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Hbj Capital Services, — Stock market advice (complaint)
 Sibram nisonko
Priyansu from HBJ capital made a call and I paid Rs. 5001 /-online. I have received the receipt. on line. He promised Rs. one Lakh return. So far there is no response from them...

HBJ Capital Services — received payment and not given services (complaint)
 ashok pathak13455
after few time she left hbj capital and discontinue my services. i feels my self cheated. Please take strict action against them. ashok kumar pathak...

HBJ Capital Services — After payment no sevice provided, Not picking phones (complaint)
My name is Ramesh from Mumbai, i had taken 2 days of trial, they had provide me good services and i was satisfied with trial & sevice, but as soon as i had made monthly package payment & they provided me only 2 days service & that too there was loss in it. And from 3 rd day no ...

Hbj Capital Services Pvt Ltd — Cheating in mulibagger package (complaint)
[ We have received a phone from HBJ Capital th Mr. Deepak kumar Dubey for Multibagger Package for help in Investments only Rs 2500/-for tweleve month (but original price as per company Rs 15000/-as per mention in email. We have deposited into ICICI BANK Rs 2500/- & confirmed to Mr. Dubhey...

Hbj Capital — Fraud and Run away after Loss (complaint)
called analyst from HBJ Capital. First call give the profit of 4000 and then after 2 calls wiped out my 55000 Rs and now she not responding . The bloody cheaters they are and always making loss for people. Stay away from HBJ. total Fraud. GOD will punish such like these people...

Hbj Capitals / Stoplosstrading — No target reached.. 1/10 calls reached target in last 1 month (complaint)
Hello All,

I booked around 1 lakh loss due to HBJ capitcals trading advise. Their calls were terribly wrong. In case if you already subscribed, Please go on reverse direction(Like buy call, go on sell mode) to make good profit.

From 25th June till 30th July, I pa...

Hbj Capital — Cheats and Runaways (complaint)
HBJ capital has given us a lot of grief in the last few months. They give 1 or 2 good trade calls to enrol you. Then they take exorbitant fees to give market calls. After few good calls, there will be 1 major loss making call which will wipe out your entire profits!! Worst part is they do not take responsibility for ANYTHING!! They will chase you 25 times a day till you enrol in their scheme by paying a large amount of money...

Hbj Capital, Bangalore — fraud company cheating customers (complaint)
 surya rao Boppi
I have taken a package of election special in the month of april. its not activated upto know. later on three days back one execuitve named jairam called me and told me, i will activate ur package by paying additional amount of 5500 rupees. i have paid on last friday on[protected]. upto kn...

Hbj Capital — Fraud, I beg , please stay away (complaint)
Hi All, please stay away from HBJ, I paid them Rs 80, 000/- till date and they will keep asking . There is no professionalism and they are liars no :1 in the universe . When they want money they beg like anything . They will tell all stories like my age is 60+, 30+ years of experience...

Hbj Capital — Beware of great fraud company hbj capital (complaint)
HBJ Capital is fraud company. Sales executives of this company call you and ask you for offer and then they collect some amount from you and then demand more amount to start the services, they do not refund the money and no services provide. This fraud company looted money by this way. Their Research is also stolen from others service provider...

J.P. Singh — About services (complaint)
 J. P.singh
5049 in favour of HBJ Capital Services Pvt. Ltd. Before payment Mr. Arni, Mr. Wasim have been given no. commitment to me to gave intra day tips in running market. But not full fill commitment to be yet. So that please return my all paid amount at earliest. my call No. [protected]. Email Id. jpsingh1959@gmail...

Hbj Capital — Frauds, fake calls, totally loss calls (complaint)
HBJ capital is totally fraud company, they assure you with there calls you can make 1 lac with 30-40 capital only, but the reality is they gives you only fake calls, from last 3 months no calls from made a 10 rs profit. I lost my 1. 5 lac within 3 months. Please aware of this people 1. Dhanjay Kumar Singh (from banglore) 2...

Hbj Capital — WORST service (complaint)
Most stupid service..... I lost 5.65 lakhs following their tips.....JK, Sameer jain, Gokul, sandeep jain, pooja etc.....( mob of robbers of innocent people)all are good for nice talking....their brain is full of ........all flop calls......They thrive on the fees we pay for their services...

Hbj CapitalHBJ CAPITAL ( )...WORST SERVICE I EVER FACE..... (complaint)
HBJ CAPITAL (http://www. hbjcapital. com/ ). WORST SERVICE I EVER FACE. . 4-5 months ago I subscribe 1 month service from hbj capital ((http://www. hbjcapital. com/ ))and share my number to recive tips from them . after 1 month I unsubscribe that service. BUT FROM THEN I AM RECEVING THERE PROMOTIONAL MESSAGE REGULARLY...

Hbj Capital — WORST COMPANY EVER (complaint)

Stoplosstrade — fraud company (complaint)
So called (hbj capital) stoplosstrade is totally fraud. The director of the company and chief analyst jitendra kumar (jk) is the master of the fraud in the company. They do not know anything except false promise. I have even met them personally. whatever the performance report they put on their website is totally false...

Hbj CapitalHBJ capital technofunda calls (complaint)
I subscribed to HBJ capital / Multi bagger pennystock site. I subscribed to so called double circuit technofunda calls. Today i took the first position as they said. Below is a small snippet. I have already lost 4 rs. I bought this stock at 204 and its now at 200 Rs today. Looking at the speed by which its falling 190 stop loss is very much acheivable... - Fraud Company — Biggest Fraud - Ekansh Mittal (complaint)
 Rajan Dalal
some company called hbj capital where they kicked him out and he started his own and started cheating people. Do not pay single penny ,u put that money in bank and you will receive 8% annual return ,he is the biggest fraud...

Hbj Capital — Beware - No Refund Policy (complaint)
If you are subscribing to any of the HBJ Capital's Services, BEWARE once you pay money for services by any mode to them it is gone. In short to say that there is NO REFUND POLICY. So think more than once before subscribing. More over there services are very poor & most of the stock recommendations are not there own...

Hbj Capital — Nothing works in HBJ capital (complaint)
HBJ capital AKA multibaggerpennystocks. com is nothing but well presented data. They gave a full gyan of box and box theory on http://www. hbjcapital. com/2012/07/technofunda-call-best-time-to-buy-this. html The next day this stock was 12 rs down. If you want to just read stories and gyan you can subscribe here...

Hbj Capital — cheating (complaint)
All Techno funda/Multibagger are fake report published on their web site.
Please don't go thru any report what they publish on their website.
I will prove all recomendations are multibag loosers even upto 300% looser.
Please don't loose your hardearned money.

Hbj Capital — False commitments (complaint)
Dear Friends

Again as on today HBJ has published False statement on their website regarding TMP.I will 100% prove that all return are negative.
they have published 44% Portfolio increase but i will show that with same Portfolio it is down by 44%.
Please don't ...

Hbj Capital Bangalore — MAKING FOOLISH WITH RECOMMENDATIONS (complaint)
recommendations of HBJ Capital, Bangalore. They present the recommended price as last day closing price, while on the next day the rate opened with a gap. How one can buy the stock on the last day price and some time on buying the stock, it goes for lower circuit. They are making the people foolish ...

Hbj Capital — Suggestion (complaint)
 Amit Bansal Singh
but a suggestion for HBJ Capital. I have taken services from Equitymaster, 10paisa. com, midcap. in etc but so far in last 6 years I have seen no one coming even close to HBJ Capital, this is because of two things 1st they take personal care of their clients and 2nd their research reports and stock reco are outstanding...

Hbj Capital — Fraud (complaint)
I have subscribe HBJ Capital's 3M Power Call by paying them 20000 Rs. They told me to Buy at least Rs. 250,000 share of company they recommended. Then they give call of low volume based script like Epic Energy, Krishna Lifestyle, and other 3 to 4 calls. They buy before the sms given to us. After giving the SMS We bought quantity of 250000 which already rose share up by 5% to10%...

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