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E-1108, Titamium City Center, Nr. Sachin Tower, Anand Nagar, Ahmedabad - 380015 Gujarat, INDIA., India
 abhsha on May 24, 2020
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Aptech solution
E-1108, titamium city center,
Nr. Sachin tower,
Anand nagar,
Ahmedabad - 380015
Gujarat, india.


The above said company is located in gujarat. Aptech solution gives a project of 100 pages of image file and content needs to be typed in notepad and they will pay rs 180 for each page, hence total amount would be rs 18000. Once submit the project, they send qa reports.in their workload agreement, they say that a penalty of rs. 6999 needs to be paid to them, if work is below 80 % accuracy. I submitted my project and after 4-5 days, i received my first qa, it was with 77% accuracy. They said that if i have to pay rs. 5000 for re-work and correcting those mistakes. And, mistakes mentioned in their qa report will be final. And, there would not be any more mistakes in all 100 pages and this rs 5000 will be refundable with rs 18000. I paid rs.5000 to them through neft. After, 6-7 days, they again share the qc report which contains more mistakes and all invalid mistakes i. E word mentioned in mistakes was not even present in notepad file. Now, they again saying me that according to agreement i have to pay more rs6999. I have already given rs5000 to them. Now, they are saying that, i have to give rs 6999 more otherwise, they will go to gujrat court and file a case against me.

I have already given them rs5000, and now they are mentally harassing me for giving more money.
After paying rs 5000, they are now demanding more money, with wrong qc report and sent me below mail :
Dear freelancer,

Company : aptech solution
Work status : qc fail

You must know that there are few terms & conditions which has been infringed by you which are already mentioned in your duly signed agreement. So when our lawyer called you, please don't be frustrated as we call you to resolve your matter & help you understand which case/charges may be assigned to you. As per the agreement signed by you at the time of workload allotment, it was clearly mentioned that you need to make payment for qc fails to our clients. If you will fail to do so, our client may take actions against you and according to an indian contract act 1872 section 17 will be imposed on you for negligence of payment and we also want to inform you that section 420 of ipc shall be applied on you for doing fraud with our client for non payment of registration/server/multiplei pusage fees amount and for what so ever condition it is not accepted.

Non payment : if payment is not done then your case will be transferred for further proceeding at an arbitrary court. An arbitrary and conciliation act of 1996 as per an article 14 will be imposed on you & you might need to pay upto rs 1, 00, 000/- for total loss of our client.

Abusive word : section 66 a shall be imposed for using abusive words with our client and advocate legal firm.

Legal notice : it is like a final warning to the receiver that the sender is all prepared to initiate a legal action and it is the final opportunity for the receiver to resolve the issue i hand properly.

Summon letter : if you don't reply within stipulated time period it means that you agree with the charges taken against you and you did this intentionally. So finally the court summon letter will be issued as you are disrespecting the notice and law, it is to notifying a named party that a case involving it and you must appear on the stated date to answer the charges or give evidence.
Failure to obey summon may result in issue of warrant of arrest and not settling the dispute will land up you in mess and we need to proceed this case further for an arbitrary proceedings.

Please make the payment of rs 6, 999/- inr. Till today 7:00 pm and please provide the screenshot of successful payment on this email id. On the basis of that we will proceeding for account activation / provide you n. O. C. Letter.

Penalty charge 6999/- inr.

Please feel free to contact us, in case of any doubt/queries to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Thanks & regards,
Advocate mayank sharma
# [protected]

Suggest me a way out of this as they are mentally torturing & harassing me.
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Great.. feeling relaxed
Anyway i paid 5000, many others also
Which workload you got? Can you post the first image?
We 3 people are facing same issue
First of all, don't put yourself don't as in thinking that you've committed some sort of crime or so. Its normal, you thought of doing certain activity and for which you could get paid.

Secondly, don't ever pay them a single penny. Let them call you 100s n 1000s of time for payment, just keep them playing, it increases their costs. Now as they've cheated you with fraudulent activity, by quite a few falling their victims, don't let them go easily by just avoiding them. You play with them by agreeing to whatever they say, either for payment, for lawyers, courts and all other things. Play as in, keep them pushing by saying, "I'll do it today.. I'll do it tomorrow.. I tried, but some banking issues.." and so on.

Now talking about the Agreement, which they use as their most powerful tool for harrassing people. Let me tell you, the agreement which you have signed is totally fake. Just give it a common thought, certainly most of you would've entered into atleast one or the other agreement in your lifetime, if not, at least must've seen it how agreements are entered into.. To execute a valid agreement, both the parties need to be present for signing with an addition to 2-4 witness. Now, here, you haven't done anything like this and that too without any witnesses. So, be relaxed, play with them by making them calling you continuously.

The foremost and the most funny part, I'd say, of this agreement is the STAMP PAPER- Take a closer look at the stamp paper they've used for agreement. A valid stamp paper is one, which has a respective code in Red or Blue colour just below the currency print. In their stamp papers, this code would not be there, making it an invalid stam paper.

So, Just take a back and relax.. Don't feel of yourselves as a victim for some unlawful activity which you haven't made. They are the one's who are going against laws not you.
Sharada Soshte's reply, Jun 7, 2020
thanks i like your reply. but why government don't take actions agains this frauds?
I too cheated by Aptech solution. same like absha... i saw absha's review... i talked to my lawyer about this advocate Mayank who sent me an legal notice on email... i blocked everyone. all emails and all numbers i blocked. and my lawyer said me to give a complaint on ciber crime... I have registered a complaint about Aptech Solution to cyber crime online. and kept all photos of email and phone number as an evidence. i have also paid 5000/- they didnt gave my salary and blackmailing me for 6999/- or they will send me a legal notice... my lawyer said all are fake... dont worry. so i am now relaxed and not worried at all... Jo hoga woh dekha jayega...
Hello everyone,

Do not worry like these Aptech Solution companies and fraud and cheaters people's.

Kindly go through the below two YouTube link where you will get the solution.

YouTube channel : Labour Law Advisor



These people's are just barking.

If we want to unite and need to teach lesson to them come together.
I also face the same issue from Aptech Solution. But I know all the things from beginning of work that the company is fraud and the agreement is also fraud. Because I have already worked under C.A so I know that how agreement is done on stamp paper. Generally the first party and second party consist the name but in these agreement there is no name no sign about second party. Basically if stamp paper is done between two parties first party and second party they also do notary in this stamp paper it's used public notary which consist date on public notary, But here there is no date.

So, guys don't worry this company is totally fake

Dimples28's reply, Jul 4, 2020
I have also paid 5000/- I want that money back. Is there some way to get back the money.

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