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Aircel (complaint)
 Vhdead on Jul 28, 2017
auto renewal of data pack ndmc 170317
I am an airc customer for 5 years, and this auto renewal pack is disturbing a lot
Everyday my balance get reduces by Rs 2/-
And causing many problems
So, I request u to deactivate this service as soon as possible
I am getting irritated everyday by loosing R...

Aircel (complaint)
 zainul ogna on Jul 27, 2017
could not send port message to 1900
I want to port my number from aircel but when I send message to 1900, it doesn't get send. I tried asking help from customer care but they said I cant send message while I am roaming and I have to go to aircel office to resolve this issue. There are no aircel offices in Kothrud, Pune and I cant go back to my hometown just to port my number...

Aircel (complaint)
 ajayg28462 on Jul 27, 2017
deactivation of wbdecpi9
I activated the pack on 25th July 2017.
made several attempts to deactivate since 26th july 2017 however no SMS for deactivation received. Rs 27 deducted so far. Kindly refund.
while activation no SMS received for the procedure for deactivation.
your websites and customer...

Aircel (complaint)
 senthilsaravanakumar on Jul 27, 2017
aircel unnecessary legal notice
I had cancelled my Aircel number 7373799815 it in the month of May, 2017 paying all the dues as full & final and now i got to know that i have received a legal notice for not paying monthly bills after the cancellation. Really disappointed with the bad service of Aircel and on top of that though i cancelled the Sim i got this legal notice and now i'm looking for help in dealing with this...

Aircel (complaint)
 Sohitg85 on Jul 26, 2017
want to deactivate ndmc170317sms2 pack
My name is sohit kumar and i'm using the mobile no.9716667729 from several years and satisfied with the services but 1st time i faced a problem so, i request you to please deactivate ndmc170317sms2 pack as soon as possible m not activated any service but still you deducted my balance on da...

Aircel (complaint)
 Dash-007 on Jul 26, 2017
wrongly charging for a vas
charging that was done by aircel on 26th july 2017, i got a message that i have been charged for desitube tv an amount of rs. 35, for which i never even applied and the msg also asked me that if i wanted to unsubscribe i can do so by messaging stop to 155223 but while checking i was informed that none of the vas was even activated on my number so for what reason did i got this wrongful charging...

Aircel (complaint)
 Boobalan P on Jul 26, 2017
rate cutter tariff
aircel. com/aircelonlinerecharge/ I decided to recharge amount with rs 74 and the validity 60 days. But after that i got one message from aircel "recharge successfully and validity with 54 days". I asked customer care why you people reduced 6 days, they are telling gst is a reason...

Aircel (complaint)
 Pulkit Jindal41 on Jul 25, 2017
unfair money deduction
30 had been deducted on the basis of aircel deals. I specially deactivated all the services before recharging by calling on 155223 because previously some money is deducted on the basis of same issue. They said that i am not activated on any services when i call 155223 before doing recharge...

Aircel (complaint)
 Zulfiqaar on Jul 25, 2017
error in sending port message
I want to port my number to another operator but the message is not getting send to 1900 i tried several times but it constantly showing error message. Kindly help me.

Aircel (complaint)
 suvroankush on Jul 24, 2017
sim replaced but not activated 4 days already gone.
I am using aircel connection last 5-6 years. My no is 8981061571. This is my official no. So this no. Very important for me for daily contacts. But last week my sim suddenly stop working, so last friday 21st july i went to nearest aircel store at barrackpore. They verify my no and give a new sim for replacement and told that my no is active but si damaged...

Aircel (complaint)
 Ali Fida on Jul 24, 2017
aircel portal problem
Hello, my no of aircell is 9347310100 and my wife aircel no is 9700067714 i like to change it to vidafone as there is very weak signals in our area as good as no signals, now a days. I tried to port many times today also i tried twice but invain aircel is not providing us portal change. Its very difficult for us to contact pls do the needful at your earliest...

Aircel (complaint)
 Rahulpakdee on Jul 24, 2017
regarding masti mall subscription
My mob. No.- 9097214585. I didn't subscribe to mastitis mall, but my balance rs. 35 has been deducted, i want my balance back & end of subscription. Message came to my no. On 24/07/2017. This is totally rubbish & annoying. How my balance can be deducted with my knowledge if i hadn't subscr...

Aircel (complaint)
 Akshata123 on Jul 24, 2017
error as message sending failed
is there only with aircel. I have tried this earlier also for other networks and it is working fine. I am facing issue only with aircel services. Please try to resolve my issue at the earliest. -akshata...

Aircel (complaint)
 Prankul Gupta on Jul 24, 2017
deactivate my mobile numbers
has two simcards of aircel. One is 9808368008 and another one is 9069958600. The sim that is started with98 is registered at my mother's name and the sim that is started with 90 is registered at my name. I am fearing that none can misuse these no. So please deactivate these sim card as soon as possible...

Aircel Company (complaint)
 mini---12345 on Jul 23, 2017
ndmc auto activation
Auto deducting 2 rs daily i did not activated any service. I have not used your mobile data please refund my amount or disconnect this number permanently, i don't want to continue with this fraud company. I'm trying to connect your customer care but all lines are busy.


Aircel (complaint)
 Poonkuzhali Neela on Jul 23, 2017
I recharged wrongly to 9976249441 instead of 9976248441. so please help me to get back my cash. I made my transaction through indian bank net banking.
Today morning I was recharging my Aircel prepaid number. I wrongly recharged RS. 500 to 9976249441 which is not my number. Only after seeing the Aircel receipt I found my mistake. So, am registering a complaint so that you can help me to resolve my amount if possible...

Aircel (complaint)
 rajkr111 on Jul 23, 2017
auto deduction rs 2 daily
8802072761 I am using aircel mobile sim. Auto deduction of rs 2 due to activation of ndmc 170317 service automatically without my permission. I have never subscribed any service from aircel. This thing happened second time on this mobile number. Till now more than rs 40 has been deducted from my account...

Aircel (complaint)
 Sharma1210 on Jul 22, 2017
unlimited packs
So aircel is cheating me. This is fair what they have done to me. So kindly change plan to rs 345. 00 pack or do something. This is first time. It is happening every time. Thank you Sharma. M...

Aircel (complaint)
 ATN All Type News on Jul 22, 2017
activated service: ndmc170317pi2
Auto deducting 2 rs daily i did not activated any service. I have not used your mobile data please refund my amount or disconnect this number permanently, i don't want to continue with this fraud company. I'm trying to connect your customer care but all lines are busy.


Aircel (complaint)
 kannanss on Jul 22, 2017
activation of port number 8300204121
8300204121 from BSNL to Aircell by MNP plan and got a sms about activation of my number in Aircell from 7/21/2017 22:40. But not yet activated. My number disconnected from BSNL. Now I am not able to make or receive call in either services. I request to activate the number 8300204121 immediately...

Aircel (complaint)
 vikkicrazy on Jul 20, 2017
unsubscription of aarti connect
not subscribed the aircel music connect service. But without any prior information for the past month i have been charged 21/per 10 days for my sim"9852929255" and today i received a message that i will be charged for next 10 days also. I am trying to call the customer care but in vein. I need to unsubscribe from the music connect service and the charged amount should be repayed to my account...

Aircel (complaint)
 Bhagyashree_01 on Jul 20, 2017
ndmc 170317sms2
I have not requested for any such service and still an auto deduction of 2 rs daily is charged. This service started on 4th may without my consent and charges are being charged since then daily. I'm trying to connect the customer care but all lines are busy. I am not using this service, re...

Aircel (complaint)
 Vinod Modanwal on Jul 20, 2017
not getting upc code
sir/madam, My aircel mobile number is 8286946600 Since morning i am trying to send message to 1900 to get the upc code but message is not getting sent from my number. When i contacted customer care they told sending messages to 1900 is blocked to all customer. Kindly please provide me upc code...

Aircel (complaint)
 Cursive Flamez on Jul 20, 2017
re 1 getting deducted and net pack n call pack not working on roaming
Please help my 1rs getting deducted everyday saying some store and i didnt activate it + stop msg is not working.. 2ndly wgen i came to kolkata from odisha.. My net pack was working bt after that no mattter how many times i recharge wid value pack net pack is not working.. 1st i thought ma...

Aircel (complaint)
 rehan sam on Jul 20, 2017
complainting about puk code generatin
My no is 8070959203 i want puk code urjently please send it though sms or call my email id is please solve my problem as fast as posible i am unlocking my phone and all code are wrong beause i forgot my scrren guard loc that why sim is block and puk code is benificial me...

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