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Bharat Gas - Non Delivery of Second Cylinder & Delayed Supply of Refill Cylinder [Comment in Complaint]
Dear Sir My consumer # is 17528. I sincerely request you to, please arrange to deliver the gas cylinder as early as possible please. The Gas supply agency Laxmi Enterprises is not giving the desirable service. Kindly scrap his dealership and give it to somebody else. Thanks. SK Das...
Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation - street light not working [Comment in Complaint]
Respected Sir,We the resident of 165,Ekamra Marg,Unit-6,Bhubaneswar near Maa shakti hospital face great deal of problem during monsoon because of the sewage jam. Kindly advise your concerened officials in Springtank, Forest Park to cleanse the sewage immediately please. Thanking you. SK Das...
First Flight Courier - Consignment not delivered after 15 days of booking [New Complaint]
Dear Sir This is to inform that a consignment having#U76678725 dtd05.01.13 had been booked through First-flight bhubaneswar branch office and had already reached Gurgaon on dtd08.01.13.But it had not been delivered at Honda Scooters & Motorcycle.The consignment had been booked from Shiballoy Multiflex pvt ltd,Bhubaneswar and was supposed to be delivered before 10th.But it is matter of deep re...
Railway - Railway finance in mess [New Complaint]
Our honourable railway minister is responsible for the financial collapse.Our great PM & Mamata didi is also responsible for creating this financial mess.Our minister is not bothered about job he is happy because he has got a ministeral berth.The finances of the world's second largest mover of passenger & largest employer is in really in a very bad state.Bur Mr Minister is not bothere...
Income Tax Department - Non-receipt of TDS refund [Comment in Complaint]
I would like to request to the concerned income tax assesing officials in Bhubaneshwar branch office of Odisha state to please look into the matter & do the best needful in releasing the requsite tds refund amount at the earliest possible time please....
Income Tax Department - Non-receipt of TDS refund [New Complaint]
Ref:My PAN #AEMPD2105H Dear Sir,Myself Sri Swaraj Kumar Das would like to bring to your kind notice that I have not received my TDS refund for the year 2011-12.I fail to understand the reason of delay.May I request your good self to please inform me the cause of delay please. In closing as a consumer I want to know when my TDS refund amount will be directly credited to my account. Thanks &...
Peerles General Finance&Investment Co - Non-receipt of long pending dues of Rs 1695 [New Complaint]
Ref:My Name:Sri Swaraj Kumar Das Certificate No:57103986 Kind Attn:MrAssem Bhatacharya(Kolkota branch) All my necessary documents are ready to claim my long pending dues of Rs1695+interest and i have been following up the matter since more than 20days now.Iam being told that since inspite of several reminders to your Kolkota branch to send a discharge form to Bhubaneswar office they are ...
Tata Indicom - COMPLAINT AGAINST TATA INDICOM [Comment in Complaint]
I had given the identification proofs like PAN Card and Passport photocopy at Tata Indicom hub located at Bapuji Nagar,Bhubaneswa r,Odisha about 20days back.The phone got activated after three days.Now suddenly i got the message that i need to give photo,ID proof and other details to activate my service.My phone is not working and i have no information why the service was deactivated. Please...
Not Receive Rto Book - Non delivery [Comment in Complaint]
Dear Sir A letter having docket#EQ813672832IN had been booked from BNPL, SPL, New Delhi on dtd15.04.11 and had been delivered where i donot know on 25.04.11.It was an important letter from Income Tax office so please deliver the letter in my present address i:e:S.K.DAS, 165, EKAMRA MARG, UNIT-6, BHUBANES WAR=751001, ODISHA STATE, 09213479072(M), 0674-2595258(LANDLINE). I have shifted from Del...
INCOME TAX of INDIA - Non-receipt of TDS refund for yr 2010-11 [New Complaint]
Myself Sri Swaraj Kumar Das would like to inform that my PAN#AEMPD2105H.I have not received my TDS refund for the year 2010-11.The amount of refund money was supposed to be credited directly through ECS into my Axis bank account as it was done for the year2009-10. I was checking online about the refund status i got the information that the letter was sent through speedpost having docket#EQ81367...
TATA Indicom Mobile - REPEATED UNWANTED SMS PACK [Comment in Complaint]
Yes i fully agree that i receive lots of unwanted SMS everyday in my tata mobile number.Can somebody help us from Tata? S.K.Das...
Tata DoCoMo / Online Recharge - Recharge not happen.. but amount debited from my bank a/c [Comment in Complaint]
I have taken a new tata mobile connection(Prepaid) having#9238206301.I have given all the necessary documents but it has already been a week already past and because of Tata's server is down all these days my number is yet to be activated.My second complaint is i have one more prepaid Tata connection which iam not able to recharge. CAN SOMEBODY FROM TATA MOBILE SERVICE EXPLAIN HOW YOU GUY...
Tata Indicom - Cell phone activation [Comment in Complaint]
Myself Sri Swaraj Kumar Das would like to inform all my freinds who are tata cellular phone users to say Tata to Tata.I have been given a number 9238206301 about a week back but it is yet to be activated.Every time i visit their hub in Bhubaneswar, Odisha they say their server is down.Even i cannot recharge my prepaid phone. I would like to send a message of caution to all top management team of...
State Bank of India - SBI account transfer [Comment in Complaint]
I absolutely agree that our SBI has been very slow in comparison to private banks.They take lots of time which harasses their valued customers.They must change their style of functioning and value their customers complaints a great deal.Esskay...
State Bank of India - SBI account transfer [Comment in Complaint]
Dear Sir/Madam I have shifted from Delhi to my home town Bhubaneswar in Odisha state.I had applied for my savings accounts transfer on dtd24.03.11 from G-3,Vikaspuri,New delhi=18 branch to Forest park branch in Bhubaneswar which is close to my residence.My savings bank account#10634354604 and CIF#8049880 2115.In spite of my several follow ups my savings bank accounts has not been transfered yet....
State Bank of India - SBI account transfer [Comment in Complaint]
Myself sri S.K.Das had applied for transfer of my savings accounts from Newdelhi vikaspuri branch to Forest park branch at Bhubaneswar, Odisha on 24th March.I had checked today my accounts has not been transfered yet. Thanks. S.K.DAS...

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