PureIT / Hindustan Unilever Customer Care

PureIT / Hindustan Unilever Customer Care

Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

Unilever House, B. D. Sawant Marg, Chakala, Andheri (E)
Mumbai City District
India - 400099

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

1860 210 1000 (PureIT)
+91 22 3983 0000 (Hindustan Unilever)
+91 92 4310 0100 (PureIt)
+91 92 3050 0500 (PureIt)
+91 92 2320 0200 (PureIT)
+91 92 4610 0100
+91 22 3983 2413
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Bout my pureit ultima ro

 manik.singhal.18 on Feb 9, 2016
I m really suck off with my pureit ultima ro+uv as my complaint is about 4 months but till now not get solloution even not any fead back taken by purit that is your complaint resolve or not so now there is few days left for warranty to get expired i need now a new product as 1 year warranty get waste and my product is defective the experts they send to my home they not able to solve my problem i need a new pureit ultima now

please contact me at mob: 7409111149, 8266000059...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Expired product sold

 hiteshgupta on Feb 9, 2016
My mother purchased knorr vegetable soup of HUL from my local shop on 29/01/2016. The shopkeeper took advantage of my mother's old age and gave expired product. She is a diabetic patient also. Our family consumed the product which resulted in ill health. We contacted same day to HUL but their office timing s were over by then. other day I contacted on their toll free no.18001022221 and noted down my complaint(03537108). They(Anuradhaji) advised me that I will be compensated for medical charges born by us. I also lodged my complaint(03537214) through mail on 29/01/2016 but till now no response is...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Pureit ro marvella slim purifier [Resolved]

 Mallikarjun_Patil on Feb 2, 2016
My self Mallikarjun(Registered mobile number in PureIT 9133570600), I have purchased pureit ro Marvella slim water purifier from Paytm and it got delivered on 25 January 2016 and for Installation I have called Pureit Customer care number 1860-210-1000 on 26, but there was no response at all for another two day even though I was calling daily twice each time they were telling they will come and install soon finally the good day of installation came on 30th and service guy came installed and told me to fill the full tank twice n leave it watse, , before water become good for drinking and he left the...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Filter and leakage problem

 ganesh rane on Feb 1, 2016
Date of the incident : 5th march 2015
description : pureit is having leakage problem and water is not filtering. i have given complaint to customer care(complaint no. C156529377) but till yet no one have come to repair the pureit. please send technician to repair the pureit as soon as possible....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Faulty product

 Pradeep George Joseph on Jan 30, 2016
I got my PureIT on December 22, 2015. Within 7 days, the water started leaking from the back side. Raised a complaint and asked them to replace the product, instead the technician said he will replace the faulty part. After replacing the faulty part, after 15 days again the water started leaking from the back side. We raised a complaint to replace the product because this issue is been happening frequently, but nobody is calling us back. We want the product to be replaced ASAP, or else refund the 17000 which was spent for the product and 850 for the extra part that was bought to install the product....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Non availability of germkill cartridge

 Tejinder Sandal on Jan 29, 2016
I had purchased 12 Litres capacity Pureit Intella in August last year. Now I want to change the germkill kit for the same, but every retailer is saying that kit for this model has been dropped off, and is not available with them, because company has stopped selling this product. i am running around for the last 15 days. Now I have checked their site for purchasing the kit online, hoping that they wil provide. Please register my complaint, as if every year they are going to drop off their last year model, then please don't market their product, as we'll have to purchase the new model every year,...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Continuous defects showing in machine-pureit ultima ro/uv

 Jitendralele on Jan 27, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam,
I had purchased Pureit Ultima, RO/UV, 7-8 months back. During this period 4 times Filters were changed. There are many other similar brands in our Society like, Kent, Acquaguard, etc & are running smooth.
Every month your technician visits, changes filter & collecting Rs. 50-100 for visit.
Now, 4-5 days back your senior technicians visited us & told that the inside circuit is faulty & need to be replaced.
We are really fed u. Request you to kindly repay our cost or get the machine replaced.
I had complained, earlier also, but no response from your...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — 18602101000 not toll free

 senthilkumar kk on Jan 24, 2016
I had a call with customer care and the call went to different executive from junior to senior, overall time 36 minutes and costed rs.72 . entire balance drain and disconnected AUTO due to my insufficient balance.

Is it the call cost rs.2 per minute for this ? I had a rate cutter for 30p per minute on this duration (tamilnadu, Chennai) BSNL network

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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Dont buy this product - worst customer service -

 Arrif on Jan 23, 2016
I bought a pureit from amazon, for installation they called me so many times before product delivered. after recieved the product i called so many times, today they finally came and simply said that they don't have any extra pipes, he said he will bring it after 2 days, To clarify the doubt, i called the customer care no -1860 210 1000, call went for 21 minutes no one picked the call again lost 20 rs. so don't know what to do with this product....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Pureit / hindustan unilever

 pratap on Jan 12, 2016
Hi I have raised the request (C167286833) that Pureit Marvel device was not working .There was technician visited(12 Jan 2016) at my place and he has removed some pipe and done some experiment and change the memberance and charge me 1800 and service visit 250 but the issues is not solved and there is continuous leakage from the device and outlet water is continuous flowing .The issues in not solved and i expect the device should be perfect where there is service by the skilled technician .Please help me in this regards. I request again to send the serviced person once again to visit my place. Regards...
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Hindustan Unilever — About relieving letter and full & final settlments

 pathan.aniskhan on Jan 10, 2016
Respected Sir/Mam I had worked with HUL from 17 feb 2014 to 23/12/15. generally all companies issueing all relieving and full and final on last working day. but hul told me u will get the details within 7 days... today almost 17-18 days completed. company has not responded. without relieving it is not possible to join another company. still I am facing the problem. I have deposited 2 months basic salary 58117 against 2 months notice period. pl look into this I will always thankful to you Regards Aniskhan...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Modern bread

 sanika govekar on Jan 5, 2016
I bought a loaf of Modern Premium Bread today and which is supposed to be used by Jan 8, 2015. However, there are some black pieces along the edges of the slices of the bread. It's hard, black, and of a waxy texture. Extremely disappointed to have encountered this gross situation. I need an exchange or the refund for my money. RSVP, Sanika Govekar 9920783485 FSSL 10013022001897 FSSAI LIC NO: 10012022000305...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Pureit Ultima

 shashankgupta_lko on Jan 2, 2016
July 2015 Ultima was installed and since then multiple number of times device didnt worked and everytime technician comes and changes faulty parts but he never replaces the faulty machine. Please tell them to replace this faulty machine with the new one....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — No followup of request /complaints by authorised Agencies

 Tribhuwan Rao on Dec 28, 2015
My name is tribhuwan, staying in KK Nagar, chennai and using purite classic 23 ltr capacity from than 7 yrs. There is a very-very poor response of service providing /supplying agencies(MADHA AGENCY LSP phone 9941154301) authorized by company. The details are as under :- First order on 16/11/15 (10.44 pm) for 3000 ltr germkillkit cost 900/-+50/- But not supplied till 27/11/15 Second order on 27/11/15 (5.39 PM) for 3000 ltr Germkillkit cost 900/-+50/- Not supplied till 10/12/15 Complaint Lodged on : 11/12/15(8.22 PM) No.C157231108 The requirement of purified water was needed us in chennai....
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Hindustan Unilever Ltd — Offer details were not shared with Retailer

 sacloveu on Dec 14, 2015
Hi, My Name is Mahesh gogri, my contact number is 08451010747 I am the sole proprietor of Liberty Grain Stores located near Nagpada, SP Road, 5th Lane. I want to draw your attention towards the incomplete information shared by the company, distributor regards to Offer or any discount available on products. I have purchased 12 pieces of Lifebuoy 125 GM soap from Jinit Agencies, official distributor of Hindustan Unilever Ltd for South Mumbai. Whilst, delivering the material they have informed that you will get 1 pen free with 1 soap. So based on the information shared and the trust which...
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Pure IT Water Purifiers — Irresponsible customer service

 Ramesh Devarapu on Dec 14, 2015
Myself Ramesh from Bangalore, we had purchased the Puriet UV device about a year ago. I had ordered a Germ Kill kit on 07/12/2015 (December 07th), until now there is no communication on that. everyday i call the LSP(JM Home Solutions) their only answer is "NO STOCK, WE SEE TOMORROW". ( i had even called today) it has been 7 days i am waiting for the order delivery. meanwhile on 10th December 2015, the System/Device got switched off, it is not powering back. i had raised the complaint on 10th December with complaint no C157227707, which according to your SMS should be addressed in 24...
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Hindustan Unilever Pureit Marvella Uv — Problem like leakage, cockroaches, [Resolved]

 SameerDakhane on Dec 10, 2015
I am using this purifier since more than one year. The design of tis product is such that it leaves so many gaps, though with small cocroaches can enter the body. To solve this we have to seal the body by tape, which resulted in cleaning inconvinience. Also, it has issues like leakage and showing tank full indicator from start resulting in no purification. Now I m left with the option of drinking tap water till I get new purifier....
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Hindustan Unilever [HUL] — Fair & lovely

 妲陈 on Dec 8, 2015
The adds of Fair & Lovely fairness creams have always been misleading. The cream is very dry and makes the skin dull. In the adds they always show already fair celebrities getting fair. First of all if a person is applying cream only to the face how come the whole body gets fair. I feel this cream should be banned because they are always telling lies....
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Hindustan Unilever — No details of the date on which it was packed and caused damage to my hairs

 dikshant johar on Dec 1, 2015
I bought the sachet of clinic plus shampoo and when i was looking up for the date when it was packed it was mentioned that it is on the 'seal' but there were some of the numeric no. But of no use as they were not relating what i was searching for As i used that shampoo it damaged my hair and caused falling of my hair although being mentioned that ' it makes hair stronger'....
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Hindustan Unilever — Knorr soupy noodles - paytm fake offer advertised by company

 notygaurav on Dec 1, 2015
This is to inform you that i bought 12 packets of Knorr soupy noodles and the company is showing advertisement (currently also) that customer will get Rs15 Paytm in one pack of knorr soupy noodles. The coupon was there inside the packet but it was not working. Basedf on that i informed customer care and they registered a compliant on 14 October, 2015with No 2970062. and ensured me that solution will be provided.
There supervisor Mr Rahul Dutta and Mr Swapnil ensured me that i will be getting the solution from them within a week (i also have email from them) but till now they are fooling me...
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