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 lokRSM on Jan 18, 2018
I join this company end of 2017 at high designation. Joining before they send offer letter and all. Company is located in kanpur. I joined and till now no salary.. No appointment letter.. Only asking for revenue. How i can bring motivation when no pay received.

Going to inform all my fellow employees across all states about this.

I request any fellow citizens not to join this company and suffer like many of us. The hr lady nilam is very immature and does not know how to speak to others.
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The statement as stated above is not at all authentic and have no grounds.

Its just the conspiracy by the competitors to bad mouth the new growing company.

Somesh Sharma
ARCC Health Caree
Working in a professional & inspiring atmosphere. Salary, other benefits and other expenses always on time.

Delighted to be associated with such a fast growing organization.

Ritesh Bajpai
ARCC Health Caree
See this fellow Somnath has put feedback for others . This guy is a fake fellow.. I think he is the owner of the company. I will put the numbers of all the employees working with me and then future employee can call them to check if this company is good to joining or not. waste . waste .. waste They dont like paying money .. useless fellows
They dont have stock. . they say appointment letter give after 30 - 60 days joining the company... I join this company in good faith but the company MD, HR, Somnath ( This fellow does not even come on the call, see how useless he is, he is putting feedback with his login for other people. ) This guy has no sense also, he thinks he is smart.. He has a bunch of useless people called HR, they dont even know the spelling of Human Resources.

Taking all employee as Regional Sales Manager, we all fall for designation and useless fellows dont pay money. What competition is this Somnath Bajpai Ji taking about. His company is in liquid form, not able paying salary.. sacking as if he and the company is adolf hitler.. sending email to give news of termination.. what do they think... No courtesy even to tell why the employee is being sacked... a email template for someone spent time in the company.. not even manners to call them...

My bad luck .. i should have check the company online and social presence .. they have no marketing than fmcg company need.. how they can do this to me and my collegues haa...

Somnath, at least use your brains and ask your RSM employees to put feedback if you have guts.. If I see any positive feedback, I will clap my hands, haa atleast 1 person feels positive about this company..

Do business with good hearth .. no competition can spoil you. If you cheat people and do cunning way of taking employee you will ruin Mr Somnath and team.. Dont ever repeat this...
All the RSM employee are lookig for jobs. that I know Santhosh, Joutish, Prateek, Anupam, Ram, Giraj, Mubshir, Anupam...Prerna, Nilama

Though not met many we all speak especially when you dont give salary on time.. first of all 15 days delay .some time more than 15.. why will they stay..

Very bad decision to join this company
This company is fraud. Mr lokesh I agree with every single word you mention. They are still to pay me my money for the period I worked. One email they send me all of a sudden. very shocking for me. yeh loge ko tho bhagwan deklenge. Inko tho zindhagi mein itna pareshaniya hone chahiye, kabhi nahi sudharenghe.

I am reaching out to all my ex collegues and offering them a job at my new company. They will not have anybody to work for them. I have already told my company about the problem ARCC did to me and they have only been supportive. One by one I will remove these people . My company will not even need relieving letter to take them. They have infact told me they will provide experience letter from day they joined ARCC Health Caree when they leave this company.

Lokesh, this Somnath is a coward. He is even scared to answer the phone when we ask for our salary money.
Mr Lokesh.. Gud hein that you brought this up and exposed this company.. Many people have suffered because of these guys. The company ARCC Health Caree is basically a farce with no sanctity... All of us have written enough to let others know what this company is upto. Everytime we say something, they will say this is because of competition. Lokesh and others if you have any proof of being taken for a ride lets put that up. otherwise the Somnath and team will keep saying competition is doing this.. Gantha .. this company cannot have compatition...
hahaha... Glad all are speaking up.Sad to know this is what the company is doing to us. Bless them... Unfortunately we have to go unanimous as they might do this to me as well..anyway I will wait for my salary this month and go.
Stupid company this is with worst management... Waste hr.. Waste director... All they know is asking for distribution appointment... I appointed them and they terminated me...I should this review to the distributors I had appointed for no salary they gave me...rascals don't give salary also... That Bacha switch off the phone...they have rascals as hr appointed for 10000 salary and know nothing

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    Arcc Health Caree - arcc health caree - no salary / fraud company

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