MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] Customer Care

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] Customer Care

Sistema Shyam TeleServices Ltd.

MTS Towers 334, Udyog Vihar, Phase-IV
Gurgaon District
India - 122001

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

+91 12 4481 2500 (Corp. Office)
+91 91 4515 5155
+91 91 3736 6366
+91 91 3716 6166
+91 12 1260 4656
Contact Details

Registered Office

MTS Tower, 3, Amrapali Circle, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur - 302021, Rajasthan

Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited, A-194, Phase – I, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi – 110020

Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited, 3rd Floor, Block 'C' Office No. 2, The Acropolis Mall, Thaltej Cross Road, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad - 380054
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Satisfactory Rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] Customer Care related pictures (294)

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] Complaints & Reviews

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — Customer Harassment and Violating Indian Laws

 sivachandran9272 on Feb 7, 2016
Respected Sir/Madam,

I had used MTS internet connection till june 2014 and cleared all the billing to their repesentative collection agent in Maduravoyal, chennai.

However after a couple of months on the name of consumer court judge some people call me and from different numbers and told me that he is calling from Delhi high court and he is Court officials, a case was registered against me so i need to come to Delhi court and gave me some case number. Threatening in the name of Court official and faking his identity is against our laws.

any how on dispute...
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Mts Data Recharge — Recharge failed and money deducted

 Mary Priyadharsni on Feb 6, 2016
I have tried to do a recharge of my mts data card. - 8925174988 on 06/02/2014 FOR RS. 399.00 .

bur recharge failed and amount also deducted from my axis mastercard debit card

so i want draw attation of my mts and and also return the money as soon as possible RS. 399.00 .

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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — Disconnection of datacard

 Anonymous77 on Feb 6, 2016
I had submitted a request to disconnect my datacard on 25 Jan 2016. But, after paying final outstanding amount on 25 Jan, and receiving confirmation via email that my datacard will be disconnected, these people have gone ahead and activated my account and are now stating that the bill has to be paid to deactivate once again.

Pathetic customer service, even worse complaints management.

The entire team is useless and lying on top of it to get more money from customer.

Till date, no action has been taken to disconnect my datacard and I am being billed after...
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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — Reminder of due

 NileshRaval on Feb 5, 2016

Myself NILESH RAVAL service No 9137219128 from RAJKOT

I reference to my payment due of the above mentioned No I would like to inform you that I already paid the amount of Rs. 1485 to your MTS store named NET IKON on Dr. yagnik road, RAJKOT Bill No 8623 with the closer application of my MTS dongle. The person sitting at end, had confirmed the same and assured of the closer of my a/c in good faith.

Then after I received a call from the company also for the improvement of the service and requested me to restart my services also.

I was...
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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — Full amout paid still getting threatening message from MTS

 BharatSingh005 on Feb 5, 2016

I have closed my MTS connection long back. They have taken weeks time to close the connection from date of closing request and for that also they have charged. Still I have cleared the amount 13 days back. There is on Manager by name Mr. Raghavendra from whom I have received mail to clear the amount, after clearing the amount at Sistema Shyam TeleServices, I reverted him back to stop sending messages. But still no change and whenever m calling them they will say amount still not paid....
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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — Have not deactivated the mts connection in spite of paying all bills and surrendering the device.

 DeepashreeKS on Feb 4, 2016
I had asked for deactivation of my two MTS connections ( MTS number : 8453192257 and 8453192157) on 18th of November 2011. I had surrendered both the devices and paid the outstanding bills also. I have all the receipts with me and also a letter from MTS executive that all the dues are settled.

I have sent all the receipts to MTS customer service support and sent an email to MTS CEO. But nothing worked. Still my connections are not deactivated.

From past 5 years MTS is continuously sending me notices and messages for non payment of bills. I have even sent the bill payment...
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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — Refund of payment not received

 Mehak Miglani on Feb 4, 2016
I had made a payment of Rs 700 to MTS india through their website on . Trasaction Date: 19-Nov-2015 03:06 PM. Transaction id : 552309968. MTS number 8459934656. I was told the next day that since the payment was not received in my account I should make the payment again and the previous payment would be returned to my account within 7 working days. I made the payment again on 25-Nov-2015, which was successfully received . However, the refund of Transaction id: 552309968 has still not been made, despite repeated emails and phone calls to consumer complaints. I have been told now that...
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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — Non responding and non reachable nodal officer

 VISGWGSI on Feb 3, 2016
I bought MTS connection (9137993772) for internet services. Initially MTS provided committed services and I was regularly paying all the bill but within few months I was facing speed issue which was confirmed by technical team of MTS and they failed to give the timeline for the resolution. During this period I visited the MTS outlet and MTS representative confirmed that in my area recently many connections are given. As per my limited knowledge of this business I understood that this has increased the load and speed was getting divided into increased users hence I asked for specific timeline.
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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — MTS device activation

 Sriraman Mahadevan on Feb 3, 2016
Till now I haven't got any response for the return/surrender of MTS device.
The new MTS connection number provided to me is : 8644981252
I am getting calls from MTS team from Friday(29th) for the activation of device (8 days later). I have clearly said them not to activate my device since I don't want to use it anymore.
On 27th January 2016 I spoke with floor supervisor (Vijay) stating that my ID proof was not clear (RTO sign on Driving License is blurry). He asked for clear ID proof which I haven't provided till now.
But then I am getting follow up calls for activation...
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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — 3 reasons why you should not take mts dongle and i am disappointed

 chat2amit on Jan 31, 2016
- mts dongle (I have experience of using it in delhi-ncr and chandigarh/ haryana and punjab)
- - mts has extremely poor speeds in delhi ncr, haryana, punjab and chandigarh and i believe it si same in entire country.
- second reason they will charge you high smartly by putting you on very poor speed saying that you have exhausted your limits, a nd then customers are not given and transparency and customers cannot prove anything..
You may be tempted like me to take mts dongle, but even for a small usage of 3-4 days, you will get a below message from mts : like i received on day...
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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — Network not working

 rajavelu on Jan 29, 2016
Sir I have subscribed for post paid mts india data connection on 25/10/2915 No 8644909619.I am in the monthly plan of Rs 599/Rs 687 with tax.I have paid Rs 1300 for data card.From the begining the net work was not working properly.I have madeseveral complaints.all gone in waste of time, Finally I requsted to change my plan to prepaid.The CC asked me to clear the outstanding bills to local outlet Maduravoyal, Chennai.I have made payment of Rs 686 on 12/01/16 and given all my documents to change pre paid . I have paid Rs 200 for conversion bill no 6960 dt 12/01/ the problem is, the retail outlet...
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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — No transparency of data card balance

 Cool Pradeep on Jan 29, 2016
Dear sir,
i have recharged the pack by which the data becomes 1.5 times of original recharge.
so I have recharged my mts data card on 6 jan 2016 of ₹ 699. i should get 7gb date with 3.5 gb(1.5 times of 7gb) means total 10.5gb. but i have got only 7gb data.
this company is telling a lie that you got 10.5 gb data.and there is no any facility to show the data which i have got.
sir i have again recharged my mts card by 699 but again i have been cheated by this company...

sir i am student.i have to take online class by doing data recharge. it...
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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — MTS Activation issues

 Sriraman Mahadevan on Jan 29, 2016
I have ordered for a MTS device on 22nd January and you gave me a confirmation that I will receive the device and it will get activated on Saturday afternoon.
After several follow up I have received the device on monday.
Still now it has not been activated. I dont want to use it anymore.
Since it was purchased online, just guide me on how and where to return the device.
This purchase was made for an emergency issue and its been more than a week. Finally I got another Wifi dongle and a SIM which was activated on the same day.
Since this device is purchased online,...
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Mts Mblaze Ultra — My mts not working after 5 day return my money.

 Jha Kavita on Jan 28, 2016
My name is kavita .22/01/2016 recharge my mts after 4-5 month.and now it is not working.i give you all detail recharge my mts dongle.

Thank you for using to recharge your Mobile/DTH service.

Your recharge request has been successfully processed as per the following details :

Transaction Receipt

order id MT0101912216
transaction id MT0101912216
subscriber id recharged 8104087314
operator MTS
circle Rajasthan
you paid (Rs.) 1004
recharge amount (mrp) 999
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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — Amount deducted but transaction failed

 bashplus on Jan 28, 2016
Dear Sir,

I have paid (online debit card)my MTS bill on 18-Jan-2016 (last date of payment is 18-jan-2016).The amount is deducted from my account but transaction failed.I didnt get the refund yet.I complained this to MTS in mail. They registered a complaint ( JAN/7935).Now they disconnected my connection due to no payment.How i can pay again without getting the refund.Also in next month bill they will charge Extra 100 for late payment.I am using this service since 3 years and there is no other pending payment.I need my refund soon so i can pay the bill and activate the line....
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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — Mts mblaze.. Very poor service. No network

 ujjwal shah on Jan 27, 2016

I had registered a complaint against not getting the network since i had bought this connection 29th December, 2015. I had registered many of complaint But still it is not resolved during much more time.

As well as customer executives are not responding well also they had behave with customer just like as beggar, that also I had complaint to the executive of MTS outlet(manoj 9716510548, MTS OUTLET NEAR ramesh nagar metro station from where i bought my mts connection) but they are also not taking responsibility regarding the complaint or they haven’t...
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MTS — Mblaze data card

 susanta kumar biswal on Jan 27, 2016
I bought one Datacard by paying them 1300 rupees/-.They promised high speed of data and good service. They never provided good service and asked for money. Now I went to Hyderabad and the Data card was on roaming. It never got connected and I was unable to use it at all. I had sent one mail to their retention department mentioning all details and my suffering and did not pay any bill. Now one guy called me and told me that if you do not make the payment then we will send Legal Notice to you and you will have to come to the court. I see there are lot of frauds in this company and they are doing it...
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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — Mts mblaze data card/speed

 Iqbal Raza on Jan 26, 2016
I purchased a MTS MBlza data card and i was informed it can work up to the speed of 9.8 mbps and data download of 40GB. Once i started using the same, it was working very slow and taking lot of time in opening the webpages. if we check the download speed on the, was able to see the download speed of .26 mbps and upload speed of .98 mbps

MTS is cheating the customers by marketing the speed up to 9.8 mbps. i can challange if then can even demonstrate a single time speed of 9.8 mbps

we are not even getting the 50% of the marketed speed i:e 4.7 mbps.
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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — Non refund of recharge

 hemantrawat on Jan 26, 2016
I am BP Nayak have an MTS data card no 8459887566.
I recharged my prepaid data card no on 24th Dec 2015 but unfortunately the recharged was not processed and I waited for about half an hour to activate the same recharge on my data card as the amount was already deducted from my credit card.
When I didn't see anything on my data card for next half an hour then I made a call to customer care and he insisted me to re recharge your data card as the maximum time was over and the amount deducted from my card shall get back to me within a week.
On the wordings of customer care executive...
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MTS — Not carry forwarding my net balance

 jaya garg on Jan 25, 2016
I had a balance of around 4100mb on 21st of jan., and my last date of pacakage was 21st of jan, and i had recharged my no. with rs 159 pack, but my no. was not carryforwaded with my left balance, so i feel cheated as today when i called the customer care about this they left me held nowhere...plz solve my queries......
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