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IRCTC Customer Care

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.

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IRCTC — Refund not received after one month on Oct 13, 2015
I booked e-ticket from gulbarga to hubli journey date 12-09-2015 train number 17320. Booking from wadi to hubli and boarding at gulbarga station. My pnr number is 4624852909. But on 12th of september train has been canceled. I also file tdr reason train cancelled. My cancellation number is 100000065814425. But since date i cannot received refund amount....
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IRCTC — For train no. 19309 shanti express divert complain Anand

 himanshu bhawsar on Oct 13, 2015
Respected sir/madam, The train no. 19309 Gandhinagar to indore shanti express divert root from vadodara date-27/08/2015 so I TDR form filed through on line for train fare refund but till date refund not received and CR-registered shown. the following information shown for these regarding. PNR NO.8638855777 TRANSITION ID NO. 100000301464517 TRAIN NO.19309/GNC INDORE EXPRESS DATE OF JOURNEY.27-Aug.-2015 FROM. ANAND JN (ANAND) TO INDORE JN BG(INDB) MY MOBILE NO. 9725854248 THANKS AND REGARDS, HIMANSHU BHAWSAR Contact Number: 9725854248 Address : : Anand, Anand,...
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IRCTC — TDR status showing CR Repudiate

 RukshP on Oct 13, 2015
I had booked a ticket from SBP to CRP journey date1 Oct 2015, but there came an emergency at home and we could not board the train. Till then the chart was already prepared. I filed the TDR on the next day at 2 Oct 2015 at 08:07:46 HRS. The status of TDR showing CR Repudiate. Please help me on this asap. The details of TDR filed are:

Transaction ID: 100000316592929
Train No./Name: 13352/DHANBAD EXPRESS
PNR No 4524502076

TDR Filing Date: 02-Oct-2015 08:07:46 HRS
TDR Status CR Repudiate
Cancellation ID: 100000068306581
TDR Zone: EAST...
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IRCTC — Refund of fare after cancellation

 taposhi modak on Oct 10, 2015
I have cancelled two tickets on 2nd October, 2015.PNR-4109509303, 6342151580. Two amounts Rs 4815 one for each ticket was supposed to be refunded but on 5th October only one amount of Rs 4815 has been returned. In IRCTC site it shows that both the amounts have been refunded on 4th and 5th Oct 2015.But one amount has not yet received by me till date....
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IRCTC — CR Registered but payment not refunded

 sekhar_svr on Oct 9, 2015
I suppose to travel by Train No. 07707 - Pushkaram Special from Rajahmundry to Secunderabad. The train was delayed more than 3 Hrs. Hence filed TDR on 23rd July, 2015 and opted other mode of transportation. Till date I had not received amount back against PNR No.6743368033. The status showing at IRCTC Website under TDR History as"CR REGISTERED"....
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IRCTC — Amount not refunded

 menezes61 on Oct 9, 2015
I had booked 4 tickets from MAO to CSTM, 2A Sleeper for 28th September 2015.
PNR: 8239831371 . Train NO:01002 . One hour before the journey I received a message that seat numbers have changed. (from A1 6, 12, 21, 22 to ABX 2, , 3, 4, 5) . After occupying the seats the TC told us the seats have been shifted from 2A to 3A. He also mentioned that the amount would be refunded, 12 days have passed but there seems to be no response. On visiting the reservation department we were told that it was a holiday special train so no information can be provided....
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IRCTC — Non-refunding of cancelled ticket fee

 parathi on Oct 9, 2015
I had reserved an e-ticket via IRCTC from Trivandrum to Calicut (PNR No.4111854089) with Date of Journey as 13-09-2015 on 06-09-2015. Subsequently due to personal reasons I cancelled the above ticket via IRCTC on 11-09-2015 and I got the SMS message in my mobile phone (No. 9400726638) that an amount of Rs. 210 will be refunded to my SBTaccount. But till date no amount on account of the above has been received in my SBT account.So I kindly request to look into the matter and do the needful. An early reply is expected.
Thanking u,
with regards,
Manoj Kumar....
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IRCTC — No booking of ticket despite making payment

 dubey1945 on Oct 8, 2015
Ticket booking details:
train 22113 KCVL express
Date of journey 5-12-2015
Class of journey First A.C
Passenger details:
1A K Dubey male 71 years
2 Savitri Dubey female 64 years
Fair paid:Rs.4670.60 through my HDFC Debit card

I forgot to ask for O.T.P. on my mobile 9930510685 while logging in.
After filling in all required details when prompted to PAY, I made payment of fare Rs. 4670.60 through my HDFC debit card which was immediately deducted from my bank account as I got SMS alert from my bank.However...
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IRCTC — TDR status shows CR registered but amount not refunded

 bhargavatanmay on Oct 8, 2015
Hi Support team, I have booked a ticket from LJN to YPR for GKP YPR EXPRESS on 14-Jul-2015 and Date of Journey was 10-Aug-2015. For reason the passenger didn't travel, I filled the TDR for the same in IRCTC against my ticket and the status was turned to CR Registered, but the amount was not refunded yet. I am not sure what else I might be missing to get amount refunded. Please let me know what I can do further or else you can drop a mail to Ticket details:PNR No 2535767251.Reason For TDR:Passenger Not Travelled. TDR Filing Date: 09-Aug-2015 19:53:29 HRS TDR Status:...
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IRCTC — Transaction ID - 100000305391722 - PNR - 4111673188 - CR Repudiate

 sim123 on Oct 7, 2015
I have filed a TDR as per the details are given below. Transaction ID - 100000305391722 PNR - 4111673188 Train No - 12645 From - ERS (Ernakulam) To - NZM - H. Nizamudieen Dated - 19-Sep-2015 TDR Filed on - 20th Sep 2015 Reason Passenger not travelled The status still showing is as CR Repudiate. and I still didn't received the refund for the above. Kindly tell me the reason for this delay Regards Thomas...
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IRCTC — Again deducted money from my credit card

 keshav aggarwal on Oct 7, 2015
In July 2014 I booked 4 tickets on IRCTC with my credit card, after a while I cancelled one ticket but got money for all tickets so I cancelled all the tickets. In Nov, 2014 IRCTC again deducted the same amount after mailing them and bank I got refund in jan, 2015 but on may 2015 IRCTC again took the money and till now they are asking for problem....
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IRCTC — Money has not been refunded even after cancellation

 ashish314 on Oct 7, 2015
I am Ashish Mankar from Kota, Rajasthan. I had booked my ticket from Ujjain to New Amravati, unfortunatly I had to cancel my ticket but Its 3 days has over but my I did not get my refund & it showing refund status as refunded. My ticket details as following Transaction ID: 100000068767702 PNR Number: 8740158629 Train No.: 19301 From: UJN To: NAVI Date of Journey:08 Nov-2015 Reservation Status:Cancelled Date of Booking: 05-Oct -2015 ATAS Opt:No Booked From: IRCTC mail id- Contact no. 9620677909...
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IRCTC — Amount For Cancelled Ticket Not Refunded Yet

 MagneticCK on Oct 7, 2015
Transaction ID: 100000279883815 PNR Number:6143175155 Train No.: 12391 From: PNBE To: NDLS Date of Journey:22-Nov-2015 Reservation Status:Cancelled Date of Booking:25-Jul-2015 ATAS Opt:No Booked From: IRCTC mail id:, Phone No.: 9015098119...
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IRCTC — Inconvenience in train due to rats

 Pankaj b on Oct 7, 2015
Dear Sir, I was travelling from Mumbai to Dhamangaon on 4/10/2015 by Vidarbha Express in AC Tier with my family.My PNR NO. was 8139332228. There were lot of RATS in the AC coach.There was damage to my luggage and we could not sleep the whole night .Other passengers in the coach also faced same problem. I request u take note of this and give me compensation of Rs.5000 as early as possible....
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IRCTC — Concerned TDR status CR Repudiate

 Umang12 on Oct 5, 2015
I had to travel to kota to attend class on date 29 sep and booked a tatkal ticket on Marusagar express 12977 Birth no 12 coach s6 time departure 7:50 but on that day train got late for more than 6 Hours as i checked till 10 am and then finally filed a TDR but now it says CR repudiate so i request you to resolve the same.I will be obliged. Reason For TDR: Train Late More Than Three Hours and Passenger Not Travelled. TDR Filing Date: 29-Sep-2015 10:20:54 HRS TDR Zone: NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY (NW) Transaction ID: 100000322485861 Cancellation ID: 100000067872983 PNR No 4732430778 Ticket Amount:405.0...
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IRCTC — Degragation of coach passenger not travelled. Full refund demanded.

 Mehul Lal on Oct 5, 2015
Sir i had to travel to mumbai from patna in train no. 12142, pnr no. 6746306412 and both the tickets were booked in 3rd ac but reaching at patna station we recheked it with the station master and were informed that it has been degraded to sleeper class and we did not board at this ticket and made other tatkal ticket in same train in 2nd ac. We want our full money to be refunded. We have also filed tdr for the same with ref no. 100000068698014 ten mins before the shlcheduled departure. Kindly go though his matter. We'd be highly oblidged....
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IRCTC — Catering guys taking over price in trains

 Pawan Kumar Tiwari PKT on Oct 4, 2015
Hi, Thi is to inform you that catering guys taking more money for water from passenger traveling in Indian railway. It comes under passenger harassment who have no other option for taking waters except Catering guys. Raise a complaint number regarding this and focus on this....
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IRCTC — Reservation thro netbooking is worst

 T Pasupathy on Oct 3, 2015
I have booked 3 tickets in janasadapthi exp from coimbatore to tiruchirapalli on 03/10/2015 .. I selected D9 coach but ticked was booked in D5 why when available ticket is 926? Either D8, D7 coaches can be alloted if not in D9. When there is 926 seats why seat near toilet was allotted? Very bad format and useless web system.Rectify the defects immediately.Since you are collecting taxes you must provide proper service otherwise don"t collect Improve net working system .As a govt dept it is your duty to provide best service to the consumers....
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IRCTC Website — Unable to book TATKAL tixkets everytime

 Prabuking on Oct 3, 2015
I have to go to Chennai from Salem. I login to irctc and give the necessary details to book TATKAL ticket. But after entering the CAPTCHA i got the message "Invali Captcha" for every CAPTCHA I am entering. This is very worse as I am unable to book the tickets. I think there is a fradulant action behind the tatakal booking. Nee a necessary action....
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IRCTC — Compliant for irctc catering service

 badrikrish on Oct 3, 2015
Date of Journey-26.09.2015 Train no:12840, PNR:4732347800. Birth:A1 11 & A1 22 Return journey -29.09.2015 Train no: 12839, PNR:6746542288, Birth:B3 17 & B3 20 Dear Sir, 1. During onward journey(26.09.2015) Tea was sold at Rs.7.00/- per cup and on return journey the same cup of Tea was sold for Rs.10.00/- a cup. There is no response from the manager. 2. During dinner on 30.09.2015 only Two poorie was served with dinner. 3. General cleanliness was very bad. Thanks & Regards, T.KRISHNAKUMAR 9840036015
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