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Another one Fake Consultancy in New Delhi Area.

Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services LLP
9/13, F/F, Balraj Road, East Patel Nagar, Opp. Amarpali
New Delhi-110008.

I’m Sethupathy (Ph.No: E-mail: [removed] ) .

On April 15th 2015, I received a call from Megha Arora ( ) She explains about that Consultancy and their clients in Germany. ( I enquired about the company but at the time no more complaints because its startup ) Within a week I paid the Initial amount of 35, 000 INR to the account number AXIS Bank 914020053675530 IFSC Code UTIB0001006 and I signed the Legal agreement in that all points favor to consultancy. ( They are not assured for your Job but they will only arrange for Job assistance but I had no interviews ) . I did’t get any response from them for one week . ( When I call from my number they didn’t pick up, so I called from my friend number they picked and said wait for one more week).

Next week onwards I got a call from Sonam Khurana ( +911165653504, ) . She asked me to send all Academic documents (PhotoCopy) through courier and she revealed the necessary checklist documents for German Job Seeker Visa under National Visa Category. She booked an Appointment in the German Consulate, Bengaluru. ( She booked appointments at one month delay, At Later I came to know that dates are available Immediately).

In German Visa Procedures, Once you got finished your Visa interview within 4 weeks they will call for visa stamping to your passport but at the time you need to submit Travel tickets and Insurance. Once my visa interview was done I got the mail from German Consulate regarding call for visa stamping . At the time I called Sonam Khurana to arrange Job interviews, but she refused and said I need a visa stamping first. So I spent 40, 000 INR for my Air tickets. I got the visa after a big trouble. With out job I had my visa and tickets. Up to this process they will treat you well.

After all process done I sent my finalized visa, Passport and ticket copy to them via mail. Only one month left for my boarding. Sonam said within this one month you will have a offer letter in you hand. But after that I called and mailed her 1000 times she couldn’t pick up. I was really get an angry. So I sent a mail asking really you have HR Contacts in german ???. Finally “She said try some other sources and your friends network you will get a job in german . For your money we provide a Visa Assistance “ . I was cheated by them. it’s a bad consultacny I have ever came across.

Concluding my Points for getting visa you don’t need any consultancy all the necessary checklist documents are available in online only but you want job offer so that you need consultancy. But this Aspire World Immigration Services LLP doesn’t have any HR contacts with them. Don’t go for Aspire and please share with your friends to avoid many people being cheated.

List Of Employee :


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Dear all,

This is to inform you that, my issue is Resolved with the company (Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services) and I am very much satisfied with the way AWICS resolved my query & I am really thankful to the team of AWICS for resolving my query. Must say it is a trustworthy company. I would like to recommended everyone to hire Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services for their visa filing process & other international services.

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Can you able to upload the Bill which you have paid the Initial amount to aspire and also the return money bill?? @ Sreeyesh Nair

Please answer my 7th Question...

Prove me only one geniune contact who got the job via Aspire...His/Her Offer Letter(ofcourse you have one copy), Flight tickets, Present staying contact details( including phone number)...

If they too smart why they don't pick up my calls and they didn't respond to my mail for the period of two weeks before my boarding???

Yes In the last, my behaviour was very rude becuase i paid the 40k money and only three days left for my boarding, you ppl coudn't respond me ...The Air tickets i spent another 40 k so i cant be polite at that time.I can wait and cancel my air tickets also if they respond and said "WE NEED SOME MORE TIME"...there's no problem at all.
Anyhow On this Six months almost 2000 people called me and enquired about your PRESTIGIOUS CONSULTANCY. I lost my 40k but because of me aspire lost (2000*40=???)..That's Enough for me...
bawakaju's reply, May 24, 2017
Brother you lost your money plz share your contact no. Do something for all of this. Dont act like a looser. if you are with me ill give you the justic.
Hello Sethupathy,

I am Navin Peter and I am from Kerala. I saw a consumer complaint noted by you towards Aspire World Immigration consultancy.

I found their ad in Naukari International and I dialled to the mobile number which they have provided in their advertisement. A lady named Aastha Arora picked up the call. I enquired for Canadian Jobs. And she said they are doing Express Entry Visa to Canada. She explained me regarding it. I asked whether they have any fees for getting the job. They said 1 lakh 65 thousand will be the total fees it will include IELTS, VISA fees and others... I showed interest and send her my resume to after 2 days she called me in her landline phone number. And said she will send me a mail regarding the details. After an hour later I got a mail from them from the mail id I will forward their mail.

In that mail i found the details fees structure of how do I spend this 1.65 lakhs. Also they have attached a scanned copy of the company registration certificate and the Immigration Form to fill and send them back, I filled it and send them. I asked them through mail whether to pay the money in advance or only after getting the job? and one of my friend also showed interest so I had given him their no: but when ever he called them their no: says out of service. Today evening I got a call from them, whether I have any queries. I said yes and I asked the queries which I asked in my mail. They said step by step process I need to pay them the money as mentioned in mail. I asked them to call my friend as he is not able to call them. Then I searched in internet to know whether there is any complaints registered by any of the clients. But I hardly find any and after searching a lot I found your complaint against them. I have not made the payment yet. They asked me whether to proceed with my document. I asked them to wait, because I had to search whether they are fraud or not.

I will forward the mail which they send me can you please let me know whether its the same consultancy which you approached?
Hi myself Leena Nair Manager Operations I just want to my opinion about Aspire, I have filled my canada express entry visa through aspire and I must say I m very much satisfied with the services till date, I have received ITA, and they have really helped it herring this invitation, Sonam was my case manager as well and I'm writing my opinion because she have really helped me out with all small things and queries, aspire made me clear that they are consultants not recruiters and they assist in getting the job assistance and they really assisted me today I have an ITA it's because of aspire, I am not promoting aspire but yes as a client m very much satisfied and have referred many of my friends to aspire

Myself Rajender Prasad from Andhra Pradesh, my Daughter is a Bsc nurse currently living in Kuwait, we applied for QMAS visa to hongkong through Aspire world, its been 2 months, till date the services are good and satisfactory, they guided me very well on my daughters behalf, Ms. Payal in the visa department have guided me very nicely, the first stage of my daughter is cleared, and the file is accepted by embassy, till date im happy and satisfied with the services, they have cooperated very nicely

Please mail me at, hope this things go same way in future till now im happy with the services provided by aspireworld
Dear People,

Please refer to this complaint that I posted on this forum

You can find their reply and my counter reply to these people. Then you can gauge your responses to them
Aspire Word Consultancy Services LLP:- Very Cheating and Fraud Peoples.This people put ad on, and all such platform regarding nurse vacany in Hong Kong through qmas visa every day.I applied for my wife though .I lost 40000/- as there fees + also incurred huage loss of my money toward collecting all document and notary attastation of documents(around 70000/-).I lost around one year due to this people.This people take upfront then only they send to an agreement which is only favourable to this people one sided and just opposite to there advertisement in am only signed the agreement because they told me that they will not refund the amount.The cheating started after paying there fees.The staffs Simran, Anni, Son am, Aparna and also head of documentation Payal Gupta all are cheats.This people never told you the truth.I am requesting all nurse people that to not go for nurse vacancy through qmas visa.In this peoples ad 100 vacant position or 150 position showed but they never show you any proof regarding that and never give you give you telephone no. of people get placed under qmas visa.This is a100% cheating company you will loose your money and time.
Please don't go for this consultancy. They are very rude people. They just take the money and provide really service.
Note: please don't call me, send e-mail.I will respond quickly
hey there i am shah belongs to Delhi just i would like to say one day i receive a call from aspire world consultancy when i go Aspire consultancy in rajendra nagar i meet ms leena and ms anni she told me about the process and said deposit 45000 money first then your process will be started an total fee will will be 160000 and both of them behaviour was very rude. friends i want to go canada immediately for job purpose i am searching a job in canada or germany or hongkong or abroad anywhere can you tell me plz some reliable consultant which is not fraud i m very confuse guys plz help me.
my contact no is +91 [protected] or mail me.
hi i am manikandan,

i got a call from apexvisas consultancy regarding abroad opportunities.

The lady said who has spoken to me, first I have register my details with the registration fee of 1000 + 14.25% S.T.

Then they will process the visa first after that only they will conduct the interview. And also she said I have to pay 50, 000 INR once the visa process starts.

so friends kindly give me the clear solution to get an opportunities in abroad. I am keenly waiting for the good opportunities.

mail me at :
call me at: [protected]
Dear Readers,

This is an official reply from Aspire world Immigration Consultancy services LLP.

We take pride in stating that Aspire world has become one of largest and fastest immigration consulting companies in the world and India's No. 1 Overseas Career Consultant only because of our service and success of 1000s of cases.

Since being established in 6 years ago in 2009 we have grown

Aspire world offers career counseling advice & processing for those who want to work study visit migrate or invest overseas.
Due to our high volume of inquiries Aspire world tries its very best to resolve any issues faced during the process. This is why 50% of our business comes from referrals and word of mouth only.

Aspire world does not guarantee or promise a visa or a job but promise 100% satisfactory services as we are consultant and not embassy any such promise being made is illegal . Our deliverable are very clear.

The complains mentioned above, only 1 complain is genuine that is Mr.Sethuapthy, but we can proudly state that we got his visa stamped, the visa got stamped on 5th September and he posted complain on 19th sept, it is an international visa process which need little time and patience, you cant expect result in 2 weeks it take time of minimum 30 days for job search the entire team work we rewrite the resume and post it to various job portals and each client is kept in cc while mailing the profile, , but unfortuntaly MR.Sethuapathy did not have the patience, in India also it take a little time for job search so i request all the clients to be patient

Rest Mr.Naveen Peter has not lodged a complain please read it carefully it is a query he have posted for MR.sethupathy

Mrs Leena Nair Thank you so much for appreciating our work and giving a beatiful appreciation

Mr.Rajender Prasad again we are thankful to you for your appreciation

Mr.Ajith P, we could not find you in our database please share your details so that we can get in touch with you, if your genuine then we will resolve the query

Mr.Shah, firstly our office is not located in Rajender Nagar, we are based in Patel nagar, secondly we dont have any employee any name of leena and anni, thirdly our fee that you have mentioned is totally wrong, by pitting such fake comments we can case a cyber crime and defamation case against you by tracking your ip adress, so please before defaming any company in future do take good care of information

Mr.Manikandan, We are Aspire world not Apex visa please note before you comment

Aspire world signs a legal agreement with the customer before taking him/her on. The terms of the agreement are very clear and mentioned in black and white, client is always welcome to read the refund policy and term and condition before proceeding . Aspire world invests in research development technology and other factors to enhance our process.

Smaller competing firms who cannot compete with Aspire world on any other basis get their employees to post false complaints in an attempt to tarnish Aspire world' reputation.

We are REAL company with real people processes systems and also real problems. We do not pay online portals to take off bad reviews. Neither do we pay for SEO services to ensure that bad reviews do not come up on sites like this or do not come up in search engines. So you will see bad reviews about us. Do not get carried away by lies and exaggeration. We request you to email us. If your problem is genuine and your request is reasonable we will do our best to resolve it. We pride ourselves on being a customer centric company. And we want you to go back happy & send us referrals. So do contact us in case of a genuine issue.

Aspire world is the best in the business. Our success speaks volumes about our business. Clients are loyal and referrals are many. We thrive on being a clean company whose has been entrusted with the job of helping people get a career path and a better life. We advise that you go to our website or visit our offices to see true success stories.

Please realize when you get Aspire world on your side you get the best career consultant on your side. What you need to consider is our experienced staff many of whom have been with us for 5 to6 years a comprehensive solution that studies all aspects of our profile and your spouse - no other company in the world understand overseas careers like we do as on a daily basis we have the pulse of the immigration and visas world; transparency in the transaction as we have a clear black and white agreement. Our prices are fixed and don't change based on individual bargaining skills.

Our valuable counseling is free. We don't take up a case if there is a no chance of success. Did you know that our own Sales Consultants can't take up a case until they get a positive evaluation from the Evaluation Consultant who operate independently without bias?

Don't let your dreams get waylaid by false propaganda sales talk and petty discounts.

Choose to go with the consultant who created 1000s of success stories.

Our office details are available at You may also email

Thanks & Regards,
Aspire world immigration consultancy services LLP
Dear Reader

This is an Official reply from Aspire world

Though we dont disclose any personal details of the client, but please find the attached images which shows our Services that shows are excellent services given to Mr.Sethupathy,

Below is the mail sent by Mr.sethupathy

Sonam Khurana

to me
[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: Sethupathy Balakrishnan
Date: Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 12:36 PM
Subject: Visa Approved
To: Sonam Khurana

Hello Sonam,

Finally the Visa got approved they gave a slip.Max it will take 4 weeks for the Stamping.Please call me when you see this mail...

Sent from my Windows Phone

Sonam Khurana

to Sethupathy, bcc: me

As discussed over phone we hope your query is resolved.


On Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 9:36 PM, Sethupathy Balakrishnan wrote:
Hello Sonam,

. I got the Registration mail from you as well Consulate of german officially. Thanks for your support. I need some clarification regarding this please make a call to (0) [protected].

For details we can provide all th necessary information which clearly states that we delivered excellent services
Hello Aspire World ..!!

Thanks a lot for taking a time and commented here after 4 months. When I booked this complaint and still now I'm talked with 500 people and 10 people average per day. My points and questions are very simple. If you answer the following questions I'm ready to remove my complaint here.

1. The Mail attachment you mentioned is 100% genuine. Can you please post my last mail which i was sent to Ms.Sonam Khurana??. To reduce your work i that mail, i didn't hurt or threaten anyone i gave a advice "After you get the HR Contacts start hunting people otherwise don't waste their Career"

2. i got the visa after a big trouble and for getting these Germnay Job Seeker Visa no one needs a consultancy help. Directly visiting this website following the procedures and booking appointments by your own anyone can get a Job Seeker visa. It' will take Maximum of 15 days process but You took a long days and played with me 4 months.

3. If Aspire is geniune then why the employee mail ids are gmail domain??..

4. The Legal agreement which i was signed its totally favour to Aspire and clearly mentioned " THERE IS NO JOB GURANTEE ONLY JOB ASSISTANCE WE PROVIDE ".but did you provide atleast one single interview to me ???. Do you have a proof??

5. I did whatever aspire said, after i paid 35k initial amount and i signed the legal agreement. I got my visa stamped and i booked a Air Ticket by myself 40k and the air date was sonam mentioned. Only 6 days left for my boarding. After 100 times i called She picked and said, "Mr.Sethupathy Try from your Friends and relative Circle also German Job Portals, surely you will get a job.".How did i feel??.. Why should i try from my friends circle. i paid 35k to your consultancy its your job to arrange Job assistance there's no need ofd having visa without job.

6. I have a more patience for four months. but any one can't be patience only six days left for boarding and you people not even arranged a single interview.

7. Please give atleast one single contact who got the job not only visa via your consultancy.

8. If you then say you are genuine still my visa is valid for next 2 months i can give you 59 days time can you able to arrange a interview for me?? if you did im sure i will remove the entire post.


With Regards,
Sethupathy Balakrishnan

Hi Guys,

. Sneha from Aspire sending my visa copies to all the clients, in order to prove they are genuine.Please don't believe...!
aspire world immigration really cheat innocent people.please my request to all of you don't sign the agreement paper
Please don't pay any money to this Aspire world. They are the cheaters. Why Govt is not taking any kind of steps to catch this kind of cheaters. I lost my money...When I asked them to return my money, they are threatening me that they will file a case on me...there are some names...Payal, Anna, etc etc...Dont believe them .Instead of cheating people they can do some other business ...

Pls. Dont remove your complaint otherwise they get chance to cheat more people.
Dont believe AWICS they are realy cheater
Dont get victim of such fraud
I am also their victim
Pls. Dont waste your time and money.
Initially they are so polite and very fast in calling back and revert your mail.
Once the main part come you will not find them on phone and mail too
After pressure they will threat you on mail.

Do it your self. go to the govt site and apply your self.
They are not going to provide any assistant as they dont know any process.

Dont pay them
It is complete fraud

Comment marked as Resolved

Issue resolved.
Greetings from Aspire World

This is an official reply

On a very first note we would like to answer the queries of Mr.Sethpathy Balakrishnan
As you stated that you speak to almost 10 clients per day and have spoken to our 500 clients, this shows that the name and fame Aspire world has, and despite your several efforts to defame the organization, there are many intelligent clients who come up and resolve the query and believe me many of them have got the visa stamped and we have placed them as well, so an intelligent person will always listen to two side story and then take an decision.

As you said that we dont have any HR contacts, for your very kind information we assure you to have good contacts and give 100% job assistance but that is after visa stamping and after visa validation, in your case your visa was valid from 24th sept and you without showing and patience posted the complain on 19th sept, without Aspire worlds any fault, how can we assist you for a job without visa validation, we dont do any illegal activity, otherwise if we want we can ask someone to give you a fake call and later say you are rejected, aspire world dont do such dirty things, we 100% give job assistance after visa stamping and the client is kept in cc to every employer we are approaching so the client can recheck our genuinity, in your case Mr.Sethupathy we withdraw to give you services because of your uncooperative and very very rude behavior

As you state that getting visa is very easy, that means Mr.Sethupathy you must have direct link with embassy, and people should approach you for visa stamping, we guarantee you Mr.sethupathy you please get the visa stamped for any developed European or American country within 4 months we will give you free job assistance if getting visa is that easy, and certainly that visa should be a job seeker visa, so before pointing any falw of aspire be thankful that aspire world got your visa stamped

Our Documentation team work on Gmail the reason is that we have may international clients enrolled who scan their documents and send via mail as they cant come to India or not able to post them, since gmail can take heavy files and these documents are very important any any case if any system gets corrupt and destroy the data gmail is one server which is very safe and friendly, hope your got the answer.

You say that you read the legal agreement and signed, firstly you are very well read and intelligent to understand the language of the agreement, if the agreement was not good enough no one forced you to sign, why did you sign and got enrolled, the company make the client sign the agreement for clients like you who should know all the terms and conditions before getting enrolled as its your hard earn money and we value it

You state only 6 days left for your boarding, but please understand no employer will interview or shortlist you before visa validation, the visa was valid for 6 months you would surely have got an good opportunity, your rude and aggressive nature destroyed everything

We really dont want you to remove this post as you message us that your ultimate aim is to destrpy Aspire world immigration and you blackmail us by sending such text the entire viewer who are reading your reviews should listen and read this as well, one sided story is always harmful

You say company is fake please answer what do you understand by fake
you say visa is fake, in case visa is fake how come embassy gave you stamping, that means the German embassy is also fake as per you Mr.Sethupathy

Hope we are able to resolve all your queries

Thanks Aspire world Immigration
Greetings from Aspire

This is an official reply from Aspire world

I regret to state that Mr.Augustin Karthik we cannot find in our database in case you are our client we will appreciate to mail us, and if your case is genuine and need refund the organisation will surely do

But please disclose your details as we are not able to find you in our data base of 7 yrs

Aspire World Immigration
Wow... This is really awesome to read... (I mean with a sarcastic note)... It's like a rerun of my own life last year with these people. Sorry for your plight sethupathy balakrishnan. Well they can blame you for your"aggressive behavior" and a lot more, but add to their bucket list i am just another unhappy customer as you are.

But what i understand is considering the validity of the visa duration is for 6 months, an eligible candidate who is supposed to fly (Or at least prepare to take off) is still here after the visa is expired (Or so i assume)... And i can see from above... Its like telling you to take a hike... And off by mentioning that they will provide "job assistance" if you can get visa from the embassy by pointing out that you must be really connected to the embassy or the working machinery of the visa procurement system for getting it in 4 months... A real challenge from the people who promised you the same time in the beginning... Wonderful. I guess it is their slogan, "job assistance" for every damn thing you do... Or here in this case for the things you don't do... It's like, these bunch of freeloaders are playing with every person's hard earned money who, here, is taken for a ride...

As for mrs leena nair and mr. Rajender prasad making their presence felt here is an incredible assurance and may come as a great relief to the people who are already having their stretch run with aspire...

My question, here, happens to be on the case that mrs. Leena nair happens to comment on october 20, 2015 and mr. Rajender prasad comments on 25th october, 2015. All well and good here... No doubt. But why are they so keen on creating an id on this forum on the same date as they comment and not before... After all this crap... Where are they now? Guys who have a doubt can login and check their profiles; they have been created on the same date on which they have commented on this forum. (It's really a thing to marvel, that two people have come in support of the agency, which by the way is appreciable. I wonder about the same connections that the agency would have for support like they have claimed to have in case of mr. Sethupathy balakrishnan.) i wonder a person so keen on going to canada is free enough to create an account just to keep up the reputation of an immigration company... Cool... No doubts to their loyalty too. But unlike mr. Sethupathy balakrishnan, here, who has an account with a good amount of 201 days (As of on today's date i. E. 12 april 2016) and still counting waits for his solution (Or his money... Which i doubt he will get back). I hope the best wishes and hopes of mr. Rajender prasad and the assurance of mrs. Leena nair help this poor soul.

Now you all may be wondering why i am having a soft corner for mr. Sethupathy balakrishnan here. I share a similar experience like him and am in no way associated to him other than this.

For that you can scroll above and have a visit to the link i have shared about my personal experience with the immigration agency... Oh sorry... "immi (E) migration agency"... Really unique, isn't it? Please follow the link here... No need to scroll up.


Well last but not the least, to you mr. Sethupathy balakrishnan -

When i rejected their offer of "free visa services and job assistance for canada, amounting to rs. 1, 00, 000 (Quoted as the best visa available in the world by this so called real agency) as a replacement offer after the germany visa fiasco, they played a really nice game with me...

It was really interesting to hear from ms. Ananya kapoor, when i asked for my rs. 35000. She said and i quote 'we have spend nearly 3 months and more processing your visa and all the documents... So we can't refund you with the full amount'... She asked me to quote a value... I said 25, 000 to which she said that the legal department does not allow that much as a return fee... So i told her 20, 000 for which she told she will have to discuss it with her team or so and get back...In the end when i told that you are charging me 15, 000 for nothing she became angry and told that she had offered a world class service package for canada for free and i rejected, made them fire the employee who was responsible for upsetting my visa process and consumed time and money.. What more do i want! Was her question to me.

I told that this gesture is liable for legal action if i choose...

I did not finish the statement... Before that she jumped in and said and i quote 'if you so adamant on taking a legal action then see me in court if you have the guts... " and disconnected the phone.

I am sorry for all the people who haggle for an opportunity with these opportunistic douche-bags here who run a company exploiting people and their money.

Those who read this may be wondering why i was being so informal on this platform while sharing my story... You may even doubt my sanity... But i had a very rough patch with these people, lost good amount of money, sacrificed my hopes and earned distrust from my family and loved ones.

I am not here to vent my feelings here but i am through follower of this particular complaint and any other complain pertaining to this agency.. I was quite depressed for months since this fiasco which unveiled in my life as a script, far too hurtful and had made me lose faith in people. Well sure, it will be a comedy for the people who will read my post on the link under my id... But i was irritated by a site by the name www., whose users propagates the achievements of this company like anything. After that i lost my patience.

Here are a few snippets in one single link


Please check for the ids here too... They have one single post to their credit and nothing particular to comment on. And all the reviews have elaborate explanation or comments on their services that are at par to the money rendered. I am still wondering the people who are active there and has a loyal approach to the agency doesn't find a way here. Plus if this agency is so good... Only one post per person? Are they not following or tracking this company's activities? Is this their loyalty?

To counter them here are some more things that can help enlighten the new comers to this agency. I will not say whether you can trust or not... That is up to you to decide.

http://www. Html

It took me quite sometime to overcome the effects of this depressing incident. I do not wish this to happen to anyone approaching or associated with the agency - be it candidates or employees of the company. As for the employer... What goes up comes down...
Sulochana Konthoujam's reply, Oct 19, 2016
Sorry the above post is unrelated withe the company.

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