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Motorola Mobility — Very poor service

 karan khera on Jul 21, 2016
I have submitted my moto x play on 1st july 2016 in service centre as it's display was working automatically. my work order no is wqt/mg/16/00507. now it has been more than 20 days and yet it has not been repaired yet. i had also tried to reach out to the customer care and they are still asking to wait for 1 more week.

Please look forward and to my resquest to resolve my issue asap.

Thanks & regards
Karan khera...
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Motorola Mobility — Motorola service center damaged my phone

 khushaboo18 on Jul 21, 2016
My phone moto g turbo had severe hardware issue which i had bought 3 months ago from flipkart. I gave my phone in the motorola service center, salt lake sector 1, kolkata on 19th june 2016 with work order no ste/mg/16/00108. Service center said that it will take 5 days to replace the parts, but they kept on delaying it. I sent a mail to motorola customer service regarding the issue and they said they will look into the matter, but they did not. On 8th july i got call that my phone is repaired. When i went there i found out that my phone screen is tampered and ill fitted, it looked like screen will...
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Motorola — Moto g(3rd generation) stolen

 Sanju2311 on Jul 19, 2016
I have been with moto family from 30/07/2015 and using Moto g 3 with IMEI No: 355490063071751 and their was no problem at all . On saturday night 16/07/2016 my moto g 3 Got stolen . please help me to get my phone back . I am not complaining I am just requesting for help . my email id . And my new Moto G 4 Plus is on its way ....
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Motorola Mobility — Moto x play battery problem

 Abhimanyu Vishnoi on Jul 18, 2016
I have bought the handset last year and is still in warranty. Last month i got to notice that the sound of my handset is very low as compared to the handset of same model, so i deposit it at the service centre at jankapuri distt centre, new delhi. They firstly gave my handset back after flashing only and the problem remained. I submitted it again and this time the sound problem is little solved but got back with a new issue of battery. Now my phone is getting shutdown automatically at any time even if the battery is 70% charged or 20 or 50. It looks like this handset is defective form the beginning...
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Motorola Mobility — Moto x play mobile

 babu1968 on Jul 16, 2016
I have purchased moto x play, invoce no:chn_puzhal 0120160600135745, dt 25-06-2016.
*charger not working after days
*mobile - open speaker voice heared very noise for opposite side
*mobile is very hot at time net using
*after call end, mobile is hanging
*at the time of speaking, both side voice is not cleared...
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Motorola Mobility — I'm pretty much upset on not being given any reply from technical support team of motorola on my query. Please pay your kind concern

 tush chaudhary on Jul 13, 2016
I'm fed up with the consumer complaint team of motorola. its been a 3 years since i've been using this handset. i once had to give it for screen repairing that costed me a huge sum of ₹13000. and now it's rear camera is out of service.
My phone had an applications update.. after that my rear camera and flashlight are out of service.. i've been agitated with the service standards. there is no one to attend to my problem.
I've been searching for an adequate and positive reply. the local repairing centres say that it may cost a sum of ₹3000 again to run it again. please help me...
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Motorola Mobility — Pathetic phone +service

 Akshay Gera on Jul 13, 2016
I purchased the premium phone of the Moto thinking that it will be a wonderful smartphone in terms of performance and ROI.

But the decision proved to be fatal for me, the phone turned into a disaster after 5 months of normal use, it's started showing all kind of software and hardware glitches some of them being navigation keys not working, charging works sometimes and sometimes not, camera automatically opens and closes, screen resolution error, automatically opens apps and sends texts, keyboard error, corrupted my SD card and much more troubles.

After spending Rs...
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Motorola India — Moto g4 plus - sim detection issue

 sandzdeb on Jul 12, 2016
Hi moto india,
I have bought all generations of moto g phones.
The last phn i bought was moto g4 plus on month of may the day it launched.
With in few days it stopped taking any network.
So went to b2x customer center pune. Phn number 02030261117
Job number - amspue006588
Job date - 8 jun
They said mother board needs to change and i need to connect with motorola if i need an update on status of mother board part. And they updated that normally this should take 10 days.
I called moto customer care 18001022344 on 19 jun and they took the complaint...
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Motorola — Phone is not being repaired and after service center replaced some of its parts it is showing more problems

 Lakshay Singhal on Jul 11, 2016
I have bought a motorola moto g3 16gb edition around 6-7 months ago and started facing issue in the month of april and i submitted my phone at service center for which they replied that the motherboard is short circuited and i needed to be replaced.
they took around 2-3 weeks to return my phone and then also i started facing several small issue like sensor not working and its adhesive was not placed well.
recently i again started facing issue and submitted my phone at your service center because its speaker was not working well.
they again took 2 weeks and when i got my phone...
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Motorola Mobility — Product not repaired or replaced under warranty time

 ANU KANNAN on Jul 10, 2016
I bought motog2 mobile last year. On january i got some battery draining problem and not able to switch on the phone once it is drained. I gave my mobile for service to b2x service center, kanthanchavadi, chennai, which is motorola authorized service center (My mobile was under warranty at that time) job number : amsche007322. But those people gave me some lame reasons and just made it ready with temporary solution. Now (After three months, out of warranty) i'm getting the same issue. I contacted the same service center and now they are saying it as a mother board manufacturing defect and simply...
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Motorola — Cell phone, wont on when i update the latest version

 bhagay_singh on Jul 8, 2016
Dear sir,
I have purchase a motorola mobile phone (moto g 3) via flipkart on 23/08/2015. after one or two month of purchase there was a problem on it. then i go to care center in jaipur add (panch bati). there after 2 month will levied for 2 months to repair.
But after 10 days of repair i have a new problem in my mobile, that is when i update my phone the phone will not on, motorola logo has seen only but not on. now i have also go to motorola service centre but till date the mobile has not been on. please response asap.. thankyou
Imei :-355490066567854
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Motorola — Complaining about worst mobile services

 nrokade4 on Jul 8, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam,
I submitted my Motorola X play on 2 May 2016 to Service Service Center To solve to memory card Slot Issue.And they assured that they return mobile in 15 day.but still today 8 July 2016 i didn't get my mobile.
Service Center Address.
B2X Service Center,
Plot No. 54, Shop No. 1, Sarang, Kamal Co. Op. CHS, Gangapur Road 422013

Nilesh Rokade,
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Motorola Mobile — Mobile handset not repaired

 Aaravmuradya on Jul 7, 2016
I purchased moto g 3 on 1 march by amazon online.after some days it started to showing problem in touch display, i went to its service centre in jaipur at new sanaganer road, when i repaired it my mobile has problem in sound coming while receiving calls, sound was terrible coming and was too low, but after lots of attempts they failed to repair it, finally on june last at 27 june, they repaired it, although the sound was good but not was same as original voice, but this time earphone was not functioning, and jack was damaged, i m fadeup of it, i want to replace my handset...
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Motorola Mobility — No response from service center/ Very rude in talking to customer. on Jul 5, 2016
I have called multiple times at borivali (mumbai) service center to check on my mobile (motorola g3) repairing status, but no one answers the call or it is switched off. even they are very rude in talking as well.

After visiting the service center i have called again and saw that they didn’t even answer the call in front of me and they say every time “sir, it is not ready yet, call and check for the status”.

Tell me how the customer get the status information on their handset?

Every customer is not every time free to visit service center again and...
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Motorola Mobility — Moto g4 plus not repair

 Ashutosh Hans on Jul 4, 2016
Hey my name is Ashutosh Hans.
i bought moto g4 plus online from amazon on may 24, 2016 and on June 14 2016 i submitted my phone to Motorola service center, defance colony, new delhi due to phone-earphone jack was stopped working. They told me to deliver my handset back by June 22, 2016 and now its been july 7, 2016 they have not given my handset back, they are not giving me answer properly whether my phone has been repaired or not, i called them many times, even they have not given spare device to use, i would like file a compliant against them, i want my money back or to handover my phone...
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Motorola Mobility — Plz change my phone

 soniya rani on Jul 4, 2016
My phone is moto x play mene jb se ye phone liya h problm bn gya h mere liye na to isme network rhta h na hii isme kisi ka phone aane pe speaker me samne wale ki aawaz nhi aati, mene ab tk jitne b phn liye h moto k sbi me yhi problm h. nd me sbko advice deti hu k motorola ka phn lo bt i hate this phone mene last october me ye phn liya tha i want change this this phone na to inka service center no h....
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Motorola Mobility — Pathetic service by motorola

 satishnair7 on Jul 2, 2016
Pathetic Service by Motorola company.
I am Satish Nair and I have purchased MOTO G3 ( Third Gen.) mobile from Flipcart on dated 10-08-2015. The order ID of Flipcart is OD013604012839421400 with mobile IMIE serial number 355490062704139. On 1st Dec 2015 I found that my phone heatup while charging and the phone gone dead. I called the toll free number of motorola and done every procedure as per their guidance. Then the motorolla toll free team suggested me to visit the nearest motrola care center and on 2nd Dec 2015 I went to the address as defined by the motorola people “ Opp. Abhishek hotel,...
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Motorola Mobility — Moto g 2nd battery not replaced by Bhopal Service Center 3 times complaint raised

 Prateek1307 on Jul 2, 2016
I've provided my mobile Moto g 2nd for 3 times[March 2016, Job No AMSBHO002480 (27/04/2016), Job No. AMSBHO001993 (17/6/2016)] to Satyam Mobile Moto Service Center to get the battery replaced as it takes 4 hrs in standby and internet/wifi off to get discharged from 50% to 0%(PFA). But each time they have simply formatted and given back. Last time(17/06/2016) matter was serious as it wasn't performing at all and warranty as about to expire on 01/07/2016. They planned very well to give it on such a day that warranty expires and I've to purchase battery from their center. Last time even they mishandled...
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Motorola — Phone in service center for more than 3 months

 Manikandan Mohan on Jun 29, 2016
Bought moto g3 in jan 2016 and after 3 months started facing issue with the phone display and submitted to service center to replace the screen and it tools hardly one month to replace the screen. I got my phone after a month and then started facing issue with mic after 2 days itself and the phone is with customer care for more than 2 months repeatedly for more than 5 times....
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Motorola Mobility — Mobile is not working properly

 spe on Jun 25, 2016
I purchased moto g3 in january 2016 and it is not working properly only in 5 months. I went to the service center and they repaired it but after coming back to home, a new problem appears. I again went to service center. They updated some software but the problem didnt disappear but its sim slot also stopped working. Now the complaint center employees are saying that they will change the motherboard and sim slot part. I dnt want to have the parts changed only in 5 months. I want it to be replaced with new mobile phone....
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