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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever Customer Care

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+91 22 3983 0000
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Customer satisfaction rating
So far so good - The company responded to our notifications and is working on resolving complaints.

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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — About to promise service

 justyog95 on Jul 22, 2016
I booked gkk1 kit for 1700 on 16/07/16. with promise service it must be installed in 72 hrs or after that it is free with reference rfs/15301014
I wait till 20/7/16 and callback to customer care due to kit is not installed that time they told me that ur kit is installed in 24 hrs free of kit cost with complaint no c 167762607
After that technician give call me for instalation with payment of 1850 he clarifies me that due to unavailability of kit we cant installed in promised time i refuses to give him kit prize as customer executive told me
Till date after 7 days kit is not...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Service about pureit glass part delivery & service

 Rupesh Gawas on Jul 20, 2016
Sir, madam,
I have lodged request on 1 july 2016 about my 14 lit pureit about broken glass part to be replaced with new one on chargeable basis.
But till tiday 20 july 2016 there is no technician visited my place.In between i had called 3 times & every time you customer care fellow said sorry, tomorrow you will get the part & service definitely.
But till today unfortunately we are drinking boiled waterwater as our pureit is not working.
I am very much unsatisfied about your service.
My registered mobile no is 9011832811

Rupesh gawas...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Within 15 days problem occurs and do not respond any one

 swapnil1988patil on Jul 19, 2016
I bought the product of pureit name as 'classic ro+uv' on 26/6/2016 from 'prakash enterprises' shop on navi sangvi pune and technician installed on 29/6/2016 and company gives the 1-year warranty on this product. The problem occurs due to a circuit in this product not working from 13/7/2016. I complain this on their helpline number two times on 14/7/2016 (Complaint no. C167742476 and c167757441) but they don't replace this circuit yet for resolved problems and they do not work on this problem.
I need to replace this whole machine with their another machine of the same product...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Pureit ultima ro+uv with oxytube service complaint

 angrycustomer1234 on Jul 19, 2016
I bought above mentioned device keeping in mind the health of family, but highly disappointed by the after sales service. Since the moment it was installed i called services. Seven times he has paid visit, but the issue is unresloved.
Even the device is in warranty your lucknow service team is very reluctant.
Neither they are able to resolve the issue nor replacing it with a satisfactory working system.. Please resolve the issue as it clearly violates very serious guidelines related to health issues.. Every time after the sales, even after following all the procedures the water quality...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Poor response from customer care and service provider

 PityCust on Jul 18, 2016
I'm a 'pureit ultima ro + uv' customer

Complaint number: c167748651

Description: poor response from customer care and service provider

I've raised this complaint on 16th july (saturday) at around 9 am regarding water outflow was stopped.

So far, there is no service technician contacted me or attended the problem regarding this issue.

When i called customer care today, they provide me the service provider name and contact number (uk agency; 9500115157) and asked me to contact the number if i want my problem to be attended...
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Hindustan Unilever Pure It — Classic 23 litre purifire

 Shyam kishor shivhare on Jul 17, 2016
I have purchase at 20/3/2016. there is 6 month warranty in this product but even 3 months after purifire isn't working. i have complain two times in hindustan unilever pure it company in the number 18602101000 my complain noted and told by them that mechanic will come within 2 days. mechanic also call me two time but he will not come and make complain close. i call again to customer care but there isn't positive response. please help me. my complain number in hindustan unilever is c167729974....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Low quality product and untrained service staff

 Garvit Arya on Jul 14, 2016
I have purchased Pureit RO+UV Classic from Chroma Ahmedabad on 29th June 2016, just after 10 days of working it suddenly stopped working. Now its being 2 days it's not working at all. I have registered complaint on pureit customer care and a service guy do came but he has no clue what is the fault. They wasted 4-5 hours of ours and now they will try rectifying it tomorrow. Its pathetic to see such low quality product from such a company. The service staff is completely untrained and have no knowledge to repair the product. We have to purchase mineral water bottles for our self for the mean time....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Non receipt of battery recharge of rs 575/- ordered since 4th july 2016.

 Francis John Lobo on Jul 14, 2016
My pure it advance machine no. is rpa1900369312 and registered mobile no. is 9967202088. i had requested for a recharge battery kit of rs 575/- which until now i have not received. i had again contacted on the customer care no. since it was not delivered within 72 hours. the complaint no. c167734360 and dated 11th july. please take action as soon as possible....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Motor not working it's still in guarantee

 Raakeshkapoor on Jul 14, 2016
At the outset, i am using pureit for the last 2-3 years.Initially i didn't face any issue but lately i started facing issues and since then your engineer has changed all the parts of pureit but still it's not working.

Recently they changed the motor but again it's not working. I raised the complain, engineer visited our place but didn't fix the issue and later i got the message that complain is attended and fixed.

Since then i called service center multiple times but nobody turned up to fix the issue.

I am fed up with the pureit services and device....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Marvella ro +uv purifier issue

 Flavia D'cunha on Jul 13, 2016
We purchased a marvella (Ro +uv) purifier last august. The unit has been not functioning properly ever since. The unit was changed within the 1st two days itself due to major technical issue and after sometime the gkk-1 signal started to blink, on complaining to the call centre, i was informed that the gkk-1 unit needed to be replaced but the technician who attended the call just made some adjustment in coordination with area service manager and assured us that the problem has been taken care of.
I kept on complaining of the tds level which is well above 100 and also about the taste of the...
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Hindustan Lever Pure It — Poor after sales support

 Rajeev Gupta on Jul 13, 2016
Purchase new water filter device along with germkill kit,
Called up the helpline 3/4 times and since 10 days no support person has visited and fauly customer support system sends an sms saying your problem is sorted thank you.
Pathetic after sales services, more frustrated is calling everyday to the call centre and explaining them the same problem again and again....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Worst customer service

 PoonamSamant on Jul 13, 2016
I have been trying to get the sediment filter fixed from past 1 week, but no one from customer care center is even bothered. I have to call and take updates every 2-3 hrs. Every time i call they give me a new reason/ explanation for delay.
They had committed service within 24 hrs and now it has been more than 24*7 hrs. They don't have proper channel for escalation. Highly disappointed with the service....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Service request not attended

 Paul Davis on Jul 11, 2016
I have been using Pureit Marvella for last 6 years. Last week my equipment started leaking and I registered a request on July 2nd for service. Since then I have called your customer care for 4 times and got the same message "in next 24 hours it be attended". Until now no one visited against my request. I must say this totally unprofessional behavior from Unilever. The equipment down for one week is not acceptable to me. I want a strong intervention and immediate solution to this problem....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Service

 saghamitra on Jul 9, 2016
I have a pureit ultima ro+uv model purchased on 26.4.2015. One year warranty ends on 25.4.2015. Before warranty ends. On 7.4.2016 gkk1 r. I changed by the company technician. Very next day machine stopped working. Technician told first uv bulb fused. Then he told smps power supply had to be replced. Next day another technician came with control circuit assembly. But without fitting it he made the machine functional. On 8.7.2016 after the expiary of the warranty period the same problem occured.. Now the technician told to change control circuit assembly charging 4000/-. My question is when the same...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Marvella water purifier getting slower every day

 bhsk_08 on Jul 9, 2016
Its a marvella water purifier purchased on jan 2015. First 6 months went well. On sixth month company engineer changed something and then my worst days started.

Every 2 month interval the process of filling the 10 ltr water storage getting delayed.Initially it used to take 2 hrs then slowly slowly it goes to take 15/16 hrs and beyond. Till now 5/6 complaints have been raised. Engineer change the filter, machine takes 2 hr initially then 4, 7, 10, 12 hrs and so on.

Engineer charges 250/- and do not provide bills for that. Also imagine if the filter runs for 15 hrs then...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Poor service of service center at lucknow

 akhileshmishra86 on Jul 8, 2016
Dear sir,
I have buy pureit morvella ro+uv water purifier from reliance digital store, lucknow on 23.07.2015.
Now three led's are glowing red continuously (change sf + change gkk1 + change gkk2).
I have called technician mr. punit who told that my equipment is out of warranty, since in his office it shown date of purchase on 01.07.2015.
After this type of reply of service technician i have called mr. ankush, who said that in my system it show 01.07.2015, so i cant do anything and you buy this item from reliance digital so complaint on reliance digital.

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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — PureIT

 Rahul_Gogoi on Jul 7, 2016
Complaint no: c167672490 for water pureit was registered on 21/06/2016 which is not yet accomplished by 06/07/2016 which is today, which means 16 days gone by. but i get several calls and messages from the company saying that the complaints have been attended by the service provider, which is 100% fake. i would like to attach you the messages given by pureit. and i would want you to take severe action against this asap....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Non repair of water purefier

 Aditi Vaibhav Shirwadkar on Jul 6, 2016
Inspite of registering complaints for 4 days in a row about non repair of our water purefier the company has failed to do so, repeatedly telling us that the technician will come the next day!! But till date no one has taken cognizance!!
We request the consumer forum to take action against the company Hindustan unilever!!...
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Pureit — I've been given defective RO ,Request to change it.

 Aditi Narain on Jul 3, 2016
I've purchased Pure it Marvella RO+UV on 9th July 2015.Since May 2016, the device is showing defects every second day(after they have come to change SF) and I've been registering complaints for the same to the company .They send their technicians who are so untrained that they did something wrong and the device started showing solid red indicators since then in the indicators of SF, GKK1 and GKK2 (which surely indicates that something is wrong with this device or the company's technicians have done something with it because without blinking red, none of the parts show solid red colour at once like...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — On leakage problem for which i have lodged a complaint on 21/6/16

 ReshJee on Jun 24, 2016
I lodged a complaint on leakage and the engineer who visited said i need to change the motor as it leaks which will cost 2500. I called the cust care and told my concern tht of recent i had changed the rom and lat october csf and replacing another part is something we did not anticipate and can thy provide with any better solution. They asked to call next day at 10 as they would consult have a solution. I called the next day but had to repeat my concern from the start and now was informed that a senior engineer wuld call me with solution.
The senior engineer called after sometime asking things...
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