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I just got a call from[protected], and thereafter from [protected] some Mr FEROZ was calling, he wanted some details related to my account and registration of the profile of my daughter, which it seems were not worth sharing being very personal in nature and when i did not do, he talked very rough and finally cut the phone after calling, MOTHERCHOD.
Is this the quality they are suppose to maintain.

Updated by jlaryya, Jul 09, 2014
Now this man Mr FEROZ is agains called from the same cell No[protected] at 18036 pm for 46 seconds and there after he called immediately at 18.37 for 51 seconds, all these details i am updating here for, incase this man and his company harm me, this record should be taken into account,
I m very much upset now and may take some police help
Updated by jlaryya, Jul 09, 2014
Now this FEROZ is making calls from different nos like [protected] and [protected], this nos also
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I got a call from[protected] at 12.19 PM on 10.07.2014, from someone called to be Mr Rajesh from BHARATMATRIMONIAL, he had promised certain things, but ultimately his advise was to not to approach the Police for this issue, his wanted to me to refrain from from any action and reminded me of my situation being an ordinary person and a father of the daughter, i should not get involved with any legal battle with them as they being a big corporate and armed with finest of the lawyers have the capacity to put me in trouble at any time.
this is the system this matrimonial site is into.
I am really afraid of their action and this is why again I am writing all these experiences here, can anyone advise me the right way to get out of this trouble, as the phone calls from Mr FEROZ are disturbing me, now he makes call from the nos which does not display at all.

These peoples have taken three payments from me and now they want more money, on phones as they never ask any money by mail.
Now another call from one Mr Harsh Yadav from cell no [protected] is received at 10.40 which lasted for 9.13 minutes, this Mr Harsh yadav ahve discarded that whatever Mr rajesh is said on 10th July, is absulately right and I should not write any thing on this compalin portal, his was also the same tune as to that of Mr Rajesh
these peoples areonly calling on my cell to disturn and threat me, they are not writing any mail, every time they call me and waste my time and peace of mind is totally ruined, I always request them to write the mail, but they only call from different cell nos and land line nos, some time from the black nos, which does not display the incoming call nos,
These peoples inclusing the last call I received from some harsh are Totally nuisence and threatening with different tones,
can anyone help me, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
After a lot of tiring harassment's from the and their other two wedding sites and, I have no choice to block their incoming mails and other promotional materials, as they are not giving me any relief from they complaints I have lodged as I still get the unwanted calls from different nos and my mail box is flooded with mail from them in spite of marking them as spam, but still they manage to flood my mail box as they have very advance technology which is only focused on extorting the money from the registered members.

Through this update I would like to draw the attention of these companies that now I have applied filters to all their mails and I hope I may be saved from the bombardment of their mails
but my horrible experience with this company is a life time terror and I would advise peoples to think twice before they are get into the hands of this mafia group and not to share the details of their siblings at all.
it seems they are not initiating any action against those peoples lead by Mr Feroz who are abusive and are involved in misguiding the peoples to extortionate the Money
I am not shocked to hear this reply from you, as this and this type of your escaping from the liability's is totally expected.
Do you think any one will warn before abusing.
Many of your so-called team managers are assuring me via mails and phone calls that we ( the Bharatmatrimonial) are taking action against Mr Froze,
What action will you take, when you are diverting the balls to my court, to prove, CAN YOU PROVE THAT HE DID NOT ABUSE ME.
You are a corporate entity, and must be having voice recording system, as in toady's IT driven era every big or small company have it and there is no chance that you don't record the conversation done by your BPOs.

You are now ruining away from your responsibility and have damaged my peace of mind
I would suggest every father of the girls to be aware of as your staff and company policy are totally anti-daughter and you use abusive language and there after ask the parents to prove it.
Who will warn before abusing ???
You are just escaping from your responsibilities, although being a corporate house, its not possible that you are not having any monitoring policy on your staff and sources, but I have been hearing all these from the day I got the horrible experience after registering my daughters particulars at your site.
Now you are asking me to prove that Mr froze abused me, CAN YOU PLEASE PROVE THAT HE DID NOT ABUSE ME ????
You are just making fun of the parents, as you very well knows where the weak point is with parents of the daughters,
I would advise all my bothers and sisters who have marriage plan for their daughters to think thousand time before registering at your website and your associate sites, which are just copies this bharatmatrimony like and besides and many more such shadow companies.
You are just up to in extortion of the money, one the client registers, he starts getting many offer of so many kinds and plenty of phone calls from different different cell nos. no one calls from the land line nose.
I have learnt the lesson and would like to WARN other fathers and Mothers of the DAUGHTERS to not take risk of loosing your loved ones identity and other details as they may be used by their unprofessional and terror type staff to black mail you and thereafter abuse and threat are a regular course from these companies

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