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ICICI Bank ,the most unreliable. [New Question]
ICIC Bank is having no credit to be included in the list of ` the best financial institution of India`.The bank actually does not deserve the crowning.Most of the members of staff and executives really have a lack of serious banking knowledge and especially,in foreign exchange; but,they all behave ostensibly well-equipped,but to really conceal their lack of knowledge about the products of their ...
Wild Discrimination in the flights of cathay Pacific..... [Answer in Questions]
Yeah, it is true.I had the bitter experience with Cathay Pacific, while flying from Chennai to SanFrancisco, USA.The flight took off at 3.10 a.m[IST] and reached HongKong at 11.30 a.m[Local Time].The breakfast was served only half-an-hour before landing on the HongKong Airport.By that time, one`s stomach could growl with appetite.I had to wait in the lounge for 2 and 1/2 hours to board the connec...
Unfair practices by HDFC std.Life [Answer in Questions]
Never go for HDFC Std.Life;That is the best solution!...
Unfair practices by HDFC std.Life [New Question]
The Insurance company is of the practice of selling some units in the Unit Linked pension plans[Growth Fund] towards miscellaneous charges without informing the assured properly the number of units sold and the amount realised there upon.The whole transactions are not transparent and the process is to defraud the investors.This unhealthy practice has resulted in the suspicion about the company,th...
Proceeds of the policy surrendered...... [New Question]
what about my complaint regarding the non-receipt of proceeds for the policy surrendered to HDFC std.Life; sent today? ...
Safe Deposit Locker Rent [New Question]
Is it mandatory for banks to notify the Locker account holders the raise in the rent if any? Can they debit the SB a/c of a customer excessively without notifying the customers duly the hike in the rent?Please enlighten me. 22.06.12 R.Gopalakrishnan....
TTD - Regarding the quick darshan of Rs 300 [Comment in Complaint]
yeah! what he says is hundred percent correct.Thirupathi temple has become only a hub of all other activities except genuine and real Bhakthi.Spiritualism is being vended in Thirumala .In the name of the Lord, money from the devotees is being swindled by the administration of the Temple and the staff earn a lot.It is true that from top to bottom, the employees are corrupted including the priests w...
TTD - Regarding the quick darshan of Rs 300 [Comment in Complaint]
Dear sir,- I and my wife,both senior citizens took a queue exclusively for senior citizens,freedom fighters,handicapped and women with infants that opened up at 6p.m on 08.01.10.we were awaiting our turn to get our entry to the main entrance of the temple,as the slot of the queue was very near to it.we were about to be issued with the pass/admit slip by the temple personnels,one security guard ...
Coca-Cola - refusal of refund on returned items [New Complaint]
Sir/s, - Today, my son bought a 2lt.coca cola can among many items including vegetables at your 10th Avenue Ashok nagar, Chennai-83-outlet.coca cola can was priced at Rs.52/- and immediately on purchase of the items and within 5 minutes, I went to the outlet in the hope of returning the item and to get the refund in cash;but to my dismay, the billing centre refused to take back the item and refu...

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