Richfeel Trichology Centre Customer Care

Richfeel Trichology Centre Customer Care

Richfeel Trichology Centre

Ground Floor, Jai View Building, 17th Road, North Avenue, Santacruz (West)
Mumbai City District
India - 400054
Landmarks: Opp. Rajesh Khanna Garden

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Richfeel Trichology Centre — Due to the high blood pressure

 rohit19921 on Apr 30, 2016
I do not want hair transplant because due to the high blood pressure .my blood pressure not come in normal so, i want to refund my all payment.i try many to give test but never came in normal my blood pressure.i m really upset for that.if in the future i feel good and come in normal BP .than i will definitly do hair's request to refund my fees....
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Richfeel Trichology Centre — Anagrow Treatment

 Raghavendra Makam on Apr 29, 2016
Case:# 4953

It's been more than a month since I got an appointment at Indiranagar Branch Bangalore, the front desk is totally unprofessional and have huge communication gap when they speak with the clients. Every time a vague reason is given for me and not getting an appointment for my Anagrow treatment. Reasons:
1. No electricity
2. No power back up
3. The Anagrow machines are not working and Mumbai branch technicians are lazy and pathetic enough to fix the machine
4. They suggest me to go to other branches in Bangalore where I don't even get an appointment...
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Richfeel — Complaint regarding the service of preet vihar branch ,staff and doctor

 shivani22 on Apr 22, 2016
Hi team,

This is to notify, that its been more than a month my followup is not done by dr. Deepika. I would like to share the incident that happened to me on 8th april 6.50 pm. I was there for my regular hfc therapy as suggested by dr. Deepika, as i recently got a patch in hair (Alopecia). Before that i paid 8000 rs for tst therapy, but had to stop after 6 tsts instead of regular 12 due to patch that developed on my head(As suggested by dr. Deepika). So i was suggested to take weekly hfcs of 5 mins instead of tsts thereon.

I went on that day and was told that there...
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Richfeel Trichology Centre — Richfeel service centers

 Anchal Dwivedi on Apr 22, 2016
I am Anchal dwivedi M/25 contact no. 9910491826 email- am a patient of you frm 6 month of Greater kailash block M center New delhi110048 everything was ok till i had not transfered my account in Richfeel rajouri garden center after that no any call came for follow up.The rule is that you have got a call for follow up in approx 21 days and till now no any call from any of center since 2- 3months .What kind of service you guys are provided is there any responsibility of yours towards patients after taking whole amount .It doesnt matter, whether to have assurance of good...
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Richfeel Trichology Centre — Bad staff

 Deeksha66 on Apr 14, 2016
I m really disappointed with the service provided in the kamlanagar centre Delhi. The staff behaves badly with customers there even the doctor is not behaving responsibly. I came to Richfeels because if the name and the quality it holds in itself. But if this is what I m going to get after paying 40, 000 for anagrow then I need my money back or I want my center to be changed. They don't give me appointment even if ask them one week before. When I go there for anagrow they give me some other treatment like tst, I have to wait for half an hour before getting treatment and then also I don't get what...
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Richfeel Trichology Centre — Vidyanand parab, your mulund branch, mumbai [Resolved]

 neha190579 on Mar 17, 2016
My sergery is done very well in santacruz, before that sergary cancell on my personal problem for relative expired, and then after you executive to tell on phone.charges 25, 000/- deposited in reachfeel, relative expired but not nearest relatve expired and also in home town, so death certificae is not provid to you, this is very bad exprieance to me, mobile no 9702196669...
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Richfeel Trichology Centre — About services of richfeel [Resolved]

 Rupali Masurkar on Mar 12, 2016
Hi, I am Rupali Masurkar, taken treatment from Vileparle mumbai branch for alopecia. Dr. Zeenat suggested me to do anacover treatment and I agreed on that. After taking 2 sessions also the anacover seems to be completely flop on me. So I suggested them to do it again. But they refused and trying to tell me some nonsense things. Now the situation has occurred where my alopecia is increased and they are continuously trying to fool me. Richfeel is talking about indias first trichology centre. But I think they fooling to their customers. Now no one from Richfeel is picking up my phone and not giving...
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Richfeel Trichology Centre — About doctor [Resolved]

 mehta jagdish on Mar 11, 2016
Hi i m from delhi, i visited your richfeel clinic at lajpat nagar and met to dr. Rishi he is very rude he don't know how to talk with patient. If anyone will go there obiusly he will ask about our problem, i did same thing but he don't have any ans of my question...
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Richfeel Trichology Centre — Hair transplant surgery booking at lajpat nagar new delhi richfeel center [Resolved]

 abhayaai on Mar 7, 2016
I have taken medicinal treatment for thinning of my hair from Richfeel in 2014-15.
Presently Richfeel called and booked Dr. followup on 20 Feb. and that day Dr. Rishi told me to go for hair transplant. And I requested to wait for sometime as I cannot make instant decision and huge expenditure(total cost for two sessions Rs.110000). He insisted and booked surgery and taken Rs.11450 as booking amount for 2 sessions of hair transplant.I have no cash so paid through Credit Card.
I talked now with Dr. Rishi that I can't want this surgery because I am unable to pay surgery amount for my...
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Richfeel Trichology Centre — The product (Medicines) they provided was so useless not at all value for money and their behavior is so unethical [Resolved]

 Rimpy Bhatt on Jan 28, 2016
I went to richfeel 2-3 months back and they provided me with 3 months course medicines and told it will be effective, but the product and their service is so fake and useless nothing change i can see in my hair. today i went to ask for refund as some medicines i havent touched also but their behaviour is so rude and third class, instead of talking and handling the situation they were laughing at us. and they are not giving my money either back. they cheated on me by giving useless medicines

i want my money to be refund any how....
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Richfeel — Anagrow treatment [Resolved]

 Nrjkm on Jan 20, 2016
I paid an advance of 33000 to Richfeel for Aargrow treatment but know I don't want to take their treatment and I requested them for refund but they are denying it and saying that can only issue a credit note through which I can take their products if I am not interested in treatment. Fact is I am not interested in any of their product. This company is ruining a fraud business.

I took their medicines for two month and their is no positive effect and then I decided that I will not take their treatment and I requested them for refund of my advance amount....
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Richfeel Trichology Centre — Unprofessional behaviour and worst service [Resolved]

 Bharat Sengar on Jan 1, 2016
I had ordered a hair system which was serviced by Richfeel Brookefield centre. Now they are denying me to provide the tape required for the hair system and forcing me to use the gel which requires 1200 every 20 days. Such unethical practices should be brought to a stop and taken care at the management level....
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Richfeel Trichology Centre — Unnecessary packages and adverse effect the treatment [Resolved]

 Shivendra Ydv on Nov 9, 2015
I have been visiting richfeel at kamla nagar since last winters and nothing positive has happened so far. I was suggested anagrow which has deteriorated my hair structure, density and lining. At my centre(kamla nagar) there is lack of professionalism also. You will find lack of skills in the technicians and in the staffs . since anagrow has deteriorated my condition i want to terminate it and also want my money back....
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Richfeel Trichology Centre — Cheater and fraud company [Resolved]

 rajvarma27 on Oct 27, 2015
I was lured by the impressive and promising Advertisements published by them on Print and Social media.
I visited their Thakur Complex Branch where I was assured that my Male pattern baldness can be cured via Anagrow treatment the total cost of which (after 35% discount) came to Rs. 48, 000/- .
For the first 45 days they carried out the cleansing of my skalp and once it was over I was given Anagrow Kit to apply on my scalp 4 times a week.
This is a very time consuming and tedious task as you have to create partitions and apply anagrow soln. with a dropper and in also use a...
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Richfeel Trichology Centre — Fraud [Resolved]

 Mike1986 on Jul 24, 2015
i have problem of hair fall. after seeing richfeel advertisement in newspaper, i went to Kamla nagar center in new delhi. When I went to the clinic, doctor was not there. Receptionist told me we forget to inform you that doctor is not available but you should pay consulting fees and we will take a sample of your hair for testing. After paying consulting fees, they told me your report will come next week, so, you can see doctor when your report is available. Now i am trying to contact them but no one is available in the clinic to pick up a phone and when i called on their customer care number 90-22-988151,...
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Richfeel Trichology Centre — amount of Rs 61,798/- not refunded [Resolved]

 sandipchowdhry on Jul 20, 2015
The above centre located at Dwarka center Delhi is not refunding the above amount. Of Rd 61, 798/- paid vide bill no 72 Dr 14-09-2014 in the name of renu chowdhry case no DDK-120-5L. The amount was for hair transplant but on our doctors advice the same cannot be proceeded to . Last 2 months the company says it's process of refund is on but no refund. What a pity from a company who gives tall promises but fails to customer expectations. Kindly help us to recover the amount this company. Renu chowdhry 9810377449 Delhi...
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Richfeel Trichology Centre — Fraudulent Service - Not real doctors [Resolved]

 disgruntledadi on Jul 18, 2015
I have a medical condition (alopecia aerata) and I was looking for a medical treatment. Someone recommended Richfeel, so I decided to give it a go. How I wish I had taken the time to read their website. The word 'Trichologist' should have set off the first alarm bell - Trichologists themselves are not normally licensed healthcare workers. But the center was big and shiny, with even the receptionist in a lab coat (how clever). The illusion created was about perfect for an unsuspecting layman. So I pay INR 1, 500 for a hair test, and then I talk to the "doctors". Oh, fun! I'm told I...
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Richfeel Trichology Centre — taken package of Anagrow but not got good response from service desk and 8 months m waiting [Resolved]

 shammika on Jul 17, 2015
hello, my customer id 2577 from vashi clinic at sec:17, navi Mumbai, past 10months I submitted my roller because nt working properly even your anagrow technician find it but girl at your receptionist desk not listening it and because to avoid it she even not giving appointment and not replacing roller m requesting them every now then and because of that m facing problem even I had word with your Dr. but she said only sorry no action on it. it's affecting a lot ...hope m issue get resolve soon or I have to take strict action through consumer department ....
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Richfeel Trichology Centre — No updates system [Resolved]

 Vani Paul on Jul 16, 2015
Hi, I am Rashmi today I took a appointment from your customers care centre in Delhi for Rajouri Gardern branch and they gave me evening appointment but when I was reached there no one is available there. In reception a lady said me today is weekly off nothing is going to be done. Means you people don't have any updates of your clinics. You people have no sense how the patient took a time from there busy lifestyle and and after reach there we know that today is weekly off and landlines are also not working you people should first confirm with your branch clinic while we give a appointment doctors...
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Richfeel — no result [Resolved]

 Santosh Kase on Jul 15, 2015
Dear I am using richfeel's product form last 2 and half month but no result from till today. They committed me your hair fall will be stopped in 2 months but no result shown in my hair. I am using there product regularly as per there instruction. Tablet also and precaution also taken by me but no result from this product....
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