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Kent RO — No actions for the complaints raised in the customer care

 antony1983 on May 25, 2016
I have purchased the kent supreme ro+uv+uf on 29th jan 2016. The machine has got installed on 05 feb 2016. After 40 days, i found that leakage in the motor and i raised a complaint through the customer care. The technician visited and said he will get the motor replaced. He closed the ticket in 2 days without resolving the issue. Further i raised, 2 complaints and the technician changed the motor with an old one from other old machines. Also he agreed that the order for new motor has been raised and will be changing it in 1 month. No one from kent has called after that and the motor has not changed....
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Kent RO — Faulty product and pathetic after sales service service.

 shvr89 on May 25, 2016
I purchased kent super star water purifier on 25-apr-2016 from which website selling product on 100% manufacturer guarantee. with in 15 day my product is give bad quality water.some eroded chip are continuously coming in drinking water. we don't know when this problem exactly started earlier we think that our bottle was dirty but after prolong time we checked that problem is with water purifier. we don't know what is that metal and how much severely that will effect on human body. even for my kid who is 4 month old we are giving that water some time.i submitted my complaint to kent on...
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Kent RO — Kent r o system under amc

 madhuukar_k on May 24, 2016
Dear sir,

I made complain on 23-may-2016 vide complain no 160523-05906, complain has not been resolved, whereas i received an sms at 1:26 pm on 24-may-2016 which states as follows:

"dear customer
Greetings from kent
Your request 160523-05906 is resolved. You have rated the service as good.
Thank you, tnc apply"

And another message:

"dear customer
Greetings from kent
In reference to your request 160523-05906 give us a missed call on 01204610070 if you are unsatisfied with the service. Thank you"
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Kent RO — 6 month old ro having issues last 5 month

 Sandyvats on May 23, 2016
Kent ro got purchased in nov 2015, however since jan16 haveing issue and did not get fixed last 7times. Every month having same issue eitger ur engineer is not having with relevant skills or company us selling repaired products.

This product git purchased directly from your indriapuram sales office (No dealer is involved)

Kent ro customer care is a crap not sure why company is invested so much in their cc.

Wold be great if it cab be fixed for all or rent my full money.

Sandeep 9811690572...
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Kent RO — After their technician visit new problem created and now asking 3750/ for that new issue.

 Alok Roy on May 21, 2016

I am using kent ro purifier. On 17-05-2016 i raised non booting issue of ro. Mr. Anil visited my house and and did something.In that time there was only one issue which as per him was minor one. After his visit my ro start licking and moisture filled inside the glass. I immediately complained after that another technician mr pushpendra came and said i have to pay 3750/ because filter and membrane both destroyed.
I requested many times on kent customer care that this new problem started after your technician mr. Anil visit hence took the responsibility. But they are saying...
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Kent RO — Totally Waste Product- More than 25 Complaints in 10 months

 AchinBhatia on May 20, 2016
I have purchased Kent RO Supreme model last year in the month of June'15. Since than I had more 25 complaints. Registered Number is 9990761819.

Every part of RO has now replaced (2 times membrane changed, Filter changed, UV tube changed, Power supply changed twice, Adapter changed). So all in all everything changed except the outer box.

Customer care staff (Yogesh Kumar) do not have the solution to my problem & I have that call recorded with me. They clearly mentioned on the call it's up to me whether I want to throw it or keep spending money after warranty but they...
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Kent RO — Kent excell plus

 vishak ravi on May 20, 2016
I have taken an amc from good mineral ro in bangalore on 18/11/2015.
We lodged a complaint on 2/5/2016 with complain no. 9208 for change of filters with leakage. I have called them everyday since then with them not even receiving my calls for hours on end and when they do receive the call they tell me tat a person will be at my home in another hour. This person does not show up nor give a call and the whole process of calling them the next day starts again.
My only schedule for the past 18 days is to call them for hours on end hoping they will pick up the call
My amc will...
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Kent RO — To frequent breakdowns - high maintenance

 Laxmi Sheth on May 18, 2016
I own a kent ro exceel model. It has been a high maintenance product with frequent break down. The ccb fails and the uf membrane fails too often. Last month i replaced the uf membrane on 21st april and it broke again today.In the last 6 months i have spent 6460 rs. On 6 times that it had to be attended too. The products original cost was 15 thousand....
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Kent RO — Unethical behavior & miss commitment

 debajyotidjnath on May 18, 2016
On july'15 we have lodged a complain to deep home appliance, guwahati for normal service accordingly mr. Uttam chamva has visited along with mr. M ali (9864174551). They have charged 6110 for service & lot parts replacement with assurance of regular service upto two years without single penny charge as well as no replacement of parts. After that we have called them several times but they didn't turned with false commitment of services by a week. Than on 04.02.2016 we have find out another service partner areca enterprise as earlier service partner phone number is showing out of work for long time...
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Kent RO — Kent water purification

 Harmanjot Khabra on May 18, 2016
Hi m professional football player
I bought kent in may 2015. First nobody called me for general service
Secondly now some beep sound comes from kent i askd customer care which is in keshtopur kolkatta to check it. A guy after checking asking me to there some problem with the parts has to change and which he will charge me 2500-3000. When i askd him to check the warranty than it shows only 5/6 days left.
That guy askd to come next day but didn't come
M trying to call them they r jst lying that mechanic will come today.
Now when warranty is there they wants to...
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Kent RO — Complaint regarding aro kent motor

 Prem S Tiwary on May 17, 2016
I am utilizing aro kent since 12/11/2012 serial no kr120701405 and paying every year towards replacement of candle aro etc.

Last year 1st time changed aro moter as per engineer advice on dated 28/11/2015 coppy of bill attached herewith. Presently my kent not running and again engineer suggested to change motor because your motor not working and you have to psy cost of motor again.
I fail to understand why motor out of order woth in such short period and bounded to think quality of product which was replaced.
Please go through in details and refund us cost of motor....
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Kent RO — Persistent problem with kent pearl since last 5 months

 Bitu1982 on May 17, 2016
I own a kent pearl water purifier with serial no. Kr140701250 for last 1 and a half year. This machine has been constantly and periodically leaking since january 2016. I have got the entire ro membrane, sediment filter and carbon filter changed on january 19th 2016. After a month of change of the entire kit, filter started leaking again for which after a couple of customer care requests and to-and-fro by the technician, the ro membrane was replaced.In between, another part was also changed. Even after all these changes and rectifications, the purifier started leaking again on the 1st week of may...
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Kent RO — Servicing of ro

 khem010 on May 17, 2016
Dear Customer
Greetings from Kent
Your request 160507-06622 is assigned to Mr.amit-9752243969
He will contact you soon.
Thank You
This was the msg I received from Kent RO on 07 may 2016 after lodging A request for servicing but till date no one has visited I even called up the local Rep in Mhow he has also been saying today/tomorrow but no response. Very disappointed with the response....
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Kent RO — 6 services in 7 months

 Anil Tanikella on May 17, 2016
Faulty product and hopeless service - kr1506043295

I am disgusted, disappointed and angry writing this mail.

Bought this product on 18th october 2015 - 6 product issues in 7 months. And to add to it the service standards and the never listening customer service executives.

I understand that the warranty doesn't cover replacement but isn't beyond policies to atleast give a thought to support a customer who faced 6 service and product issues in less than 7 months.

I got the 5th service done today evening and now again my machine is giving...
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Kent RO — Problem not solved from day first

 ganesh4268 on May 16, 2016
I have purchased kent super plus model one month ago,
But there is problem from installation day. I am getting continuous follow up with customer care but not getting satisfactory answer.

I want to return the product as i am getting worst service from day first.

I am continuous in touch with kent customer care & few of call recording have been saved in my device for proof.

Ince form 9th may they are not visiting for the issue & closing the complains directly.

Please treat this one as urgent issue & help me to sort out the same...
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Kent RO — Bad product and bad service

 satosh kumar singh on May 15, 2016
Had purchased kent ro.Some body had recomended me and i had also recommended many but after purchasing we had found it is bad product because i had baught it on 17 mar 2016 and today it had stoped working my friends who where baught the same product on my recomendation they are also feeling same problem and serving center are irrresbonsible and they are making loot from custemer now i personaly feel cheated and i will never suggest any body to go for this product...
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Kent RO — Pathetic installation service

 SumitaMudgil on May 15, 2016
I got Kent Ace online. Called customer care for installation. For 4 days no one came, finally after many calls a guy came who didn't have proper instruments for opening water point. Guy kept harassing us telling he wasted his one hour and installation didn't happen. He told us to call plumber and open point and call him once this is done.

We got water point opened, before that Kent itself closed my ticket giving excellent remarks. I called Kent and they told that no issues about ticket closing, they will still get it installed.

I called 'PUTTA' on saturday the guy who...
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Kent RO — New Ro not working

 Jyotibhalla12 on May 15, 2016
Dear sir
This is regarding we have purchase the kent ro on 22 Apr 2016 kent suprem Ro and it is not working till the date and your service enginer is not respond positivily Machine No KR1400535333 Bill No 229413 Invoice

You are requested to replace the RO as soon as possible to avoid daily waste my my time to call your service engineer again and again

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Kent RO Systems Ltd. — Machine not working properly

 S.S Poddar on May 14, 2016
Sir, I rounak raj purchaced a kent grand + mineral RO water purifier serial no KR1504006673 on 16.05.2015 from Baidnath sales, subhas chowk Jamtara 815351
On 16.06.2015 TDS of water found 378 in place of 50
On 18.08.15 auto starting system failed.
On 15.9.15 Machine sound beacame louder and started working slowly
On 12.12.15 TDS became 85 and out of extra water became very speedy.
On 20.03.16 Auto stop system failed.
On 25.03.16 Machine became dead and a new filter cylinder was changed by the kent service man by cost of 300/-
On 12.05.16 Carbon sedimentation...
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Kent RO — Faulty product

 Navdeep.1 on May 14, 2016
We installed Kent ro in October 2016, after six months one filter burst for which we have to pay Rs 500.One month latter its sediment, membrane and other filter was out of order . The company changed some parts and we gain have to pay 500 Rs . Only in six months all the parts have been changed and repaired. The product is of inferior quality, we want our product replaced...
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