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MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL]mts salary did not come (complaint)
 Nimbu kanwar on Mar 14, 2019
The mts tower which has been installed in my village has not come yet. Sir I have not received any calls. What can i do plzzzzzzz mts tower ke money nhi ayi h sir 2 year se jyda ho gy jb se mts bnd hua h tab se koe reply nhi aya h mere pas plz Reply/call Contact -[protected] SAMPAT SINGH Gmail- [email protected]

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — provide port code of mts mobile no [protected] (complaint)
 Parveen Chouhan on Dec 4, 2018
mukesh kumar i was used mts mobile no [protected] that are using from 2014 at last time I inform you that i was mts cdma customer from 2014 till last time but your mts service has been stooped at 30 nov 2017 without any massage or call providing me, and not received any porting code So that i have try to many time for porting code but not received due too network availability...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — provident fund claim (complaint)
 Upayathullah on Nov 1, 2018
Dear sir, madam, I am (Upayathullah) my self ex-employ
Of randstad (the working hours sistema shyam teleservice) at Nagapattinam i had submitted my all documents on Puthucherry branch on 2013, but still date I am not getting any status.kindly revert it will be credited my PF amount....

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — fayaz ahmed mts fake call (complaint)
 [email protected] on Sep 27, 2018
you have not cleared mts bill and they are filing fir on my name, [protected] and in the begining even i thought it may be police and asked about my balance and he said 2995k balance amount and i asked how to pay that amount and he sent this personal account detail (By saying its an mts manager account number) and mts paytm number : [protected] A/c[protected] Ifsc : cnrb0000489 Name fayaz ahmed mts This is just to inform other like if you got any call like this scold that # like anything...

MTS Broadband Internet Connection — refund of the amount (complaint)
 Gautam-anurag on Sep 25, 2018
Dear customer care,

I had called on the toll free number and requested to cancel my one assist subscription which is provided to me through kotal bank. I do not need this assistance as mentioned over the call. However, the person told me that i will receive the email with the...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL]mts people calling and asking to deposit big amount to their account. (complaint)
 BIJIT GHATAK on Aug 15, 2018
Hi I started using MTS services around late 2012 and continued for 3-4 months I guess. Each month i was on a Rs 450 plan and I used to pay on time. One month I got a bill of around 1400 Rs and I was kind of shocked. I emailed them and went to their branch near Jaydeva signal and they were clearly not able to explain me...

Mts — received call saying cyber police (complaint)
 swami.nath on Aug 11, 2018
you have not cleared mts bill and they are filing fir on my name (I cleared all bills and i have proof but still they are saying they will going to filing complaint against me), i got call from three different numbers[protected], [protected], [protected] and in the begining even i thought it may be police and asked about my balance and he said 2...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — harassing and threatening from unknown mobile number (complaint)
 Archana Kini on May 10, 2018
I've been getting calls from mobile no. [protected] from, my friend even gave a call to this no. And asked not to do this again, still i'm getting call from this number threatening and harassing me it is very irritating and harassing me mentally.

Please look into t...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — fake call from police station (complaint)
 kumarbmysore on May 8, 2018
saying i have pending mts bill and they are registering fir on my name (But i have cleared all my bills but still that person is not ready to listen what i am telling), in the beginning even i thought it may be from police station and asked balance bill details, he told 1. 5k is pending and he sent this personal account details : A/ c: [protected] Ifsc : utib0003544 Name: fayaz ahmed And i got a call from three different numbers [protected], [protected], [protected] This is to inform others that if you get any call like this scold that bloody bastard like anything...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL]mts bill amount messages or call threatening (complaint)
 sudhanva Vedamurthy on May 3, 2018
Sir, I had a mts post paid connection which i used for 2 to 3 months, and i paid for 2 months which is monthly bill around 499. But the last month i requested to cancel due to its very very low speed and no network, because of that i did not used at all. This issue i raised to mts customer named narayan (I believe) And he agreed that speed is very low taken the request for not to pay...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — lost my mts data card number (complaint)
 Parth Ravani on Mar 29, 2018
I have bought mts mblaze nearly 3 years ago now i have lost my mts mblaze number now can you please get me the number which i lost it or forgetten it. My mts mblaze model is ac2746. Serail no. Ao[protected] Contact no [protected], [protected]. Email id: [email protected] com...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — wanted port code (complaint)
 Ponusamy new allwin on Mar 13, 2018
My mts prepaid mobile number [protected]. We wanted my mts port number send my other mobile [protected]. Or my mail id nad. [email protected] com. We wanted earlier to send our port number. Mts network close we suffer more. Kindly send my port number to our mobile immediately send [protected]. This number is very important you send urgentely...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL]mts broadband services and deactivation of my mts account asap (complaint)
 Divya Rana05 on Mar 6, 2018
Also, deactivate this mts number asap Awaiting your early response. Thanks and regards, Divya rana...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — mobile location and cdr (complaint)
 yashwant162 on Mar 4, 2018
Respecte sir,
I am naveen and have been your customer with mobile no[protected]. And now i have some issue and i need mobile location/ tower location with call details of 02 november 2016 to 10 november 2016 which will help me in my court case. So please provide me these information...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — cancellation of postpaid data card (complaint)
 CA Ujal Mehta on Jan 12, 2018
I want to cancel my post paid mts data card. But unable to contact customer care and also mts data centres in ahmedabad are closed. The card is not working at all and i am paying the bill for last 6 months without any use. My postpaid data card number is [protected]. Kindly let me know the process for cancellation of card as soon as possible...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — i am complaining about portability message not received (complaint)
 Durai Marudhachalam on Jan 6, 2018
I have a mts mobile number uesd 7 years, last 3 months i am not in country, again back to chennai just december 1 week, so i was shocked my mts mobile number was not working, i able to contact mts customer care numbers but unable to contact. All are closed, mts stores also closed, so i want lodge a complaint against mts and i need upc code to port out to other networks...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — I need to deactivate my mts mblaze modem as soon as possible (complaint)
 Jovin George123 on Jan 2, 2018
I had used mts for like 2 years on a postpaid connection, and suddenly one day it stops working and i come to know that mts have been sold to reliance. I then decided okay fine i will deactivate my connection and tries every toll free number on mts and all i'm hearing is either a busy tone or that the number no longer exists...

Mts — forgotten my data card number (complaint)
 asit_de2000 on Jan 2, 2018
Plz provide me the data card no so that i may recharge it. I have forgotten the same. Now it is required for doing the functional work. If you provide me it will be beneficial to me. Now i am at kolkata for some internate work. Otherwise it will be trouble for me. I have the dongle with me...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL]mts data card: not able to deactivate and no customer support (complaint)
 K Sudheer Kumar on Dec 31, 2017
I am holding mts mblaze data card which is not working now but paying the bill from past two months. Tried to contact the customer care which always says busy from past one month. Even i am not able to send a mail to customer support, when ever i send a mail, it bounces back. Data card number: [protected] Please help me in deactivating my data card...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — I need to cancel/ disconnect the mts postpaid data card (complaint)
 [email protected] on Dec 21, 2017
I need to cancel/ disconnect the MTS postpaid data card, which is no recently moved to RCOM business. none of the customer care's were operative. At the end they would send a huge bill for which I have never used the datacard. My datacard no [protected]. I receive e-mail for bill for november, december, despite the fact that the datacard is not in use...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — postpaid data card disconnection (complaint)
 ArpitaDas86 on Dec 19, 2017
and shyamnagar both mts stores are closed. I need to close this asap. Mts data card Number : [protected] Please call me at [protected] for help. If I am not getting any help how can I close the connection . Customer care email unresponsive, customer care call centre unresponsive and near by also stores are closed ...

Mtsmts mblaze data card no:- [protected] (complaint)
 Sabyabh on Dec 17, 2017
with the data card of 'mts' which is recently acquired by 'rcom' last time i recharge it twice in nov-2017 for rs. 248 & 299, but did not get any network. Later on i came to know that the company is being migrated with you. Please suggest should i get refund of the same. And how i will recharge the same because till date you have not given any link to recharge to the customers of mts...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — discontinuation of mts mblaze (complaint)
 t_gh on Dec 17, 2017
I have sent repeated mail to rcom and mts customer care to stop the service of my mts mblaze postpaid data card, but did not receive any reply from any one of the service provider. Please note that i have paid my this month's bill and i am not using my mts dongle for a long time (Last 2/3 months)...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — disconnection of mts postpaid plan (complaint)
 dhaval bhagat on Dec 15, 2017
My name is dhaval ashwinbhai bhagat, my mts number:-[protected] Since last 2 months my data card has not been working and facing trouble in connection, so i dont want to continue with mts connection. As the cost of data plan cost comparatively too high and speed is restricted now...

MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — unable to stop postpaid connection (complaint)
 ksramjith88 on Dec 13, 2017
Unable to connect to the internet on mts mblaze [protected] internet (Bangalore) dongle for past 2 weeks. All channels of communication with the company is unavailable (Phone, email). I have a postpaid connection. They are billing for no connection or usage which is not right! I can't even terminate my connection!!! Someone need to take responsibility be it mts or reliance communications...

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