer id of ifb 3113161. i have washing machine serena sx and its under AMC warranty. next week i registered a complaint for leaking the machine(complaint no.1101023158). the technician comes my house and replace a plastic rubber tube a length of 15 cm and gave a bill amount rupees seven hindered and twenty( 720). and get direction to don't wash one day., but still leaking the machine . My machine is under warranted period and replaced items cost max. up to below 100 rupees only.. so kindly take necessary action for consumer protection

Encl :photos of rubber tube and bill...
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IFB Industries — Ifb washing machine elena

 Skolarn on Nov 20, 2015
My ticket no.1101033905 dated 11th Nov.2015 lodged for Machine not working is still unsolved. One service engineer came on 13th, made a wrong diagnosis and revisited on 14th and 16th. He concluded he was not the right person to solve it and another person came visiting on the 18th. He concluded that the circuit board had to be replaced and they had to get it from the company. They wanted more than 48hrs to replace it.

Today, I repeatedly tried to get a response and there is no further news of it, even though it is 9 days since the complaint has been lodged.

This company...
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IFB Industries — Their lack of customer service

 stalinleo on Nov 19, 2015
I bought a IFB washing machine on 09-11-2015, the sellers(VASANTH&CO) marthandam told us a service man will come and demonstrate how it operates .But till 19-11-2015 no one came for demo.I called the customer care of VASANTH&CO and IFB many times, no response.My bill no is 99310000064434.What can i do.me and my family members got mental torture by this issue.we are very eagerly waiting for the new machine to be oprated....
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IFB Industries — Elena aqua vx - 6 kg washing machine

 mkgonnade on Nov 19, 2015
The machine is not working properly as machine not starts. but the customer care seems least bothered to answer the queries its been more than 12 days since i have complained(Complaint no.16812935 regi. on 07/11/2015) but there is no response from the company's side.HORRIBLE SERVICE...

MK Gonnade...
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