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PVR Cinemas — Harassment by PVR staff

 Sarada Biswas on Oct 19, 2016
This complaint is about PVR cinemas, Shalimar Bagh. I had taken two of my friends who are Bulgarian nationals watch the 12.40 show of Inferno. We were told backpacks won't allowed, which was not mentioned on the PAYTM ticket, and offered no solution. No locker, luggage rack, nothing. We were told to leave the mall and find a place backpacks, which had PASSPORTS. On protesting, your staff NEERAJ basically told me to go f**k myself. Unless some action is taken, I will forced to make this a diplomatic issue....
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PVR Cinemas — Snacks are priced at worst rates

 megha08 on Oct 17, 2016
Snacks served at the premises are priced very high and unfair. In a intense approximately 200gms of popcorn and small pepsi was charged 410/-.

this is very unfair and worst i have ever seen, the cost of a 500ml pepsi bottles are priced 35/- outside and 200gms of popcorn costs 20/-

i hope you consider to impose strict regulations on pricing of snacks.

thank u
megha krishna...
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PVR Cinemas — Ticket pricing

 Chiranjeev Chatry on Oct 17, 2016
I asked him 2 tickets of rs 80 each for m s dhoni movie of 6.55pm show for today but he said he has only rs 140 & rs 180 tickets only. Then i told him online it is available for rs 80 he said take online. I was forced to take the combo along with the ticket. When i denied the same they argued with me but finally given me tickets for rs 80 each. Behavior of staff is also not good. Plz look into the issue. It's quite embarrassing. My name is chiranjeev and contact number is 9644889991...
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PVR Cinemas — Amout not refund

 Srikanth14379 on Oct 17, 2016
My name K.srikanth I am booking movie tickets 13-09-2016 but amount is debited but ticket is not conform I call u you Costmar care tell u amount refund but 1 montha complete but amount is not credit my account.i am also call two times in pvr Costmar care but not respond my problem my contact no 9490090263 email-srikanth.14379@gmail.com plz solution the problem...
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PVR Cinemas — Only 2 exit doors in pvr imax audi 3, vr bengaluru mall

 Hasneetsingh on Oct 6, 2016
On 1st october we went to watch a movie at pvr imax audi 3, vr bengaluru mall.
We realized that there are only 2 exits doors on the right and no door on the left. Ideally there should be exit doors on each sides to make sure people inside movie hall should evacuate easily.
My recommendation should be to close this or make alternative changes. Thx....
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PVR Cinemas — Direct Ticket booking at Ticket counter at PVR

 rohit8265 on Oct 5, 2016
This is regarding the ticket booking at PVR talkies Aurangabad. The theater & seating is very good. But whenever you go to buy the tickets mostly for good movie at PVR ticket counter they force you to buy the popcorn & coke along with your tickets without giving you the tax invoice for food items which they are giving you with your tickets. On refusing to take that offer of food they dont listen to you and give you the normal tickets. This is very poor response from PVR Aurangabad....
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PVR Cinemas — PVR Staff stole my phone

 Rahul Mohata on Oct 3, 2016
My phone must have fell from my pocket on the seat, i was among the last to leave, and after only 3 - 4 minutes i realised i had left my phone so i rang it . someone hung up the call, switched the phone off and never switched on . i rushed back to pvr, there was no one in the hall. the hall security came and checked seats and below, but some 1 had the phone in possession already . Im sure its one of your staff as there were barely any people when i left the theatre ....
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PVR Cinemas — Cleaning issue

 ArvindGarg25 on Oct 2, 2016
I have booked a ticket of Dhoni Movie in Xperia Mall.That is in Lodha. When I sit on my seat that seat fully oiled, not properly cleaned. I have also discussed the same with Rohit. but he also do anything. I had face this last time as well but that time i have ignored it. The Mall isn't taking care about the cleaing. It's better the Pvr is closed from this loction.

Arvind Kumar...
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PVR Cinemas — Suggestion and feedback

 amitd89 on Sep 28, 2016
Respected sir.please open pvr cinemas in highway filling station village chohan near tangra nh-1, district amritsar state punjab country india and also open pvr cinemas in a2b fuel point village joanake near harike pattan nh-54, district tarn taran state punjab country india.a lot of traffic and customers on both the national highways.contact person amitdhawan-9872997666 .emailid-amitdhawan45@yahoo.com....
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PVR Cinemas — Mobile Theft

 Abhinav Bhartia on Sep 22, 2016
I was among the last to leave the movie hall, 10.45 pm show, Lower Parel PVR, Movie : PINK, Seat No. D15 - D14, Mumbai . After getting out, in about 2 to 3 minutes, I realised that I had left my phone in the movie hall . I tried calling, it rang twice, then some one cut the call, and switched off the cell phone . There were hardly any people left when I left, so it cannot be that someone from the crowd took it . There are no cctv cameras inside the hall to even check this . I am sure its done by any of the staff present .
I want you to check with each and every staff or give the money to...
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PVR Cinemas — Customer Service

 rahul6697 on Sep 19, 2016
I am a B.Tech student in Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad (A premiere institute in India). On 18/09/16, I went to PVR Allahabad with two of my friends and booked three tickets of 9:20pm show of movie "PINK". I have my laptop with me but while submitting bag at the deposit counter the security official denied to take it and talked to me so rudely. He was giving me some illogical reasons for not accepting my bag .
He was constantly arguing to deposit bag somewhere else but how can I trust anybody in the mall for a 50k laptop, due to night show maximum shops were closed...
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PVR Cinemas — Fraudulent charges at snack counter

 A Chander on Sep 18, 2016
Customers must watch out.

The snack counter at PVR / Forum / Bangalore would fraudulently add an item in the bill and make you pay for something you haven't bought. Just in case you point out, they would happily refund the money. Most of the customers don't check the bill due to the "interval" rush. Its not a one time experience but a consistent experience. And the reason this seems like an intentional error / by design is that they have also switched off the billing machine monitor that faces the customer....
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PVR Cinemas — Security guards

 Rajkumari Kantharia on Sep 16, 2016
We had gone to watch the movie "Freaky Ali" in PVR cinema at growells mall Kandivili east, The tickets were of 2.50 show on screen no.4.

I am sorry to say that such a big theatre, such a management cant pay attention to the security.

when we entered the auditorium there was no one to guide us, we managed ourselves on our own.

When the movie was to start and the lights had gone off, there was much helter skelter, because people were sitting in the wrong seats and they had to shift as per their seat nos.

It was really andifficult time, I...
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PVR Cinemas — Checking during entrance

 Tarun Singh Saini on Sep 13, 2016
People at your checking place really have knows the difference between frisking and touching? Why the hell do you place scanners in their hands. And manager tells me this is going to happen who's name was Dilip at Chandigarh Elante Mall. I would him to say sorry and stop telling people that this has to happen. He is actually an idiot. Ohhh when I objected about it he says even DC has to go through the same... I think such person should not be at these places... Take this as a formal complaint and I am also going to highlight the same on social media because this is really not acceptable....
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PVR Cinemas — Movie show not completed due to power failure at PVR cinema... Phoenix market city bangalore

 Meenal Sahu on Sep 11, 2016
We have booked movie ticket for show Sully Dated 11.09.2016 Silver G 10, 11 with PVR Phoenix market city. Movie show time was 7.45 PM. Around 9:15 there was power failure at PVR due to which all the shows got interrupted. Till 10.15 Pm it was not resumed and there was chaos all around asking for refund by all the viewers. We want to file case against management of PVR market city Phoenix mall bangalore for refund of movie ticket cost Rs 560 and parking 40 Rs....
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PVR Cinemas — Complaint for PVR cafeteria

 Vikas Bose on Sep 10, 2016
First thing, your cafeteria people are not reply back sometime properly.
Second thing, kindly start accepting the meal coopan like soduexo etc. Because usually in theater IT or Software People come and see movies. And our companies give us the meal coopan for purchase food items then why we buy via money.
If u allow or Declare that your food counter takes meal coopan then your selling get increase. Thinks once and try to take action as soon as possible.
Vikas bose (Accenture)...
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PVR Cinemas — Refund money [Resolved]

 sabyasachi panja on Aug 29, 2016
Dear pvr
I am mr. sabyasachi panja, a common man writing this complaint to you.
I was trying to book ‘flying jatt’ movie tickets on 25th august at 9.15 pm for 27th august at 4.10pm show. i wanted to book three tickets and payment went through sbi debit card but massage something like "ticket booking failed". i got a sms on my phone payment has been done (sbi debit card no. 607xx5404 for a purchase worth rs. 746/- on pos bdr0000100000000000 at pvr txn# 623821451762). i want the refund rs. 746/- for the three tickets. i tried calling multiple customer care numbers none of the calls...
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PVR Cinemas — Biased workers in PVR vasant kunj , New Delhi [Resolved]

 Akshay Dutt on Aug 27, 2016
PVR vasant kunj, new delhi disappointed me by their biased behavior. They told me that baggage is not allowed in their cinema, but they allowed several people to carry it. I even allowed them to check my bag but they just refused. It was in a DLF mall. And if they are not allowing the bag, they must have a baggage counter. Even a showroom in that mall was having such bag counter, but "PVR " known as such a big cinema chain can't just manage to have a baggage counter. Such a shame to PVR. Before PVR it was DT . They used to check the bag and allow everyone. I feel pity to this biased PVR....
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PVR Cinemas — Sitting problem in indore [Resolved]

 CA Pankaj Gupta on Aug 19, 2016
Seats of new PVR Indore are very uncomfortable.
I used to see movie at pvr from last 8-10 years.
but new seats does not move backward and it causes back problem.
Request management to make them comfortable..
PVR is best but this type of seats looses customers of indore
they preferred other multiplex.
Earlier the seats are very comfortable. but from april 2016 renovation all seats are very uncomfortable..
they don't bend backside even a little bit.
that is why it is bad for back and neck..
plz review it otherwise PVR will looses its quality...
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PVR Cinemas — Unhygienic [Resolved]

 Jashan Kumar on Aug 17, 2016
This is my second complaint in regards to basic hygiene standards being maintained by pvr cinemas, food and beverage division.

In my first complaint i mentioned the unkept coffee machine, with burn milk stains on the steaming wand and steaming pitcher. I was assured immediate action on the same. Also, the pvr representative asked me to check it anytime during my next visit.

I went there to watch a movie on monday. To my surprise, the condition was still the same.

That burnt milk carry very harmful germs and can lead to severe food poisoning. This time...
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