Kutchina India Customer Care

Kutchina India Customer Care

Bajoria Appliances Pvt. Ltd.

20, Chinar Park, Rajarhat, Gopalpur
Kolkata District
West Bengal
India - 700157

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Kutchina India — Servicing of water purifier

 Dr Chandan on Apr 29, 2016
I Dr Chandan Dolakasharia, from Guwahati Assam have called your customer care for repair of my water purifier on 26 /4/2016 and requested for an urgent needul as potable water is the most essential thing in life. Your technician Ratul Goswami came on 27/4/2016 and told me that some part has gone wrong and so it needs to be changed. I requested him to change the parts as early as possible and I am going to pay it. He went back and informed me that the part is not available in their office and he has to get it from their head office which is in Ulubari, Guwahati which is just 2 kms from my home. But...
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Kutchina India — Saw dust like particles falling from the interior of the modular kitchen

 Arghya Kar on Apr 29, 2016
I Arghya Kar, a resident of Sahebpara Sonarpur kolkata 150 ordered a full modular kitchen from Lifeline Appliances an authorised representative of the Kutchina Bajoria Home Makers Pvt Ltd. The product was installed on my residence on 22nd May 2013. After using it for two years we noticed that saw dust like particles falling from the interior part of the unit. It is increasing day by day. I informed the matter to the representative of the company but no redressal of the problem has yet been made. The product is not at all fit for use. I request the company to take immediate necessary steps to solve...
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Kutchina India — Poor installation & service provided by Kutchina

 Kalyan Dutta on Apr 29, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have purchased 1no. SCOTT model (KUTCHINAchimney) from BAJORIA APPLIANCES PVT LTD, Kalyani on Dec'15. Your sales executive's name is Mr. Suman Das(9339451909).

We have called your service department more than 1 months before for free service as well as to provide solution to protect the disturbance from birds at outlet hose pipe.

Your service personal came and he told to my wife that the bird protection can not be fixed as the hose is very poor quality and not as per Kutchina's standard. He also told that the 1st installation also wrong...
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Kutchina India — Hob

 Beena Nandakumar on Apr 28, 2016
This is for my 5 burner glass top hob which recently had an ignition problem though the techinician from ur side visited and rectified it but unable to refine the timer circuit problem .even my hob is found to have discoloured glass about which I complained and a concerned person visited but said the glass top has to be replaced .my hob HB 5bq DLX was purchase from turning point Vapi Gujarat on 12-09-2015.as this is under the guaranty period I am sure I will get a positive feedback and the technician will visit within no time
My address is c 102
Jas exotica
Naroli road
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Kutchina — Kuchina purica ro

 prasenjit surai on Apr 26, 2016
I am Dr Prasenjit Surai, residing at vill+po. Biprannapara, p.s. Domjur, Dist. Howrah purchased one kutchina purica ro(no. 130801601122) from Vertex Marketing Concern of67/7, College Road, B.Garden, Howrah-1 on 13.05.2014. Annual maintenance contract was done with the same concern on 05.09 2015 for one year. The bill no. is 685 . I have got one service on 19.12.2015. I have requested the concern on 02.04.2016 for another service(Dochet no. 32/04). Again l have telephoned many a times but they are not attending the calls all times. I am facing great problem. Otherwise I have to purchased drinking...
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Kutchina India — No cleaning service after amc on kutchina vogue chimney

 Somjit_de on Apr 25, 2016
Hi customer service
I did a amc for kutchina chimney service with 'naskar enterprise', garia tetul beria, kokata-84
After several follow-up they did not show up and provide the service.
Its very much frustrating where service provider just deceive customers after taking the money for amc.
Detail: name : nira dey, amc amount:1700.
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Kutchina India — Till date kitchen servicing not done

 Rajyashri Dutta Bera on Apr 14, 2016
Refer Kutchina India Complaint ID: 1240255.
I had booked for both servicing of chimney and kitchen 1st time on 18.02.2016. After complaining on 4th march, the chimney was serviced but till date the kitchen have not been serviced. While selling, they have bothered to call every 2nd day, but for servicing no one is able to visit since last 2 mths. One of the modular kitchen door is coming out and is in bad shape for long. Painful service, please look into a matter....
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Kutchina India — Very bad service after sale

 wrizu on Apr 14, 2016
I had bought a Kutchina Stanza Chimney in May 2015. The first servicing was satisfactory. But about 20 days ago (end of March, 2016) the product started showing some problems and I lodged a complaint in the customer care number. The employee who came to check on the complaint (whose surname was Kabiraj) took the main chip from the chimney and also took the service record book saying that he would be back within 7 days. I was initially reluctant to give him the book but he insisted saying that it was required if I wanted to avail the warranty facility. He didnot come after 7 days and hence I had...
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Kutchina India — Low quality service and intentional damage

 Suvasish on Apr 11, 2016
Dear team,

I am writing this to inform you about the low quality service provided by your company engineers. This is not expected from a renowned company like kuchina.

I had a sound problem with my kuchina arc model, for which i booked a complaint to your customer care on 23rd march 2016. The sl no.- is 40129.

The engineer arrived and kept promoting about the amc policy, and literally forced to opt for it and also told that they have a target of rs.6, 20, 000 which they had to fulfill ant any cost. And if anything happens after his departure then it...
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Kutchina India — Bought modular kitchen with a lakh but have not received warranty - no service

 Satyanarayan DAsh on Apr 8, 2016
Had constructed an overpriced kitchen last february ( a year back) which developed several complaints in the first week itself. Have made payments. However have not received any warranty documents. On contacting last year, multiple times, i have been told a sum of close to 4000 is pending, which i agreed to pay. They also said they'd send a representative ( they had contacted me through a fair, and i never visited the showroom at nagerbazar untill i had to lodge a complaint). They had sai, it is my responsibility to pay up- but i refused to go to their showroom- it is pretty far and i have better...
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Kutchina India — Kutchina chimney customer care service unsatisfactory

 D.Chowdhury on Mar 30, 2016
I had bought a Kutchina chimney, Model Florentine in 23Jan 2015 in Bangalore. Within a year ie, Jan 2016 the chimney became dead which is highly surprising as even a local made chimney wont stop servicing in 1 yr.

None the less we contacted the local distributor for its servicing. The technician attached to the distributor gave us around Rs 5000 all inclusive as servicing charge. We found this as fishy.

Hence we contacted Kutchina Customer care for servicing in the first week of Feb 2016. A technician was allocated who came and repaired the chimney.but as he didn't...
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Kutchina India — Flora installation disappointment

 SoumyadipC on Mar 27, 2016
Bought the Flora product on March 24th from Khosla Electronics in Kolkata. Product was delivered the next day but no installation call for next 2 days. I received a call on 27th March in the afternoon. The person was extremely impolite and started negotiating with me on the installation charge. He told me he would get back and come to my place for the next installation. Despite waiting for two hours he didn't call back. Upon being called he started arguing again stating that the aluminium pipe was not there with me, he couldn't call as mobile tower was not availablr, etc. My plan for Sunday got...
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Kutchina India — I am complaining about kutchina ro and chimney.

 majulora on Mar 19, 2016
On last 09/03/2016 i booked a complain in kutchina complain office at guwahati about my kutchina ro.There is a leakage from the water tank.And also to serve the kutchina chimney.At about 10-14 am.They booked my complain and told me that technician will visit my residence and solve the problems within the day.But no body comes to repair it.After three days on 12/03/2016 i complain the same over phone to service supervisor mr debo mistri.Three days no response.On 15/03/2016 i received a message and provide me docket number.Again on 16/03/2016 i received one more message and request me to stay at home.Because...
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Kutchina India — Kitchen chimney-stanza

 capkdas143@gmail.com on Mar 18, 2016
My cust code-15600283, purchased a 3 year's AMC on 22.05.2013 will expire on 21.05.2016, but their service is going bad to worse.some of such delay as below.

dt of booking dt of service
18.09.2014 26.0902014
21.02.2015 03.03.2015
13.11.2015 21.11.2015
11.03.2016 not yet served
information of other months are not recorded...
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Kutchina India — 2 nos of kutchina chimneys (goldex model) sold by sri suman das asst branch manager bajoria appliances pvt ltd kalyani

 Santanu1977 on Mar 10, 2016
Below is the Photo of visiting Card of Sri Suman Das Asst Branch Manager Bajoria Appliances Pvt Ltd Kalyani of who has sold 2 Nos of Kutchina Chimneys (Goldex Model )Photo copy Of Bills also enclosed. He had deliver 2 nos of Kutchina Chimney (Goldex Model ) in packed boxes but the MRP of the same were torn off. Photos enclosed. He has not only overpriced the same but has also charged Installation Charges . I have later come to know from other sources that Bajoria Appliances Pvt Ltd gives free installation of Chimney of the above model. It is requested to undertake suitable measures.Please note that...
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Kutchina India — Service belated and denied by kutchina

 Arnab01 on Mar 8, 2016
I bought smartec auto chimney from Kutchina on 31/10/13. On 20/10/14 I made an Annual Maintenance Contract

(for 9000/- INR I think) with them for 3 years through Lokenath Appliance (their authorized service centre) .

Around April, 2015 I started to get problem with my fans of the chimney which is freely replaceable under my

contract. So, I contacted them repeatedly and everytime they came for servicing they fixed it temporarily and

left which aggravated the problem and my machine stopped working completely. So, I request them for servicing...
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Kutchina India — Kutchina hob hb 4bx dlx

 Payal Goswami on Mar 8, 2016
I have been complaining about your product since a long time but I have not received any response from your side. my Kutchina hob HB 4BX DLX bought on 23.01.2016 has been giving problems within a week of installation. I have repeatedly said that the rear left burner has been giving a problem. the problem being that as soon as it is ignited the vessel kept over it starts turning black within 10-15 mins. I have repeatedly asked to get my hob changed as it is still under warranty but to my utter dismay there has been no communication from your side .This makes me question the quality of your products...
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Kutchina India — Ro water purifier

 rajmoni on Mar 7, 2016
Very poor service at dibrugarh assam. On October2015 changed candle cost2500rs. Filter showed problem within 24hrs of servicing. When i informed them no body attend me. Still the machine unrepaired for about 4months. Plz take necessary actions against that service provider....
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Kutchina India — Kutchina hob

 Payal Goswami on Mar 7, 2016
My kutchina hob model no. is HB 4BX DLX has been giving me problems shortly after it was bought. the technician came after many reminders given at your call centre. the docket no. is SA/267/0216. the technician visited my place on 4.03 2016. and changed a wire claiming that it would solve the problem but to my disappointment the problem of the vessels turning black after being kept on the flame still persists. the left big burner has been giving a problem since a month. as soon as a vessel is kept on it post ignition it turns black after 10-15 mins. also the telephone nos. 25708715/16 go unanswered....
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Kutchina — Scheme gift as promised not given

 trina bora on Mar 6, 2016
This is regarding purchasing of one chimney i.E. Kutchina titan from bajoria appliances pvt ltd, ulubari, guwahati.The sales agent was mr manoj kumer baishya(tso).
This person said that there was some scheme going on according to which if we buy the chimney we will get one stroller bag free also he said he was short of his target and asked for our help.After taking money he never returned back for the free gift as promised.
Kutchine, which is a premier brand in india for kitchen appliances.But the staff which they recruit should not be a liar at first.
Two days back when the...
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