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Gautam Buddh Nagar District
Uttar Pradesh
India - 201309

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Kent Ro — Product used in Kent RO

 Monika Pathak on Aug 27, 2016
The components used in Kent RO is pathetic. I have brought Kent prime in Nov 2014 worth 18000 and have sent more than 12000 in its maintainance in less than 1.5 years.. I have got the membrane changed 2 times in less than 9 months. I am highly disgusted with the product and going to buy some other company's products RO and going to negatively publisize this every where. Very very put down product. The company should be questioned and audited on the product quality and filters....
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Kent Ro — Servicing of water filter

 Nagraj S on Aug 27, 2016
Inspite of an annual maintenance contract with their service provider - Suraksha Water Services and calling them more than 6 times everyday, service provider has not attended to our complaint. This is a regular affair with this service provider, he will promise to send the service engineer and to resolve the issue, but the engineer would never turn up....
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Kent Ro — Frequent defective in my Kent RO

 Abdhesh thakur on Aug 26, 2016
My Kent RO has frequent defective after expiry of one year warranty. My RO guarantee period has been expired in NOV 2015. In March 2016, after defective Kent replaced RO Mabrane and Filter and some other parts which cost me Rs.4500/ approx. Now, machine has again defective. Some of my friends also getting same frequent defective. We have observed that the parts installed on defective must have some problems. It is requested to check whether parts supplied by your co. is after proper checking. Being Consumer we are totally unsatisfied with you service. My regd mobile no is 9650003156 with you....
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Kent Ro — Kent wonder — output water badly smelling and not potable

 meenaramani on Aug 26, 2016
Kent wonder water purifier was bought on 6 jun 2016 at a price of rs 16, 000/-
Mr jebaraj from global innovatives, annanagar west installed the equipment on the same day but found that the red/green indicator lights was not working. On opening it was seen not connected and the light connected.
Taste of water was not satisfactory after a month on complaint, technician mr manikandan cleaned the tank and advised to keep it off during hot hours to increase the life of filters. Within the month of tecnician visit, we saw the deterioration in the quality of water on 17 aug 16 complaint was...
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Kent Ro — Service provided is not at all satisfactory. I t is very disgusting to call the service person again & again as they avoid our call and bluff cust

 Mrs. Preeti Rawat Bhandari on Aug 26, 2016
Service center technician do not install the machine properly. They don't set up the machine and on top of it do not understand the customer's problem. The company is so well known but the service provided by the Dehradun people is getting the name of the company in shame. Dehradun technician working for Kent RO Perl water purifier are not satisfying their job which is offensive. The machine was taken on 22nd of August bt the service person came two days later that too for just merely 15 minutes as he was in a hurry. My machine no. is KR1603011237. He placed the machine in a place where our earlier...
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Kent Ro — Manufacturing default

 Manusharma5213 on Aug 25, 2016

On December 30, 2015 I bought Kent RO at Rs 16900/- from a dealer with following details :
Iteam Code : 11001-1041-Kent grand plus mineral RO
Serial no : KR 1509019566
Dealer Address : Kent RO system ltd, 28 Basement Ved Complex, Navyug Market, Gzb. 200101

Invoice No : SB 11500875
Book No : SB 0018
Order no : 15061167000

We are facing problem of water leakage from upper side of the body. The leakage is not neglible.

We got the product repaired three times under warranty; dated :
1st Complaint...
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Kent Ro — Kent RO water purifier not serviced but complain closed

 Sidhartha Sankar Das on Aug 25, 2016

The Kent RO water purifier that I am using for past 11 months started giving some problem. During the month of May 16, one of the filters got burst and water started leaking from it which got serviced after following up with Kent for 10 days (though Kent claims to service within 24 hours) and again on July 6th it started creating some noise and immediately i raised a service request which was never attended to after so much of follow up with Kent customer care. I lodged another service request with Kent on 23rd of Aug 16 which again I had to follow up to bring the service person...
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Kent Ro — Not providing service and marking themself as excellent service

 shalini dc on Aug 25, 2016
Registered first service request on 6th of Aug and received one call, said to visit one specific time as we are working.But no one turned up.Rather calling on their own time.I kept calling (more than 10 times) customer care and registered my complaint...So on 20th one person named Shiva came but he did not even had any tool which is required to have and I even doubt if visited person is from Kent technician or not because I received another call asking for what is the issue..which is security issue as well...since the person who came did not have any tools, said he would come next day morning but...
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Kent Ro — Arrange me another ro which suitable for me

 nau7 on Aug 25, 2016
Dear concern,
I baught a kent supeme which is your top model in ro, but after a month in this started problems some time it block some time taste problem some time damage the parts.
Mean every week we facing the same problem i rais a complaint on weekly basis. We are facing too much problem.
Please solve my problem and give me a machine which is suitable for me according to my area water.
Please solve my problem as soon as possible.
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Kent Ro — Water leaking from kent ro

 Deepakg77 on Aug 22, 2016
Poor service from kent ro company

I called kent ro customer care to do regular service on 17th aug 2016. Complaint number - 16081706166.

The technician came and did the service. After service, the water started overflowing.

I called kent customer care and logged another complaint on 21st aug 2016.
Complaint no - 160821-04542.

The technician came and informed me that value has to be replaced and charged me rs 235.

As soon as the technician left, the problem started happening again.

I called the technician...
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Kent Ro — Faulty SMPS

 rawat2311 on Aug 22, 2016
The complaint was lodged on 16th Aug with complaint no.16081601096 since then I have been following up with top to the bottom to rectify the same.

The last SMPS was replaced on 21st July 16 vide voucher No. 303396 & within the 24 days SMPS got corrupted again . It shows the kind of equipment being used by the KENT.

However, as per the company policy the equipment carries the 3 months warranty but I am failed to understand why it has been delayed to rectify the same.

I was pained to learn that the quality and services was not up to the mark as assured...
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Kent Ro — Water leaking from kent ro, 2 weeks no resolution

 milindb on Aug 22, 2016
Complaint no. 16081401018 dated 14 aug is not yet resolved. Multiple times called helpdesk, they also connected to area manager and there was commitment from area manager to resolve the issue in 2 days but now they are avoiding to come saying that the machine is in warranty and ro filter has leak. Javed one of the support person came and saw the issue and went back saying ro issue and it is in warranty so need to wait. After multiple follow-up i realize the complaint was cancelled as it was overdue sla.
Last month also i raised complaint the person came after 2 weeks and told ro issue but...
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Kent Ro — Defective machine - demanding repair since purchase - no solution till date

 drpankajdhamija on Aug 21, 2016
Dear sir/madam,

I made the biggest mistake of my life when i purchased kent ro supreme from sukhmani water world in bhatinda (Punjab) dated 9th may 2013 and spent inr 17k on this useless machine

Since i have purchased this machine, after the initial warranty period, the machine has consistently given us trouble in terms of breaking down/defective functioning and very poor after sales service

Till date i have spent inr inr 13, 970 on this machine within three years of purchase on this defective piece. I have got all the bills safe with me as an evidence...
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Kent Ro — Unscareable warranty service of kent ro

 subhashshelke on Aug 21, 2016
Sir i am subhash shelke. My kent pearl srl no. Is kr1504014103. I purchase on date 31/08/2015. But his membrane is not working. So i did complaint to custmer care of kent. But they are not solve this problem i have all document of kent ro as like warranty card, bill etc. Custmer care complaint as following... Date 30/07/2016, complaint no.160730-03569, date10/08/2016, complaint no.160810-05481, date 14/08/2016, complaint no.160814-04126, date 16/08/2016, complaint no.160816-05114, date 18/08/2016, complaint no.160816-05154...
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Kent Ro — 2+ weeks machine is dead, complaint is being closed without visit.

 Nikhil Ramteke on Aug 20, 2016
My number: 09353015144,
Machines purchased few months back and is totally in warranty,
When complaint is made, the person to whom its assigned closes the complaint without even visiting home, when i call customer care to mention same, they register new complaint and then same cycle repeats, its third time i am facing this issue.
The service request is being assigned to same person again and again: mr shiva (09535413950).

Issues with kent:
- no escalation matrix,
- no way to talk to any senior person, they just keep you on hold forever and do...
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Kent Ro — RO not working even after money paid

 rohit punani on Aug 19, 2016
Date of incident :
First : 4 july 2016
Econd : 16 aug 2016

Kent ro
Complaint number : 160814- 04127

Kent sent their tech to my home. He was not able find out what is the issue and said me that he will come next day : 17 aug 2016. His name was pankaj : 7290004950 (Emp id : 1012055). Branch south ex. Delhi.

Since then he is not picking my phone. He took away rs 300 as service charges.
I have been in house without water since then. This is ridiculous. I even called the customer service again and again i was told a new tech...
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Kent Ro — No proper

 Sonalsachdev on Aug 19, 2016
I have Kent water softener... We just shifted to indore from Kolkata. We called up Kent customer care for rent installation. They came and did. But now after 1 month I feel something might be wrong. So to check it, I called the customer care to check. So they took the complain for the same and told that they will come do the needful. After 3 days when nobody came I called up again, so they told that we don't hv services for softener, I said ok, but atleast check is it working or not, so the person directly cut the line without talking further.
Greetings from Kent! Your case ID MP/0816003...
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Kent Ro — Non servicing of kent ro prime tc

 gkdevi on Aug 19, 2016
Complaint no 160809-02713 date 09082016 and 160817-02843 dt 17082016 not attended.the kent warer purifier model kent prime tc brought in 2015.the machine is not working properly.inspite of repeated remiders no service mechanic is being sent by the company .
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Kent Ro — Frequent malfunction of kent ro system

 G Chakraborty on Aug 19, 2016
We are facing frequent breakdown of our kent ro system, (kent grand plus mineral ro). The equipment is giving us a tough time since the date of purchase i.e My 2015. I think even service engineers from Aquatake Service Centre point are not able to service it properly. The pipeline connections inside the machine got detached 5 times within a period of 1 year and 2 months resulting in breakdown of the circuit system. Every time a complaint is lodged, service personal attends to the problem but the same problem occurs again and again after every 2 to 3 months.

kindly try to solve our...
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Kent Ro — Kent ro super+ installing over size ro,filter

 aranraman on Aug 18, 2016
I have a kent ro super+ which was installed and serviced by kentservice centre technicians.within six months of installation the output reduced and it took 3hrs to fill 8ltr tank.kent replaced ro, filters, it was working fine. as per routine maintenance the filters and other parts were serviced/replaced by kent service center techs. on 14.12.2015 kent replaced ro membrane, sediment fliter, carbon filter, and FRT TUBE, for these they charged rs 3850.few days back on 16.8.2016 water leakage noticed in pump, ro inlet tubes.i called same agency for recification and serviced.the changed pump and tubes...
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