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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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RTO Noida — Urgent - learning license (ll) not received from last 1 month

 vaibhavjohri85 on Apr 29, 2016
Dear Sir/Mam,

I submitted all the required documents on 28-Mar-16 for Learning License (LL) for the application number - 16687332 and online reference number - 2928516. I have visited the concerned RTO (Noida - UP 16) multiple times and every time they say that I will get it soon. Last time I visited, they said it's prepared and has not been printed, as print has not been given by them. Such a pathetic and lethargic attitude.

Pls. note it's been one month and I haven't received the copy of learning license.

Kindly help is this regard.

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RTO India — Licence

 Ďr Rasul on Apr 21, 2016
My LICENCE appying Not coming...
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RTO Noida — Complaint against agent kuldeep nagar

 xs2aggarwal on Apr 18, 2016
Dear sir,

I am ashish aggarwal, recently (Mar 2016) was relocating from noida (Up) to pune (Maharastra). As i was relocating so i wanted to obtain noc for my car from noida rto. For this i went to rto office and there i was approached by this agent kuldeep nagar. We had the deal of rs 3500 to get the noc which he said will get in 4 working days. Further he said i should also file for refund of the tax paid at rto which will be around 36400 (13/15*42000) and for this i will need to pay 6500 (5700 is processing fees for which he would give authority receipt and 800 will be his commission)....
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RTO India — Reg:delay in issuing permanent license

 venkatas4u on Apr 5, 2016
Dear sir,

I am venkata a current resident of eluru
Sir, i got passed the final driving test and received the receipt of test passed on dated 04/Mar/2016. My application no. AP037/8408/2016/L and LLR No is AP03720160001654. Upto now i didnt receive the final perminant driving license card.
I got the test passed at Eluru RTA office. I made number of visits to Eluru office and Post officealso. I went personally number of times. There the response is very poor. Kindly go through my application and do the favorable justice for me.

thanking you
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RTO India — Fraud agent

 raj.1 on Apr 3, 2016
Is there any way to get back the document and money..as i have been victim of this..
the agent name(alok rajput)(ph no-9850645575) a big fraud took 3000 n rc of my bike ..promising me to give the noc within 15 days..but it has been more than 2 mnths..n he ignores my call or give excuses..
i really dont kno what to do..help me out .....
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RTO India — Non delivery of my driving license

 radhakicha on Mar 21, 2016
On 13th January 2016, I had applied for renewal of my driving license to WIAA at Mumbai. I have no way of knowing the status of renewal, since WIAA forwards all applications to RTO, Mumbai. RTO Mumbai has no avenues for tracking the status....
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Rto Kalyan — Not received permanent driving license

 Shaikh Intekhabalam on Mar 17, 2016
Dear sir,

My son had given 2 wheeler test and cleared the same but till date he has not received his permanent license. In fact he had 4 wheeler license which was submitted at the time 2 wheeler so that the new one will have both.
Applied on : 20-04-2015
Inward no. 39119

Can you please look into it and help me getting my son's license asap

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RTO India — I'm complaining about rc book of motorcycle

 hiru007 on Mar 16, 2016
Hi, i m Dhiraj Sharma From Motera Ahmadabad Gujarat. i informed you that i am not receiving my motor cycle RC book from RTO Ahmadabad Nr. Asharam Road still now my bike number is GJ 1 SP 6763. please reply on this complain as soon as possible....
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Rto Pune — Not received original rc book from rto even after 2 years of purchase

 sheetalsky on Mar 15, 2016
I had purchased my motor vehicle in April 2014 for which I have not received the RC Book from the RTO, Pune. I went to collect the same on 15/03/2016 to RTO Office. They sent me to GPO Pune to collect the RC Book but instead the GPO officer told us that we should fill up a complaint form to speed post as the RC book was failed to be delivered by them and count be found at their office. I then went to submit the complaint form at speed post office near Parcel office - Pune Station. Where again I was given a letter written that my complaint was "Time Barred" as they preserve record only for 6 months....
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RTO India — New rc not received after removal of finance company name

 creator.abhishek on Mar 10, 2016
I seriously need your help now, as my original CAR RC is with one Pune RTO broker and he is not picking the phone. Not replying and also misleading own statements.
His name is Raju (Raj Pawar) and I have given my CAR RC to him for removal of Finance Company name.

Last month he confirmed that the work has been done and he got the new RC. Since i shifted to Gurgaon location so I said him to give that RC to my friend so he can courier to me.

However although multiple tries by me and my friend he has not given him originals. Also changed number but somehow i got...
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RTO India — RC Book is not yet received after correction 3 months before.

 ratandasnpcil on Mar 10, 2016
I have purchased a " HONDA ACTIVA I " from STS Honda, Boisar on 22nd November 2015. After1 months I received RC book from RTO Virar but the model name was mistakenly " HONDA ACTIVA 3G " hence I sent an application along with the wrong RC book to RTO Virar. But 2 months passed. I could not get my correct RC book yet .Please help....
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Rto Rules — Lack of clarity of rules, difficulty to prove innocent and unethical behaviour of pune police

 bnoronha95 on Mar 7, 2016
I have been frustrated by the Road Tax laws in India. I get stopped for not having an NOC for my car, and which has only been 1 week since I brought it to Pune. I did show all the toll receipts to him. He replied by saying "you can only stay two days after entering Pune". So what about people visiting for Pune for a short vacation or trip?

The Police seeing me a young boy(20 years old), was going on proclaiming false laws and threats of ceasing the car just to squeeze money out of me, a student. I brought my car for personal reasons intending to keep for just two months and returning....
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RTO Mumbai — Almost 3 months & renewal license not yet received.

 vinay789 on Feb 23, 2016
I had applied for a Driving License renewal last year at Wadala, for which I was issued an acknowledgement
Inward No. 225365 15 dt. 27/11/2015.
My DL No. is MH-03 20090021617.

Its been almost 3 months since the receipt was issued but
have not yet received my Driving License sent for Renewal.
I have rechecked & confirmed from my side no one has ever left the house unattended at any time during this period.Nor has it gone back.

Its been a punishment for family members expecting the mail to come at any time.

I just don’t...
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Rto Palanpur — I am not receive my driving licence

 Vikas Patel king on Feb 13, 2016
Tracking of Driving license
I have given my Driving test for Four Wheeler at PALANPUR RTO on 05-06-2015 & passed the test. And it was informed by RTO Agent that License will come directly through postal service within 7 days. It has been 7 months now but I am not able to track my License, even the agent is refusing to answer since there is no tracking system for license.
Earlier RTO agents use to ensure proper delivery of License since it was hand delivered to them. But now neither agents are taking responsibility nor our RTO authority have any information centre regarding...
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RTO India — Penalty for parking on footpath

 mbshikhare on Feb 8, 2016
I have parked my vehicle(two wheeler) in front of central in pimpri chinchwad on footpath, as it is not in much use and other vehicles were parked there as well. It is picked up by RTO people and when I went there to collect my vehicle they have asked for Rs 1000/-. And they have shown the chart as well, where the penalty for parking on footpath was mentioned as Rs 1000/-. Now I came to know it is Rs 100 only. It must be their daily routine to deceive people everyday. How can it be tackled, where should I complain?...
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Pune Rto — Refund on road tax

 Arunkumar B on Feb 2, 2016
My Car belongs to Pune MH registration. When i moved out of Pune Took NOC on 14 July 2015. After Completed my Re-registration at Tamilnadu. I have submitted my document for refund on 19 Dec 2015.

After more than a month. Now agent declaring it crossed 6 months from NOC.

from 14 July 2015, 6 months period means mid of Jan. But i gave on dec 2015.

Now road tax whatever paid nothing will comeback. I have already paid Tamilnadu road tax for new registration number.

Processing fee what i paid for road tax refund also vanished....
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RTO India — MV act 119/177

 Raju017athani@gmail.com on Jan 19, 2016
I Had a new scooter which is only 15 day old. I was using number plate with Temporary number but when i received the registered number one day back i tried to change by marker in which 7 was looking like 9 only for front side number plate and i have given the fine of 100 Rs for MV Act 119/177. but i think this act is for "Disobeying traffic signs & signals" and i also show all the documents. Actually the Act should be Illegible No. Plates MV Act 235(2)/177. if any thing wrong from my side please ignore this complaint.

complaint no: MH14 20150022790
My mail id is : raju017athani@gmail.com
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RTO Noida — Registration number of my vehicle not being given-cash demanded by staff

 Professor21 on Jan 14, 2016
Dear Sir, I had applied for Registeration number of my vehicle through the Dealer from whon I had taken vehicle. But the number is developed but the staff of RTO is asking for rupees 2500(two thousand five hundred rupees). He will give after I will pay the demanded amount. Please consider the issue and issue my RC. Regards, Ujjwal Bharadwaj, Mobile-08130059938...
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RTO India — Misbehaviour

 krunalhilu on Jan 12, 2016
HI, I lived in parthan village in navsari city in gujrat state I have booked an appointment for today so I went today(12Th Jan) on RTO office in navsari in my casual daily dress full sleeve shirt and half pant(capri), as I'm not aware of any dress code in RTO, there was an asst.inspector (B.P.Patel), he misbehaved with me and told me off just because I had half pant on instead of pant.and he cancelled my appointment and sent me home saying get new appointment and come again with your pant on.I don't know if there is any rules of not wearing half pants, and he wasted my time and money as well, i...
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Rto Gujarat — Memo sent to wrong person for 2nd time

 nileshkevadiya on Jan 12, 2016
I am from surat. I got memo with challan No: 20160100758437 and this is not first time Before this diwali i got memo and i paid even i am not driving or it was not bike Both time person who was on memo is same. Why i am getting memo again and again ? Please can you help as soon as to get me out of this problems?...
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