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PVR Ltd, Building 9A, level 4, DLF cyber City Phase 3, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
New Delhi District
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PVR Cinemas — Poor sevice and deceit

 Chintal Sharma on Apr 27, 2016
This to lodge a complain against the pvr cinema, ved transcube, vadodara. I have an optical problem so i specifically asked for a lower ticket row. I was told that the cinema is full and only tickets left were the higher rows. The theatre was practically empty. This is a cheap trick to sell tickets. It was a 9.45pm jungle book show on 27.94.16. My booking was done by a mr. Visual. He lied on asking why he didn't book for a lower row saying the entire show was booked.

I expect immediate action. It is sorry that an establishment like pvr will resort to such cheap tricks....
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PVR Cinemas — Late public entry into cinema hall

 Anshu Mittal Roy on Apr 23, 2016
Http://api2.pvrcinemas.com/PVRCinemasCMS/getbookingqr?bookingid=GURM0005342559&c... />
We had reserved 2seats in the executive class in the pvr cinemas, mgf mall, Gurgaon at 9.55 pm on 23 rd April. We finally got to enter at 10.15 pm, 20 mins late. The movie was Jungle Book, and I had taken my 10 year old son. There were many other families with children that were also waiting for 20 mins. This is the first time I have ever seen a delay. Added to our woes the theatre was not cleane. A very disgusting beginning to what hoped to a very beautiful family evening. I...
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PVR Cinemas — Amount Refund

 Geetika Banwari on Apr 23, 2016

I have booked ticket for FAN movie of show timing at 9:40. I live in Nagpur, the booking is done from my paytm account on 15/04/2016. Half payment was done by paytm account of Rs 120 and rest was done by debit card. But on the day I have not received any message of this ticket, also when I asked person over their to check on his system he too denied that no such ticket has been booked from our side.I am sending you attachment of both ticket and my account statement.Please go through this complaint as soon as possible and generate the refund.The code on the ticket you can re check,...
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PVR Cinemas — Lost my toenail while watching movie at pvr select city walk

 bvpgaurav on Apr 14, 2016
I was watching panda-3 movies on 7th april.We went into group of 4.After 15 min of movie. Suddenly front row person standup & seat comes so fast that its hit my left toe and my complete nails comes out.
I was in blood & severe pain.We immeditely left the hall & ask staff to give us first aid to clean & get smthing done to get relief.Firstly staff reacted late then they came up with first aid with no dettol & used cotton inside.
Finally we have to left the movies & went to hospital to get it operated.Since then i am in pain & not able to go to office.
My only submission is i...
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PVR Cinemas — Booking a ticket

 Snehil S Kumar on Apr 10, 2016
I am a cutomer of pvr Cochin lulu mall. My one one and only concern hire some better who can listen property and can convey property and know a proper knowledge about time. One of your ticket booking staff named ' Faheem' please ask him to rectify his mistake as I have lost some amount of him....
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PVR Cinemas — No Hollywood Hindi shows on PVR superplex noida

 Deepak3218 on Apr 9, 2016
I want to watch Hollywood movie jungle book. In 4dx at PVR superplex Noida .. But there is only English version of this movie is playing
.. Why don't you guys play Hindi version of Hollywood movies As well...
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PVR Cinemas — Indore pvr candy bar never ever they maintain stock of nachos etc.

 Kitoo on Apr 8, 2016
This is Trupti
Last two weekend Me and husband was watching movies named 1. Superman v/s Batman. 2. Panda at PVR Indore.

They always have excuses of Nachos (out of Stock), samosa n sandwitch (finished ) iced tea never serve in a proffesional manner. They only forced to buy pop corn and Pepsi.

This weekend I am not going to watch Jungle movie and my friends too.

Pathetic PVR Indore can't get services like Juhu PVR Mumbai.

Do something please I loved to watch movie in PVR but because of these issues. I stop myself from now onwards....
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PVR Cinemas — Cost of snacks-popcorn

 CitizenBlore on Apr 6, 2016
The cost of snacks in pvr is becoming unaffordable these days. The cost of a regular salted popcorn is rs. 190 and cheese/ caramel flavour is rs. 220. The actual cost of the same amount of popcorn anywhere outside would cost merely rs. 20 or max rs. 50. Then on what basis is the cost of popcorn starting at rs. 190? Can't the government take any action on this?...
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PVR Cinemas — Poor food quality-poor hospitality - poor 3d glasses

 mohith1107 on Apr 6, 2016
Two different counters for collecting tickets and a 3d glasses. We wasted time in standing in queue taught they will give us 3d glases while entry.Most of the crowd went back to food counters to get 3d glasses no prior information.Very poor food quality and expensive combo (390 for salted popcorn & 2 regular pepsi) where as rs 240 with butter flavoured pop corns with additional flavours in satyam cinemas. More money less satisfaction and poor experience in pvr and 3d glasses were damaged had to change it twice....
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PVR Cinemas — Complaint about Picture quality [Resolved]

 M S Computers on Apr 1, 2016
PVR, Novelty Mall, Pathankot
The Picture quality in 3D is not so good and even the glasses given to consumer are very cheap and eyes starts aching after a while.
They are taking as much money like other companies but the most of the consumer are not satisfied with their picture quality in 3D.
The PVR is new Pathankot but their performance is not as we expected.
In city we have a lot of other cinemas and their performance is still better than PVR, but PVR is first 3D in our city so we were very exited about that but after watching the movie we are very disappointed with...
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PVR Cinemas — Convenience charge

 Logical Being on Mar 28, 2016
Hey so basically, booking online should cost 10% more? Who does the business management at PVR? Isn't booking online making your life easier? People don't have to come physically to buy tickets which means you have to hire less people to sell tickets. Remember wankers, there's always a choice. Anyways you'll are losing customers cause of the censor board of India and how everything is cut from the movies. Do you really want no one to show up? Genuinely think your head of pricing and business strategy should be fired. You need a good number of people to maintain overheads. Be...
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PVR Cinemas — Gift voucher validity [Resolved]

 gowhars on Mar 24, 2016
I bought movie gift vouchers in bulk in 3 month back and now i am left with 12 gift voucher Which i am not able to use because of validity expiry, i have never see such pathetic service ever.you should have some delight policy for your happy customers.it is seems you have zero customer satisfactions.yes, i know you might have good review from customer as well.but i will make it sure that i will put this on all social media websites and escalate this to higher management as well....
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PVR Cinemas — Well... Not a complaint but a request [Resolved]

 anmol ramkumar on Mar 13, 2016
Hello, i am anmol and I just wanted to ask u for a very big favour. U see i had a plan of watching zootopia (3D English) on the 23rd of march. But I'm not sure if you'll keep it that long... so please, my biggest of request to you, please keep zootopia (animated) till the 24th. Its not just me but also my girl with whom i want to see this movie... please look into the matter and please do not ignore...
thank you.
your sincerely,
Anmol RamkumaršŸ˜...
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PVR Cinemas — Price difference in online and counter [Resolved]

 Massmanu on Mar 2, 2016
Hi this is Manu on 2nd Feb 2016 I am planing to watch movie in pvr gold Koramangala forum I saw the show time and price in online actual price of the ticket 350per ticket and I want to pvr counter directly am asking for two tickets but they told 650per ticket I asked why 650 in online 350 know so she told including food only we will give otherwise we won't give tickets for movie. Sir main thing we are coming to watch the movie not to eat the food . If we want food we will buy whatever we want know then why should I pay unless per food finally I return with my friend am disappointed with service...
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PVR Cinemas — Air conditioner turned off [Resolved]

 sssai123456 on Feb 28, 2016
On Feb 26th 2016, we went watch a movie at pvr Hyderabad central. As soon as we entered the pvr portion of the mall it was hot and humid. We quickly entered screen 5. At the entrance of the screen strong air was blowing we thought the screens AC was n't turned off. Once we sat in our seats It was an awful feeling with temperatures touching 30c. How on earth does a reputed company like PVR be this cheap?? Common as a customer I am paying you enough money to run the cinemas as guaranteed. The overall experience to sum it up was worse than a local theatre where a ticket cost would be less than 10rs....
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PVR Cinemas — Charged for food which was not ordered. [Resolved]

 Nirupama Sridhar on Feb 16, 2016

Had visited PVR Cinemas, Orion Mall on 13-FEB-2016. At the PVR LTD - Food Division, the guy at the food counter has overcharged me. He has included Large Pop-Corn that was not ordered by me and has also put the charges in my bill. He has overcharged me Rs. 260. So, kindly look into the issue and make my experience good in PVR last week.

I am disturbed due to this over-charge.
Have attached the bill image also.

The person's name at the food counter was Mahesh.M (also shown in the bill image)

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PVR Cinemas — Staff misbehaviour [Resolved]

 Narayan S. D. on Feb 9, 2016
Team plz place good staff atleast at tickets counter, this is the place where customer interact 1st... miss ASHWINI at nagpur PVR Cinema (empress city mall) provide wrong info, give wrong movie tkt and after talk bout this, she is shouted and arguing for the same....
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PVR Cinemas — Air conditioner turned off repeatedly [Resolved]

 Harsha Cheemakurthy on Feb 8, 2016
It has come to many of us customers, that in Bangalore, PVR Koramangala, the manager Mr. Manjunath instructs staff to turn off the air conditioning in the middle of the movie in order to save money.

On confronted, he does not claim any responsibility and says that some customer complained that the air conditioning was off.

This has happened repeatedly and we as customers feel betrayed despite paying such a high ticket price.

It is very cheap of PVR to come down to such tactics....
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PVR Cinemas — Cancellation and adjustment of ticket

 sameer tikoo on Jan 29, 2016
I wanted to book a ticket for Saturday 30-1-2015 however book on 29th by mistake as my previous transanction where I had mentioned the correct date had failed.
I asked them to atleast change the date of my booking if they cant cancel which was not honoured....
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PVR Cinemas — Cash transaction [Resolved]

 tejas77 on Jan 28, 2016
I have been to PVR Cinemas 2-3 times within the last 3-4 months. I have noticed that the snack counter doesn't accepted cards. They accept only cash upon that they also don't provide a bill claiming that the machine is not working. It is the situation every time i go. What about people who do not carry cash.
Cards are not accepted at the ticket counter as well.
This is neither legal nor ethical on behalf of PVR Cinemas.
Hopefully someone looks into the matter and solves the issue as soon as possible....
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