Kent RO Customer Care

Kent RO Customer Care

Kent RO Systems Ltd

A-2, Sector-59
Gautam Buddh Nagar District
Uttar Pradesh
India - 201309

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Kent Ro — Repetitive Complaints - Poor Response

 c.rangachari on May 1, 2016

Complaint No. 160415-00323 registered on 15th April, after continuous follow-up, the complaint was addressed with replacement of filter inside the can. Amount paid - appox. INR 3000.
Within 2 weeks the system failed and it is not functional now, complaint registered again on 29th April, complaint no. - 160429-06463. The message received said the complaint will be addressed within 24 hours and Engineer will be assigned soon. Next day the message received had the Engineer assigned as Mr. Babu-9343328777. We expected a call from him and waited for nearly 3 hours, thereafter...
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Kent — Complaint about kent product & service

 Ritayan247 on Apr 29, 2016
I sent a complaint email to them on march 14 with no response at all.
This is utterly disgraceful. I am shocked at the product and service they are providing.
I was complaining about the poor quality of kent product that i received and also the worst service from engineers who serviced the product. We had eureka forbes's aqua guard for about 10 years without any issue but thought of using kent recently, which seems to be a big mistake now. I brought the kent maxx (Model no- kr140628468) on 01-09-2014. From the start we had a problem of small insects, small cockroaches, dust particles,...
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Kent Ro — Faulty ro

 Mahima Chopra on Apr 28, 2016
We have kent ro system installed in our apartment in greater noida. The water quality there is not drinka le without ro. The ro started giving problems within a few months of installation. We expected very high performance and service quality from a company like kent. However, we are really very upset due to the bad quality of the product. Every 5-6 days there is some problem with the ro and we have to call the technician. Since our product is still under warranty would request you to get it replaced on immediate basis. We expect a quick response as well as action from your end in this regard.
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Kent Ro — Kent ro grand

 suhas nandgave on Apr 28, 2016
My kent water purifier was attended on5th march 2016 and your mechanic shri suresh attended for some sounds.he chaged motor saying that it is not working and changed the same for rs 2500.after that i got checked the motor at three different agencies and aii said that the motor is perfectly all right and there was no need yo change it.your technitian has simply changed for his commission as .they get 5% commission on spare parts. this is simply a is desired that my origional motor which is with me should be reinstalled and arrange to refund the cost.i will be moving to consumer court...
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Kent — Unethical behaviour and irresponsible service engineers

 pullakkal on Apr 27, 2016
Hi, I shifted my house to new place and raised a service request no 160425-01495 on 25th April 2016 at 10:00 AM to re install my Kent Pearl RO, and also i told them to raise on priority, customer service representative told me that it will be resolved within 24 hours, It is still not re-installed.
It was assigned to a service engineer call Ramu - 9353025777.
After receiving this message that it is assigned to Ramu, I immediately called him, and to my surprise he is not bothered to receive my call after calling repeatedly a hundred times and also I have not got any call from him.
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Kent Ro — Substandard filters and membrane

 gmehrotra.81 on Apr 27, 2016
I got filters and membrane replaced on my kent ro pearl through kent representative.It cost me rs. 4000/-(16th january). Hardly 3.5 months have passed and the membrane burst. I called up the representative and he started asking money for a new membrane which is around 2900/-. The reason they started giving is that due to high water pressure in high rises it burst. This is not my responsibility and should have been take care while installation. Why should i pay for s sub standard product or faulty installation done by company.
I want refund of my membrane cost...
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Kent Ro — Cheating on service

 aroraasahildr on Apr 26, 2016
Sir, I asked Kent customer care for Kent ro grandt model repair as the ro was not getting power supply...initially the service centre guy gave estimate of rs 1000 to aged parents were home and the service centre guy virtually changed every inner part of ro such as adapter, to membrane, uv assembly, sediment and carbon filter etc etc and shoved off rs 5170...however the filter did not work ever since and he had made a fool out of my parents...he also didnot respond to his mobile number given by him to my parents told me the incident today and the kind of unprofessionalism in...
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Kent Ro — Purifier

 mukharup on Apr 26, 2016
I brough a new ro+uv purifier of Kent from Rahul Electronics, Durgamandir, Asansol, West Bengal. It is very worst product. I just went to buy Aquaguard but Rahul Electronics suggested me to buy Kent. After two days from the day of installation its pump stopped working. I did a complaint in service center and they assure me that service engineer will attend it in next day but no one came to attend, I again called them they told me again same thing, like this way they came after seven days at that time they told that pump is not working it has to be replace and it will be done in next day but till...
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Kent Ro — Problem raised as overflow & leakage of water from filter.

 abhi88shek on Apr 26, 2016
Hi Sir,
After 6 months of purchase of Kent RO+UV+Grand + problem raised as overflow & leakage of water from filter. then I started calling customer care each time kent's people ll come to assist but each time give excuse as " I have checked it, if complain ll come again then next time I ll change filter & water sensor ". Each time I called these people each time new man came & gave same excuses and each man blamed the previous one that due to lack of technical skill he didn't fix the problem. This process continued till the lapse of warranty period. Now these men are saying changed the filter...
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Kent Ro — Issues with the water purifier

 saifalam.143 on Apr 26, 2016
Respected sir/madam,
I MD saif alam from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand a Kent RO customer is having some issues with the purifier and not satisfied with the services provided by the Kent service station. I called three consecutive days to the customer care centre. There I have been told that their executives will visit our and fix the problem but unfortunate they dint turned up. I am totally annoyed with this sort of inpunctaulity of the customer support. This was not expected from your side. Hope you will get back to me and sort out my problem.
Thanking you....
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Kent Ro — Unethical and very poor service

 Subhankar B on Apr 25, 2016

I have a kent ro grand + water purifier for more than 3 years. Recently, it suddenly stopped working. I called up their nearest authorized service center named rain drops services, bomanahalli, bangalore for repair. They sent a technician on 11th april who replaced several filters, pump, smps, etc. Total bill amount was rs. 7485. However, on 18th april i noticed the flow of water was very nominal and called up the same authorized service center again. After at least 25 calls, finally they sent one technician on 22nd april, after 5 days. He checked and told the pump (Which was...
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Kent Ro — Delay in installation [Resolved]

 alok.ranjan35 on Apr 25, 2016
I purchased kent super plus mineral ro water purifier and called your installation providing customer care no 9278912345 on 23 apr 2016 at 10:30 am. it is 48 hrs now but not any technician called me for installation.

in starting they are delaying this much how they will provide hassle free after sales service.

please provide installation for water purifier as soon as possible.


alok ranjan
reg mob no 9938250582
jajapur road, odisha, 755019...
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Kent RO Water Purifier — Kent post sales service is worst & pathetic on Apr 23, 2016
I’ve purchased a “kent ro grand+” sl no kr141123606 on 17/4/2015 from “saravana stores” since then it was checked by “chennai cool care” tambaram service centre on 23/8/2015 & 06/02/2016.During these checks the service teacnicians were checked the tds only & receorded as 1028 & 88 as raw water & purified water tds respectively. But no cleaning /replacement of ro was not done. Last month (March-16) the water taste was changed & i’ve made a complaint on 11 /4 /2016 . A technician visited on 15/4/16 & checked the tds as 1200 & 100 respectively & told he will replace the ro on monday...
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Kent Ro — Water not clear

 prabhudayal1311 on Apr 23, 2016
From ashian oils ltd unit no. 141121309 Your machine four times stop and heavy leek we complaine. After complaine sevice man hussain( 9331439318)came hear and repair water is comeing steel bad smell and not clear . They talk thear sevice manger mr. Dipak shamra (9330239346) sed we not responceable for smell and clearness we are only sevice agent. So what i do with this problem. If your not repaierable please replace . Why we continue suffer. Wating reply prabhu dayal choudhary 9830270086...
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Kent Ro — Not providing service under the warranty period

 vasudha kanwadia on Apr 22, 2016
I purchased a Kent Grand + MRO water purifier (KR130908564) for {Vasudha with registered number 9999010722} appliance after an year or so the water taste changed so I called up the helper to get it checked ... he asked to change the parts of filter . I agreed, I paid in full and get it replaced. Now, just after 15 days, water purifier not working I called up the customer care ... got the replies like I will be charged for the service and it is been two days they have not sent any mechanic to get water purifier checked. They are saying the servers are down would not be possible to send mechanic and...
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Kent Ro — Kent super plus

 yogpri on Apr 21, 2016
I am using kent ro super plus water purifier, one month ago one of filter stared leaking.i called the customer care and have it repaired through the technician send by company and paid him the service charge and cost of new filter, after two days the same filter stared leaking again.when i approched the customer care the company rep came and demanded money for replacing the leaking filter which was replaced two days back.i again called in the customer care and asked for help but sensing their own fault no one turned up.i asked no of regional manager from customer care executive to apprise the problem...
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Kent Ro — Kent

 Sherjeel Mirza on Apr 20, 2016
From last 3 days we r calling on your customer care centre number ... but no one is attending the calls or if they attend it, they use to ignore our complain or switch their phone to someone else !
This is really disgusting, your service is really poor....
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Kent Ro — Water softener

 Poornima Wasdani on Apr 19, 2016
They have a very bad customer service.
I have called the customer service number provided by their dealer-9008094169 many times. They keep me waiting until their relevant person comes online for more than 5 minutes and then disconnect the call.
For last three weeks they are yet to send me a service guy. Every time a service guy from their company calls, he ask if the machine is under warranty and if i tell them yes they say some other technician will come.

As a customer I am very disappointed by their behavior. I request the authorities to take a stringent action against...
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Kent Ro — Very pathetic service

 VineetShukla01 on Apr 19, 2016
I am writing this mail to you after reaching out to your customer care of kent ro at least 6 times so far without service.

I would like highlight following critical issues as a customer.

1: i have raised a request on april 14th, thursday, i got a sms with wrong information about service provider. When i called the number it was some person with no name and he refused to come for service.

2: my request was cancelled on april 16th, 2016 with the reason that i am not available on phone. Please note that i have not received any call on any 2 of the numbers...
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Kent Ro — Improper functioning kent grand mineral ro plus

 c goverdhan reddy on Apr 19, 2016
I have bought a Kent grand mineral RO water purifier on June 3 2015 from Pai electronics near karmanghat, Hyderabad, TS. And from then on it repeatedly stops working . It has been repaired for over 7 times with in just a span of 6 months i.e 16 Nov 2015, 16 Feb 2016 (ballast changed (choke))and 19 mar 2016(wire set replace), 04 apr 2016 (wire loose connection), 14 apr 2016(modification survive).The repair servicing is not even satisfactory .the product has been repaired just 2 days ago and again it stopped working.what if the warrant period expires?should i pay the price from my own this...
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