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 kurt cobain on Jan 30, 2019
My name is akshay khatri.
I have told this story to all the advisor's i have spoken with on phone and i have made more than 10 phone calls through out this week.
But as advised i was asked to write this whole email down briefing the situation to you by email as verbal communication is of no use for you!
So i have invested my personal time writing it down please have the heart and patience to read it.
I was traveling from pune to delhi with air asia on the 00:45 am flight.
I had many problems there as people kept me misinformed and made run in circles just trying to go through the check in. The luggage check i had go through it 2 times as the guy didn't stick the sticker and misinformed me that the check in doesn't start till 11.20.
After seeing a big line at air asia counter i went there to check in.
After waiting for 15 mins i tried to check in and i was informed that my bag didn't have the security check tags so i had to go again through the whole process of the luggage check.
After following the line again the person at the desk informed me that i had 1 kg. Of excessive luggage so he asked me to move something in my hand luggage bag. So i moved a bottle of alcohol (Johnnie walker) which i was taking as a gift from the back pack to the hand luggage bag. I asked him if it was ok to do so and he told me it would be completely fine.
I went to the security check in then with my boarding pass. There was a huge line as the airport was exceptionally crowded.
Once i checked in my hand luggage there they asked me to open the bag and leave the alcohol bottle behind. But i couldn't do so as it was a very expensive bottle so i asked the security what can be done and he asked me to ask the airlines to bring up my backpack and put it inside in that!
I had to go back all the way again to the luggage counter and there was this other guy sitting in the counter. I requested him to bring up my backpack so i could put the bottle back in there but he completely denied and told it is not possible for him to get my bag!
He asked me to put it in a different bag or a coat bag.
I had a tuxedo bag which i was carrying with me so i put the bottle in that and had to go through the check in again to take a tag as approval. The security were not polite and had a very rude attitude.
The guy asked me to pay 800 rs. Extra for the coat bag which i checked in with the alcohol. It could have all been completed avoided if i had been correctly informed from your side at the time of check in. So i paid 800 rs. Extra for nothing as i could have just removed so other stuff from the bag and put the bottle in the luggage. I informed the young man to take care of my bag as i would be at complete loss if the bottle broke! He promised me that he would take care.
I had to go through the whole thing again and finally reached the gate at 12.30!
I was very tired, parched from running around in the airport and also i had travelled from mahabaleshvar to take the flight! After having this hectic experience i boarded the flight which literally made me deaf due to air pressure and gave me a servere head pain.
Having this worst flying experience and a very hectic day i arrived at the airport and to my surprise the bag looked very dirty was wet! And yes the bottle was broken and my tuxedo was destroyed!
Being so tired and frustrated i just walked away angrily as i could not spot any of your staff there and i was angry on them as it all happened because of their incompetence. I did not click any pictures of the broken bottle as i was in a rush and threw it in the garbage can.
I had to leave the airport in a rush otherwise i would miss my bus to uttrakhand so i didn't have the time to complain then. But i called the customer service and have been waiting since then for some support from your side as i suffered a huge loss. But no seems to help me. I have called the customer service many times and waiting for a proper response.
There has been no attempt for the backhand team to contact me and they closed my case without even trying to help me.
This was my worst flying experience ever and i also want to share this experience in the social media as i think your support team don't value the customer's.
I have asked the back hand team to call me but they never did so i have to write this long email stating my issue and story.
I hope you will revert back to me and compensate for my loss. It has been a very bad service. I was not expecting this from air asia!
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