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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Reliance Fresh — Oil on the floor - i slipped and had a bad fall

 smbsmb on May 23, 2016
I visited the belapur reliance fresh on saturday 21st may 2016. We stop there often to pick up our groceries.
As usual they were still in the process of putting vegetables and stocks in place. They are never ready for customers when they open their gates and the floors are always pretty messy because of this in the vegetable section.
I was looking for the spices, and did not see a whole lot of oil on the floor in the oil section. I slipped and fell backwards really hard on my left hip. My hand took the impact as well.
I drew it to the attention of the staff and after telling...
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Reliance Fresh — Home delivery

 vidyaraj24 on May 22, 2016
I had purchased grocery worth 2500/- from your malleswaram 8th main branch bangalore.
I requested them for home delivery as i was alone and could not carry it all by myself and they said they will send it by evening after 5pm and i had made the purchase in the afternoon.. I repeatedly requested them for immediate delivery as i had to take half of the items elsewhere and was in a hurry, the staff wanted to oblige as i found more than 3 men in the store including a security personal, i even told them that i stay just 4 buildings away and its not that far. I even requested them to allow me to...
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Reliance Fresh — Customer service

 Siddharth Prabhu on May 19, 2016
This is regarding the reliance fresh outlet in Bangalore, Malleswaram, 8th Main, 16th cross. The staff over there are quite unhelpful. One almost feels that they are doing a favour by answering any questions. The manager too is quite unresponsive. Second issue is that only one counter accepts debit cards. They insist only on cash on most billing counters and despite telling them have not improved the system. Third, the vegetables that come here are not fresh. Suppliers supply 50% poor quality vegetable and management accepts it.
it is hoped you...
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Reliance Fresh — Bill payment

 venkata prabhakara raju D on May 18, 2016
Dear sir,

I am go reliance fresh as on 17.05.16 at 8 pm at gajuwaka, visakhapatnam branch.

I am purchase amount is 1147.63 & details pos prch
Pos 000704645687 rel retail ltd-fresh vizag

But in my account debit 2 times.

What is this

01. Pos prch
Pos 000704643111 rel retail ltd-fresh vizag

02. Pos prch
Pos 000704645687 rel retail ltd-fresh vizag

Are you playing to customers???

Pls rectify and send my amount imminently...

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Reliance Fresh — Non - receival of complementary supplies on purchases

 Nisha Kiran on May 12, 2016
This is the second time it has been happening. along with 1 Kg of Nestle Everyday milk powder, there is a free gift of plastic containers. But, both the times, sales staff were saying that containers are out of stock. First time, they replaced by the plastic bottles given along with nest tea. But today also they came with same story after three weeks. If items for supply is not ready before sale, isn't it decisive to display this on covers. OR please cross check whether there is any fraudulent been done at retail outlet.
Outlet: Reliance Fresh, Vazhakkala, Kochi-682030...
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Reliance Fresh — Minute maid mixed fruit

 Manish1710 on May 11, 2016
I bought minute maid mixed fruit today,
There was a offer buy 1 get 1 free so I bought it, after coming home my bro told me to check the expiry date because he had a doubt.
I checked the expiry date it was expired last month it self.
So I want some tough action to be taken against reliance fresh, they don't have any rights to play with some1 or any1's health.
I request u plz take some tough action....
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Reliance Fresh — Spoilt 500g packet of kabuli chana (best farms premium quality)

 ParvatiB on May 11, 2016
I had purchased a 500 gm packet of kabuli chana best farms premium grade some days back. From the reliance fresh store, lingfield plaza, salunke vihar, nibm road, today when i opened the packet, the chana was full of holes and spoilt and powdered chana was lying in the bottom of the pack. The packet is well within the expiry period.
Kindly arrange to replace the packet.
I buy all my provisions, dals, rice, atta, fresh vegetables and fruits from this store for the past many years and this is the first time that i am having a bad experience. I have reliance one card also.
I shall...
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Reliance Fresh — Not at all providing response to customer by employees of reliance fresh

 abdulla mubharak on May 5, 2016
Hi guyz i like to share the behavior of reliance fresh employees in ammapet branch of it in salem. I recently went to the shop to buy vegetables. At there they are found to have a system of weighting it in the place where vegetables are kept and billing it there. I hardly waited for about 15 min and no one has came to help me in billing it as they only the vegetables code to bill it.So i just like to share this irresponsible behavior of one of the largest retail outlet(Reliance fresh) to its customer....
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Reliance Fresh — Putting someone else card number on my bill

 priyalentil on May 5, 2016
On Monday evening (2nd May 2016) I went shopping for the groceries at reliance fresh (Vidyaranpura). I bought whatever I required and was waiting for my turn. The girl who was billing, in between our billing started to bill for someone else who was known to her and she even included all the reward points which we gained to that other customer's card. She thought that we were a kind of illiterate. When we saw the bill we complaint about it to the store manager (number: 9632786163). He said he would reverse the points to our number. But even after four days nothing has happened. This is just un-acceptable....
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Reliance Fresh — Amount has been debited twice

 Darshan bananda on May 4, 2016
Dear Team,
I have been your customer from past several years I have done the purchasing @ your reliance fresh which is located at ‘B’ Block Vijay nagar 3rd stage mysore Karnataka (land mark behind more store) on 1st May, an Amount of Rs.189/- . With the Store executive irresponsibility the debit Card has been swiped 2times & the amount has been debited twice regarding the same when I discussed with the Store manager he said the same amount will get refund to your account with in 24hrs but still I have not received the same.
Frequently calling the Store manager but he is not giving...
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Reliance Fresh — Cinerewardz voucher

 Krishi Parekh on Apr 27, 2016
I, Nirav Karkera had received a  cinerewards voucher  from your Reliance Fresh Store, nerul.
Registration no.- CRbab2d7169.

I had registered, n booked movie show and timing given in their lists.

But, due to unresponsiveness of Cinerewards team
I was not given an booking.

When, countered with Cinerewards team they suggested to mail Reliance Fresh.

Hence, I would want my voucher to get reactivated.

Nirav Karkera....
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Reliance Fresh — Use of digital card.duping by cashier

 Neharika Kothari on Apr 23, 2016
I made a good purchase at one of your outlets .I asked the cashier to redeem my points of over 6 years purchase and to add the current points. After a few days I made my monthly purchase at another outlet of yours to redeem all points. Cashier told me I had no points.
I was explained that it was a common practice to dupe costumers and transfer earned points.I a senior citizen with thick glasses should have read the faintly printed bill and matched the card number. The card so fondly made by my granddaughter. ALAS!...
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Reliance Fresh — Charged items not purchased

 Aravinda200 on Apr 21, 2016
Dear sir,

This to inform you that i have purchased some items from your reliance fresh shop, dilshad colony today at 21:11:29 hours vide bill no.0108 for rs.1, 212.05; the payment of which was paid through my sbi credit card. One of the items purchsed is loose sugar for 2.700 kg which is not shown in the invoice. Instead of this, an item named "rs pam rc 10 kg bag" for rs.295. Kindly refund the balance amount after adjusting the amount for loose sugar for 2.700 kg. Your security did not count the items nor helped me putting items in my bag, just stamping invoice and given back the...
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Reliance Fresh In Purasawalkam At Chennai — Bag missed

 willsonvenkat on Apr 20, 2016
Dear sir/madam,
Bill no-#0233, #0234 and #0235
Billed time-04.16pm

I(Venkat) was purchased in your purasawalkam store at chennai 19/04/2016 at the time is 5.30 pm to 6.30pm in my home needs everything.
First i enter the store i was surrendered my bag the security person. The security
Person name is mr.Willson.He said once you purchased everything then come and bring your bags. He asked me the bag to surrender thats why i saved it.
On that time bag things these are (Sbt bank cheque book and passbook, canara bank cheque book,...
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Reliance Fresh — Pathetic service & false info provided

 desujo on Apr 18, 2016
This is to say that i have stepped in to one of your outlet on 04/10/15 evening, purchased stuffs for around rs.9000/-, gone to the billing counter and asked for home delivery to cashier ms. Sujatha. By her look and arrogantly she told me that we can’t deliver it was so embrassing me to get out from the store, she not even asked where to deliver and voluntarily i told her i resides near infant jesus shrine that is approx 1.5km from your store then too she told me she cant deliver, it was heavy raining too then i told her to cancel my stuffs she is not bothered for that she is ready to cancel...
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Reliance Fresh — The product are displayed with outdated price but at the time of billing they take updated price that too increased one.

 patnaix29 on Apr 14, 2016
The product are displayed with outdated price but at the time of billing they take updated price that too increased one. I don't know whether reliance give them a target for selling the item or what. I have been noticed this repeatedly in my case. At the time of selling it must be written rs 8 but later at the time of billing they will take rs 10 for the same item. Cheating with our hard earned money due to their irresponsibility or intentionally to sell the item in a increased price. Since bill is already made, they will deny to return the item. This is happening repeatedly at hyderabad.
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Reliance Fresh Gajuwaka — Disturbance at night time to the neighbour

 Mohanrao pitta on Apr 14, 2016
1. I the undersigned is staying beside your reliance fresh store in gajuwaka, visakhapatnam. I am hearing abnormal sounds during night time from your stores. This is making our sleep disturbed. We contacted ur store but no response came. They are saying we can't do anything.

The sounds are alam sounds that are continuous till the shops opens. It is starting nearly around 12 am and continuing till morning 6:30 am. Means till the store incharge comes and stops it. Through out the night we are getting very disturbed. So many times we had sleepless nights.

In this last...
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Reliance Fresh — Non availability of bags for collection of groceries and vegetables on Apr 13, 2016
Reliance fresh located at Kaggadaspura in Bangalore does not even have netted bags instead of plastics nor the brown paper covers to pick up items.

How is it possible to collect the items and then transfer it to our own? Alternately permit the customers to enter reliance with their own bags.

Secondly, the quality of food, fruits etc and vegetables is sharply deteriorating. Probably Ambani is not aware of this

Kindly do the needful and give a feedback to me

Air Commodore K ravi

Indian Air force...
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Reliance Fresh — Misbehavior from manager mr. pramod pandya

 Ankil Shah on Apr 12, 2016
Air conditioning system is not working since last week in St. Xiver college road branch of navrangpura branch Ahmedabad when I complained his behavior is not good also parking issue not solve

Ankil shah
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Reliance Fresh — Asked cash payment after debit card payment

 somesh.dahuja on Apr 12, 2016
Dear Sir,

I have done the shopping of Rs. 950 through my debit card on reliance fresh store on 10th April 2016. I paid my bill through the debit card but receipt not generated. They told me to pay in cash . I said that I have already done payment through card and shown them the sms received from my axis bank card. but they denied and forced me to pay in cash. So I paid them in cash also and they told me that the money deducted from my bank would be refunded in two days. but still i have not received my money. Please help me out and get my money refunded....
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