Abp Weddings — fake assurances and collection of subscription by illegal manner.

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Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Abp weddiing is not trustworthy so far approaches of some employee including their supervisor who are ever trying to misguide the parents of bride by uttering availability of false and fake profile id though such type of profiles are not actually exists in abp weddings database though i was assured that profiles as per my requirement will be visible if membership plan is taken by me. Whether it is true not is better known to abp weddings and its employees. Their intention is to collect subscription/membership plan by any means or by any way by ficticious assurances. Such posting was made during live chat and in response telephonic call was made requesting to search as per given direction for availability of suitable groom as per profile requirement. As a measure they cited profile ids of profile nos noted below and i requested them to please confirm which one profile id is govt/semi govt employees, but till date no reply is yet to be received from their end as subscription for membership plan stands collected by them and there is no necessary for further confirmation. 11424043, 82357465, 88881610, 25709159, 16691869, 37331034, 19951325, 49757677, 67644973, 94034941, 34596408, 52373467, 70493988, 49844568, 95603218, 12593536, 30797190, 31634992, 32380787, 62903854,[protected]No. Mangalik),[protected]No mangolik),[protected]Age:30 yr) services of bengali matrimony is far far better in comparison with that of bengali matrimony. Some one piyali said to be one employee of abp weddings assured and provided one mobile no for contacting her between 9am to 8 pm for any kind of help if required. Sorry to say that several calls were made which ended “ no response”. It may be mentioned here that some one from abp weddings called me on 21st august 2017 and directed me to alter our preference of grooms when i was on way of going to my office and requested her to call me next date but no call made on 22nd august 2017. It is not clear why i will have to alter my preferences when i was assured at the time of collection membership money that huge nos of profiles are available in abp weddings data base as per our criteria set in the profile. They were so hurry for collecting membership plan subscription which could be delayed if done by me in case of on line payment. They suddenly requested me to confirm card no, pin no. Cvn no of card and on good faith i supplied such information and they dome it from abp weddings office without depending on me. At the time of searching groom in every time as per our criteria set in the profile abp weddings, every time it shows : search result is zero”
With thanks.
Joy saha
Reply from abp weddings|
Sun, 08/27/17 10:31 am

Sir we have many govt employee in our web site so you can see those profile and contact with them

Reply by me :search results shows as : no data found “ as pr your search criteria. The matter was brought to the notice of the abp weddings. On receipt of complaint one
In continuation to above, some one suchandra made a call to me and brief
Are below :
Kind atention : suchandra
Based on your given profile id over phone on 28/08/17 at about12-33 pm, the
Undersigned shaw the profiles and remarks are noted below :
Aw 54726496, qualification, b. A, service-pvt
Aw 48613352 nadia
Aw 30336847 qualification-h. S. Profession-business
Aw 50358834 qualification-h. S, pvt.
Aw 47386985, pvt.co
Aw 7197904, autobobile engineer, bride requirement-29 yrs
Aw75425190 qualification b.com, pvt.

From the above references, it is presumed that you are trying to misguide
And treat one father of a girl as fool. During talking over phone i
Repeatedly told that my requirement as govt salaried employee/b. E/b. Tech
Within kolkata & salt lake and preference mentioned in my daughters profile
Such conversation has been fully recorded and vodafone has been requested
To provide certified copy of voice recording. It is not clear how dare you
Are to loss valuable time. The matter will be taken to appropriate level to
Challenge your limit of dare.

Joy saha

Mon, 08/28/17 9:25 am

We will try to resolve your problem sir.

Joy saha
Sun, 08/27/17 3:03 pm

It seems to be also one fake assurance like given by piyali as searching
Result shows "zero" as per our criteria. Please provide me id nos of such
Profiles as per our criteria. Is not available

Sun, 08/27/17 10:31 am

Sir we have many govt employee in our web site so you can see those profile and contact with them.

Reply “ no profile found” which is better known to you and as such you are tying to misguide one father of a girl whose marriage is suffering for you thogh a sum of #, 300/- collected by you forcibly by misguiding and false assurances.
Updated by kolkatajoy, Sep 08, 2017
OY SAHA <kol.[protected]@gmail.com>

9:51 PM (49 minutes ago)

to 7467151+S8T9H
Wed, 08/30/17 10:57 am
ABP Weddings :on 08/30/2017 at about 10.57 PM Wrote to Kol.[protected]@gmail.com
ok sir we will resolve your problem as soon as possible.
How much time is needed for resolving the problem of collecting subscription by way of illegal and unfair way by one " Piyali" an employee of abp weddings.How much profit has been gained by her for such fake assurances ?.
With thanks.
Updated by kolkatajoy, Sep 08, 2017
unsatisfactory service received from ABP weddings in regards to the profile no AW32921889
There has been couple of instances where the recommendations and shortlisted made by abp weddings employees by entering in my daughter's profile are below than that of our desired partner's preferences which not matching with the preferences set under the above mentioned profile.Such type of activity and services rendered to customers are beyond imagination and nothing but hateful attempt to realise further collection amounting to Rs.3, 300/- after expiry of 90 days for which they are silently waiting when time period of 90 days will over.Message has already been received for renewal of subscription well in advance before 30 days of original date of expiry of validity periods.Such type of attempt are being done by "PIYALI" & "SRICHANDRA" said to be employee of abp weddings for their personal financial gain.Hope abp weddings top Management will interefer in the issue for customer satisfaction as a whole.
With thanks.
Joy Saha, 8/9/17
As an example, I would like to point out a recommendation
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I am Varsha Kadama

My complaint against ABP Matrimony site they are cheat us and giving wrong information.
Now they not response with our call and msg.

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