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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever Customer Care related pictures (50)

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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Regard service

 Kamal1111 on May 24, 2016
I have orderd a germkill kit for my 14 ltr advance pureit on 21/05/16 & rfs is 13521872. I got this msg ("your licensed service provider is: tops enterprises lsp phone :828 645 1326, mumbai 421202. Pl note pureit helpline no. Is changed to 1860-210-1000".) after that i called on given mobile no. But the service from tops enterprises is very poor their executive are making only false commitments. Still i haven't got the germkill kit. What to do?? Pls help me.
My registered mobile no is 7738471378...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Insect found in water tank

 faizyab rasool on May 19, 2016
I have a pureit marvella ro at my home. A few days ago i got my gkk1 changed as it was blinking red.
2, 3 days ago the water from the purifier started stinking. It was a foul smell. I avoided it thinking of null possibilities of contamination due to my trust on pureit.
Today in the morning the water flow decreased from the tap, but the machine showed tank full indication. I registered complaint and technician came and found almost 5 inches long worm like creature (Centipede or something) stuck in the tap.
1. I want to ask hul pureit (Who claim to clean i crore virus...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Water leakage, on swiftly turns red in germkill kit

 Pawanjais on May 15, 2016

We are the consumer of pureit water purifier since 4 years. Ideally we preferred 1500 litre germ kill kit, always.In earlier stages it used to take 2 months or more at an average consumption of 20 litre. But now it close to 40 days or less, kit turns completely red. And result water leakage

This is all about poor very poor production of germ kill kit.

In the gap of every 5-6weeks, we have to replace kit to avoid leakage.In course of reduction in service of 1500 litre kit, it seems company is cheating with customers. Yes,...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Faulty device sealed to me and no action has been taken.

 Abhijeet Ukey on May 14, 2016
I bought water purifier of Pureit Classic RO+MF, since 28 days back and from since 28 days am unable to drink water as machine selled is not working even after calling service engineer he is just making fool, but he is not coming. Once he visited but the purifier just worked for 5 hrs again it stopped working. Please help me since monsoon is coming and please tell is it possible to replace the purifier as it has too much problems....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Lipton Green tea bags were empty

 rubyj on May 14, 2016
I recently got a pack of 100 lipton tea bags and several tea bags were empty. A brand like hul is expected to have a quality check. Not just one or two bags I have at least ten such bags. Worst part is when I called the company, they were pretty casual about it and said they will replace the box and investigate the matter. the empty tea bags were tangible proof of the quality failure which is unacceptable and defrauding.I have packed tea bags to prove my claim....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Very very poor service

 Nilesh Ghosh on May 12, 2016
All of a sudden, there was leakage detected from the upper body next to the life indicator shell of Classic Model. So immediately the service complaint was launched. And it has been done repeatedly for last 5 days. Still nobody has reported from the service department.
It is been really dissapointing on the service part. Inspite of continious request considering the summer season nobody is responding.
I have been spending almost Rs. 500 daily on purchasing drinking water form the store. And off course it has made me think for the second option of changing into other product were...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Unpleasant taste in water even after replacing the battery (product within warranty period)

 Vishwanath Sarkar on May 11, 2016
The product is within warranty period. The taste of water is unpleasant even after replacing the battery and ensuring the device is clean. The water fed into the device is free of any such taste.
Product's serial no. : RPA19 00403887
Location of product: S 17/100, Near Jwala Ma Temple, Kapoor Complex, Ghausabad Road, Nadesar, Varanasi - 221002
Contact no.: 9415990526

Please resolve asap. A lot of inconvenience is being caused because of unavailability of clean drinking water. Experience is against the promise of pureit to provide pure/safe drinking water....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — RO+MF not working no response from pureit

 pervio on May 7, 2016
This had reference to my complaint dt 15th april regarding newly installed purifier not working. So far the complaint is not attended properly. One technician came twice and did something and pump worked for few hours only. The response from cc of hindustan unilever is worst among all. None of cc executive attend the call even after 20 minutes waiting in line and spending lot of money. Now again the agency who installed the unit says spare not available. The technician and the pureit person are trying to cheat us by not responding even after 3 weeks. We are senior citizens and facing lots of problems....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Customer care is not responding against complaint.

 Abhijeet Ukey on May 2, 2016
I bought PUREIT CLASSIC RO+MF on 16/04/2016 and service engineer came on 18/04/2016 installed it and went away. Filter worked only for two days and after that it stopped working as water is not getting auto filled. Launched complaint as well as rang a call to local service engineer of PUREIT to come and see but since one week past away but still no one has came.
The worst service ever i faced in my life from PUREIT, Please do something on complaint number C167516265, Second thing without knowing to me complaint has been closed....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Complaint no. C167401694 "got msg complaint resolved even though nobody attended it"

 MuruganRaju on Apr 26, 2016
Hi please anybody don’t buy pure-it water purifier, i would like to share my experience with pureit, i have purchased pureit marvella with jug model one and half years back. I faced with water leakage problem after 3 months. Then i raised a complaint with customer care, more than 8 months i spoke to 5 or 6 manger also. They are telling today or tomorrow sure problem will solve. But i don’t know which today or tomorrow. Whenever i spoke to customer care, i am getting two messages. I have lot of messages but few massage only i have mentioned below. One more thing: no toll free number. Think about,...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Worst service [Resolved]

 Sunil Kawde on Apr 20, 2016
Least bothered about customer service. Ordered new device on Saturday (16 Apr'16) but got to know on Monday(18 Apr'16) when called call center that order was not booked. So booked it again and was informed that will get delivered on Tuesday (19 Apr'16) but till not deliverd and call center is not at all aware. It seems they dont require any additional bussiness.
Really worst service till date....
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Hindustan Uniliver — New filter not working

 pervio on Apr 20, 2016
I have purchased RO+MF model purifier on 10_3_2016.It was not working since 14 th April. I lodged complaint on 15th, I was told the complaint will be attended within one working day. On 16 th April one technician came and some adopter problem and it will be replaced on 18th.every time calling cost huge money and unbearable waiting. Daily I am calling and reminding and now they say spare is not available. We are senior citizens and facing problem. The responses from cc of Pureit is very casual and customer oriented....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Insects found inside water tank [Resolved]

 mayankmnit09 on Apr 18, 2016

I have one pureit ultima water purifier and registered mobile no is 9214517760.

15 days back i registered one service complaint because it was giving me indication to change gkk1.

One guy(vijay kumar) came and he cleaned the gkk and said no need to change for now.this guy was really dumb and i want him to be terminated immediately.

After 7 days of that i was feeling some problem with the water

I again registered one complaint to check it.

An another guy (normally this guy comes for service to my place)...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Service person not coming to repair purifier

 Ayush0502 on Apr 16, 2016
Today is the 4th day we are drinking bad quality water. The reason behind this is service person telling lie that he will be coming in few hours for 4 days. Licensed Service provider is: Sri Sai Ram Agency LSP Phone :909 292 1501, Kanchipuram 603002.

So, i request you to take skme serious action against him....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Red light for change of uvgkk after changing 2moths 10 days back [Resolved]

 Debajit Bagchi on Apr 15, 2016
I have a pureit marvla uv for more than 3yrs but i found the uvgkk kit not working as before such as previously i have to change after 7-10 months and lastly i changed from your krishna services vide bill no-793 dt27/1/16, Now pl depute one of your technical person who will show me that i have already get the specied ltr of pure water from your machine at your earliest neither i shall compelled the matter to consumer
Sri Debaki Ranjan Bagchi
181, basunagar,
Madhyamgram, west Bengal
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Pureit classic ro+mf device not working at all [Resolved]

 Maneesh Chaubey on Apr 10, 2016
It has been a long time when i had raised a complaint regarding the device that "it is not working at all". Please refer to the following complaint codes "c167463568" & "c167471046". Mechanic is not able to identify the root cause and so is unable to fix it. I called the helpline number multiple times (They take too long to answer the call--which is so irritating).
Mechanic visited 5 times at my house to fix the issue but couldn't be able to fix it. He changed adapter and motor in subsequent visits. As soon he (Mechanic) comes and does some troubleshooting, devices starts working and later...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Pure it servicing at machilipatnam, krishna distrtict, 521001, ap

 TKV Babu Rao on Mar 31, 2016
To whom so ever it may concern.
We have purchased pure it water filter which is supplied by mr. Subrahmanyam cell no : 9704752666 and it is serviced by ( that means ) recharge of refills by mr. Sarath cell no : 7207111664. Of machilipatnam town jurisdiction.

Mr. Sunrahmanyam after the instillation advised us to contact for refill replacement to mr. Sarath.
Mr. Sarath phone will not be available by for a week on continues trails. By gods grace if he attends and replace new refill it will not work for the guarentied leters of water. When asked the reason for the complaint...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Pure it marvella uv purifier

 yogesh dabs on Mar 30, 2016
Hi this is yogesh dabas (+91-9999030139, hno-1138, v.p.o kanjhawala)
we bought pure it system few years back. 2 or 3 months ago we wanted to shift it from ground to first floor so we registered our request. then we got a call from the person who was sent by pure it asking about the address. my wife talked to him and he was talking rubbish. and then when he came to our house he did not behave well with my wife and my mother. last month in mid of feb the adapter failed so we ordered one from pure it. the operator told me they will charge only 250 and when the came to my house they asked for...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — New pureit ultima ro+uv water purifier not working

 Syed Muheebulla on Mar 27, 2016
We purchased a new pureit ultima ro+uv water purifier (Sl. No rcr3300028904) on 21mar 2016 from croma store bangalore (Total mall sarjapura road), after 5 days of follow up the company sent a technician to install the product. The technician did not know anything about the installation of the product. He somehow installed the product but even after installing there is no water coming from the purifier.
We feel cheated by the low quality of water purifier manufactured by hul. It is more than 1 week we brought the water purifier and it is not working. I am very angry and disappointed with...
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Hindustan Unilever — Product complaint

 Jins p koshy on Mar 25, 2016
This is the details of interaction with the company i am not get any response or sulation from the company

Dear Sender,

Thank you for contacting Levercare. This is in reference to your email dated March 20,  2016.

We are sorry to learn that the Huggies was not up to your expectations.
Please be assured that you will receive a call within the next 48 hours.

Request you to please note your Lever care reference number 03863888 and quote it in all further communication.

Yours Sincerely,

Consumer Engagement...
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