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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Reliance Fresh — Defective Product AXE Signature BDPRF SUV CAN

 aryauni on Sep 28, 2016
I have done some shopping at reliance fresh NIT 1 & 2 faridabad
I have bought 1 AXE SG BDPRF SUV CAN of the amount Rs.250/-
the product was sealed at the time of billing but I found defective piece when opened at home
I was come back at store for the solution but store was closed.
Please solve this problem
If reliance fresh is unable solve the problem and sailing defective product inside sealed packet then I can choose another shopping option....
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Reliance Fresh — Hygiene and poor customer service.

 Ben Mohan on Sep 26, 2016
I have been a customer of reliance fresh, peroorkada since its opening. Today i saw rotton vegetables, flies around and bad smell. Coriander leaves are decayed. When i touched it was itching even after i soap washed hands. Sales boys are around as usual joking and talking. They never help the customers who help themseves weighing loose items. Their response and body language is also not positive when we approach them and they are not customer friendly comparing with other outlets....
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Reliance Fresh — Panasonic 1.5 ton a/c bought in may 2015

 kousalya padmanabhan on Sep 20, 2016
Bought the A/c with extended warranty period of 2 years. Started leaking. Complained on 22nd August. So far made 42 calls. One Mr.Nagaraj from Reliance Stores, Kilpauk visited and informed that the drain tray has a fault and it has to be replaced. Indent will be placed and it would take 3 days for the material to arrive. Spoke to Mr. Srinivasan, Service Head. Nothing happened. He has stopped taking my calls also. Contacted one Mr. Raja, Service Manager from a different number. He assured that the matter will be looked into....
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Reliance Fresh — Error bill and worst customer service

 paleripradeep on Sep 18, 2016
CTN No001100MH1999FLC120563 dated 11th September 2016.
There is discrepancy in bill in which there was an offer in Mammy Poko Pants. when I returned home and checked the bill, I found that I have not been levied the offer. when in return i went to shop, they shouted as there was no customer service people out there but an accountant who named to be Mr. Unnikrishnan ...? was not holding an Identity card said the offer cannot be leived. We have already registered a complaint in the complaint book but its been more than a week but no response nor did they contact us. I want my offer money refunded...
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Reliance Fresh — Vegetables

 Siddharth Prabhu on Sep 16, 2016
About 16 cross Malleswaram, Bangalore reliance fresh outlet .poor quality onions most of the time and often evrn timatoes are inferior in quality. Outlet accepts any stock.Papayas are always raw and there is definite difference in Papayas sold on carts outside and these ones even after ripening. All coriander bundles have some yellow and pale portion as if put on purpose. The bundles have some old and dirty coriander. These bundles are made very small and sold at a high price. Don't know whether this is being done by store or supplier but store is selling it without objection. Earlier reliance vegetables...
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Reliance Fresh — Refund of one of the dual payments made for the same purchase

 SKIndusekar on Sep 14, 2016
Hi, on September 1, 2016 I had used my HDFC Credit Card to make payment at Reliance Fresh (Royapuram, Chennai Tamilnadu). That transaction got delayed due to inclement weather that day and I was asked to pay by cash which I did for the bill amount of Rs.960.82 .Unfortunately, the same transaction was also charged and debited to my Credit Card for Rs.960.82.

When I explained the problem to the Branch Manager, he said that he would send an email and arrange refund withing 3 days. It's almost a week gone and there is no response. Another contact with the branch Manager revealed that...
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Reliance Fresh — Gaay brand sooji

 Sanjay Dhanani on Sep 12, 2016
We have purchased gaay brand sooji by today from relience fresh. It contains many insects.
We are not happy with such quality food. We always expect good service from the mall. If they are providing such quality people wont trust them anymore. We cant compromise with health.
Gaay brand should take care of the food. Till the day we were liking such brands....
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Reliance Fresh — Refund of my amount for which my transaction was cancelled.

 Pranay444 on Sep 8, 2016
Hi, on August 31 2016, I had used my HDFC debit card to make payment at Reliance Fresh (VittalRao Nagar, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana). That transaction got failed but my money(Rs.74.36) was debited.
I informed to the store manager and they told that with in 3 days my money will be refunded, till now it was not refunded/credited in to my account. Later when I went as asked the store manager about this issue he refused and responded rudely, this is shame on your part even don't know how to behave to customers.
I need my refund....
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Reliance Fresh — Regarding inadequate level of stock in reliance fresh stores barring customers from availing offers

 prakhar parashar on Sep 5, 2016
I always used to purchase grocery, vegetables, fruits from reliance fresh situated in Madhyam marg, mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan. I want to inform you that there is inadequate level of stock which is to be kept intentionally in this store. Every time when i asked about any item, i get to hear from the management staff that we are out of stock. Yesterday only i went and bought lifebuoy hand wash liquid pouch on which there was an offer saying buy this much get this much free. Now it only had 3 pieces and when I asked for more, they gave me the same response. I am sick of hearing this again and again....
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Reliance Fresh — Bad management, no refund & not item received [Resolved]

 Munendra1210 on Aug 30, 2016
Dear sir, i purchase some item from reliance fresh, i have paid bill 504 through my citi bank credit card. Payment has done & massege received from bank. But people had spoken payment has not done. Pls paid again. I was not agree for 2nd time payment. After than the manager j p yadav has taken some item from my hand. And misbehave me. Than i shocked and feel i am a regular customer of reliance fresh. However misbehave and i get no refund & no item....
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Reliance Fresh — Misuse of reliance card by your staff at bhimavaram

 Satyanarayana Tirumala on Aug 28, 2016
I having Rs.609/- was credited on my reliance card by purchasing various items in your market. On 22.08.16 I went to your market to purchase some items. At the time of using that amount the card was not read by the billing machine, but balance amount shown. I approached the In-charge of the store, I issued the card for transfer of amount to new card. After 2 hours the Incharge said that the card was stolen by someone of your staff, hence it is not possible to transfer the amount. The security personnel verified the puttage of CC Camera, but not identified the person and also not given any assurance...
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Reliance Fresh — Misleading offers given to customers

 Rajesh on Aug 26, 2016
In Reliance fresh store on 24th Aug I saw an offer with marked MRP as 248 whereas the actual total is 236 individually. This was first displayed with an offer in 203 but when highlighted the matter the signage was immediately removed and changed to offer of 227 but MRP same as 248. Also they offered Nescafe 50GM free with 95GM Jar which was displayed at Bhubaneswar store but at the time of billing they told that it's valid only in WB & Kerala. Then what was it doing here in Odisha? Such type of malpractice to attract customer's attenton was not expected from such a big name RELIANCE....
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Reliance Fresh — Employees Abused my mother

 Revanth Krishna on Aug 24, 2016
My mom is very soft and from a decent family, but the incident happened today as the employees didn't check my moms purse before allowing her to enter the shop or lock her purse, her bag contained many used items as brush and few old wrinkled chocolates, they didn't check before allowing, then while she went inside two of the employees took her inside and told that she had shoplifted and started to check all her body and purse and found those items, and told they are their items in that shop ! But my mom was innocent and didn't shoplift and asked them to show any proof and cc tv footage, they refused...
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Reliance Fresh — Double debit of money

 Poojamittal22 on Aug 24, 2016
I purchased items worth rs 517.87 on 11.08.2016 from shahibaugh reliance fresh. they used 2 pos to get the money from my debit card 5175********1098. 1st pos 000418 reliance fresh and 2nd pos 000747150709 rel retail ltd fresh. the amount is debited 2 times from my account. bank told me that the money is with reliance only. pls refund me the money
Pooja mittal
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Reliance Fresh — About staff

 ShruthiPS on Aug 22, 2016
Whenever i go reliance fresh, one or more problems will be there. No paper covers, card will not work. All staff who are in jp nagar 1st phase bangalore branch are very rude and if we ask/tell some problems they take it personally and instead of answering they argue that too useless talks they talk.

It always irritates me to been there.

So requesting you to take some action and check the machines why it will never ever work there....
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Reliance Fresh — Reliance fresh payment deducted twice.

 Jagpervesh Singh on Aug 15, 2016
Jagpervesh Singh 1 4 August 2016

Respected sir,

I had purchased some items from your reliance fresh store, Ashok vihar - 2, B2/2, near Sagar Ratna, New Delhi on 9-6-2016 at 21:31:00 of Rs. 4126 & 98paise.
First time my debit card was swapped, but the salesman told me that the slip is not generated. So he told me to swap my card second time . I did as he said. But the amount of Rs. 4126. 98 was deducted twice from my bank account . I received the sms from bank. I am attaching scanned copy of my bank account statement . My bill no. is #0356 dated 9-6-2016 time...
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Reliance Fresh — Offer products are resale by local retail stores.

 aasph on Aug 14, 2016
I have an complaint about your management system why they were selling bulk quantity of one product to one person in one invoice.The retailer's were purchasing from your store and resale them in is totally unauthorized and your store manager were also engaged with them.thats why other people were not get the I kindly request you to please punish these people....
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Reliance Fresh — Credit card atm block

 RITESH Kumar khetawat on Aug 4, 2016
I am purchase some item your store sector 3 udaipur rajasthan i am swapped my credit card twice 1 st time swapped my card my account debited but slip not generated so sales man say sir payment no deducted but i received sms my amount deducted 2161.56 so second time swapped and again my account deducted same amount sales man say ur amount refunded 24 hours but refund not received till date i am contact my bank he say ur amount block at ur merchant so please give refunds reply ritesh. Khetawat@gmail.Com 9587374777 card no 4537570000040531...
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Reliance Fresh — Worms in product

 Sumeetds on Aug 2, 2016
We purchased Kelloggs Museli from one of the reliance fresh from Banaswadi, Bangalore and found there were small worms or insects in it. We spoke to customer care, they said we can take it back to store. We took back and they refused to refund the amnount as they said you have to buy another product within 14 days. We again call to customer care (Mr. Ashok Sawant) from Mumbai and he said that reliance do not refund once bill is done. I asked for reference documents where it is mentioned for consumer to see. He said he dont know such document. I mean how the rule is made without even consumer knows...
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Reliance Fresh — Price of kiwi

 Nikhil1301 on Aug 1, 2016
I went to your kali mandir burdwan compound lalpur ranchi outlet. Here price of one kiwi was displayed as rs 19 which was confirmed by one of your employee so i got three of them. But when i went to billing desk he told it is not rs 19 but rs 25 in rude manner and it does not matter what the price is displayed. When i asked for the store manager it was said he is not available for all these issues. Do whatever you can do....
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