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Motorola Mobility Customer Care related pictures (197)

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Motorola India — Moto X play 32 gb

 Rakesh4094565 on May 29, 2016
Hi I am Rakesh Kumar I am from Jammu, and my complaint is regarding the service provided by the authorised service centre of Moto Rola India.
Details as follows
I have bought Moto x play from Flipkart and after updating its software it got automatic reboot or restart problem. On 04/04/2016 I submit the same to its authorised service centre named as Swastik Computers their official email ID is, Gandhi nagar. Jammu. First they said it's bord has to be demanded from the company after one month when I visited the service centre when they said your phone is OK . I...
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Motorola Mobility — Mobile Handset/Provided defective product

 Shishir Tripathi on May 28, 2016
My brother purchased Moto-G3 on 23rd Oct., 2015 and gifted me.
But from starting I was facing heating problem so submitted my set on 21st Nov., 2015 and got back on 23rd but the problem still persist. So I again submitted it on 5th Dec., 2015 and got back on 12th Jan, 2016 and just after one month my set was dead i.e. on 20th Feb, 2016.
But when I visited the service centre the service centre people refused to accept my set as IMEI number is faded on my set.
Then I complaint to Motorola and Flipkart both but the problem is not resolved till now.
And my set is still dead....
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Motorola — Low quality phone and delay/poor service in warranty

 rajuhb14 on May 19, 2016
I bought motorola x style phone worth 25, 000 inr through flipkart website. But phone display got into repair on 28th april 2016. The phone was handed over to motoroa authorised service centre in chennai. The job sheet for
Ervice request was made on 9th may 2016 night for my phone which was handed over to service station on 30th april 2016. It has taken 9 days to raise the job sheet for the service of phone and they it it ll take another 15-20 working
Days for replacing the hardware. There had been issues with phone in the
Initial month of usage itself. I had requested for...
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Motorola Mobility — Moto e2 [Resolved]

 gandhissap on May 19, 2016
I have given my phone for service in ahmednagar, maharashtra, in jan 2016 as i was having issue with mobiles sim slot problem and hanging problem. There issue was solved and mobile was given back to me. Job sheet number was-hxu/mg/15/00462.
In 1 month time again my phone started hanging and speaker phone was not working properly... So again i gave it the service center in bangalore...In month of march...
There i got to know that my mobile imei number is not valid... Shocking...

Old imei number is-353329061440596... Which is valid...
New imei number is-352352070117170......
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Motorola — Handset under repair since over 6 months and still not finished

 pranjalgarg on May 16, 2016
This is regarding the Motorola company. I had submitted my handset to them on 20th Oct. 2015 for repair, when it was under warranty. they repaired it with a faulty and damaged part and gave me back in Nov 2015. i talked to them and they were consulting the service centre regarding the repairs and the issue went on for a few days in november. Then they advised me to submit it again so around 4th of Dec 2015 i submitted it again at Udaipur as the Rohtak service centre refused to do it. they refused it to the Motorola people too. Since then my phone is at the Udaipur service centre. they had repaired...
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Motorola — Motorola Moto X play 32GB/ Same problem occurs after repairing of phone

 Raj_godhaniya on May 14, 2016
Motorola moto x play 32 GB
IMEI No: 354135070124686
Customer Reference number:160413-018389
Desirable Solution : Replacement
Contact No: 9979581288
Email :

My call (receiver) speaker was not working,
So i went to Service center At 05/04/2016 i had given my phone to authorized service center of motorola(Dugar Sales
6, Upper Level Campus Corner-1
Ahmedabad - GJ).

Every time they are giving me period of 7 days for repairing.

Today(14/05/2016) i received my phone after repairing,...
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Motorola Mobility — Moto g3 mobile not booting

 GSudhir on May 12, 2016
This is Sudhir.I bought new phone moto g3 on 20th oct 2015.I raised a complaint due to some heating issue with mobile on with in the week when i purchased the mobile to flipkart.Flipkart customer care people has given a solution but that problem was solved but not resolved exactly.still i used the mobile but after 4months meas last month i got a problem again with phone the mobile rebooted automatically but not recovered totally it stuck inbetween and its not opened due to some technical problem.I went moto service center at marathalli in bangalore name is B2X authorised service centre...
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Motorola Mobility — Moto x play water repellent warranty

 Sarath Mohan K S on May 9, 2016
I bought a new moto x play phone two months back and one of the top marketed features of x play is that it is water repellent.
I was using this phone with a protective case which covers entire body except for headphones jack and usb charger point.

Two days back there was a sudden rain in bangalore and while i was travelling in bike, the phone got wet. It was a sudden splash after so many days of scorching mercury. I came back home and when i tried to switch on my phone the screen was flickering. I wiped it and removed the case and put it in rice for two days to...
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Motorola Mobility — Within the warranty period service centre people not supported

 Balasubramanin r on May 9, 2016
I have purchase motorola mobile phone purchased through flipkart on 26.04.2015. Before warranty period completion we are identified some problem in our mobile. Then I contacted local service centre X Plus Communications, Trichy-620018 on 20.04.2016 and also I handed over mobile phone to solve the problem.That people are telling to me the hand set was transmitted to Bangalore for rectifying the problem it will take ten days time. Ok we agreed. After one the service centre people call to me. That time I sent my son to service centre to collect the mobile. At the time of mobile the service centre people...
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Motorola — Android upgrade

 Bhavyamnd on May 9, 2016
Hi, I am using moto g2, I updated my Android to marshmallow, since then my phone is so laggy, takes minutes to respond, phone has become fully slow..I wiped cache partition too, but it's of no use..I don't want to factory reset, if there is some other solution, please let me know.
or if it is possible to switch to lollipop version, do tel me.
thank you......
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Motorola Mobility — Defective product received from flipkart

 Rayhaaz on May 8, 2016
Product - mobile (Moto g 3rd generation)
Order id - od305203112328342000
Purchased from flipkart on 11th feb 2016 & received on 13th feb 2016.
Product we received was defected (Speaker not working) and the product was replaced (Return id: 45918455) and received new on 17th feb 2016.

After using 20 days its shows many problems like hanging, touch not working, auto restart, call disconnect etc etc. We complaint on customer care they ask us to contact on service center.
After getting back from service center in 20 days it is again showing the same problems....
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Motorola — Replacement of mobile charger

 AlhadSarpotdar on May 4, 2016
I had purchased a phone motorola moto g3 turbo edition from flipkart on 23rd december 2015. This model provides 1 year warranty on phone and 6 month warranty on accessories. The charger i received in purchase box was defective. This charger was un-detachable single piece charger which was a turbo charger with 2 meter long wire and turbo written on both ends. I submitted defective charger in motorola authorised service center for replacement. After 15 days i received a charger which was a usb charger (Detachable) hardly 1 meter wire and nothing written on usb like first charger. Replaced charger...
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Motorola Mobility — Repair issues

 binu_lfj on May 4, 2016
Purchase the phone in the month of feb'16.Within 1 month of use, motherboard of the phone got corrupted (Wifi and sim slots stopped working). I took the phone to the nearest service centre of motorola "b2x gurgaon, s-113, first floor, sahara mall, mg road, gurgaon, haryana, 122002" .To my surprise they refuse to accept the phone, they said they accept lenovo phone and not motorola phone. When i called up the call centre the call centre representative is also clueless. As it was my need i took the phone to "b2x ansal palam, gf-13 spanish court, ansal palam " . They inspected the phone and told me...
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Motorola Mobility — Service centre not responded for sim slot damage

 Balasubramanin r on May 4, 2016
I found some software problem in our Handset VH44099 Motorola
(353323063204563, 353323063209562) I handed over the hand within the warranty period of 20.04.2016 at X Plus communications, Trichy-620018 but the service centre peoples are after one week the mobile was handed over to me with any checking (the mobile was switch off) I told that kind charge the mobile and check the problems are solved. But the service centre people are telling no problem you go and charge the mobile. After the charging mobile again we found the problem the sim tower not found. Again we are going to service centre...
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Motorola — Moto g3 submitted to service center 4 april 2016 due to hanging problem

 mohitmalik074 on May 3, 2016
I bought moto g3 mobile on 7 nov 2015 . after 5 months my phone was showing hanging problems and display problem . i submitted my phone to motorola service center at janakpuri new delhi, on 4 april 2016. its been a month and they have not repaired it and when i call service center they tells me that they don't have spare part and tells me it will take one more week, story is being repeating for 5 weeks . it is request to motorola to repair my phone . janankpuri service center no : 01146569292, and job number of my mobile phone : (gnpmg/16/00145) ....
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Motorola — Motorola g3

 Tasleem Khan Student, Jaipuria Lucknow on Apr 30, 2016
I have handset of Motorola g3 and I have blocked my friend on truecaller because of some issue, when issue got resolved, I unblock him ..but still he is not able to calll me...later I uninstalled truecaller as well..but I am unable to pick his cal as it is depicting him.. He is blocked

Can u please tell me any way to see the block list on this handset or to get rid from this problem....
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Motorola Mobility — Phone screen

 prachiii on Apr 29, 2016
My phone screen was broken then i went to motorolla service center and they said they will change the screen and charge rs 5000 for it. after few days only my phone screen again stopped working when i went to another center they said that the screen is duplicate one. they cheated me with the screen and i have paid complete amount for it. and now i am not getting any response from the company....
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Motorola — No service center in delhi willing to repair the phone

 Tarungandotra on Apr 27, 2016
My phone Moto Max Turbo is one of the top most model of Moto series . I bought it on the assurance that i will get proper service on proper time. 6 months back when my phone was encountered with display issue, i tried to go to laxmi nagar center in east delhi in response to which they told me "we dont take these phones, you can go to sec 18, noida service center". Then i went to sec 18, noida service center, there they told me that they can not tell when my phone will be serviced as they dont have the parts of this phone . I tried calling new express service center but there also they...
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Motorola — Phone not got repaired [Resolved]

 ravindragohil on Apr 26, 2016
Dear Sir,

Last month my smartphone got hard bricked accidentally so I went to authorised service center at jodhpur (nearest service center, 70 km far from my place) for repair but they said the warranty has been void and it will not be repaired even I with the paid service. I also called motorola service toll free number 180030004343 and also emailed at

After few days I got a call from motorola and the technical support engineer told me to go to some other service center for the repair as the Service center at Jodhpur doesn't have the...
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Motorola — Despite giving the charges handset is defect

 sushbini on Apr 23, 2016
I have purchased Motorola 3rd generation last year but on January 20 I have went to beach at alibaugh and unfortunately my mobile remained in trouser and it get water due to which its stop charging and immediately next day l went to borivali motorala services center and they said it will charge rs 2000 for change in charge panel. Can any one tell me it is water resistance so how it is not in warranty and secondly after repairing its front camera stop working and software stop working then again l went to Borivali services center and they have said to pay rs 5000 for repairing...
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