Kent RO Customer Care

Kent RO Customer Care

Kent RO Systems Ltd

A-2, Sector-59
Gautam Buddh Nagar District
Uttar Pradesh
India - 201309

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

Phone:+91 44 2829 7994
+91 120 307 5075
1 800 100 1000
Mobile:+91 99 4009 0005
Satisfactory Rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

Kent RO Complaints & Reviews

Kent RO - Completely useless Kent support even for installation

 Rajaganapathy Rajendran on Aug 31, 2015
I bought Kent Pearl RO purifier in Adishwar Bangalore and not able to make installation for past 2 weeks. I am completely frustrated with Kent RO service in Bangalore. Even for basic installation it is complete headache and service personel in Bangalore is rude. Call center is another hopeless, it is becoming difficult to even raise a request with their call center. I need immediate resolution of the problem else take the product back. register phone number for the product is 7406000181...
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Kent RO - Complaint not responded

 Anurag Bage on Aug 26, 2015
Kent was working nicely after service kent started showing problem. then i call and lodged a complaint that kent is not working. now its going to be 20 days till date they neither shown up and also they are not receiving my call. its like kent has worst sevice ever then why everyone should buy. if they are giving like this service. its better i should say to my friends and relative and also everyone that not to buy kent ru. if like this goes on i better lodged a consumer case against kent service....
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Kent RO - Pathetic Customer Service

 dipankarb2015 on Aug 26, 2015
A person called Dilip Kamble, who came through Global Distributors in Pune initially had been servicing my Kent RO since last 2 years. Since it seemed he is changing parts unnecessarily & charging us a hefty amount we decided to go for the AMC, which was suggested by him. He took the AMC amount of Rs.3500 & is absconding since then. When I logged a complaint, somebody called me from Kent & I was told the center in question is not an authorised service center of Kent & they can't do anything about it. Now my question is how do the customer know which is real & which is not....
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Kent RO - Poor Customer Service

 Sagar Lad on Aug 24, 2015
We have experienced poor/worst service from your customer care associates. they have been ignoring our requests since we bought your purifier online instead from them. Recently Kent service support staff visited our home - but after that everything started to going wrong. filter starts leaking - when we contacted him - hi seems to be less cared about it and advised us to contact customer care. even after second his visit problem persists - and we have to contact customer cate each time. Why are you charging 300 Rs if you create problem in first place and cant solve it. I have receipt of...
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Kent RO - Working condition is very poor not Purifier water

 r.k meena on Aug 24, 2015
I had purchase Kent RO commercial (25 Ltr ) on May'2015 & it started some leakage problem, water is not filtering and not coming into the tank during last 15-20 days. In this regard i had registered a complaint to my service provider named Gaurav Baran But we are really sad to say that everyday after the problem has been arrived they are fooling me by saying today will go, tomorrow will go etc. but since last 15-20 days no-one hasn't came yet to solve the problem. For this negligence and poor service we are facing... Rudset Institute (Address- Rudset Institute Behind central jail Baran (Raj) in...
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Kent RO - High Maintenance cost

 Kamal Kumar Mehra on Aug 23, 2015
The Annual maintenance cost is so high, with service maintenance contract it comes to about 50% of the cost of the R.O. every year. The Candles are priced so high that it has become prohibitive now. The Candles are not available in the open market. The manufactures are taking consumer for a ride by not advising in advance the maintenance cost per year....
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Kent RO Water Purifier - Not solve my complaint till now from KENT.

 Narendra Kandalkar on Aug 22, 2015
Dear KENT team, I am mentally very disappointed with your service, Please take return your product and refund me my total amount as per the bill.I dont want this type of your service. Please take seriously & immediate action on this matter.I dont have any problem with your product but problem is only your service.Now i dont want the both (service & product ). I think KENT were not going to solve my complaint.OK..Now i m going to share my complaint & bad experiance with social media.m going to post & share this matter on facebook, , twitter & whats up.Lets see what happned next. Regards,...
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Kent RO Purifiers - Poor services in kent and theft

 arpan.goel1 on Aug 21, 2015
I complained regarding service center of Kent in Meerut but Kent shows no interest in complaint like what that service center do with diff cust. They just asked for contact details but no action took place. I didn't saw such carelessness in any other company and in such serious case in which cust caught their technician red handed. I am frustrated now and going to take cop help.....
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Kent RO - After many complains still installation is not happen

 deepumca83 on Aug 20, 2015
Hi, After many followups Kent RO installation is still . My request number is 15081800427. This is registered on 18th August 2015. Installation should have within 24 hours . But after many followups from customer care they are not providing any satisfactory answer. This is very shameful for a branded company. Regards, Deepak kumar +919599774489...
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Kent RO Water Purifier - Very Bad servise from kent.

 Narendra Kandalkar on Aug 19, 2015
I am Mr.Narendra Kandalkar.Badlapur (w).I have Purchase KENT PRIME TC MODEL on dated 04/08/2015.from Your velocity distributor, Thane (w).challan no-2026, invoice person-Mr.LALU MANDAL.Cell phone no-8976799125. I have pay the amount by HDFC BANK Chque.They install my unit next day but no budy gives us any demo or any instructions about using or handling the machine.Nobudy come for check TDS of water.Today is 17/08/2015. every day i call to your representatives.But nobudy goes to help me.I am verry unhappy & unsatisfied with your service. Now i m thinking very negative about your...
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Kent RO - Kent ro system stopped working

 Dr kka on Aug 18, 2015
Sir, We have gone into comprehensive AMC on 02.10.2014 with authorised service centre, Pratham enterprises Durga colony near head post office, garam Sadak, 6 no. Chaurah Morar, Gwalior phone no. 0751-2456779, 99074-39901, 09303069864.Kent ro system stopped working for last one week, as its pump stops, service person attended and motor started working but again system stopped working .We request that our Kent ro system get repaired at the earliest Thanks Dr Gaurav Agrawal 7509110110, 9406500492 Opposite old high court Gwalior M.P....
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Kent RO - Kent RO GRAND + not working & water not purifing

  prasad VIJAY on Aug 17, 2015
Dear Sir, I have given Rs.5500/ to YESS BOSS fatakgora, Chandannagar, Hooghly Contact no.03326854208/ unit serial no.KR-110614570 for annual Maintenance of kent Machine in my own home. But in july & August no one person come to my home for maintenance of Kent Machine. Now my Kent machine not working & they saying for purchasing RO Of Rs.2500/Approx & Pump of Rs.2300/Approx Kent service No. is 9331397724. But I have given for annualy contract for maintenance of Kent machine then why we purchasing RO & Pump. Now Kent machine stopped to filter water & hanging in my home. please see the matter...
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Kent Mineral RO - Defective motor of the Pearl model

 bela murthy on Aug 11, 2015
This is the fourth time that the motor of Kent pearl model has to be replaced since purchase dated May 2013. Every time the service charges and new motor charges are becoming a headache. Authorised service centre in Bangalore - Supreme Technologies gives a silly reason - we cannot give any guarantee as to how long will the motor last. Machine is still filling in water after the motor has automatically stopped. Ideally the water should stop flowing once the tank is full....
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Kent RO - Service is pathetic and demand for replacement is not accepted, Irresponsible service team, disowning their own product

 Venkata Mangipudi on Aug 10, 2015
Product name: Kent Prime (Water purifier with RO, UV, UF, TDS removal etc.) Product KR number: KR150205745 Date of purchase: 28 May 2015 Date of Incidence (date we realized): 5 Aug 2015 Bottom-line is "Never ever purchase a KENT product", not unless you are a big fan of waiting in despair! I am demanding for an entire unit replacement, and not sure if this is going to be addressed. * Contacted customer care on 5 Aug 2015 that the light in Kent purifier is not glowing, the representative told, it shall be fine and we can continue to use the water! * Kent service team: 2 persons arrived...
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Kent RO - Blackmailing after taking amc charge of rs 5500 / - for a year

 shibakant jha on Aug 7, 2015
THIS COMPANY HAS TAKEN Rs 5500/- for AMC for a year.Now this company is demanding additional money Rs 500 to 800 at each time when their technician come for attending defect.This way they may be taking around Rs 2000 to 3000/- from us.They are telling that part of the m/c which was supplied to us with m/c being the integral part of the m/c, is external and will not be maintained. They are cheating the common people of india and society in the name of giving pure water.
I declare that this company should be taken to task and summarily penalized.
I want justice against this cheating....
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Kent RO System Ltd - Manufacturing Defect Connector damaged

 Shriram Narhare on Aug 5, 2015
Dear Sir, Manufacturing Defect Yesterday I book Kent Prime at Velocity Distributor Thane Mumbai and today at 1pm I received the same and I paid the full amount Of Rs.17000/- . But when the Technician came at 3pm he opened the Box and we found that the Connector damaged/Defected and and not in working condition. So I request you to replace the machine and give me the new machine otherwise just return my amount . I am very disappointed due this type of service by Dealer. Machine Sr. No.- KR1506016359 Product Code - 11028...
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Kent RO - Delay in service

 durgeshkahar on Aug 4, 2015
Machine serial no. KR131117150 Kent RO branch- Ashwadha Communication Shop no.-C-3, 1st Floor, Rajat Sankul, Ganeshpeth, Nr. S.T.Stand, Nagpur-440018 date of the incident - 29 July 2015 I Durgesh Kahar, lodged a complaint for a defect in purifier. I did not received any service till 6 days. On seventh day an engineer came and he detected that one valve is required to be changed. He confirmed that next day he will come with valve and get it changed but, nobody came to resolve the problem. I have called several times and I am frustrated by such service from so renowned company. I bought Kent...
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Kent RO - Kent ro release 8 liter waste water for 1 liter of drinking water, bad performance

 ah84nsari on Jul 29, 2015
I have a kent ro mineral plus (Sr. No - kr140222371) , purchased and gifted me by my friend last year in may 2014 from army canteen, just after 11 month it started to take so much time for filing the the 8 liter tank (2 hour) , and release 80 liter waste water. I call for servicing, the technician sent by kent, after inspection he said to change its two candles and he charges rs. 1100 / - including service charges (Complaint no 150612 - 01487) receipt sr. No 591346. When he goes from my home i switch on the ro, it started to noise during operation after this servie. Also the rate of releasing waste...
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Kent RO Water Purifier - Poor after sales service

 shinoysha on Jul 25, 2015
I bought your three kent water purifier from bulandshahr, unfortunately they are not working well and now your dealer is saying that that we cant do anything, contact to company when i contact to your company asm mr radhey shyam bharti he says that he also unable to do anything i just wants to know whether this company knows what is customer service or not, your company asm says that your ro takes an expense of rs 5000 - 7000 every month.

Is this the level of service that your company is providing to customers, where an asm dont know how to give service or i can say that commitment...
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Kent RO - Not working well at first day of purchase

 Sandeepkamboj1987 on Jul 24, 2015
I bought Kent Grand RO on 04/05/14. Serial No.KR130709155, Invoice no. 3783 from Apni Rasoi Dss 259, sec-20 Panchkula Tin no.06132505539 .Unfortunately just after one month, the machine started to malfunction perpetually. On repeated calls to the customer service numbers, a technician would come for repair, but the would again stop functioning in about 2 weeks time. The Same Problem have got 5-7 times during the 1 year (Under AMC) . In last call the Technician change smps and micro controller cum UV ballast but after 2 month it again stop Working and now my amc is Over . With my experience...
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