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IRCTC Complaints & Reviews

IRCTC - Ticket not Refund

 Apurba Mondal on Jan 29, 2015
Dear sir, My ticket detail's Ticket PNR No.8731869422 transaction ID:100000158159580 booking date on21.01.2015 and journey date on 23.01.2015 but same day this train cancel. still now my Ticket amound not refund. please refund my e-ticket amound as early as possible. Regard Apurba Mondal Mob:9163441855...
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IRCTC - meal of dorronto 12263 pune to nzm

 sapnashyam on Jan 29, 2015
we travelled on27 jan from pune to nizamuddin.the meal served to us z so useless nd tasteless.and all food items were cold.ten different types of coaches added to make a rajdhani express train.fare z too high but not even one service z like rajdhani train.our p.n.r no z 8453079875.sapna motwani.plz improve ur services to serve better to public....
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IRCTC - Tatkal Quota Booking Issue

 Nikhil B Mehta on Jan 28, 2015
Dear Sir/Madam, This is Nikhil Mehta from Gujarat. My Username is " nbmehta29 " for IRCTC login. I had booked tatkal ticket for two times. details of the same is below. Sr. No. PNR Number Train No From To Date of Journey Reservation Status Date of Booking 1 8332224110 19131 BH BHUJ 29-Jan-15 Booked 28-Jan-15 2 8454425698 19006 DWK BH 26-Jan-15 WL Cancellation 25-Jan-15 When I used to booked tatkal ticket at 10:00 am, it shows full availability. On the basis of the availability, I started to fill up the form for booking & proceed for payment. While ticket generated at 10:04...
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IRCTC - File tdr but amount not refunded

 dhiru8968 on Jan 28, 2015
dear sir/madam Regarding PNR no-6237139310, TRAIN NO.12307, HOWRAH exp i have bbooked ONE tickets from jaipur to jodhpur but train was late more than 5hrs so i have cancelled the tickets and filled a TDR on- 12JANUARY 2015 but till now i have not received the refund. pls do the needful AND AGAIN VERIFY THE MATTER.Regards DHIRENDRA...
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IRCTC - Incorrect TDR repudiation

 Krishna B Srinivasa Rao on Jan 27, 2015
PNR #: 4203405943 From Solapur to Yesvantpur. DoJ: 28 Dec 2014. Train no: 22134 / Solapur exp. My family and I were to have travelled per the above details. We had been wait listed when we booked. On chart preparation, we saw that 2 out of the 4 seats booked had been confirmed. The other two was still wait listed. I submitted a TDR ref 100000138659090, citing "Party Partially Confirmed/Waitlisted And All Passengers Did Not Travel" I now see that the TDR is repudiated with the reason "As per chart, passenger has travelled"...
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IRCTC - Complaint regarding Refund

 mayurgamer on Jan 27, 2015
I have filed a TDR for a Ticket. By Mistake I have selected "Passenger Not Travelled" instead of "Train late for than 3 hours". I have send the mail regarding this to Irctc for updating the same. They acknowledged my mail and inform me that the same will forwarded to railways authorities.After some days i got 50% only in my account instead of 100% as "Train was late for more than 24 Hours" for which i have asked to Update. It's been one month and i have send seven mails to irctc but no reply.It is happening second time with me. Please do the needful. Details: Regarding TDR Filed Reference...
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IRCTC - TDR Refund Not Released

 ac78698 on Jan 27, 2015
I had applied for a TDR (Reg# DSW031214W14391) PNR # 2165197491 on Nov 28 2014. It has been almost 2 months and the amount has yet not been credited to my account. This issue is not just about the refund, it is also about the attitude of the railway employees towards the customer. I had called the Hubli Helpline # 08362325376 almost 10 times. The behaviour of the railway employee was very rude and disrespectful. It is our money for which we need clarification, I felt so helpless and raged over the behaviour of that employee. I request the concerned people that no matter I need to spend 50000...
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IRCTC - IRCTC cheating the passengers

 saiupendra 98857 on Jan 26, 2015
Irctc is not calculating the strength of space available in coach, it issues the second class tickets unlimited, due to this the people who got the ticket for 2nd class they are coming into reservation coaches and troubling the passenger in the reservation.cops are help less to stop these people, by this reserved people are not feeling comfort . The TC are collecting money from 2nd class people and they are became silent .they are not following the rules they are officers are not doing their correct duty....
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IRCTC - cleanliness in train no.16381 kanyakumari express from cstm to kanyakumari

 Annapurna karkera on Jan 26, 2015
There is no cleanliness in train no 16381knayakumari express the train lots of water leakage and lots of toilet odour from the starting destination i.e.cstm itself how a passenger can travel in this trains the smell affects a lot to the small kids and senior citizens even the passengers who travels in this train.This create illness to all the passengers who are travelling. Railway charges the ticket charges for a safe and clean travelling but that isn't the truth in this train. Lots of beggars enters in this train and the passengers are never safe in this train because of theft also. Please...
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IRCTC - Valid TDR Still CR Repudiate

 hiteshmg on Jan 25, 2015
I filed TDR on 07 Jan 2014 17:32 for PNR Number 2527192603 since train was running late more than 3 hrs and it reached at bhopal station more than 5 hrs late (train actual arrival 13:45 ). I was supposed to catch flight from mumbai next day in morning hence i did not travelled through train and went through bus and filed TDR 1 hour before at 17:32 hrs before train arrival at bhopal station which came close to 18:43 hrs. Please find attached screenshot which displays train arrival at 18:43 took from Hence train arrived more than 5 hrs late. On irctc website, TDR status is showing...
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IRCTC - ridiculous maintenance of tatkal website.

 Sandy Voruganti on Jan 25, 2015
i have tried to book a tatkal ticket through 2 devices with 2 different gadgets with wifi on one and with mobile network on the other, i have encountered a problem on the site on both the devices, "this service is temporarily suspended" 5 mins later all the seats were booked and shows WL. This maintenance is extremely ridiculous and rubbish, saying that india is one of the biggest place for trian platform, you guys are utterly waste in site maintainence, if you cant provide enough website help, you better shut the fuck and do it a privitization, you are utterly stupid ridiculous waste....
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 brajpoddar on Jan 24, 2015
Reason For TDR: Party Partially Confirmed/Waitlisted And All Passengers Did Not Travel. TDR Filing Date: 19-Dec-2014 14:10:59 HRS TDR Status: CR Registered Cancellation ID: 100000026331714TDR Zone: SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY (SE) Registration No: DSE261214W18978 I have not received refund yet. Can you please check and see what is the problem. You can contact me @ e mail address -
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IRCTC - Refund Rejected

 Gausul Azam on Jan 24, 2015
Hi There, I booked a premium tatkal ticket of AP Express 12723/A dated 11th Jan 2015 with PNR 4404073557. Train was 14 hour late so I did not travel as I had ticket on 12th Jan from Delhi to Mirzapur at 12am. So my entire planning of got ruined and I cancelled my entire plan. TDR was filed by railway inquiry associate however it is rejected. For the ticket of 600 rupees I paid 2, 000 and did not travel because of train late. I want my money back. Could you help me to get the money back or could you please help me where I can file complain for this. Thank You, Gaus 888 658 9966
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IRCTC - amount debited but ticket not booked or confirmed

 vijaykumarcmc on Jan 24, 2015
22-Jan-2015 (22-Jan-2015) POS PRCH POS 502220330692 IRCTC 952.49 22-Jan-2015 (22-Jan-2015) POS PRCH POS 502220330376 IRCTC 952.49 this a reference no details, amount debited from my account, please return back and do needful...
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IRCTC - complain about gaurd and station master

 ankitoo7 on Jan 23, 2015
Sir, I am travelling from TRIVENI EXPRESS, (train no. 84369) in which i got seat near window whose window panes and glass is broken. I requested railway staff in train( TC) make some arrangement as it is very much cold weather but he said i will not do anything. And on asking about complain copy he said i can't register my complain. On this when i put my problem in front of on way station master of CHOPAN(CPU) on duty at 10:00 pm, he said that he will not do anything and even refused to register my complain. And then he refused to tell his name also. As i don't find any way to complain, i am sending...
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IRCTC - non refunded after TDR

 Danish Farooqui on Jan 23, 2015
dear sir, I have booked an E Ticket through my personal ID on 27 DEC 2014 of SAKET LINK Exp (21068) from RBL(Raebareli) to LTT(Lokmanyatilak) for the next day. there was one confirmed birth and three waiting birth at the time of booking and it never confirmed the rest birth. So i have Filed TDR as prescribed by a representative of IRCTC Customer care. on 14 of Jan 2015 it was Repudiate due to unreliable reason. after requesting to REOPEN the case it was again repudiate on 22 of January.. PFA enclosed here. Zaid farooqui 7860203040...
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IRCTC - Blocking internet provider IP

 harihkn on Jan 23, 2015
We people were working together in an organization and we are from different places of country and we have individual user accounts of IRCTC portal. When no tickets were available under general quota, we were forced to book TATKAL tickets using IRTC online portal. But the portal only allows two TATKAL booking from single Internet provider IP between 10AM and 12PM and when we try to book after blocking hours, even the TATKAL also falls in long waiting list. If two tickets were booked, the system is blocking the Internet provider IP of the company to block other users from further booking....
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IRCTC - No food provided

 Raghupati Jha on Jan 23, 2015
Hi . I boarded the shatabdi exp from jaipur to Ajmer. While booking the ticket we were asked for non veg or veg option . But were informed in train that no food would be provided but we could get food by paying money . Kindly confirm if we are eligible for food or not. The catering is by a company called Arenco catering...
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IRCTC - tdr not paid

 pradeepkhobragade on Jan 23, 2015
i had booked ticket from CSTM to NGP for 17-01-2015 for train no. 01013 which was scheduled to depart at 12:20 AM from CSTM. But it was resheduled and was late by more than 3 hrs, hence i filed tdr in the morning on the same day but irctc said it repudiate it. the ticket details are given below. PNR 8453859961 TRAIN NO. 01013 CANCELLATION ID 100000029264303 DATE OF JOURNEY 07-Jan-2015 TDR FILLING DATE 07-Jan-2015 07:45:26 HRS...
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IRCTC - Extra fine amount collected

 v c kumar on Jan 23, 2015
Sir, I have booked Train Ticket in talkal by online on 21.1.15 for travel from Tirunelveli to Kanchipuram in 16352/NCJ Mumbai Express PNR No.4617196326 for my father-in-law and Mother-in-law. Both are senior sitizen. I have entered his voter ID in the talkal form thro' online and his mobile number. The above passengers were having voter ID in original at the time travelling. But the squad of Railways in Tirunelveli not accepted and collected the fine amount of Rs. 1430/- from them in Excess Fare Ticket bill No.A L 0479645. Apart from Talkal ticket amount of Rs. 890/- the fine amount of Rs. 1430/-...
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