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Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited

MTS Towers 334, Udyog Vihar, Phase-IV
Gurgaon District
India - 122001

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

Phone:+91 124 481 2500
 +91 91 3715 5155
 +91 91 3795 5955
Mobile:+91 91 4515 5155
Fax:+91 91 3736 6366
 +91 91 3716 6166
 +91 12 1260 4656
Registered Office:

MTS Tower, 3, Amrapali Circle,
Vaishali Nagar,
Jaipur-302021 Rajasthan


Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited
A-194, Phase – I,
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MTS Complaints & Reviews

MTS - Deactivate the data card no. 8459824164

 Mayank Kushwaha on Aug 21, 2014
Dear Sir/Mam, As I have to come in roaming (Mumbai) for 2 years. So please deactivate my post paid data card no. 8459824164 ASAP. I'll not pay any extra amount if it'll not disconnected from your end within 24 Hr. Regards, Mayank Kushwaha...
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MTS - promised for 10 gb data and carry forward for next month but it lapse in one month

 triyogi on Aug 20, 2014
Dear Sir/madam, Few days before i bought new mts data connection with 10 gb data which need to be carry forward for next month, but as one month is over al data lapse and remaining data was also not carry forwarded. when i called in customer care they told me when u do new recharge before new month start then only your remaining data will be carry forward. I was completely betrayed by them before they told nothing like this and i paid 1500 for new connection, and it over in one month, Everyone tried to make fool to customer, this is limit in India. kindly look into the matter and try to...
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MTS - False advertising & pathetic products

 Anish Dhing on Aug 20, 2014
Background: This company promises for 3G+ services with 9.8 MBPS speed with its product MTS MBLAZE Ultra. Issue : since we purchased this product never get even 1/10th of their promised internet speeds. Speed is just below 10% of what they advertise and promise. Their customer care refuses to take complains and call this as normal speed. Wrote many mails called many times customer care but no resolution was provided. Feel helpless and annoyed with such bogus companies and the condision of poor indian consumers who have not alternate but to suffer in the hands of these cheaters. Please help...
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MTS - unavailability of network...unable to deactivate my data card

 sssuhas on Aug 17, 2014
Ss Suhas <> Aug 8 (9 days ago) to customercare My mts number is 8694820219. just last month back i got mblaze activated which claims to provide speed of upto 9mbps. unfortunately my download speed has not crossed more than 1 mbps, to complain the same i have tried mts blore customer care number many times but no one is picking the call. Its just making an extra cut of my pocket. Hence i have decided to quit this pathetic connection at the earliest. Dear Customer, Thank you for writing to MTS. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you....
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MTS - New connection not activated

 swarup99 on Aug 16, 2014
Dear sir, my name is swarup mondal, i have taken a new connection on 13-08-2014, my mts no is (9143886258), the dealer shop name is Think Tomorrow(129ASP. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata-29), they have told me that i will be getting the connection within 2 days, but still now i have not got the connection, when i am calling they are disconnecting the line. I need to work on internet daily. so if u kindly do something about this i will be very thankful....
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MTS - Worst ISP worst customer service

 Vinod Xavier Thomas on Aug 16, 2014
I have been using the Mts mblaze 999 plan for a couple of months now. The speed rarely exceeds 0.5 mbps. So I called the customer care and filed 3 complaints in 2 months and still no resolution. They claim they tried contacting me which is not true and then they claim the complaint has been resolved. When I say that the speed is still the same they give me a new case number. When I try to explain to them this is not good service I was told by the customer service rep that I should have checked about MTS before buying. That I must say was perhaps the most sensible thing I have heard from MTS. This...
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MTS - Not Activated My Stolen Number...

 Dr-Parvez Basar on Aug 13, 2014
Respected Sir/Maa'm, I The Time Of Ramzan Our MTS Mobile Stolen from My House! The Stolen Mobile Number is 9126106060{West Bengal Circle}.After 2 Days We Submitted A Complain in Nearest Police Station and Also Called MTS Customer Care to Request SIM Block.After Eid-Ul-Fitar I went to MTS Distridutor's Office{Mo-9153139239} and Submitted Original Copy Of Police Diary, Passport Size Photo and Xerox Copy Of My Mother's Adhar Card{Rowsanara Begum, Rabindra Sarani 2nd Lane, Nutanpukur, Bandhgora, Pin-731204}.After Verification, They Gave Me A Replece SIM and Promised My to Activate My Number Within...
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MTS - Speed issue in MBlaze Ultra Data Card

 Aaquil Khan on Aug 12, 2014
I have a comlaint regarding the speed of my MBlaze Data Card. My Data Card no. is 8432342750. Signal strength is good but speed I received was only 70-80 kbps till 5 GB (in recharge of 798, now data plan has changed) after that I received only 1-5 kbps. They promise a maximum speed of 9.8 mbps, and they are on 3G plus network. They should improve speed and provide 900-1000 kbps and after limit (5 GB) they should provide at least 64kbps, after all we are paying for it. I hope I will enjoy high speed Internet services soon....
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MTS - MTS have charged me in an unlawful manner

 santoshnayaks on Aug 11, 2014
I am Santosh S Nayak.. My MTS datacard number 8710914627.. Is a new connection just 3 months old as I make this complaint.. Have not used at all Barring a few moments initially after which I just couldnt log in.. I even paid the bill of Rs. 500 + for having used it just for a few minutes only for a day.. though I made a complaint; was told that it will be resolved within 22 hours.. nothing happened, no executives for MTS made a visit to check on the problem nor any phone calls.. calls started coming in stating I need to make the payment of Rs. 1000+ for the subsequent month that too for non usage..I...
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MTS - Abusive Language and uncivilized behaviour

 Haroon Rasheed on Aug 10, 2014
Hello, I just received a call from MTS telecaller and started harassing me and when I shouted that the issue is already resolved, then he started using slangs and called me haraam khaur and also abused my mother and sister. I want some serious action to be taken against these guys as they are really irresponsible and also they never resolved my request the way it should have been. There is a lack of proper communication between them and no one is aware who just called the customer before the present call. Emails are just ignored and there is no response unless you are talking to a delivery...
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MTS - Speed claimed as 9.8mbps is mblaze ultra is less than 0.5 mbps.

 Rushinpatel on Aug 8, 2014
MY AVERAGE DOWNLOAD SPEED IS 500 kbps and as per tri norma the company should be giving me 20 percent of what it claims. Which is 2mbps.
I got auch speeds in 1st week after that NEVER.
I have a history of speedtest taken over many days and at different time.
I have attached 1 below.
MRS IS A SCAM. I never got the speed i wanted.i am regular in paying 999 bill for 40 gb and in the past i had mblaze cdma which was not 3G it gave better speed!!
Dont claim as 3g plus if you are at level of 2G
I have...
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MTS - No coverage-MTS worst service

 Kumar_future on Aug 7, 2014
I bought MTS dongle after the confirmation of service coverage by them. It worked perfectly for 3 months. But after thet, since May to till date, the range is very poor in city area(Trivandrum city). I called the customer support executive and wrote to customer support many times. But they have not yet responded except a mail . in that mail its stated that they hope its solved. Worst service ....
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MTS - Mobile No. Blocking

 anshul2406 on Jul 31, 2014
My no. which had been lost was not blocked by the MTS Customer care even after providing the following details: Name, Address Proof and Govt. ID Proofs (DL, PAN Card). The situation called for an emergency but I was more pestered with the consistent ads played by them. Even after lots of request and also telling them that my no. can be misused they declined to block it. Rather than not blocking it with the given proofs they ask ambiguous questions like tell us about our Value added services, Current call rates. Is it fair that the number gets misused? Why they are not blocking the number temporarily,...
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MTS - MTS Data Card Speed issue

 Tharanadha Reddy on Jul 31, 2014
Raised complaint with MTS for slow speed on 29th June 2014. But still now MTS is not bothering about resolving. When called they are informing with in 48hrs it will be resolved. I recharged with 999 for unlimited plan. But I am getting speed upto 60-90 kbps. Complaint Number: jun/12137 Could some one help to resolve my issue as I am loosing my work and recharge aswell....
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MTS - Mental Harassment

 Smit Mehta on Jul 30, 2014
The people from MTS has been calling me daily for bill payment of a Internet connection (Dongle) which does not belong to me. I get calls daily asking for some guy Arjun and asking me to pay the bill. I have informed them several times that this number doesn't belong to Arjun. In reply they say that this is the only number updated and they cannot do anything. This has really been a torture for more than a month. They are literally harassing me and it has become a nuisance in my office hours. I would like to have an official apology from MTS and also compensate for the mental harassment....
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MTS - Promotional Call from Mts

 gauravdutta on Jul 29, 2014
dear sir, I'm writing you to inform you about Promotional call from mts even i can got today aprox 30 to 40 times call In a day back to back could you pls take against action on it. numbers are 1401650001 1401650005 1401650610 1401651527 1401653390 1401652240 1401652585 1401652585 1401652240 1401652861 1401653068 1401653597 1401653436 1401650506 1401651412 1401653505 1401650502 1401650603 1401650504 1401652769 1401650005 1401653045 1401653574 1401650002 1401653643 1401653712 1401652079 1401650506 1401653344 1401651757 1401650501 1401650006 1401650006...
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MTS - Poor Speed False Promises

 RjMd on Jul 28, 2014
Hi I Purchased the MTS dongle after being promised speeds upto 9mbps. After Initiating a complain, I was told that I will get good speed by next month. But there was no improvement of speed. I was told that they were realigning the antenna's and I will definitely get the speed, still no improvement. Finally I called them up and asked them to close my account. They didn't do so and asked me to first pay the bill due amount which I did. Later I as told that they are sending a special engineer who should be able to fix the speed issue. To check whether the speed issue is related to my location...
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MTS - Unsatisfied with MTS customer service and speed

 msnsathya88 on Jul 27, 2014
Hi, My MTS number is : 8453180766 . i'm using 999 plan ( 9.8mbps ) but i'm getting maximum 2mbps at full HSD signal, i called customer care and told my problem but executive kept silent, i ask her then shall i close my connection, then she replied u can go to nearest MTS showroom and close the connection . Really how nice this customer support is . i got my connection just 1 week before . even i'm not getting speed that is ok, but this customer support is really screwed me . I'm not gonna pay my bill until i'm getting resolution . you can take any legal action against me if you are...
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MTS - mental harassment, threatening, deficiency in services

 Mahesh Bansal CA on Jul 27, 2014
This is how MTS harasses and exploits its customers without providing adequate services. I had purchased an MTS data dongle (connection No. 8459201947) in July 2013 with a free two months' subscription. The plan was informed to me by some marketing agent Armaan having mobile numbers 8130832814 and 8010939434 by SMS that a laptop bag is being provided free with a new MTS data connection. I paid the money to a representative who visited my home in Ghaziabad who delivered the data dongle by hand. However, he assured that the laptop bag shall be delivered to me by post shortly. Mr. Armaan over telephone...
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MTS - Slow Internet

 shriraam on Jul 26, 2014
Hi, I'm from Palarivattom, Ernakulam, Kerala. I have taken mts connection 3months back my number 9142651535. While purchasing the company assured 40gb data will be given @ 999 with 9.2mbps speed. Right from the first day still now, I haven't seen the connection speed crossing 1MBps. When I called the support they said my home is blocking the signal. So the speed is less and closed the issue. The team said if you goto next junction I will be able to browse @ 3.2Mbps from Kaloor junction. Distance between two junction is 10min max.Please help me...
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