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PVR Ltd, Building 9A, level 4, DLF cyber City Phase 3, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
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PVR Cinemas — Reduction of ticket price in bangalore

 Suresh0348 on Jul 21, 2016
I'm a common man writing this complaint to you.
Please respect my words and resolve this problem soon without neglecting.
The pvr ticket prices in bangalore are 2-3 times more than your pvr ticket prices in chennai, hyderabad, other cities. I kindly request you to reduce the ticket prices in bangalore which benefits you as well with more occupancy in pvr than before here....
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PVR Cinemas — Booking failed at first but got booked then

 HariHaran Ramamoorthy on Jul 21, 2016
Dear pvr, i was trying to book kabali movie tickets for 23rd july '16. the site was slow and i wanted to book four tickets. payment went through four times but ticket confirmation failed and the end page said something like "oops, ticket booking failed". about an hour later i got a mail stating all 16 tickets got confirmed. i want the refund for the remaining three tickets. i tried calling multiple customer care numbers. none of the calls went through. kindly process my refund request. for further details drop me a mail at, hari210790@gmail.com....
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PVR Cinemas — Complaint against the arrogance of security manager and infringement of personal space

 austin vadayatt on Jul 17, 2016
I was in pvr kochi, lulu mall yesterday for the 6 pm show of ice age with my two children. The guard, mr. Freddy stopped me for frisking which i have a serious aversion to. This is me, i do not like hands running over my body without my permission. Especially hands that run over hundreds of other bodies before scampering all over mine.

Freddy is a very serious security guard who takes his job very seriously indeed and asked me to step aside and wait till the manager arrives to solve the situation. The manager (Couldn't catch his name - starts a...) arrived promptly and believe...
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PVR Cinemas — Security guard and one manager

 Tenzin Singey on Jul 16, 2016
I went there to watch sultan movie. When i am entering security guard told me through chew gum in dustbin and so i did. But i was getting late for show, so after that i was going fast on stairs and that guard pull me back very disrespectful and abused me. He thought i can't understand hindi language. Manager is also supporting him. I know i am not an indian but all people should treat as human or as equal. I know also that i am writing all this, but it's completely useless because no one is going to take action because you guys don't care. I had very good experience with pvr cinemas because of that...
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PVR Cinemas — About air conditioning and seating arrangements

 Pankajgargpnp on Jul 10, 2016
Dear sir,
How to do work your organisation??
In panipat city there is arrangement of sitting at entrance.
All people were standing if they come prior time.
There is also not working air condition on entrance lobby.
It's very very bad.
Plz look after.
Pankaj Aggarwal...
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PVR Cinemas — Offensive behaviour of ground staff

 Sneha Deb on Jul 10, 2016
We were watching sultan at 1:40pm on 10/7/16 in guwahati, assam having two tickets b-22, 23. we showed the ticket to the ticket checker and he asked us to take our seats. at interval another ticket checker came and asked us to move to another place as he told us we were sitting at wrong seats, just when we were about to change our seats another ground staff named mr. chana borah was offensive in his behaviour and was ruthlessly asking us to get up and leave. he totally spoiled our time and enjoyment of the movie as i had to go out to write in the complaint book. i want strict action to b taken against...
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PVR Cinemas — Booking 22 tickets at a time

 bunutanu on Jul 7, 2016
I went to inorbit mall today at 9:00pm ist in hyderabad, telengana where pvr cinemas have a branch to book 22 tickets for saturday morning 09/07/2016. i was informed that i can not book 22 tickets at a time and i was told by the manager in charge that i have to pay rs 340 for the booking i. e. 150 (movie ticket)+190 (food charges). moreover he told me that i can book only 6 tickets and i can use my card only once in a particular day for transaction. is it sensible any way. if i go for a movie and i prefer to watch another movie i will not be allowed because i will be using my card more than once....
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PVR Cinemas — Rude staff

 Ravishing Ruhie on Jul 7, 2016
Hi team,
I am a very regular visitor in pvr vikaspuri (primarily due to its proximity to my house - 1 km to be exact).
Today however was the worst experience i have had there.
Today i. e on 7th july i along with my family (4 others) went to watch sultan (9am show). at the entry itself, mahesh behave extremely rudely with my husband - reason an extra minute to show the booking confirmation on his mobile. when we told him to lower his volume he paid no attention.
If this was not bad enough his manager akhil further insulted us and misbehaved. we had 5 tickets (n - 9, 10,...
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PVR Cinemas — Misguiding customers

 mehulpoddar on Jul 7, 2016
We had gone to purchase the tickets of sultan on the 5th of july for the 6th. We asked for 5 tickets for the evening 8.30 show but were told that it is sold out but tickets for 8.10 show is available. We agreed and took the tickets.
On reaching the venue at 8 pm on 6th we realized that we were given the ticket for the 8.10 am show which was obviously over and our ticket is invalid.

On contracting the senior person we were told it is our responsibility to check the ticket before we leave the counter so nothing can be done. However he check at the counter for tickets for the...
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PVR Cinemas — Inappropriate advertisements in kids movies

 jaskirat21 on Jul 7, 2016
I noticed this for long now. Whenever I take my kid for an animated movie (which I suppose is meant for kids specifically), the advertisements and trailers etc. before the movie as well as in intermission are highly inappropriate. The detailed advertisements of ladies and men's undergarments or any other irrelevant ads should be strictly prohibited. This leaves many parents like me embarrassed. I hope some action is taken for regulating the ads material shown in kids movies at least....
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PVR Cinemas — Refund of ticket money due to technical issues and ac not working

 namami joshi on Jul 7, 2016
I had booked ticket through paytm app of sultan movie.. and had applied for refund of money due to non working of air conditioner at cinema hall and other technical issue (details as given)
Sultan on
Wednesday, 6th july 6:25 pm,
At pvr aura bhopal (screen2),
2 seat (s): premier-h3, h2.
Total amount-rs 446.00,
Booking id: aura0000825133,
Kiosk id: wgbt3b4
Wgbt3b4... kindly refund my amount back... for which i had already applied at bhopal pvr......
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PVR Cinemas — Bulk ticket booking

 Anandmethi on Jul 5, 2016
I wanted to book bulk tickets for my business clients in pvr cinema for rs 200 club category. But i was told that i will have to take along with it a rs 230 minimum combo which i did not have the budget.

Then i told the pvr manager that i will take the tickets from quoe, they refused me from gettig more than 10 tickets per person despite me rejoining the quoe again .

Then I asked them to give all these things in writing they again refused. This is a very dangerous way in which they are just exploiting the customer to pay as much as they want.

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PVR Cinemas — Food quality

 aashi chaudhary on Jun 29, 2016
21/6/2016 Tuesday 8.15 pm

I went to PVR cinemas located at Phoenix Market city pune, in movie i ordered a of Disney nachos which were given to me in a broken plastic box. It was dark inside the movie hall so i couldn't see at first but the plastic box was broken. How irresponsible it is to serve something in a broken box. What if a would have eaten a plastic piece by mistake. In interval I went to the counter and requested the waiter at food counter inside pvr to replace my box. He refused to do that after having a discussion with his co-worker. Both of them misbehaved and asked me...
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PVR Cinemas — Malpractices by your manager.

 Rahul Parkar on Jun 27, 2016
24th june, 2016. 9:15pm
Me and my friend were stopped from leaving the venue (Pvr cinemas, allahabad) during the interval by security. They said you cannot enter once you leave, and asked us to submit our tickets if we wanted to go out. On contacting the manager, he said "one of you can go". When i pointed out to the clueless manager that not only is this stupid, but also illegal, he said that this is what he was told by higher authorities. He could not supply any written proof of these orders. It seems to me that this was a tactic between the manager and the stall owners, as i have never...
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PVR Cinemas — Moral policing & cheating at pvr cinemas, lulu mall, kochi

 sapsindhu on Jun 21, 2016
Our disgust for the movie, udta punjab actually is courtesy pvr kochi for playing spoilsport and ruining our movie experience. We literally shred and threw away our three movie tickets in disgust and this might as well be the last time we contribute to the revenue of pvr. We are regular cinema goers and lulu's pvr was always our chosen place since it opened. Sadly, we had one of the worst experience from them this time. Manager and staff were upholding the a censorship rating of the film and denying us entry because they were more concerned about the moral upbringing of our sleepy 5 year old child...
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PVR Cinemas — Insulted by one of your security parson

 avi makkar on Jun 20, 2016
I went to pvr last night for movie udta punjab as par the guide line we know the movie is for adults only .i bought the 4 ticket he didn't ask me for my anyof my id .and evn tho i am a adult mh age is 21 but at the entry point the garud wanted to impress the female gaurd so he made a punch over me and said "lagte ni yar" she start smileing and and female gaurd to ..and my freinds ass well.. i felt insulted ..at i just show him my id and moved over and again when i passd away one of the security parson said to my friend he nees good diet ..i mean i was a victim of bully by the seccurity gaurds ..i...
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PVR Cinemas — Bad Sound quality.

 sachinr on Jun 20, 2016
Jun 16. The sound system is very bad. Have to be very attendive to listen the conversation what happening. Mobile ring tone is much louder. I felt like my home theatre 2.1 is much better. Spending money to travel n then buying tickets then audiences get cheap audio quality? While watching conjuring 2 same experience a week before. Not a single scene was scary coz sound was bad. Neither surround was kept perfect nor straight from screen set properly. Audience sound was clear and very audible. Theatre sound should be like even mobile or any other near by scream as well it shld not be heard other than...
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PVR Cinemas — Ticket money stolen and bad service

 Abhijeet917 on Jun 19, 2016
We went to PVR Icon at infinitymall lokhandwala to watch movie ! Where they gave us ticket without any identification @11 am when asked to enter were not allowed because we did not carry our id unknowingly. Hence we requested within 5 minutes to cancel our tickets and so we could book it for later when we get our id because the movie would start in a minute and it would be too late if go back home and get our id proofs ! It was staright away rejected and bad attitude was shown ! we said we are regular customers and these guys wasted our 20 30 minutes of time in their unwanted discussion later giving...
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PVR Cinemas — Booking issues

 Unni65 on Jun 17, 2016
The other day (16 june) me and my friends went to book tickets for 19- june afternoon 4:30 show of the movie conjuring 2. We went to book 7 tickets for that particular show.when we asked the attendant for 7 tickets he replied that 7 tickets cannot be issued unless and until you take the combo of(coke+popcorn ) worth rs. 110 for all the 7 people so my bill will amount to nearly (840+770)=1610 . he further added that when taking more than 3 tickets, its mandatory to take this combo.this is unfair and very bad on your part as a reputed company like pvr is harassing customers in such a manner.then when...
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PVR Cinemas — Wrong information from pvr

 Reshmy Jyothilal on Jun 13, 2016
I called the pvr call centre to know whether subtitles r available 4 angry birds in kochi pvr. I was told that it's available for all english movies and upon this confirmation, i persuaded someone who is hearing impaired to join the movie but it was not available which caused us severe mental trauma and deep pain for that person. I would like to know the company response....
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