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Kent Ro — Kent mini water softener not working even after paid service

 Krishna Banala on Oct 22, 2016
I have kent mini water softner (serial no : ks120601753) and recently i have changed it with new filter for which i have paid for both the new filter and the service and still it is not working and i am getting hard water only because of which i am facing many health problems.

I called customer care many times and several complaints has been raised but still issue is not resolved. one of the recent requests that has been raised is 161010-04406 which i have been following up from past two weeks and no response yet.

Today (oct 22 2016), one more new request 161022-07115...
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Kent Ro — Kent water filter Super Plus

 murthykk2000 on Oct 22, 2016
I purchased Kent water filter - Super Plus on 12th Sept 2016 and waited for the service technician to install the same at my residence in Bangalore. On seeing no action, I lodged a complaint on 5th Oct 2016 wherein the installation work was assigned to one Mr. Kartik on the same day. However, no one turned up till next day another message was sent stating one Mr. Shivakumar will attend the issue. When no one turned up, I lodged a complaint yet again on 20 Oct 2016 when the job was assigned to one Mr. Naresh.
Due to inordinate delay in installation of the water filter, I had opened the packing...
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Kent Ro — I have a Kent RO. which is not working.

 mainali on Oct 21, 2016
I have purchased a KENT RO last 4 years ago. I have changed two filter last three months ago from your service center located at Bareilly U.P. But there is a leakage in RO. The water is also taste less. The TDS controller adjustment nob is leaking. please depute your S/engineer located at Bareilly (U.P.) to repair replace of defected parts if any filter and TDS controller nob and solve the leakage problems...
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Kent Ro — Water purifier not filtering and water turning green

 Nazmeen_Chowhan on Oct 19, 2016
Its been a month since i installed this water purifier, I had called Kent call centre and asked them that i was looking for a purifier and their dealer contacted me and installed a machine after testing the water. This machine is dispensing GREEN water within a month of its installation. The machine from inside has also turned GREEN.
Their executive came to check and he says that this is because of sunlight coming in the kitchen! How does kent expect no sunlight in the kitchen?
I want my money back as i dont think these people have installed the right machine depending on the type...
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Kent Ro — No service after 5 complaints

 sunnyupsc on Oct 18, 2016
My RO is not working about 12 days and i have complain 5 times bt i don''t get any service in warrenty period, company is also not taking any solid step after calling service center.and distributer missbehave with us, and some parts are not considering in warranty which is not in policy. My device is near out of warranty and company is not taking any step. I want my device OK or compensation....
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Kent Ro — Service Complaints

 Smijith Sundaresan on Oct 18, 2016
I have logged a complaint on kent service desk on 13th October 2016 that my machine taking more time to purify the water. One service person came and inspected the machine and told SMPS not working, and will bring new SMPS next day and fix this. Next day another person came and told he is not finding any issues with SMPS so the problem with motor pump so need to change that.He dismantled the machine and told tomorrow he will be back with pump and fix this. 15th i got a message from customer care mentioning my request has been closed successfully with excellent ratings. I called the customer care...
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Kent Ro — Kent pearl filter kr 1505004882

 Kuttiviji on Oct 17, 2016
I am finding frequent replacement requirement of pre-filter, sediment filter and carbon filter. After purchase of the kent pearl filter, within 2 months, the feed pump failed, but fortunately agent replaced on warranty coverage. Now i have entered into amc w. E. F today and annual fee charged is rs 5500 (4 times replacement of pre-filter, 1 time sediment filter, one time carbon filter and one time ro membrane; and any other parts failure it will be extra).

The service engineer has not checked effectiveness of ro system delivery. As per my assessment, the rated pump capacity is 1.6...
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Kent Ro — Kent pearl purifier not working well

 sunil_sonali on Oct 17, 2016
I have purchased kent Puriofier online product no. KR 1509001316
my Name - Sunil Vitthalrao Patil
from last 4 to 5 months kent pearl purifier is not working properly.
I have called customer care on no. 9278912345 three times I have tried to lodge a compalints
but your customer care executive just write the compalints and not do anything
My purchased product is within warrenty period
is it a yours problem to give service for me
neither your technician had came to me nor called to me
till date My problem is not resolved
I am very...
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Kent Ro — No Warranty on costly parts change + rash behavior of customer care official

 divyya20 on Oct 16, 2016
We did a service repair of RO filters 4 months back which costed us Rs 1200 + 300 visiting charge. Within 4 months one of the filter again broke and on the visit technician also told to change the 3 other components costing us Rs 4500. When asked to give 1 year warranty, technician declined and asked to talk to his executive. On calling on number 8855000091 Kent support official by name Ms. Jyoti picked communicated with me. On requesting her to provide warranty for 1 year for such costly replacement she denied and started talking in a very rude manner. She agreed to only give 3 months warranty....
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Kent Ro — Poor post sale service

 SheikhPathamiya on Oct 16, 2016
Sir, I am using KENT RO water purifier machine s/n KR1511026583 which is under warranty period. Right from the installation there has been some or the other problem with the machine, either the water was not getting filtered or the TDS was not proper. I am very disappointed with your after sale services. For getting one complaint resolved I have to wait for minimum 15 days before your service person comes and looks into the matter. Even your toll-free customer care services are pathetic. They don't lift the calls, customer has to call almost a dozen times before they register his/her complaint....
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Kent Ro — Faulty installation

 Ravi Gajendrula on Oct 16, 2016
I bought Kent inline gold on 28-July-2016. I called the Kent sales contact number and after few phone calls, same day, the unit was installed. That's the only good thing happened in this entire incident. Two persons from 'Sri Balaji Water Purifiers' came to install the unit.

The unit was installed on a wall which is earmarked for water purifier. The self proclaimed professionals did not install the unit properly and as a result, after 3-5 days, the unit fell down. We mounted it on the platform and reconnected only to find it to be leaking. I called customer care, the technician (Ramesh)...
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Kent Ro — Kent Pearl RO is a pathetic product

 satkal on Oct 15, 2016
This is one of the worst products in India, it is day light robbery under the pretext of servicing one component after the other, even within 1 year the total money spent in maintenance is more than the actual product itself.

Their dealer in Chennai Aynavaram is a company called Saki Technologies, it is even worse, they have only one technician and they openly admit that everyone in their company is a trainee and that's why they take multiple attempts to fix even a simple problem

They just are collecting money and may be even reusing the filters instead of putting...
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Kent Ro — Complaint on technician david @ nalgonda

 leninyada on Oct 15, 2016

I would like to give a complaint on the technician by name david and his mobile number is 9848238289, please find the below complaint details:

• david was the person who installed the product and he gave his number as well and my parents don’t know anything and contacted him for the service so instead he educate them to contact customer care he started addressing the issues
• and collecting money from parents, it happened around 3 times.
• i have called the customer care number yesterday “9278912345” and explain on this issue completely...
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Kent Ro — Kent ro supreme - don't buy kent filters

 amgoc18 on Oct 14, 2016
Don't buy kent supreme or for that matter any kent filters. I bought it for approx. 17000 2+ years back and till now i have spent more than 15000 for its maintenance. They are looting people they make it in such a way that part by part will start having issues and they will mint money on amc, service etc. Don't expect any help from their customer support as well. When i called them complained about the dealer who provided service to me, they said they cant help as i didn't take service from kent directly, i said kent only suggested the dealer for service, he said he cant help and i have to pay a...
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Kent Ro — Unethical behaviour, pathetic service, amc not updated

 pawan1810 on Oct 13, 2016
Bought in july 2016. Highly pathetic service provided by shah agencies in dombivili area. Receptionist has no knowledge of anything. Owner dosn't know the way to speak. Registered complaint on 1.10.2016, technician visited on 01.10.2016 and cleaned the filter, the the same problem recurred again on 8th. Complained on 9th again. On 10th service centre lady told that person will visit today. Technician said coming in an hour, but nobody came. Called the service centre ascwell as technician several times, nobody picked call. On 11th nobody came. On 12th also technician came in the evening after almost...
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Kent Ro — Kent ro dealer new guru battery technician provides out of guarantee filter parts

 Ekta Chhabra on Oct 13, 2016
Hello sir,

I called New Guru Battery (located in Phase 1 mohali - Plot 47, Punjab), and this lady sent a technician Umesh who asked me for wasted filter parts and told me that he will replace these parts in some Kent RO which would be in guarantee period.
This is how your technician provides service for guaranteed period of KENT RO's ??????

Very disappointing for such a big brand.

They are just fooling people, i dont know how they are given authority to trade in the market....
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Kent Ro — Regarding the service

 sunnyraw on Oct 12, 2016
I have a Kent RO which has 1 year warranty and it's under warranty currently and due to certain reasons it stops filtering water. And for this issue I have registered a complaint on Dec 9, 2016 and I continuously call the call center that please send the service man and they always said today your problem will be solved and today is 12 DEC and my problem still not resolved.

My product is registered under Rajender Singh and my registered number is 9810622567.

So I don't know what to do because whenever I call them they said we are sending your request on urgent basis...
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Kent Ro — Kent wonder water bad smell and taste

 meenaramani on Oct 12, 2016
Have already submitted seven complaints on line. Latest updateas on 12 oct 2016
Technicians of global innovatives failed to identify the cause of the complaint
As such chennai sales head mr. Suresh and service mager mr. Balasubramaniam requested md mr. Kuldeep pandita of riya impex pvt ltd authourised service provider of kent to address the problem.
Firstly two samples of water, one from the tap and the other from the ro. Iodine was added to both and kept for 48 hours both turned black. He said that if the sample from ro turns black, problem is with the equipment not capable...
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Kent Ro — No response from kent ro for service

 Parmendra Yadav on Oct 11, 2016
My kent RO is not delivering filtered water. I had complaint on customer care on 09 Oct at around 1200 hrs with complaint no 161009-01510. And again reminded on 10 Oct at 1530 hrs that no one has responded to service complaint. I was told complaint would be addressed within 24-48 hrs. Even after lapse of 48 hrs and 8 hrs extra, no one has even cared to call, neither customer care has taken any action for addressing my complaint.
It shows poor, careless attitude of the Kent Company and should how careless are they towards customer satisfaction.
I want immediate reply to this complaint....
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Kent Ro — Unresolved complaint - 161008 - 06943 <urgent>

 Somak Chakraborty on Oct 10, 2016

As a customer, I am appalled by the kind of after sales service provided by your authorized dealer - Sai Services.
As shown in the attachment, my AMC form number is 4582.

On 6th Oct 2016, I had registered a complaint with Sai Services contact person - Mr. Prakash. Screenshot of message attached for reference. He assured me that the same would be addressed on the 7th of October.
On 7th Oct, after repeated follow up with Mr. Prakash, he said due to "unavoidable circumstances", his person could not get in touch and would definitely come on 8th.
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