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iYogi Technical Services Pvt Ltd — company not clearing the fnf (pending salaries and other benefits) (complaint)
 bipin thakur on Oct 7, 2017
I worked with iyogi technical services pvt. Ltd from 24th oct 2010 to 18 may 2016. The company is not clearing the dues despite of sending reminders. They are not responding to the emails. I feel the company has not submitted the pf part which was deducted from salaries. Because i had submitted request for pf withdraw and epf has just deposited 34k into my account which is not possible because i had worked with iyogi for more than 5 years...

Iyogi Technical Service Pvt Ltd — unpaid salary (complaint)
 shashankchauhan9013 on Sep 18, 2017
Hi Sir/Mam

This complaint is about the MNC who has not paid my salary.

I started working in this organization in March 2014 - March 2016 and they had not paid my salary for 2 months and they have also not deposited my PF contribution for 1 year

I have...

Iyogi Technical Services — unpaid salary (complaint)
 shashank9013 on Jul 20, 2017
Hi sir/mam

This complaint is about the mnc who has not paid my salary.

I started working in this organization in march 2014 - march 2016 and they had not paid my salary for 2 months and they have also not deposited my pf contribution for 1 year

I have...

Iyogi — Fnf issue (complaint)
 Khursheed bhat
to get training in Iyogi technical services Noida on 29 September 2015 and got training from 29 September to 15 February 2016. I got job on 16 February 2016 and entered into company. I did job in that company about 3 months and 24 days. During this job period i have send you lot of messages about my salary because they were not giving me salary on time...

iYogi Technical Services Pvt. Ltd. — Delay in full and final settlement (complaint)
I joined iyogi in nov. 2009 and left in oct. 2015. My tenure with the organisation was satisfactory but unfortunately the situation got bad and i had to part ways. I understand such things happens with organisations. I waited for 3 months as per the company norms of fnf settlement. Now its almost 6 months and i am still waiting...

iYogi Technical Services Pvt Ltd — FNF cheque bounced (complaint)
I was given a FNF cheque from iYogi Technical Services Pvt Ltd on 17th November for 78792. I waited for almost 6 months to get the cheque. However when I submitted the cheque in Standard Chartered Bank, it bounced due to insufficient funds. I am in need of the money for the EMIs and I was relying on this amount...

Infinite Computer Solutions — Infinite Sarvatra - IYOGI — Full and final settlement (complaint)
 Suhas Troy
I Nookala Suhas EX employee - 1016441 joinied on 22 dec 2014 last day 15 Aug 2015.
Company promised to clear the f & f settlement within 45 to 50 days but now it is close to 4 months and I did not receive the payment yet. Whenever I contact HR, Senior HR they tend to give non se...

Iyogi Technical Services — Delay in Full and Final Settlement (complaint)
I agree to what ayush has told about the organization. I worked with this organization for 9 months & resigned on 14th December 2010, now its been 45 business day & i have not received any information about the full and final settlement. I have tried to contact the HR as well, but ...

iYogi Technical Services Pvt. Ltd. — Not paying the Full and Final (complaint)
Jain had worked with iYogi Technical Services for 6 and a half months (included notice period) and left the job after serving 30 days notice period properly. They have a policy of 40-45 days for "Full and Final". But it has been 106 days since I left the company but still haven't received my Full and Final...

iYogi Technical Services Pvt Ltd — FRAUD & FALSE SALES TECHNIQUES (complaint)
I, am an Employ of Iyogi Technical Services working here since august 2009 , I would like to resign from my duties as on today because of the Unprofessional and unhealthy working Environment amongst the Team leaders , PS (Quality Department) and Managers towards the Employees , I would like to draw your your attentions towards the fake , dishonest and unprofessional methods practiced on the Tech operations Floor amongst the team leaders and PS ...

Iyogi Technical Services — FRAUD SALES TECHNIQUES & PRACTICES (complaint)
PRACTICES going on in IYOGI TECHNICAL SERVICES The company hire people and give them insufficient training and just pass over the employees to the production Floor to take calls . They make the agents pitch in for IYOGI Subscribtions for annual 1 year 2 year an 3 year support plans and the script they use is to the customers is that " you are talking to the "MICROSOFT CERTIFIED ENGINEER" and no matter any issue you face our engineer will help you IYOGI TEAM LEADERS and MANAGERS ask the agents to use Totally False and Fake Pitch they ask the customer their Card No...

Infinite Computer Solutions — Infinite Sarvatra - IYOGI (complaint)
for infinite sarvatra IYOGI process. [censored] you As*HO**s. How do you think your kids and family will be healthy, when suck blood of thousands of families. thoooo. Point to be added. ASLAM promised me that he will make me the next TL as asked me for a reebok shoe and bluetooth headset. which i gave him also...

Hdfc Ergo General Insurance — tech support firm assets to look, for rs 1 900 crores at hdfc ergo (complaint)
 Electbuzz on Jan 18, 2018
After a long time, iyogi technical services company has come in vision; it is looking for $2996300 usd reimbursement for deficit in services ensuing in a defaulting judgment against it by a us court. So on a complaint by this technical company, the national consumer disputes redressal commission has asked for response from hdfc ergo general insurance company to...

Infinite Computer Solutions — Harassment (complaint)
i was working for iyogi process they will give u lot of pressure for doing sales. they cheat the customers very badly. They don't provide ur complete salary at the end of month. during the time of joining they will tell it is 5days a week but after joining they will force u to come and work even in ur week half ...

IBM India (Gps) — Fraud management and rude behavior with employee (complaint)
there is a process called IYOGI. iyogi is a total scam process. there are some disgusting manager. rajib das is one of them. he is the servent of ankur chaterjee. they treated like anything to their employee. they are the reason for ramping down of the process. rajib das do not give the payslip, he always threat to their employee...

CRM Services Pvt Ltd. — Fraud Billing and False expectations (complaint)
given to our company by Iyogi which is another BPO services provider, When I joined the company; there were many false promises for salary and transport. The company has hired many employees in the same manner who left the company. Besides this, the new manager has changed the process to a scam business...

Infinite Computer Solutions — Harassment (complaint)
Bangalore) process iYogi for a while now. I always thought and was told that Work is worship and workplace is next to place of worship. This I guess, does not hold true for iYogi Infinite or maybe it is because, people like Aslam forcefully make it otherwise. I am surprised that even though, everyone is aware of what I am penning it here, no one has the guts to stand up against it (Aslam)...

 sagar enterprises
,Wipro bpo,Genpact,Iyogi ,Google & other MNC"s Technowep ke propriter ka nam Mukesh Shukla hi ,Apna adress H. o bhopal M. P. ka batata hi. Mukesh ka native place Allahabad batata hi. Akhilesh Samaiya Jain [protected] M/s Sagar Enterprises Nagpur M...

 akhilesh samaiya jain

xcelserv solutions pvt. ltd.,gurgaon — fake & frauds neha & senthil... (complaint)
 maynk gupta
they are working like iyogi & using people for making fool to US & UK CUSTOMERS. So plzz dont join it ,they are fraud...

Banking — Fake Promises and Sam's (complaint)
working with the company IYOGI Technical Services and I have an Salary account with Kotak Mahindra bank which was opened on 25th April 11. At that point of time i was told that if i go for Kotak Mahindra Bank, I would get a Credit Card within 1 month from that day itself, and was under the impression that they would do the same...

Kotak Mahindra Bank — gold debit card (complaint)
I am Amit Sharma, I am working with iyogi Technical Services pvt ltd. gurgaon. I opened my account with KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK, GURGAON BRANCH on 2nd of may 2011. but till now, they did not send me gold debit card. when i call at the gurgaon branch office for assistance, kotak branch members dont respond me properly...

Provident Fund Office, Gurgaon — PF money has not transfer (complaint)
I used to work for Iyogi technical services, Gurgaon. I had applied for pf widthrawl around 2 month back through Speed post (whether speed post no. EH[protected] IN). Still I have not recieved any information. Please help me. I need money very urgently. Thanks and regards...

Kotak Mahindra Bank — Fake Commitment & pathetic Services (complaint)
I am a corporate customer of iYogi Technical Services and the first time I filled the account opening form on 10th May'10 and till date the account is yet not activated and also I am following up with the bank representitive Mr. Ashish Bhanot and firstly he told me that your account form got rejected because the picture is not clear in the pan card...

Provident Fund Office, Gurgaon — PF (comment)
 Md Samiullah Ansari
am doing work with iyogi technical services PVt Ltd last one year six month i want to know about what is the procedure to refund PF. What document need to submit. Thanks and regards Md Samiullah Ansari Employee code Y-802...

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